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August 1843~

Eleazer looked to see Aro sitting in a chair, humming happily with his eyes closed as he waved a small piece of paper around in the air. Eleazar spoke up after awhile. "You asked for me?" Aro's opened his eyes and hopped up to walked over to a circular table to set the paper down. Eleazar focused on the babe that was sleeping on a pile of linens not far from where Aro laid the note.

"Yes." Aro said smiling. "Well don't keep me waiting." He looked up. "You know what I want."

Of course Eleazar knew what he meant. After all, Aro had made Demitri spend countless years looking for the gifted. Even the famous tracker couldn't find them; something about not being able to find people when he didn't know whom he was looking for. Aro had gotten lucky tonight. Jane stood to the side, confused.

"Check him for me won't you?" Aro said as he walked passed the two. Before he went through the door, he turned to Jane, "If Edward is of value take him to Didyme and Marcus' room." Aro waved a hand to the door on the other side of the room, "That should lead you to the east wing rooms. If he is not-" Aro frowned slightly at the thought, "Well, then by all means, finish what you started Jane." With that he left the room.

A few moments passed before either of them spoke. Eleazar cleared his throat and pushed himself off the wall he had been reclining against. Hands still in his pockets he yawned and walked over to the table.

He touched the piece of paper with a finger and turned it towards himself. One word had been written on it in soft letters.

"Edward huh?" He tapped it a few times before turning to the babe. By this time, Jane had had enough. She sat herself in a chair and crossed her legs.

"For heaven sakes, what is going on Eleazar?" She played with an iron figurine on the small table besides her.

"My, my." Eleazar chuckled as he continued to remove the linens without waking up the babe. "I had forgotten that Aro's pet is still a newborn. Privy to some of Aro's secrets but you haven't learned much yet have you?" He shifted to the right as an object flew passed his head and lodged itself into the wall in front of him. Her next words were uttered through clenched teeth.

"I can take the veil off if you want. Maybe then we can communicate better." Eleazar turned halfway around, and bowed dramatically, all the while giving her his most charming smile.

"I meant no harm m'lady." Jane looked away and scowled in disgust while beckoning in his general direction.

"Just hurry will you. The sun's coming up." Jane sighed in exasperation. He paused, then continued.

"What do you hear in this room?" He began. Jane was annoyed, but knew that playing along would make things go faster.

"Nothing much...the fire?" She said, looking at him as he moved a finger across the babe's chest.

"What's missing? " He said as his eyebrows creased. His eyes closed in concentration as he pressed a certain point above where the babe's heart was. Jane closed her eyes too and listened. If this had been a room of humans there would have been a cacophony of beating hearts, but there was only the babe...wait. Where's the heartbeat? Jane's eyes shot open and she stood up abruptly.

"Where is his heartbeat Eleazar?" She said as she walked quickly over to the table, but he wasn't responding.

On the outside, the babe and man seemed a perfect picture of peace, but on closer inspection Jane could see a sheen of sweat coating Eleazar's forehead and throat. She went back to sit down. What was she going to do? Break the link? No, she didn't know what that would do to her so she sat and waited. It was when her lids began to droop that she finally felt movement from the table. She looked up to see Eleazar slowly rewrapping the babe.

"Well?" She asked.

"You can go sleep." Came his short reply.

"That's it? That's all you're going to give me? You were supposed to explain." Jane complained, frustration and confusion obvious on her face.

"Right." Eleazar spoke, but didn't stop in his wrapping of the baby. "What have you been taught Jane? That we are able to reproduce only once, all vampires have heightened senses, faster healing abilities and are generally creatures of beauty yes? " He wasn't giving her any time to reply. "You have also been taught that instead of food, blood is our main sustenance and that contrary to popular literature, we can feed without killing, but what you may not know is that there are many types of blood. Not "tastes" of blood mind you, "types" of blood. Since I really do need my sleep, I won't go into all of them, but only what pertains to us tonight. You see-" He unraveled the last few turns he made with the linen to start again. "I specialize in the gifted."

"The "gifted"?" she asked, curious about this new term.

"Yes Jane, the "gifted". You should know what that is since you've got a gift yourself. You could make me scream like a teapot if you wanted me to." His eyes never left the babe. "I see a vampire. I "feel" them, metaphorically speaking, and I know their gift. Gifted humans on the other hand are a slightly different matter." He smiled at his handy work as he picked up the still sleeping baby, now tightly wrapped in its linens. He turned and held the babe in one hand. "I'll use him as an example. Gifted blood is the term we use for humans who have natural gifts that would be amplified after they are turned into vampyres. These humans are incredibly hard to find though and not many of us know about them"

"Why?" Jane asked, re-adjusting herself to get a closer look at the babe. Nothing looked out of the ordinary to her.

"The Nobles have always been afraid of someone creating groups of gifted newborns. Afraid of what they can't control." His eyes seemed to be unfocused for a moment as Jane looked at her hands. But he shook his head and progressed before she could notice. "Plus, they're hard to gather because they don't have a heartbeat. Took you long enough to realize that one love." Jane scowled at the smirk on his handsome face. "Secondly, they don't have much of a scent." Her eyes widened.

"But that's impossible. He smelled so strong when I was about to-" Jane stopped abruptly. Eleazar's dark eyes twinkled.

"Oh, I know about your little stumble tonight darling. True they smell absolutely-" He moved the babe closer to her face and once again she was almost overwhelmed by the intoxicating smell. Then he drew him away. "divine when they're a foot or so from your face, but any length farther..." Jane raised her face to sniff the air but came away with nothing. "and their scentless. Absolutely hard to find, but if my information is correct, this one was delivered to our doorsteps." He tossed the child into her lap and headed for the door, hands in his pockets. "Sorry, but this means there's no snack for you." He turned before he exited the room, one hand on the doorframe, "Well, I'm leaving. I'm sure there's a crib somewhere you can put him in." Jane stood up quickly and called out.

"Wait, I want to know more." Eleazar didn't turn as he followed a flame, that had appeared when he opened the door, into the darkness. Jane's head was still filled with questions. After all, she had only been turned for a mere thirty-five years. Picking up the babe and holding it so that it stayed as far away from her as possible, she went to the wall in front of the table and dislodged the iron figurine of a wolf she had thrown earlier. Placing it back on the table, she turned and left through the opposite door.


October 1843~

The ship's hull groaned as it lifted and sank with the waves that were trapped in the New York Harbor. It was dark except for the ship and a few street lamps down below. As the masses on deck rushed to get off, one man cloaked in black remained still as he scanned the crowd. After only a moment he turned into the stream of people and his black coat became one of many.

As the man made his way down the plank, his mind was blank regarding the current situation and he had yet to form an opinion. Quickly, the man walked to the back of the large mass of people where a small carriage was waiting. A well-dressed young man jumped off the driver's seat and took off his hat in greeting before opening the door. A man with sliver hair and a charming face stepped out with open arms.

"Carlisle, how good to finally see you again." Carlisle smiled upon seeing the man and returned the strong hug that was accompanied by strong pats on the back.

"Caius, you didn't have to come receive me in person, a pioneer must be busy."

"Oh, no doubt about that." Caius began with a smile as he guided Carlisle onto the carriage. "But this matter is more important by far. You are here to assume my position in the branch development for over a decade so that I can return to maintain the Shield, but I want you to ponder over an issue during your stay." Carlisle had settled into his side of the dark carriage as it began its unsteady journey back to the house.

"What is it Caius?" Cauis' tone had made Carlisle cautious and he could see as the brows of the man across him stitched together. Caius turned to look out the window. After a while, without looking away he began.

"Over these past two thousand year, we four have become more than friends. We are blood brothers to the truest sense. Created by one creator, we fought together to learn what we had become and over the years we've fostered our species." Caius paused as Carlisle listened. "Yet, sometimes I wonder if it has been too long. Although our bodies have stayed young, our minds do begin to wear. You have thought of this haven't you brother?" Caius looked up to see Carlisle's understanding eyes before looking back out the window. His voice was stronger now. "But I manage to bring myself back every time these thoughts pass through my head with other thoughts. I think of balance, always the balance." Here Cauis put his head into his hands and a strong shudder ran through him. His next words came out in a hush. "But alas, our brother has begun to tip." Carlisle knew deep within that this was true. One of them was not well. Cauis raised his head from his hands and his eyes seemed to have aged. "Aro has gone insane." Carlisle jolted.

"No, surely not. He is only sick."

"He is rabid Carlisle!" Cauis claimed harshly, his eyes seemed drained of energy.

"One of my Sleipnir trainees went into the wrong room about a month ago."

"What does this have to do with the matter?" Carlisle interrupted sharply.

"Listen brother. This room held bodies… of children."

"He has begun to kill while feeding?"

" Carlisle, they were vampyre children, the recruits that were said to have been sent back to the Commons. And they were not whole bodies. They had been dissected. Nailed to walls, hung by…"

"Stop, what is it that you want? You don't begin conversations without a reason." Carlisle said abruptly, frustrated by the implications. Caius sighed,

"You know me too well brother, but this time it is not for me. We tolerated his collecting of the gifted, of doing experiments on animals but he " Caius uttered the next words with venom. "is massacring our own kind. He has become an animal, and rabid animals are to be put down." Carlisle winced.

"You are talking of betrayal."

"No, I am speaking of his salvation. The old Aro who sought knowledge only to propel our species would never have tolerated this." With that the fire slipped out of Carlisle's eyes to be replaced with weariness.

"Caius, you are asking too much."

"I am asking you to consider. I will begin contacting the parents of those that have been murdered and hundreds more whom will be worried for their children's safety." Slowly, the carriage drew to a halt under the lamplight in front of their destination. Carlisle's head reclined against the back of his seat. A moment of silence passed between the two. Finally, Carlisle whispered,

"You are speaking of rebellion against a brother and yet I hear such reason." Caius got up slowly to step out onto the street.

"As I said before, you will be here more than a decade. You have time to consider. Take it."

Flowing black hair covered her shoulders as she slowly made her way through the Berignone-Tatti forest. The waning moon illuminated the path she was walking on; the dirt was soft and damp under her bare feet. She stopped in her walk, unsure of where she was going or where she was coming from. Despite her confusion, she felt only peace as she looked into the vast sky. Through the tall trees she could see the stars shining like young candles. Suddenly, her bare feet grew incredibly cold. She looked down to see the floor covered in snow. Shocked, she looked back up. Instead of dark trees, she was now surrounded by a dense white. She spun when she felt a presence and heard the twitch of leaves to her right, but nothing was there. The air was still for only a second before the hairs on her neck stood on end as she felt hot air blowing down her back.

"People only survive in this world - my world, when they either have value or know how to survive. They will see your value, and in time you will learn to survive." - Carlisle

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