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Chapter 4

The sea pressed down on me, even as I struggled to get to the surface. Bubbles rose from my mouth as I fight against invisibles foes desperately searching for the air to keep me from falling into the darkness which was rapidly closing in on me. My lungs were screaming in protest, and I was forced to suck in water instead of air.

My body slowly gave up the fight and just before darkness claimed me, I heard a thud as something else landed in the water above me.

Chapter 5

I awoke cold and shivering, to shouting and movement around me. Someone was leaning over me holding my wrist while calling my name, but I couldn't make out his face, or understand what else he was saying. It wasn't long before I was lift by someone and carried out of the cold air and into a room lit brightly with floresant lights. I was placed on something soft and a rough blanket was draped over my shivering form. The person was back from before, leaning over me and talking softly while running their hands around my head. A sharp pain in my arm helped sharpen my vision, and I could finally take in my surroundings.

A girl with dark brown hair was busy attaching a drip to my arm, while the man I recognised as Swain examined my head.

"Sky can you hear me? I need you to talk to me."

I croaked and his eyes shot to my face.

"Bomber, give me that glass of water."

He helped me sit up, and pressed the cold glass to my lips

"Slow sips now. Nice and easy."

I obeyed the cold water like a balm on my sore throat.

Once I had drunk my fill he helped me lay back down on the bed. I could see the captain and Buffer standing by the door, both looking slightly concerned. My attention was drawn back to Swain as he shone a light into my eyes and spoke.

"Can you tell me where you are?"

"HMS Hammersley." I spoke very quietly as even with the water my throat still hurt.

"Do you remember what happened?" He asked as he turned off his light

I frowned in thought.

"I was arguing with Dan… DAN!"

I sat up suddenly, desperate to flee; only to collapse back down as my head spun.

"Easy there." Swain laid a hand on my shoulder in comfort "We got him. He can't hurt you no more."

I felt tears start to run down my face as I realised for the first time since Dan had hit me the first time, the nightmare could finally be over.

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