Eighteen year old Kayliyah Lennox glanced about the office; her heart hammered beneath her chest. Her hands were sweaty and shaky, and she felt as though she was going to faint as she sat down in front of Principal Kirkpatrick's desk.

Glancing from the computer to the girl before him, Principal Kirkpatrick noted how nervous she looked; trying to bring a piece of mind to her he folded his hands, laying them on the desk. "So, tell me about yourself, Kayliyah."

That seemed to make her more nervous. "Uh, well I come from a military family. My grandfather William Lennox was in the Army, my mother Annabelle works for the United Nations as the Director of Intelligence for the Autobots. My father is an Instructor at the Leadership and Recruit School in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu Quebec. And, my older brother David is a Corporal in the PPCLI."

His bright blue eyes studied her for a few moments before speaking again. "Do you plan on getting into the military as well?"

She smiled at that, "I'm actually a reservist in the artillery permanently posted to CFB Gagetown, though, honestly, I'm here because I wanted to do something different and my unit figured it to be one in a lifetime experience, so they sent me."

"That's why you applied to Galaxy High." It was more of a statement rather a question.

"Yes sir."

"Well looking at your grades from your previous schooling, it appears your attendance was good, but you didn't do all that good with Math, Physics, and Chemistry."

"Uh...T-They're N-not my best subjects."

He nodded. "We can help with that."

Oh, she doubted it.

"How are you feeling?"

"I feel nervous more than anything." She stated softly, "But good nonetheless."

He nodded, "Excellent; ready to meet the rest of your class?"

"...As ready as I'll ever be."

As they walked down the hall Kayliyah gaped at the classrooms, barely paying attention to what the Principal was talking about until she noticed him stop in front of a particular classroom, he turned to her. "Here is where most of your classes will take place; you will also be assigned to a team."

She nodded. "Okay."

He motioned for her to stay put for a second when he started talking to the class. "Sorry for the interruptions class, we have a new student joining us today. Her name is Kayliyah Lennox. She is extremely nervous so please make her feel welcome." He turned his attention back to her. "Kayliyah, please step in."

Taking a deep breath she stepped into the classroom, her heart hammering in her chest. At first she kept her gaze to the floor when she stepped beside the Principal, but slowly lifted her eyes and took in the classroom and her new classmates.

"Why don't you tell the class about yourself." Kayliyah turned her attention to Principal Kirkpatrick. Slowly breathing she cleared her throat.

"Hi everyone, as you've already heard I'm Kayliyah Lennox from Montreal Quebec, Canada. I come from a military family. As I was telling Principal Kirkpatrick earlier, my mother is the Director of Intelligence within the United Nations; my father is an Instructor at the Leadership and Recruit school in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec. And my older brother David is a Corporal in the POCLI-at current time he has been deployed overseas for the past six months."


"Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry."

A boy held his hand up; Kayliyah noted the similarities that he and the Principal shared, she wondered if they were father or son. She figured she would find out eventually. "So whose team is she going to be on, pops?"

Ah, so they were related. She had been right. Surprisingly.

"Just a moment Josh, let her get situated in the class, then we'll discuss which team she's on." Principal Kirkpatrick pointed to an empty seat in the middle of the room. He glanced about the students his gaze calculating as they landed on each and everyone one of them for a good moment or two.

A girl with spiked orange and blond hair leaned in towards the one named Josh, "Oooh, I hope she's on our team."

Kirkpatrick's eyes snapped in their direction, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Your team has been decided."

Kayliyah waited for him to voice his decision. Butterflies were flying about her stomach once again. Will her teammates be friendly? Would they be rude? Or would they treat her with respect. She let out a small breath, trying to not think about the bad, rather the good.

"Spavid, would you and your team stand?"

An aqua coloured alien and two dark skinned twins stood up. Kirkpatrick's attention turned to her. "They will be your new teammates." Returning his attention back to her team he spoke again, "I want you to help her any time that you can. Show her around, make her feel welcome."

"Yes sir!" They replied all in unison, standing at attention as they saluted their principal. Kayliyah's gaze shifted to her teammates, each one of them holding a look of curiosity and eagerness.

The three of them walked up to her. The alien spoke first, "Hi Kayliyah, I'm Spavid and these two are Andi," He pointed to the girl, then to the guy, "And this is her brother Ryan."

She smiled, "Nice to meet you."

"Mr. Spzoercliipw' what do you think of them taking the rest of the day off to show their new team member around Galaxy High?" The three eyed alien laughed.

"Of course, Principal Kirkpatrick," He nodded.

Without hesitating they took Kayliyah by the hand and headed out the door without a second to spare. By the end of the tour Kayliyah admitted to feeling overwhelmed; so many things to do during the day, definitely not a normal school day. Every day was different and exciting.

She guessed that was what she loved more about applying for the prestigious school. Andi laughed, wrapping her arm around Kayliyah's shoulder. "So, how do you feel?"

Kayliyah gave a short laugh; "Overwhelmed and awed. It makes me extremely happy that I applied."

Her team members smiled. "Glad to hear it." Spavid replied, turning he indicated to a set of double doors. "This is where you can do measurements for your uniforms and pick out your weapons."

She nodded, "Cool. Do we have to do it today?"

Ryan shook his head. "You don't have too, but you can if you want."

"Hmm," Did she really want to get her things today or wait until the next day? She wasn't all that sure, her mind. She smiled. "I think I'll wait until tomorrow to pick them out, it has been a very hectic day. Thanks so much for showing me around."

"For a member of the team we'll do anything."

"Oh, you guys are awesome."

They grabbed her into a hug, "Hope you enjoy your stay."

"You know...I think I just might."