Dear Diary…

A/N: Hey! Okay, I'm going to do something new—a diary for Amanda! The characters may seem a little OOC, but I kind of intended for it to be like that…somewhat…Tell me if you hate it, love it, etc. Remember—NO FLAMING! Sooooo…here's Amanda's diary! Enjoy! :)

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July 9, 2012

Dear Diary,

Hey-o! It's Amanda! Well, allow me to properly introduce myself—I am Amanda Lockhart, I'm 15 years old, and I have a sister, Jessica Lockhart. We live in a foster home run by Mrs. "the Devil" Nash. And we share a room with Jeannie Puckett. She's a stuck-up goody two-shoes, and Mrs. Nash loves her. It's annoying.

Well, Jess and I are orphans, if you couldn't tell by now, and we are Fairlies. Long-story short, it's a play on the words "fairly human." Jess can dream the future, and I can levitate.

We are sort-of part of the Kingdom Keepers group, which includes Finn Whitman (he's SO cute! I really like him! But, I think he likes Charlene…or me…gah! I don't know! Relationships are COMPLICATED!), Dell Philby (He's British and has red hair. Willa really likes him…she's a little boy-crazy for him…), Willa Angelo (Philby really likes her…and vice versa. So, all we need to do is put her and Philby in a room with each other and make them confess their feelings! It would be genius!), Terry Maybeck (he's full of himself. Conceited, prankster, etc. But he's a different person around Charlene! I think he likes her…and he likes to prank the rest of us. He once locked Finn and Philby in a room, and started playing the Small World song. So funny! LOL.), and Charlene Turner (she used to like Finn. But he is MINE! MINE, CHARLENE, MINE! *coughs* Ack. Swallowed a bug.). And we're all a little insane. Willa's crazy for Philby, Philby likes Willa, Charlene likes Maydork, but she still has feelings for Finn, and Maybeck likes her. I like Finn, and I hope he likes me, too! If he doesn't, I will seriously go insane.

My sister, Jess, is obsessed with one thing: muffins. I know there are such things that people call "healthy obsessions," but this girl is crazy! Whenever we pass the bakery on Main Street, USA, and don't stop for muffins, she goes on a rant about how Nash never gives us muffins, and how we have to live with her noodle salad and tamale pie.

I know what you're thinking—tamale pie and noodle salad are yummy! But NO! Nash's tamale pie is basically micro-waved dog food with boxed gravy and Doritos on top, and her noodle salad is undercooked noodles with something that tastes like old mayonnaise and plastic mixed into it. I get sick just thinking about it. Ugh.

Well, right now I'm listening to another rant about muffins from Jess, and how they would make a "good companion for life." She even has a plush muffin! Where the heck did she get that? Honestly, I don't know what goes on in that mind of hers.

Have you ever seen those crazy FanFiction stories? There's a bunch of people on there that claim that they have captured clones of the Keepers, and that they have them locked up somewhere! Someone has Maybeck locked in their pantry and duct taped to their family's car! Who even thinks about that stuff? And of all people, why would you capture Maybeck? He's annoying. Yeah…

Guess what? I went to see the Hunger Games movie a few months ago! Finn took me. And Philby and Willa came. And so did Jess. And Maybeck. And Charlene. So I guess it wasn't a date…or was it? He did buy me popcorn! Yeah. But the movie is SO GOOD! And Peeta is SO PRETTY! Boo, Team Gale! Katniss deserves better! Willa is apparently Team Gale. So is Jess. So, Charlie and I are the only loyal ones! But now that I think about it, I guess I'm Team Finn! And Finn could bake me bread if he wanted to, right?

I just told Jess that Peeta could bake her muffins. Oh, yes. She is Team Peeta now. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Ugh. I have to go. Nash is making me do the dishes. See ya later!

Sing a dog song to a beaver! Give a cat a dog toy! But never, NEVER, under any circumstance give a platypus Pixie Stix.

~Amanda :)

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