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Summary: Popular boy Arthur Pendragon never thought that being selfish would end up giving him the best thing he could dream of. Will Arthur's lies destroy the love they share or will love conquer all?

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Merlin walked into his dorm after finishing a lecture and saw Arthur's back to him who was sat at the desk with his head down, buried in a book whilst the radio was playing in the background. "Arthur?"


Merlin walked over to the bottom of his bed and sat down and smiled when he saw his boyfriend that carried away in reading his book and making notes, he didn't notice Merlin until the brunet reached across and took the lollipop that was sticking out of his mouth.

Arthur stopped writing and looked to his right, smiling when he saw Merlin and moved his head forwards, waiting to be kissed.

Merlin smiled and kissed Arthur and then sat back on his bed, putting the lollipop in his mouth instead of giving it back to the blond.

"Hey that's my lollipop."

"It's mine now. Strawberry flavoured. Yummy." he moaned, not taking his eyes from Arthur as he pulled it from his mouth with a 'pop'.

Arthur watched the movement, mesmerized. "Merlin you're not being fair."

"Aren't I?"

"No. You have stole and sucked my lollipop so in return I should be allowed to suck your cock."

Merlin sat and thought about it for a few seconds, tapping his chin with his finger, staring at nothing with a smirk on his face. "Okay then."

He put the lollipop back into his mouth and undone his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxer briefs. Using his right hand to pull and push the lollipop in and out of his mouth, Merlin used his left to hand to languidly stroke his cock that was quickly hardening.

"I love you Merlin." Arthur gasped as he hurried off the desk chair and landed on the bed in front of his boyfriend. "Just remember no sex goes on longer."

Arthur moaned and dropped forwards on top of Merlin. "You are touching my cock Arthur."

Arthur brought his head up from where it was buried in the brunets neck. "You said if I was to touch your cock with my mouth or hands then the no sex will go on for longer. My hands and mouth are no where near your cock. You said my hands and mouth, you said nothing about my own cock." Arthur breathed, thrusting his hips forwards making his boyfriend gasp.

"That's cheating."

"You stealing my lollipop and sucking it like that in front of me made me resort to this so it is your fault."

"Oh you lie."

"I do not." Arthur moved his hands down and started to tickle his boyfriend. "Admit that you did that just to tease me and I will stop."


"That's it." Arthur lifted Merlin's top and started to ghost his fingertips over Merlin's stomach and sides before roughly tickling him.

Merlin brought his legs up, tears running from his eyes with laughter. "Arthur please."

"Admit it and I will stop." Arthur smiled, laughing at his lover as he rolled from side to side under him, trying to get him to stop.

"Okay okay I admit it."

Arthur stopped and smiled at Merlin showing his pearly white teeth. "There. That wasn't so difficult now was it."

Merlin chuckled and moved his head up and crashed his lips onto Arthur's. "I love you Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin."

Merlin was sat at his desk studying, well, he was trying to study. He just couldn't get Arthur off his mind. Sure he did this no sex thing with Arthur until he wanted them to have sex again and Merlin wanted to, but he enjoyed teasing Arthur with it. He wanted to tease him for a while longer but truth be told he didn't think he would be able to hold off any longer. Sighing Merlin abandoned his work and laid flat out on his bed. He stripped off his clothes and started to slowly stroke his cock whilst thinking of Arthur.

Arthur was still in a lecture, Merlin could wank to thoughts of Arthur and then jump in the shower and Arthur need never know. If only Merlin knew how wrong he was.

"What luck. Twenty minutes into the lecture and the professor falls ill. Well that's it now until Monday. I think I will go and surprise my boyfriend and spend the afternoon having sex." Gwaine said, grinning as he clapped his hands together.

Arthur laughed. "I think I will go and do the same. Surprise my boyfriend that is. Can't spend the afternoon having sex."

"And I can."

Arthur pushed Gwaine out in front of him. "Just go and have your sex and see you Monday."

Arthur walked into his and Merlin's dorm and froze at the sight before him. Merlin was laying naked on his bed with his eyes closed whilst stroking his cock. Arthur watched as the hand slowly stroked that hardened shaft twice before giving it a few sharp tugs. Arthur heard his own name spill from those delectable lips. Arthur quietly locked their door and silently stripped himself of his clothing as he made his way over to his boyfriend.

Merlin jumped and his eyes shot open when he felt the bed dip. "Arthur I."

"Shh Merlin. I miss you. I want to hold you in my arms again after making love, I want to share kisses with you whilst having sex. Merlin I want us to spend the rest of the day making love and spend the weekend in bed with you."

Merlin looked up and cupped Arthur's face. "Make love to me Arthur." he said and spread his legs for the blond to fit between them.

Merlin reached out and grabbed the lube from the side drawer and passed it to Arthur. "When did you get this?"

"Last weekend. Please Arthur. I need you."

Arthur took the lube from the brunet, placing a kiss on his lips as he did so. The blond lathered his fingers in the lube and passed it back over to Merlin who did the same and placed his hands on his boyfriends cock, lubing it up and making it slick.

Merlin moaned and arched his back when he felt Arthur press a lubed finger into him. It had been too long. "Arthur please."

The blond moved down and kissed his lover, moaning into his mouth when the grip on his cock tightened. He added a second, then third finger. "I love you baby."

"I love you too Arthur."

Arthur smiled and took Merlin's fingers from around his cock and guided it forwards, placing himself between this boyfriends spread legs again, Arthur swiftly moved forwards and entered Merlin in one thrust causing them both to moan aloud at the feeling. "Gods baby."

"Oh it's been to long Arthur."

"It could have been sooner baby."

Merlin just laughed and ran his hands down the blonds back, stopping when he reached his arse, squeezing the globes encouraging Arthur to quicken the pace.

"Don't you want me to go slow baby?"

"Not this time Arthur. I have missed you too much."

Arthur gave Merlin a quick and passionate kiss before picking up the pace, his hand going between them and taking the cock he found there in hand, stroking it and tugging it vigorously along with his thrusts.

Merlin moved his hands up and held on tight to Arthur's shoulders, his blunt fingernails digging in. "Oh Arthur I'm close."

"Cum for me baby."

And Merlin did. Screaming Arthur's name and after one, two, three more thrusts, Arthur came deep inside the brunet and dropped on to him, placing kisses on his neck. "Oh how I have missed you Merlin."

"Never again will we part Arthur. Promise me."

"I promise you Merlin. I don't want to be in that place again."

Merlin smiled and kissed the side of Arthur's head. "Stay in me?"

"I will."

Arthur pulled out and turned Merlin onto his side, entering him once again from behind and held him close as they both drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

It was the next day when Merlin awoke in Arthur's arms. Smiling he started to kiss the chest his head had been resting on to wake his lover.


"Wake up Arthur. We have to shower and get ready?"

"What for?" came the mumbled reply.

"Well today my parents are going over to your house."

Arthur opened his eyes and propped himself up on his elbow. "Why?"

"Well our mothers are very close friends and our fathers get on as well. I think they are doing this in hopes we will get back together."

Arthur smiled. "Are you planning that we go to my house and surprise our parents?"

"I am. We have to tell them we are together again Arthur."

The blond nodded and got out of bed and pulled Merlin up, lifting him up and carried his over his shoulder."Lets get that fuckable arse of your in the shower then." he said, kissing the brunets hip as he carried him into the bathroom making his boyfriend laugh.

After they had showered and dressed Arthur got in the car with Merlin and kissed him before he pulled away to take them to his house.

They pulled up on the drive and Arthur got out, hurrying around to the other side to let Merlin out. "Are you ready for this baby?"

"I am."

"There will be squealing."

"I know."

Arthur smiled and kissed his love. "Come on then."

Arthur walked into the house and put his finger to his lips, silently telling Merlin who was smiling to keep quiet when the bit heard their mothers talking along with with the noise of plates and cutlery being moved about in the kitchen.

Merlin and Arthur turned their heads when they heard laughter in the dining room that belonged to their fathers.

Arthur wrapped his arm around Merlin who in turn wrapped his arm around the blond and together they walked into the kitchen and smiled when they saw their mothers talking quietly with their backs to them.

"Enough for two more?" Arthur asked.

Hunith and Ygraine quickly turned and actually squealed when they both saw their sons in an embrace.

Uther and Balinor came running through the other door seconds later.

"What's happened?"

"What's wrong?" they both asked.

"Our boys."

Uther and Balinor turned and saw their sons stood there with their arms wrapped around each other. "About time." Uther said and he and Balinor made their way over to their sons only to be pushed aside by their wives who hurried forwards and hugged Arthur and Merlin in turn.

"I take it you are happy that me and Merlin are back together then?"

"Oh honey I couldn't be more happy." Ygraine said, hugging her son tight before letting go.

Arthur walked over to his father. "Thank you father. For all your help."

"You are very welcome son. Anything to put that smile on your face once again." Uther pulled his son into a brief hug and then held him at arms length. "You make sure you look after him son. Because you will not get a third chance."

Arthur looked over to Merlin who had just pulled away from hugging Balinor to hug his mother, the biggest smile on his face.

"I know father. Don't worry. I have learned my lesson. I will be keeping Merlin for as long as he will have me."

Merlin seemed to hear as he shouted. "Forever then."

Smiling Arthur looked from his father to Merlin. "That suits me fine baby."

"Aw he calls him 'baby'." Hunith and Ygraine cooed.


Twenty four year old Arthur pulled up outside his and his husband's house and quickly got out, running around the other side and opened the door, helping Merlin out who smiled at him and kissed him in thanks before opening the door behind him wide whilst Arthur went and took some things from the boot.

When they left University the family threw them a party in celebration for them doing well and when it came for the speeches at the party, Arthur got down on one knee and proposed to Merlin who happily said yes before throwing himself on Arthur making all the guests laugh and applause.

After Uni, not only did Arthur go into the family to take over when Uther retired, Merlin got a job there as well. Balinor had been offered a job there by Uther when Arthur and Merlin were still at University and Hunith and Balinor had a better life because of it, they had a bigger house, better life and could actually afford to spend money on themselves.

At the age of twenty two Merlin and Arthur took their vows and said 'I do' in front of their family and friends.

With the money they were making, Arthur and Merlin brought a house for them to live in. They had been searching for a while but wanted to find the perfect one. This one had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small library and two studies upstairs whilst downstairs had a very spacious kitchen along with a dining and living room and another room, one which was left like it was when they brought the house until now. They now had a use for that room and had decorated it and set it all up ready.

The house was finished off with a small garden at the front and double driveway where they both had a car and a big patio in the back garden, a patio that you stepped onto when you walked out the patio doors in the dining room and then you had the rest of the back garden.

Today was a big day for the happy couple. They had been waiting and hoping for six months and finally they got their answer and it was the answer they had been hoping and praying for. At ten o'clock Monday morning the loving couple set off in the car, smiles on their faces all the way there.

They signed the forms and did everything that they had to and two hours later they were on their way home again.

Arthur took the things out of the boot of the car and carried them inside. He came back outside and waited for Merlin to shut the back door so he could lock his car.

Merlin stood up straight and backed back a little, his arms up and across his chest as he was holding the most precious thing.

Arthur closed the door and locked the car up before walking up to Merlin, his arm going around him and kissed his temple. "Welcome to your new home Laura."

Arthur looked down at his daughter in his husband's arms, through the help of their parents Arthur and Merlin had been able to adopt a baby girl. Laura was two months old with fair blonde hair, fast asleep in Merlin's arms all wrapped up in a pink blanket.

Merlin looked up. "We did it Arthur. We have a daughter."

"That we do Merlin."

They both learned that Laura's mother died giving birth and her mother's partner had died in a car crash when she was eight months along, the shock and heartache of her partner dying causing her to go into early labor and with the complications the mother lived only long enough to name her daughter after her. With no other family Laura had been taken straight into care. Merlin and Arthur fell in love with her the moment they laid eyes on her.

That weekend Merlin and Arthur invited everyone one for a garden party to introduce them all to the new addition of their family.

There was Uther and Ygraine. Hunith and Balinor. Leon and Morgana with there two year old daughter Renee, Morgana was now five months pregnant with a boy they were to call Adam. Percival and Gwaine who were also married were now going through the process of trying to adopt like Arthur and Merlin. Married Freya and Tom were the also with their one year old son Jacob. And Lancelot and Gwen with their three year old twin girls Cassie and Phoebe.

Laura had been passed around for everyone to coo at her and hold her but she obviously didn't like being fussed too much as she started to cry. Arthur took his daughter and held her close as he slowly rocked her. "Shh. Daddy's here darling."

"She's probably hungry. I will go and make up a bottle." Merlin said, kissing the top of his daughter's head and then Arthur before going on inside.

The day had gone better than Arthur and Merlin had hoped. Uther, Ygraine, Balinor and Hunith fell in love with their granddaughter and was already planning on what to buy her when she turns one, they had all brought her a load of cuddly toys and clothes already .

After everyone had gone home, Merlin and Arthur had put Laura down for a nap and cleaned up everywhere and relaxed on the sofa in each others arms.

Now they had Laura their work patterns changed and they sorted it with Uther and worked it out between them. Arthur worked Mondays and Wednesdays whilst Merlin stayed home with their daughter. Merlin worked Tuesdays and Thursdays whilst Arthur stayed home with their daughter and they both went into work on Friday and one Friday, Hunith and Balinor would have Laura and the next Friday, Uther and Ygraine would have her. Weekends they would stay at home and spend that time with their daughter together.

Later that evening Arthur and Merlin had bathed their daughter, fed her and changed her before putting her down for the night.

"She will be down for the night now." Arthur said as he and Merlin got into bed. Arthur waited whilst Merlin turned on the baby monitor before drawing his husband close. "I can't believe she sleeps right through until about four o'clock. Mum says we are lucky to have a baby that does that as you get some that don't sleep for a full hour before they are waking, crying again."

"Babies are not like that Merlin."

"I was. And from what your mum was telling me earlier, so was you. Screaming 'mummy' in the night."

"And now I am older all I do is scream 'Merlin' in the night."

Merlin laughed as Arthur pulled him close and rolled them over, him pinning his husband to the bed as he attacked his lips. "Arthur, Laura-"

"Is asleep baby. We'll be quiet." Arthur panted between kisses as he reached down and pulled Merlin's boxer briefs down.

"Please Arthur." Merlin gasped as he parted his legs. "I want you in me."

"I need to prepare you first."

"No Arthur. I am fine from our shower earlier on when Laura had her nap. "Please Arthur."

Arthur nodded and took his cock in hand and slowly thrust forwards, entering the brunet underneath. "Oh Arthur. Give it to me hard sexy."

"Okay baby," Arthur rested on his arms and started to pound into Merlin who reached up behind him and grabbed the headboard as he started to rock with the bed, the faster his husband got. "Gods Arthur."

Arthur rolled the both over. "Ride me baby."

And Merlin did. He straddled the blond and placed his hands on the firm stomach and threw his head back as he started to bounce up and down. "Ar..Arthur. Touch me."

The blond reached down and took his husbands cock in hand and started to stroke it vigorously. "Cum for me baby."

And Merlin did, spilling all on Arthur's chest as Arthur thrust up and spilled all into his husband. Merlin lifted up and landed on the bed panting. "Where are you going?" he asked when he saw Arthur get off their bed.

"To the bathroom to wash all your cum off me, supposing Laura wakes up and needs one of us. I have to be clean."

Five minutes later when Arthur came back clean, he just sat down on the bed when their daughters cries could be heard from the baby monitor. "No Merlin. You stay here, I'll go."

"You sure?"

"Positive. Sleep baby."

"I love you Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin. So much." pulling on some boxer briefs Arthur walked to his daughters room and picked her up. "It's okay darling. Daddy's here."

Laura looked up at her daddy, reaching her arm up and waving it about. Arthur took her hand and smiled when she wrapped her tiny fingers around his thumb. "Now what's all this crying about eh?"

When he got silence as his answer he checked her and changed her. "Do you want a story? Well, let me tell you about the day your dad and I met..."

Merlin was laying in bed listening to his husband telling their daughter about how they had first met, telling her about how he felt and what he thought whenever he saw him. Merlin smiled when he realised that Arthur must have forgotten that the baby monitor was on and not only was he telling his daughter the story, but was telling him also. He heard Arthur get to where he treated Merlin to dinner at the chip shop when he broke off.

"Darling either you find mine and your dad's story of getting together not very good or the sound of my voice sends you to sleep."

Arthur jumped when he heard his husband whisper through the monitor. "It's telling the story that has sent her back to sleep Arthur. Come back to bed." Arthur smiled and kissed his daughter before placing her back in her cot. "Night darling, love you." he whispered and left the room.

Arthur climbed into bed where Merlin immediately moved over and snuggled up to his husband. "You are a wonderful parent Arthur."

"As are you baby." Arthur replied as he moved down and gave his husband a chaste, passionate kiss. "Good night Arthur. I love you." Merlin yawned as he rested his head on his husband's chest.

"Good night Merlin. I love you too." Arthur said and kissed the top of Merlin head and thanked anyone who would be listening that Merlin gave him a second chance. A second chance he knew he didn't deserve but got anyway. Arthur had stood by what he said to his father years ago. He had truly learned his lesson and from that day on, every day, Arthur thanked his lucky stars that Merlin loved him, even after what he had done. Merlin had never given up hope on them and that was what Arthur was truly thankful for.

The end.

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