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Summary: Popular boy Arthur Pendragon never thought that being selfish would end up giving him the best thing he could dream of. Will Arthur's lies destroy the love they share or will love conquer all?

This has romance, friendship, angst in the middle but a happy ending :D

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Valiant was on the field training when he looked up and smirked, seeing who was crossing the fields edge, book in one hand and a drink in the other, his nose buried in his book, not looking where he was going. "Perfect." he whispered. "Hey Cen, check this out."

Cenred came running over to Valiant and laughed when he saw what Valiant was looking at. "Oh this is too perfect." Cenred handed Valiant the rugby ball he was holding.

Valiant took it off him, aimed and threw it hard.

Lancelot not too far away looked up just in time to see Valiant throw the ball and his eyes widened when he saw it heading for his friend. "Merlin look out!"

The boy called Merlin looked up too late as the ball came in contact with his face, causing him to stumble and fall, his drink going all over his book making the pages all soggy.

"Oi!" Lancelot stormed over and shoved Valiant hard in the chest who stumbled as he wasn't expecting it. "What the fuck is your problem Lance."

"Mine? You're the one with the fucking problem." Lancelot shoved Valiant back who fought back and soon they were on the ground fighting.

"What do you think you are both doing. Perce get Lance." Arthur, captain of the college rugby team yelled.

Percival bent down and lifted Lancelot off Valiant and struggled to contain him and hold him still. "Lance what made you jump on Valiant like that?"

"See that lad over there on the ground? All he was doing was walking home, bothering no-one when this dickhead throws the rugby ball at him causing him to fall and spill his drink over everything."

"It is just a bit of harmless fun Lance."

"To Valiant and Cenred yes because they were not on the receiving end of that ball. I knew that they would see it like that Arthur, but you. You know what? If that is how you are to be and act to be on the team then I don't want to be on it."


"No Arthur I'm done. Find yourself another fullback."

Percival let Lancelot go and watched him run over to Merlin and help him up. "You know what Arthur, Lancelot is right, all Merlin does is help people and here you have these bullying him for no reason. If it carries on then you will lose me as I don't want to play with the likes of people who bully people who help others for fun. I see Merlin get bullied one more time by anyone on this team then I am walking."

"As will I." Gwaine said as him and Percival turned and went to carry on training. Arthur turned and squared up to Valiant. "You better buck up and grow up otherwise you are off the team. I have already lost one player I don't want to lose Gwaine and Percival as well. One more step out of line and you are out."

"Oh your book Merlin. You can have mine."

"I'm fine Lancelot." Merlin said standing up and taking his ruined book back from Lancelot. "You better get back to your training."

"I just quit Merlin. I am not playing with people who do that to you for the fun of it. Oh mate that is going to bruise." Lancelot said as he tilted his friends chin to look at his eye.

"It's fine. I'm used to it."

"You shouldn't have to be used to it Merlin. Come on, lets get you home and try and explain this one to your parents."

Arthur gave Valiant a look after threatening to chuck him off the team before he grumbled under his breath and went to continue training. Arthur however stood and watched as Lance helped Merlin up and held his face in his hands before slinging an arm across his shoulders and leading him from the field, his hands balled into fists as he watched them both walk away.

"Arthur what has you mad?"

Arthur turned to see Leon stood there, looking to where Leon was, Arthur saw he had his hands made into fists. "I'm mad because I have just lost my fallback." he answered and walked away, leaving Leon stood there knowing his friend wasn't being completely truthful.

Merlin walked into his home and was greeted by his mum who gasped when she saw her son. "Oh Merlin dear what happened."

"Valiant thought it was funny to throw the rugby ball at me. My book is ruined."

"Oh Merlin my son." Hunith took his bag from him and wandered off to the kitchen. "I'll make you a drink. How about you Lancelot?"

"Please Mrs Emrys." Lancelot called after her before looking at Merlin. "I thought we was going to tell them something else."

"It's no use mate. My mum knows me inside and out, she knows when I am lying."

The next day at morning break Merlin was sat on the fields across from the college with his nose buried in one of his many books. It was a nice day so instead of sitting in the library for his break and free period after, he decided to sit outside.

Merlin looked up when he heard laughing and paled slightly when he saw the whole rugby team running towards him. He was on his own. He closed his book and put it in his bag, making to stand up when a hand on his shoulder stopped him from moving. Looking up he saw none other than Arthur Pendragon, captain of the college rugby team. "Don't leave Merlin. I will make sure you don't get bothered."

Merlin frowned but nodded. "Thank you." he whispered as he sat back down. He watched as Arthur jogged over to join his team mates. Merlin was shocked and only had two questions going through his mind. One: Did Arthur Pendragon, captain of the rugby team and most popular lad in college say he would look out from him? And two: How did someone like Arthur know his name?

Merlin didn't retrieve his book from his bag, instead he sat and enjoyed his free period watching Arthur and his friends. It seemed to Merlin that not all the rugby players were like Valiant and Cenred. Arthur seemed to laugh and joke with who Merlin knew as Percival, Gwaine, Elyan and Leon.

"Does he love being target or something?" Cenred asked as he spotted Merlin a third of the way through practice.

"He must do. If he is willing to sit as a target then who am I to not use him as a target for practice." Valiant said as he reared his arm back to throw the ball at Merlin who had stood up and made run away but both Valiant and Merlin froze when Valiant felt a hand on his arm. "What did I tell you yesterday Valiant, one more step out of line and you are gone."

"I only step out of line if I bully or throw the ball at him and I haven't."

"You was about to if I didn't stop you." Arthur caught Merlin as he started to edge from the field. "Merlin stay where you are."

Arthur turned back to Valiant. "Why are you so bothered whether we pick on Merlin anyway?"

"As Lancelot said yesterday. Merlin has done fuck all to you. Leave. Him. Alone."

Cenred grinned, idea coming to mind. "Arthur you know the only ones we treat as equals are our other teammates and their partners."


"So. You want us to be nice to Merlin then there are only two options. He joins the team which will never happen given his size, or you go out with him."


"Yes Arthur. If he is going out with you then you know he will know longer be bullied. In the long run it can work out for you."

"How exactly?"

"We are at Camelot high, leaving at the end of the year hoping to get into Albion but to do that we all need to pass our exams with flying colours, how scrawny over there is I say he is more clever than the teachers, he will get into Albion because they will offer him a scholarship. You have Merlin teach you they will offer you one as well even though you don't have to worry about money."

Arthur slowly nodded. "It makes sense."

"Why are you so worried for the geek anyway?" Cenred asked.

"Don't call him that. I have already lost Lancelot as a player, I don't want to lose him as a friend as well."

"So Arthur? What are you going to do?"

Arthur sighed. "Continue to practice. Now."

Valiant and Cenred smirked as they jogged towards the rest of the team. Arthur however went over to Merlin who looked a little worried.

"No need to look so worried Merlin."

"Easy for you to say. How do you know my name? And why did you stop Valiant just then?"

"I know your name as we share a friend in the form of Lancelot and the reason I stopped Valiant was because it wasn't right as to what he was going to do. Despite the rumours that go around the school Merlin I absolutely detest bullying. Thanks to Valiant and Cenred I have lost Lancelot and he was one of my best players."

Arthur sighed and sat down beside Merlin so close their knees were touching. "I only hope I haven't lost my friend as well."

"I don't think so. You have just saved me from getting smacked in the face with the ball again."

"It was nothing Merlin. Want to have dinner with me at dinner?"

"I'm afraid not. I can't afford paid dinners so I bring in sandwiches." Merlin took out his box that contained his lunch and showed Arthur who pulled a face. "That not feed you."

"That is all we can manage."

"Well I think you need fattening up. Sit and watch us train and when finished we will go to that chip shop just down the road from here, my treat."

"Arthur I can't-"

"You can Merlin." the blond said as he stood up. "I insist."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I want to and because I like you."

"You like me?"

"Yes. Me getting slightly jealous when Lancelot held your face and walked with his arm around you gave me a clue that I like you like that. So? My treat then?"

Merlin smiled. "Your treat. Thank you Arthur."

Arthur smiled, giving Merlin a flash of his pearly white teeth before jogging back to his teammates, leaving Merlin to watch after him with a permanent blush on his cheeks. I have a date with Arthur Pendragon? Merlin felt like screaming.

As soon as practice was over Arthur walked up to Merlin who stood up, brushing his trousers down from sitting on the grass. "I am just going to shower. Wait here for me?"


Arthur smiled and left Merlin standing there so Merlin sat down again and decided to read some of his book whilst waiting for Arthur. Twenty minutes later Merlin looked up when a shadow covered his book and smiled shyly when he saw Arthur stood there, his hands out, offering Merlin help to get up.

Merlin put his book in his bag and slung the bag over his shoulder as he slowly reached up to Arthur who grabbed Merlin's hands tight and pulled, leaning back as Merlin rose to his feet. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Shall we go? That training has left me hungry."


Arthur smiled. "Um. Can I have my hands back? I can't walk backwards all the way there."

Merlin quickly dropped his hands, his cheeks reddening. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm not. Come on." Arthur said, his right hand holding Merlin's left as they walked off the field together.

"Okay then." the blond said when they both walked into the chip shop. "What on that board can you eat?"

Merlin scanned the board. "Everything, just not curry with me going back to college."

"Okay. Do you want to get a table outside and I will come out to you."

Merlin had just sat down and got comfy when Arthur walked over and sat down next to him. "Here we go. I figured you need fattening up so this can be a start. Chips, sausage, mushy peas and gravy, lots of gravy."

"Thank you." the brunet smiled taking his food and started to eat, he must admit he was really hungry.

"Hungry were you?" Arthur asked when Merlin pushed the now empty tray away. "I was. Thank you Arthur."

"You're welcome." the blond said as he looked up and laughed at Merlin who frowned. "What's wrong? Why are you laughing?"

"You have a bit of gravy on your cheek."

Merlin reached up with the paper napkin that came with the food and wiped his right cheek. "Gone?"

Arthur shook his head and held Merlin's chin in his hands and darted his tongue out, licking up the small patch of gravy on Merlin's left cheek before placing a small kiss there. "Gone."

Merlin blushed and ducked his head causing Arthur to chuckle slightly. "Lets get going back. We'll take a slow walk." linking hands again they both slowly made their way back to the college.

"So what lesson have you got this afternoon?"

"Double Maths. But I don't mind it, it is my favorite subject."

Arthur groaned. "Wish I could say the same. It is the one subject I am stuck in. All the others I am finding I can do really well, it's just Maths."

"I can help you if you like. I owe you for stopping me from going home limping and trying to explain to my parents again."

Arthur stopped Merlin and looked at him with look of sadness. "Oh Merlin you don't do that do you."

"Yes Arthur. If Valiant, Cenred and Alvarr don't get me whilst training they catch me walking home."

"I'm sorry Merlin."

Merlin frowned. "Why are you sorry?"

"Because I didn't stop it."

"You are now though and that's what matters. So? Will you let me help you? It is the least I can do Arthur."

"I didn't save you from getting bullied for that though." Arthur felt awful for lying to Merlin, he had only spent an hour with him and wanted to protect him from everyone. "I know. Let me do this."

"Let me walk you home tonight?"

Merlin laughed and held his hand out. "Deal."

Arthur took Merlin's hand and pulled him forwards and kissed him on the lips. "Deal. Now lets get to class. I have double English so I am next door to you."

For the first time since starting college Merlin wasn't at the front of of the line waiting to go into the classroom. "Hey Merlin there you-" Lancelot stopped when he saw his friend with Arthur, holding hands. "Merlin are you alright?" he asked, not sure what to think of what he was seeing.

Merlin smiled when he saw that Lancelot wasn't the only one shocked, everyone queuing for Maths and English were standing with their mouths open. None of them believing what they were seeing. Arthur the most popular boy in college going out with Merlin the biggest geek in college. "I'm fine Lancelot, just been with Arthur."

"That's right." Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin in front of everyone. "I'll meet you here after the last bell."

"Okay." Merlin shakily said as Arthur smiled at him and opened the door to head into class. When everyone rushed in after Arthur and the others rushed into the Maths class, Lancelot, Freya and Gwen rushed over to Merlin. "Are you alright?"

"The most popular boy in college just kissed me in front of everyone. I can't feel my legs." Lancelot laughed whilst Freya and Gwen stood on each side of Merlin as they entered the class, Lancelot following and shutting the door behind him.

Across the way in the English class Valiant leaned over and whispered to Arthur. "I see he has fallen for it then?"

Arthur grinned at Valiant. "Of course he has." when Valiant turned back to his paper, the grin dropped from Arthur's face, he hated himself right now. He had started out that way but that was before he had spent time with Merlin.

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