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Prologue: The Switch

The yellow light of lamp posts were all that illuminated the morning twilight as a man and woman rushed down the dark empty streets of Volterra. The woman was deeply distressed; a bundle was cradled tightly to her chest.

"They'll take care of him," the man whispered roughly as he hurried her down the cobblestone sidewalk.

"Elizabeth entrusted him to us," she bit out. "And what do we do?" she continued, her voice clipped and out of breath. "We give him to the vampyres." Her voice lowered with the word.

"I've told you already Anne, they ain't vampyres. They the rich folk. They'll have the money to take care of the kid. Elizabeth never meant for him to starve. Now why don't you stop the worryin n-." His words were cut off as he saw someone approach.

A figure came slowly towards them from the other end of the dark street. As the figure neared they stopped but did not run for the figure closely resembled the cloaked doctor that they had been seeing come and go from Elizabeth's for the past two months. He stepped out of the shadows and the lamplight illuminated his soft blond hair. Bright blue eyes looked down at the couple. It was the second time they were surprised by the beauty and presence of the man before them. The first, was when he had come to bring the new born child that Elizabeth had spent her last ounce of strength to deliver.

"Good morning Anne, Marco." The man nodded at each as he said their respective names. " If I may ask what are you doing out on this chilly twilight with the babe?" Despite his kind aura, the air seemed to chill for the couple. He looked at the bundle and then at Anne. "Wrapped tight I hope". Anne shook slightly from the attention directed at her, but responded with a curt nod. He stepped closer to her " Good. Now Anne, tell me where are you taking the child? " Anne looked up into his eyes hesitatingly, but saw no trace of the threat she expected to see. Marco was holding onto her arm, but she jerked her body away and out of his grip. He tumbled back slightly and tripped over the ledge, but neither paid attention to him. Taking in a breath of air she let her frustration show.

"You know we barely had enough to feed ourselves, why did you give him to me-to us." Her words were quick and clipped. "We didn't want to but, please understand that he won't survive with what we can provide him. We are taking him to the Denali." Carlisle took a moment to take in her words.

"I do understand your predicament, but I had hoped it would work out." He smiled down at Anne. "I see I will have to take him from your hands sooner than I thought, but the Denali won't do." By then Marco had finally shaken off the shock of landing in the street and hurriedly got up to go grab the babe.

"Yes, by all means, take it." he grunted as he tried to wrestle the babe out of Anne's arms. Carlisle laid a hand on his shoulder and looked at Anne "I'll keep him safe." Finally she let go of the bundle and it slid into his waiting arms. "I bid you farewell Anne, Marco" And with that he walked away into the dark. Their paths would never cross again.

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