Well I'm a fan of Black Cat… and I thought of a story for it while I was reading vol 11 of Black Cat.

Train Heartnet became a child again! But this time he is separated from Eve and Sven! He is now in a town far from them called Thirtene and is now living in the streets. With only his gun (smaller version) some money, and a messenger bag, he has to some how survive in the streets until they find him before it's to late.

Chapter One: Shrunken Train

Where am I? Why is everything so big now? My gun is fine, and my clothing is fine… they are both still the same size…. Wait… My fingers are small! Looking at my clothing.. IT'S TOO BIG Did I shrink AGAIN?

Train was trying to think what happened before he shrunk into a 9 year old body. At least I'm not 5.. I… fell of the train… how did I survive?… then I fell onto the grass.. Some woman.. Fed.. Me… a fruit…. Then… I changed into this! He quickly stood up and put his bag on him and shoved his to big pants and jacket in and put his gun back into another bag that was strapped around his leg.

*Growl….* People stared at Train with pity, thinking Oh he must be homeless and He must be an orphan. Well It is true… both part of it is. "I'm hungry.." said Train.

He bumped into people as he looked for a forest and soon found one. He sat down against a tree and looked up at the night sky.