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Author's Note: This fic takes place before Naraku was destroyed, and Inuyasha and the gang were still busy searching for the jewel shards. Threeshot. Enjoy!

It was one of those days. Those kind of days where Inuyasha seemed to have let his brain escape and run off. Those days where Kagome seemed extremely pissed off at him for obvious reasons that the poor hanyou could not comprehend. And those days where the rest of the gang knew better than to interfere, and thought it was best to stay away to let the storm pass by before trying to approach Kagome to comfort her.

"What is it this time? I don't get it!" Inuyasha huffed as he placed a clawed hand on Kagome's shoulder to force her to face him.

"None of your business! Haven't you ever heard that it's rude to pry into other people's business?" Kagome snapped, shoving his hand off her shoulder, none too gently.

"What's gotten into you? One minute you were fooling around with Shippo and now, you're acting as if something bit you!"

Kagome took a deep breath. She didn't want to fight with Inuyasha just yet.

"I'm going home."

Inuyasha's eyes widened before anger flashed across his handsome features. "Hell no! We need to go collect the jewel shards, and we've stayed with Kaede long enough. It's been – what – five days? Six? You pesky humans get tired too easily. We need to get moving!"

"Ugh! A few more days won't hurt right?" Kagome whipped around to face him. "Can't you be more understanding sometimes? It's really annoying staying with you when you get all whiny and irritating! I'd rather keep a puppy!"

Inuyasha's eye twitched dangerously at hearing the word 'puppy' slip through her lips. "You're staying here and that's final!"

"Oh yeah? Who are you to stop me?"

With that, Kagome reached for her bag on the ground and ran off towards the well. It took Inuyasha moments before realization hit. Kagome was dead serious about leaving, that was for certain.

And it took Inuyasha one fluid leap to stand in front of Kagome, arms crossed, and a frown painted on his face.

"Oi wench, you deaf or something? I said we need to get going and find the jewel shards NOW! So you'd better leave those 'test' and 'exam' demons alone for a while, okay?"

That did it. Kagome was fed up, and it was time this silly argument ended.

"Inuyasha, I have a few things to say to you then." She smiled sweetly.

Inuyasha cursed as he knew what was to come. His hands reached up to cover his fuzzy dog ears, but not before Kagome shouted loud enough for the entire forest to hear.


His face hit the ground continuously, and after the third 'sit', his whole body had dug a huge hole into the ground. When Kagome's shouts finally stopped, Inuyasha saw stars behind his lids, his whole body ached like hell.

'Godammit, she is so going to pay for this. Dearly.' He promised himself as Kagome's sweet scent started to become more and more distant until it finally disappeared.

He was definitely not going through the well to get her ass back to the feudal era yet. He was beyond pissed, and hell, it was her responsibility to come over and apologize. And when she did, she would have to be on her knees, begging for his forgiveness before he would valiantly decide to forgive her. And that was final.

When Kagome reached home, the only thing she could think about was how Inuyasha had treated Kaede and a doctor from the village like, like absolute shit. There was no better word to describe it. Kaede had spent the entire night trying to heal Inuyasha. The last snake demon had tried to rip Inuyasha's heart out to devour, so Inuyasha had a huge cut in his chest area, with only a thin layer of skin covering his vital organs. Yes, Kagome admitted that it was the silliest reason ever to go back home, but she hoped that Inuyasha would learn how to correct his manners. She would start teaching him personally when her temper cooled. It wasn't her fault that she was extra bitchy! Women were just made that way.

"Mama! I'm home!"

No reply.

Kagome frowned, but decided to try again. "Mom? Grandpa? Souta? Helloooo? Anybody home?"

Complete silence.

Kagome had reached the kitchen by then, and a note was stuck on the fridge door.

Off on a trip to Shanghai. Will be back on the 20th.

Today was the….Wait what was the date again?

A quick look at the calendar told Kagome that she had two whole weeks to herself. It would have sounded absolutely heavenly, to have peace and quiet, but right now, she wanted to talk to her mother. Very badly. The only person in her era who would understand her situation and give her sound advice would be her mom but now, she would just have to endure and reflect by herself.

After a refreshing bath and a fresh change of clothes, Kagome realized that it was still early in the afternoon. She decided on a huge lunch, but a quick look at the food cabinet told Kagome that she would starve to death if she didn't go shopping soon. After gobbling up a cup of ramen, she grabbed her purse and stuffed her wallet inside. Then, she set off to the supermarket her family usually visited.

Even when she was supposed to be arguing with Inuyasha and was extremely angry with him, she couldn't imagine leaving the supermarket without purchasing at least a few cups of ramen. So after adding in the various items in her mental checklist, she visited the corner where a huge wall of ramen cups was placed.

When she approached it, she noticed a man in tight black jeans and a red button-up shirt. One word processed through her mind as she took in his figure. Hot.

At once, Kagome felt guilty. The only man she had ever visualized in such a way was Inuyasha, and her looking at another man that way seemed…wrong. Like she was cheating on him. Kagome shook her head to clear of all those thoughts. Of course she wasn't cheating! Inuyasha was with Kikyou, and he loved Kikyou, not her. So it didn't matter if she thought a stranger was attractive.

The man had long black hair, tied up neatly in a perfect ponytail. His hair was so long, it swept to his lower back. He was very tall, and even with his shirt covering his arms and back, it was easily seen that the guy worked out – or at least had inherited excellent genes. He was toned, and had an extremely fine body that Kagome couldn't help but wonder why she had never seen this man in her town before. Was he new? Did he just move there? Kagome sure wanted to find out.

As Kagome stood next to him, acting as if she was busy choosing which cup of ramen to buy, she gave a sly, sideway glance at the stranger. He was wearing dark shades. However, Kagome could easily see his sharp cheekbones and strong jaw, his full sensual lips gave her a warm shudder. His perfect aristocratic nose added that little detail that made him even more attractive. There was no question – this guy was a god, straight from one of her mythology textbooks.

The man still didn't seem to notice her. His eyes were covered by his sunglasses, so Kagome had no idea what he was looking at. She frowned, wanting the man to at least look at her, or at least to notice that she was standing there. So she did the only logical thing that wouldn't make her look like an absolute fool in front of this hunk.

Kagome cleared her throat.


Kagome coughed again, but this time louder. She coughed and coughed over and over again, until finally she was so loud that the man finally looked up at her.

"Oi woman, do you need cough med – Kagome?"

It was Kagome's turn to look at him fully in the face. How did this guy know her name? She would've certainly made sure that this hot guy's number was on the top of her list, if she had really met him before. And that face, she would never forget it – if she had known him, of course. But she didn't. And she was almost one hundred percent sure that she had never laid eyes on him before.

"How do you know my name?" Kagome asked, trying to sweep her bangs out of her eyes in an attempt to look more attractive.

And the man smirked.

"It is you! And look at you, forgetting who I am," the man said. "Are you sure you don't know me, Ka-go-me?"

Kagome shook her head. She was more than positive she didn't know him. "Who are you?"

The man continued to smirk as he reached up to take his shades off. Amber met brown.

Those beautiful golden eyes that Kagome would never forget about. Ever.

"Inu – Inuyasha?"

"What's up wench?"

Kagome studied him carefully. Inuyasha had certainly grown a lot. The last time she had seen him was hours ago. Was it possible for demons to have a growth spurt in hours? On top of that, Inuyasha looked…older. More mature. And his body was even more perfect than she had last seen him. He looked like a drool-worthy man now, while he had looked more like a cute guy from high school just that morning. Also, why was he in his human form? But with golden eyes? And where did he get those modern clothes of his? This was just not possible. Kagome shook her head and continued to study the man closely.

"Hey what's with all that staring?" he frowned down at her, but a soft smile soon replaced his frown. "But I've missed you. So much."

With that, his arms found her waist and he pulled her towards his firm abs, hugging her tightly to him. Kagome was shocked. Inuyasha almost never showed her such affection. And he most definitely never admitted that he had missed her, or any of that kind of mushy stuff. This was very weird.

"Inuyasha? Is that you?"

She felt his nose – or what she thought was his nose – slide on top her head, inhaling her scent.

"Oh gods, how much I've missed your scent. I thought I'd never see you again."

This was getting really weird.

Kagome disentangled herself from Inuyasha's arms. "Inuyasha? Are you okay? We just saw each other this morning, and we were arguing? Remember?"

Inuyasha laughed lightly. "What was it about this time? Me punching Shippou? Or did I steal all your ramen? No wait, wait, let me guess," he held up a finger as he saw how she was trying to interrupt him. "I went to see Kikyou behind your back? I punched Miroku because Sango looked extra pissed off?"

The bubble around him finally burst when he saw how Kagome was shaking her head furiously, her lips sealed in a firm line as she tried to resist the urge to just blurt it out.

"None of those reasons. Did you hit your head really hard and forget everything?" she placed a gentle hand on his forehead to make sure he wasn't burning up. "Nope, no fever."

Inuyasha chuckled, causing Kagome to frown. "What's so funny?"

"You still haven't figured it out yet, have you?"

Kagome shook her head again.

He smirked again.

"Well, the truth is, I am a half-demon, and my life span is much longer than a human's. Physically, I think I'm almost thirty." He shrugged. "Or at least my birth certificate says so. I think I was born six hundred and fifty years ago? I've lost count already. Shouldn't that be obvious, Kagome?"

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