Author's Note: The story has changed a wee bit, and things have been changed around in each of the chapters previously. So. Hope you enjoy and hopefully I can finish this fic and not have another run in with the imaginary roadblock...


Six months later...


She awoke to the loud singing of Yoko from the shower, groaning Kayliyah lifted her head and glanced at the clock she had on her headboard.

And cursed.

It wasn't even seven-thirty yet.

On a weekend.

Kayliyah's head dropped back down onto the pillow and sighed.

She loved Yoko like a sister, but she swore that one of these days she was going to snap and ducttape Yoko's mouth shut.

Though, Kayliyah had to admit, she probably should've been more used to this by now. It's almost been an entire year since she first arrived at Galaxy High, even if she had to go back home every third weekend to go out to the field.

Not that she mattered that fact.

But, being able to sleep in without any interruptions would be amazing though.

It was at least fifteen to twenty minutes until Yoko came out of the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel and she was humming along to a song she was listening to on her headphones.

Having the feeling of not being able to go back to sleep she sat up, and Yoko waved at her, removing one of the buds from her ears she smiled at Kay.

"Did I wake you?"

Yes. "No."

"What are you doing today?"

Her eyes narrowed slightly. "Haven't gotten that far today..."

Kayliyah wasn't too fond of the look she was receiving from the other girl and she sighed.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Get dressed, you're going to join Andi, Toby, Kimball, and myself for a girl's day out, how does that sound?"

She opened her mouth to protest but when Yoko pointed out that she hadn't been out since she first been enrolled into Galaxy High, well, Kay had to admit, that was certainly true, but she wasn't one for going out and just spend money.

However, for as short as she had known Yoko for, she knew that the eccentric lady knew well on how to get what she wanted.

She wasn't manipulative in any means of the word.

She was persuasive.

And the almost begging look she was receiving from her was making Kayliyah feel even more guilty for even wanting to decline.

She sighed.


"Oh!" Yoko squealed and startled Kayliyah as she jumped on her need and wrapped her arms around her. "Yay!"

Kayliyah blinked a couple of times and then gave Yoko a genuine smile.

Playfully pushing Yoko off, she got up and grabbed clothes from her closet and quickly went to have a shower.

Fifteen minutes later Kayliyah was standing with the other girls just outside of the gate, chatting away about something or another.

Kayliyah closed her eyes and sighed in content, feeling the warm rays of the sun caressing her skin.

When the bus arrives to take them into the nearest city, she rolled her eyes, listening to Princess Kimball complain about riding with all the 'commoners' and biting the inside of her cheek to keep from saying something to her.

Toby, who was standing right beside Kayliyah sighed, shaking her head and laughed, turning her attention to Kay, "So what sports do you like?"

"Ah, well, there's basketball, soccer, ball hockey, Tree-go..." Kayliyah thought a moment before adding, "Going on rucksack marches with my unit."

"Wait." She frowned. "You're military?"

Andi, Yoko, and Kimball turned their head at that, looking at her with surprise etched on their faces.

Kayliyah sheepishly rubbed at the back of her neck, "Reserve, but I've been in some I was sixteen. So two years."

"Why are you at Galaxy High if you're already military?"

She shrugged, "I come from a military family, so being a soldier myself seemed right to me, but I also wanted to try something different while doing this when I'm not doing unit stuff."

"You learn something new everyday." Yoko smiled, giving her a peace sign. "So what do you do?"


"Do you like it?"

Kayliyah nodded her head, "When I am home, I'm usually out in the field with my detachment, ensuring that we don't lose what we've learned, and helping people on courses pass. It's difficult, especially depending on what we're supporting, sometimes we're moving six or seven times a day, and shooting until two or three in the morning and have to wake up at six."

A dumfounded look crossed their features and Kimball was the one who spoke, "Wow. How do you keep from falling over. I wouldn't be able to do it."

Kayliyah shrugged, "Eh, honestly, where we're always busy and know well that if we make a mistake, our mistake could have dire consequences, even more so when we're doing danger close missions."

"Danger close?"

"Basically it's when we fire a weapon that's five-hundred to one-thousand metres away from friendly parties, so in order to ensure that all information is accurate, our safety officer and those of higher ranks check the data we apply to the guns, as well as making sure that within the Command Post, information calculated is accurate as well."

Kayliyah, "Anyway, I'm probably boring you with all of this, and besides, girls day out."

Both Andi and Yoko, as they were leaving the bus kept asking questions regarding her job back in Canada in which she happily obliged.

Almost seven hours had passed before they were finally on their way back to the school, and Kayliyah had to admit that this was probably the most fun she had in awhile and she was pleased that she got a few good deals on a couple of dresses and other outfits.

Yoko skipped up to her, giggling as she threw an arm around her shoulders, almost sending them both to the group when they got off the bus.

"We've got to do that again sometime soon."

Everyone agreed to that, and also bringing up that next time their teammates go with them.

Wasn't too much disagreement on that, though they knew that Bobby and Josh would more than likely be going at each other's throats throughout the entire time.

Ah well, she thought, it'd be entertaining at least.


"Kayliyah, I would like to see you in my office please." Kayliyah paused in taking a bite out of food, looking up at the screen with a frown on her face. "Your brother contacted me."

Her eyes widened in surprise but his tone made her worry.


"After you finish your meal."

And with that it went black.

"Hopefully it's nothing serious." Andi placed a hand on her shoulder.

That's what she was thinking, and she sighed, looking down at her plate, suddenly losing her appetite, moving the plate out of the way and standing up.

"Uh, Kay, you know you can finish your meal right?"

She gave Spavid a small smile and shrugged, "All of a sudden I'm not hungry."

"I'm sure everything is fine."

"Hmm." She sighed, "I'll see you guys later."

Her heart was racing when she reached Kirkpatrick's office, the door was open, and she knocked, coming to attention.

Kirkpatrick looked up and cocked a brow, giving Kay a small smirk. "Come on in, cadet."

She did as told, and taking a seat when gestured to.

"You're probably wondering why you've been called in here."

She nodded. "Yes sir."

"Don't worry, it's nothing major."

She let out the breath she didn't realize she had been holding, and relaxed.

"Your brother had requested your presence at his graduation for PLQ, I believe."

"Primary Leadership Qualification, sir."

"Ah, couldn't remember what it stood for."

Kayliyah gave him a small smile and shrugged, "I do most of the time as well, sir."

"Well, in any case, his graduation is this Thursday, and also he has requested that your team join you, your dress uniform."

Her eyes widened, "He wants all three of them to go?"

"Yes." He chuckled at that, "Now, go and inform your teammates."

She stood up, "Yes sir."