Just to warn you up front, this is not the usual type of story that I write, this is slash, so if this is not your thing, please do not read on.

For those of you who are still reading, this one shot was written for a fabulous friends birthday, that friend is Delphius Fanfic.

All this came about she had been saying that I should give writing slash a go and I would not have done this for anyone else. This was inspired by the picture of Peter & Kellan that she posted on Facebook and her comment saying that she would love to read that pairing, well wish granted.

Anyway enough of my ramblings and I will leave you to read in peace. Beta'd by Dreamofrob10. Banner made by Yulliah.

Another day, another dollar- isn't that how the old saying goes? Well, that was just another day that I was glad to see the back of. I hated my job, my life, everything, but yet, I couldn't find the motivation to change anything. My recent broken heart mended quite quickly, but then again for it to be truly broken, I would've needed to have still been in love with that person ... and I wasn't.

That sounded awful I know; I was in a relationship and living with Jake for just over a year when I finally ended it. I had kept hoping that by constantly pushing him away, being so distant, he would get the hint and end it himself. But no ... Jake was the eternal optimist. He saw the good in everyone and said repeatedly that we were just going through a rough patch and that this happened to everyone. I didn't know any better because he was my first long term relationship. Before he walked into my life, I had a string of faceless and nameless one night stands. Casual sex was a necessity for me; I had to have sex, get fucked, laid, however you want to word it. There was never any emotion behind the act; I rarely got names and never took someone's number.

Jake changed things. He changed me, he taught me to love and more importantly, what it was to be loved in return. When he looked at me, he saw something special. It was the first time I felt anything for anyone. I just wished that the feeling had lasted longer, but there was no point in wishing I could change the past. It was done and could not be undone.

Shutting down my computer, I pushed my chair away from the desk, sighing loudly. I was looking at another boring weekend alone in my apartment. The highlight would be mindlessly channel hopping through the seemingly, endless choice of reality TV shows that swamped the networks. As I walked through the office, I was jostled in the rush of people leaving. I felt like no one really saw me or even cared. They all had their perfect little lives to rush home to on a Friday night. Not that I wanted them to notice or care about me, well, there was one person I wanted to notice, but that was not gonna happen. I could see him working away in his office still, but that was just how he was. He was none other than Carlisle Cullen.

The very first time that I saw him, he took my breath away ...literally. He walked straight into me, his nose was deep in a report that he was reading between meetings. He apologized of course, taking the blame on himself. He blushed slightly as our hands brushed for the briefest of moments and that was when my stupid crush on him started. I thought that he would never notice me.

I made my way out of the office and made my way to the elevator. It arrived and as usual, people crammed into the tiny compartment like sardines in a can. I rolled my eyes - it's not like there won't be another one.

I sighed heavily; I just wanted to get out of here, but also, didn't want to be squashed in a confined space, so I let it go. I watched with growing impatience as the next elevator crawled ever closer to the floor I was on. Finally, I was rewarded with the doors opening and an empty car waiting for me.

I stepped inside and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrored back wall. I was shocked at how tired I looked. I turned away, pressing the button for the ground floor, repeatedly. I knew it wouldn't make the doors close any quicker, but it made me feel better.

The doors slid shut and just before they met in the middle, a hand came through that final gap causing the doors to open and me to groan. Fuck my life... can I not get a break around here?

When the doors opened fully, I was startled to see Carlisle standing on the other side, a sheepish look on his face. Instantly, I stood up straighter and smiled at him. Shit, I had to go twelve floors down, alone, in a confined space with the object of my affection and the star of so many of my lustful masturbation fantasies. Shit, shit, shit!

"Hey, Emmett, sorry man, I just wanted to get outta here. It's been a pretty long week."

I snickered in response, "Sure has."

We stood there in an uncomfortable silence; him standing just slightly in front of me. I had put myself in the corner and from where I was stood, I got the perfect view of his delicious ass. It would have been rude not check it out.

I watched as the numbers slowly counted down towards my goal of freedom when with a sudden jolt, the elevator ground to a halt. Shit, not again! I realized that it had obviously broken down, again. Why now? Why with us inside? Was someone, somewhere mocking me?

"Urgh... wouldn't think they'd have this damned thing fixed this by now?" I grumbled.

Carlisle turned to smile at me as he said, "Yeah, they should just put the fucking engineer on the payroll. He spends so much time here, fixing it."

I laughed at him; it was the office joke because it broke down several times a week.

He pressed the call button and the deep tones of one of the security guards came over the intercom. He told us there was nothing that he could do; estimating it being an hour before the engineer would be here. It was after all, Friday night. Great! Not that I didn't want to spend time with Carlisle, hell, being locked together in a small space alone with him was like my idea of heaven, but urgh, why now?

We settled ourselves on the floor, sitting facing each other. We stretched our legs out, getting ourselves comfortable, when Carlisle spoke, "Not how you wanted to spend your Friday night is it? I mean, stuck in here with me?"

Without engaging my verbal filter I replied, "I can think of worse ways." I realized what I had said and when I managed to meet his stare, I saw him blush slightly.

I quickly tried to recover the situation by adding, "I mean, I could be stuck in here with someone from accounting." I did a mock shudder and he laughed. Thank god he had no idea what hearing that laugh did to me. Feeling my cock twitch in response, I knew that now was not the time to be getting aroused by him, so I started to think of the less attractive members of staff in the office to stave off any possible embarrassment.

We sat in silence for the next few minutes. Carlisle busied himself sending text messages; I imagined to his girlfriend, I had seen them together. She would meet him down in the lobby sometimes after work. She was a tall, stunning blond, and they looked perfect together. Instantly, I hated her. I watched as he got a reply that caused him to frown and purse his lips together. My mind immediately wondered how they would feel pressed against mine or even better, wrapped around my cock as I came long and hard down his throat.

Man... I needed to get laid and soon. Maybe even tonight, once we made it out of here, I could head to my favorite bar and see who was around. They of course, would just be a portal for the release that I so badly needed tonight

Then I realized that Carlisle was talking to me and I wasn't listening because I was off in my own fantasy world, "Sorry man, was a million miles away. What did you say?"

"S'ok Emmett, I was only asking if you had anything planned for tonight?"

"Nah, thought maybe I might head for a couple of beers when we finally get outta here; let off some steam... nothing special."

He quirked an eyebrow at me, "No one special waiting at home for you?"

Slowly shaking my head, I answered him, "Nope... just me, a plant and a TV."

He sounded surprised by my answer, "Really? I wouldn't have thought that you were single." He shook his head all of a sudden, "Sorry! I know that sounds… Shit! You know what I mean. I'm sorry, Emmett; I just always assumed that you had someone."

I shook my head, "We're not all as lucky as you."

He sounded confused, "What do you mean? Not as lucky as me."

"The hot looking blond... she is your girlfriend, isn't she?"

Again, he laughed. What did I say, now, that was so funny? When he stopped laughing, he looked at me, smiling broadly, he said, "Nah...she's really not my type."

Playfully, I replied with, "Not a fan of blonds, then?"

His gaze took on a serious demeanor. He fixed me with those stunning blueish-gray eyes, of his and spoke to me in a low voice, that sent a series of shivers through me, "Nah... I prefer brunettes and there is only one that I'm interested in. I'm just not sure that he feels the same way about me."

I felt my mouth opening and closing. I kept struggling to figure what to say. Did he mean me? Really?

Eventually my speech came back to me, "Look, Carlisle, I'm really not sure what you are trying to say here. I'm..."

He broke me off as he covered his face with his hands, "Shit! Fuck! Oh god... forget I said anything. I'm sorry... so sorry. I honestly thought that I had read you better than that. Rosalie has a lot to answer for, too. I really don't make a habit of coming on to straight men... please believe me."

I moved over to where he was sitting, kneeling in front of him. I tried to pull his hands away from his face, "Carlisle, it's okay. You haven't done anything wrong. I'm a little stunned that's all. I didn't realize that you were… well you know, gay too."

He dropped his hands, a look of shock or maybe it was relief flooded his features, "Really? I thought that everyone in the office knew. Shit!"

I shook my head slowly, "Not that I've heard. Then again, I don't get involved in water cooler gossip circles."

He looked relieved. "Oh, well... now you know."

I nodded slowly, uncertain what to say or do next. He seemed just as confused as me.

I reached up, slowly, taking his cheek in my hand. My thumb rubbed slowly and deliberately across the light stubble that had formed there. He leaned into it, kissing my wrist. His lips sent jolts of electricity through me. I moved closer, slowly edging my lips towards his, watching as his tongue peeked out and nervously licked his lips. He closed his eyes tightly shut as we edged closer and closer together. I expected him to move away from me, but he didn't and our lips finally met. As they pressed gently together, I felt relief that he wanted this as much as I did. I wanted him and he wanted me. I closed my eyes, too, in total surrender to the moment.

Our kiss deepened as his lips parted to allow me access to his mouth where his tongue fought mine for dominance. I had no idea who would win and right now, I didn't care.

My hand moved from his cheek, winding it around his neck where I began to gently stroke him while not letting him back out of the kiss. Not that I thought that he would; my body instinctively moved and before I knew it, I found myself straddling him. My groin ground into his in a frantic attempt to get some friction. I was aware of the reaction that this was causing within me. My balls were tingling and I knew that his cock would be desperate for either; more, or to be free of it's confines and deep inside me.

The grinding against him was driving me to distraction as the fabric rubbed deliciously against me. I knew full well where this would end up if one of us didn't stop. I had to remember where we were, so I pulled back, gasping for air. I sat back on my heels staring at Carlisle, hoping that I hadn't just made a massive mistake. I waited for his response and from the look on his face, he had been enjoying our kiss and impromptu make out session as much as I had. He was nearly breathless when he managed to utter out a single word, "Wow."

I snickered in response, "Well, is that good or bad?"

He smiled, raking his fingers through his hair, "It's good. It's really, really good, Emmett."

I was relieved to hear that. I wanted more of him and had to fight off the urge to pin him against the wall; taking his cock deep in my mouth and showing him just how I could really please him. I wanted him to be inside me, to feel him thrusting into me as he stroked my cock while we both screamed each others names in unison.

He blushed slightly as he moved closer to me. His hand tentatively reaching forward as he made contact with my cock through my pants. Slowly and deliberately, he rubbed his hand over me, causing me to groan in response. He simply smiled at me, chewing the bottom corner of his lip. I looked into his beautiful eyes and muttered through my growing lust, "Carlisle, I want you."

He responded in a low voice, almost struggling to get the words out, "Fuck! I want you too... Now!"

Our eyes never broke contact and my breathing became heavier. That was exactly what I wanted to hear; what I had dreamed of since I first met him and now it was all coming true. I had wanted to hear those words fall from his lips for so long and now… I shook my head, sure that I was dreaming. I refocused on him, seeing his face fall and his brow furrow. Oh shit! He must've thought that I didn't want him.

"Carlisle, I want you, too, but here?"

He grinned, "We won't be disturbed... I promise." Suddenly, he was kissing me, again, pulling me closer. I found myself back straddling him. Our kiss was harsh and had an intensity about it that was purely animalistic. I had wanted him, wanted this for so long. My hands felt great as they ran across his clothed back. I could feel his muscles and if it felt unbelievable. I could only imagine how it would feel when he was naked. I wanted to see all of him as quickly as possible.

I reached down to his crotch and began to stroke his growing hard on through the fabric of his pants. It felt like heaven. I responded to him and him to me. I could feel him getting harder under my touch. His breathing became shallower as he became more aroused with each pass of my hand. Instinctively, my hand went to his belt buckle and I slowly began to undo it before I pulled back from our kiss. I watched as his head fell backwards and his eyes slowly closed.

From his lips fell a request that I just could not ignore, "Emmett, please!"

I made short work of unzipping his pants and finding that his fitted boxers beneath them held two delights. First, being the fact that his cock was straining to be released from its confines. The other, I had worked him into a frenzy, judging by the damp patch that was evident on the front of them. I couldn't hold back or tease him any longer.

Shifting his hips, he allowed me to pull his pants and boxers down, freeing his erection. He gasped at the motion; I wasn't surprised to see how magnificent he was in the flesh. He was long and hard with pre-cum pooling at the slit. I leaned forward running the tips of my fingers through the precious liquid and his most sensitive spot causing him to growl. I began to stroke him up and down his length in slow, steady motions. When I had coated him, I began to increase the friction I applied to him and was rewarded with deep groans, coming from his throat. I leaned down and gently put my mouth around the tip, hearing him gasp in surprise as I made contact with him.

I splayed one hand on the floor to steady myself. The other, I used in conjunction with my mouth to cup and massage his balls in time to the action of my mouth. With long tortuous movements, I moved up and down him, allowing him to leave my mouth so I could lick and tease the sensitive head before I would take him deep back into my mouth. Sometimes, I would apply a little pressure with my teeth allowing them to graze against him as I pulled back. I noticed that the whole time he kept his head tilted back, he seemed to struggle to keep his shit together. It pleased me to know that it was me that was eliciting this reaction from him. My lips, my mouth, my actions. It was an immense turn on for me. I hadn't felt this good in, well, I honestly couldn't remember.

Suddenly, his hands grabbed my head, startling me slightly. He ran his fingers across my scalp, digging what little nails he had, into the back of my neck. Unknown to him, this was one of my weak spots, a massive erogenous zone; making me hornier by the second.

His actions spurred me on, my tongue worked its way around him as I kept him firmly in my mouth. I heard a deep groan come from him and his breathing became much shallower. I knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, so I played a little bit dirty and I pulled back; allowing my teeth a little more purchase against his hard cock. I hit the jackpot and he nearly lost it, muttering, "Shit! Fuck, holy hell."

Looking up innocently, I saw that he was now looking at me. I gave him my innocent 'what did I do?' look, through my eyelashes. He responded, "I'm really not gonna be able to hold on if you do that!"

That was all I needed to hear, so I repeated the action this time, going slower and applying a little more pressure, knowing that would be it for him.

"Fuuccck! I'm gonna… you might wanna…" Was all he managed to utter out as I frantically shook my head. There was no way I was gonna release him now. He came in long bursts as his orgasm ripped through his body. The warm liquid hitting the back of my throat, I swallowed it down like a thirsty man getting a precious drink of water on a hot day.

When he finally stopped, his breathing came in short breaths. I licked him clean, savoring every last drop that he had given to me. Once I was finished, I sat back on my heels, staring deeply into his eyes as they searched mine, eventually he spoke,"Fuck... That was..."

I interrupted him, "Amazing?"

"Well, that's one word I could use, Emmett. I had no idea that you felt like this about me."

I leaned forward, placing a line of gentle kisses along his jaw until I reached his ear where I whispered, "You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that to you."

His breathing hitched once again as he tried to regain his composure, "Well then, in that case, I'm so glad I arranged this alone time for us."

I looked at him confused by what he had just said, "What do you mean, arranged this?"

He chuckled slightly gesturing upwards, "This, the elevator. Surely you don't believe that it was pure coincidence that it broke down tonight, with just us two in here, do you?"

I stared blankly as him, not knowing what to say.

"Emmett, my friend James works on the night security crew here, and owes me a favor, so I called it in."

"So the elevator?"

"Isn't broken. I've wanted to get you alone for so long, now and never had the chance. This seemed the perfect opportunity, although, getting you and I in here together and alone was a nightmare."

With that, he stood up, taking his cell from his pocket and putting it to his ear. "Yeah, thanks J. It's good. Can you give us a few minutes."

I was stunned... he had set this up? He wanted to get me alone with him? He had wanted me? Wow!

I turned back towards him, watching as he tucked his shirt back into his pants and straightened himself back up to look respectable.

"So, that's it? You got what you needed... I take it?" Confusion ran through me. I felt like a cheap whore. I was on my feet quickly and backed away from him into the corner.

He closed the small gap between us, taking my face in his hands, forcing me to look into those steely eyes, "No! Fuck Emmett! I'm not explaining myself well. I want you; I just didn't know how to get you alone or even tell you how I felt. There's nothing I want more right now then to take you home and fuck you hard, all night long, but only if that's what you want."

Staring at him, I saw no lies hiding behind his words, so I smiled at him. His lips met mine once again and we kissed with passion. I knew full well that he could taste himself on my lips; this turned me on. I pulled back from him only when the elevator jerked back into life and said, "Your place or mine?"

He smiled broadly at me, almost dazzling me with his megawatt smile as he said, "I live nearby. You wanna come to mine?"

I nodded at him, surprised as the elevator jolted to a stop at the ground floor and the doors opened. There was no one in the lobby as we stepped out. I was glad no one was around because of what we had just done; it would be written all over my face for everyone to see.

As we walked through the open space, passing the reception desk, Carlisle nodded to the man who was sat there. I assumed that he was James. I kept my head down, feeling a blush creeping up my cheeks. We made our way out into the parking lot where Carlisle led me to his car. Once we were on the streets, he negotiated the traffic with ease, all the time he kept stealing glances in my direction. I felt my nerves starting to get the better of me. My knee started to bounce up and down. We stopped at a traffic light and Carlisle simply smiled at me, placing his opened hand directly on my thigh, feeling a rush go through me. I met his look and he mouthed, "It's okay. I promise." Those four words calmed me and I relaxed, although, he kept his hand on my thigh.

Once we reached what I assumed to be his apartment building, he drove the car down into an underground parking lot. When we were out of the car, I started to feel nervous. Was I really ready to do his? With him?

We reached the elevators before he looked at me. When he did, I shyly smiled at him and he leaned towards me whispering in my ear, "If you wanna go, just say it... I'll understand."

I shook my head and he smiled at me, making my insides quiver.

As the doors opened, we stepped inside and my mind immediately went to the last time that we were together in an elevator... only moments ago. When the doors closed he turned to me, kissing me hard on the mouth. I returned his kiss with just as much fire. Suddenly, the elevator came to a stop and we sprung apart like naughty school children as the doors opened and an elderly couple stepped in smiling at Carlisle. He simply nodded in return before politely saying, "Evening Mr. Masen, Mrs. Masen." I felt positive that they knew what we had been doing and could see it written all over my face.

The elevator began it's achingly slow ascent before it stopped on the seventh floor. Mr. and Mrs. Masen stepped out. Just as I began to feel relief, Mrs. Masen turned around as the doors closed, giving us both a wink. I nearly died on the spot.

Carlisle thought it was hilarious and said to me, "She really is a sly one. No doubt she'll be inviting me for drinks to get the juicy details."

I was horrified, "What! Your elderly neighbors will be asking you about us?"

He nodded, "Yup... Mrs. M is a legend. She really does know everything that goes on around here. She's the sweetest lady in the world, but nothing and I mean nothing ,gets past her."

I stood staring open mouthed at him. As the elevator began to move, he reached out to take my hand in his. Despite my horror, I felt myself getting aroused just from his touch. How could one man have such an effect on me?

The doors finally opened at the twentieth floor. He led me down the corridor to his apartment. When the door opened, he led the way, flicking light switches so that the room became bathed in soft lighting. I stood there in awe. The whole apartment was a wide open space with clean lines and minimal furniture. It looked like something out of an interior design magazine.

I made my way to the windows, which were floor to ceiling and gave a fantastic view over the Chicago skyline as dusk began to fall. I watched, mesmerized, as the lights of the city twinkled like stars in the night sky. I jumped slightly as I felt a pair of arms snake their way around my waist and a soft gentle breath tickled my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Feeling his body so close to mine, I could feel his erection pressing into me and I pushed back slightly, knowing full well the effect that this would have on him. Finally he spoke, "You like the view? 'Cause I sure as hell do."

Small, gentle kisses were planted on my neck and I groaned, moving my head backward and to the side affording him better access. My skin felt like it was on fire with each kiss, burning its way into me. I rolled my head to the other side and he repeated his actions; his hands roaming my chest. I could feel my cock aching in desperation to be free as he pressed his own erection into me. I knew I was causing this reaction in him and that was an even bigger turn on for me.

I turned toward him, our eyes locked, mirroring each others lust. Growling, I kissed him once again with as much passion as I could muster. The math here was simple, I wanted him...he wanted me, it was now just a question of where and how long we could manage to hold on for.

My hands went everywhere on him, tugging at his shirt, pulling it free from his pants. I couldn't bear not to be able to see him exposed to me and I ripped the shirt open sending the buttons scattering across the wooden floor. He pulled back from me teasing, "Someone's eager."

I responded with, "Only to have you."

I watched as his eyes grew darker and I could see the pure lust in them. He reached for my hand, turning me fully toward him. We kissed, the intensity of it took my breath away. Our tongues intertwined and occasionally, he would pull back and nip at my lips. His hands made short work of removing my shirt, running across my muscled chest appreciatively. I hadn't realized we were moving until I bumped into something. Turning around in surprise, I saw a huge dining table that was situated in a corner of the apartment. There were windows on both sides of it.

I smiled at Carlisle, the corner of my mouth twitching as a plan formulated in my brain, so I whispered in his ear, "Carlisle, I want you to bend me over the table and fuck me... hard."

He whimpered in response and reached down to my aching cock. I hadn't even realized that he had undone my pants. Once he made contact, I groaned in response to his teasing. My hands reaching back onto the table for support; he pulled his hand up and down my cock in long hard movements. It felt like heaven as he moved to my balls taking them in his hand, rolling them gently before moving back to my aching cock. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, submitting to the pleasure, but he was having none of that and with his free hand, he took a hold of my chin, pulling me back to look at him, "Oh, no you don't... you wanted this and I want to see you, all of you."

Our eyes met and without breaking contact, he pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. He kicked them to one side before he pulled a couple of small packages out of his pocket, placing them on the table behind me. His eyes were still dark, showing me the lust in them as he grabbed my hips firmly and turned me away from him. I leaned forward onto the table gasping, "I hope this is strong enough to support me...well us."

He laughed, "So do I. If not, I'll buy another one and we can break that one, too."

Kissing my back, he covered me with a mixture of soft, gentle kisses while his hands roamed my chest. He rolled my nipples in his fingers. I managed to keep one arm on the table to support me, reaching the other around me and between us where I took his thick cock in my hand. He groaned in pleasure; pushing his hips forward. I felt myself pitching forward and I pulled my other arm back onto the table to support me. Carlisle continued to grind his hips into me, driving me wild with need as my aching cock could attest to. I managed to mutter, "I need you... Please."

I could almost hear the pleading in my own voice, but I didn't care. I hadn't felt this much need and passion within me since the early days with Jake, "Okay, but I am warning you, I might not be able to hold back, this could be rough."

"I don't care, I just need you to fuck me!" I replied.

His hands moved to my hips and his feet pushed my legs, shoulder width apart. I was ready for him; standing naked and spread before him. I was ready for him to use me as he saw fit. I wanted nothing more than for him to be deep inside me.

He reached forward and took the packages in his hand, then I recognized what they were and excitement flooded me once again. Lube and a condom.

With one hand, he continued to stroke me. The other, he used to flip the top on the lube before I felt that familiar coolness as he applied it to my ass. It felt wonderful.

As he moved his hand away from me, I knew he would be coating his fingers in the liquid.

He ran his hand slowly up and down, teasing around my opening. He applied the lube before I let out a small gasp when his finger tip entered me slowly. It felt amazing; there really were no other words to describe it.

Slowly and gently, he pushed his finger further into me, stopping briefly as he allowed me time to adjust to the intrusion. I wanted him to go faster... harder, but I knew that wasn't an option. It seemed that he wanted to enjoy the moment. It felt so intimate and I always enjoyed that initial burn.

I fought back the urge to groan aloud, so instead, I buried my face into my arm to muffle the sounds. Carlisle noticed I was still and almost in a whisper asked, "You okay baby? I can stop if..."

My head snapped up, "Don't you dare!"

He responded by placing gentle kisses on my back. Every so often, he nipped at my skin with his teeth, sending shivers running through me. His finger worked its way in and out of me, before he added a second, and then a third. At that point, I arched my back, groaning in pleasure. He laughed gently, continuing to thrust his lubed digits in and out of me. I however, wanted more. I wanted him as deep as he could possibly go...now.

As if he sensed my need for him, he withdrew his fingers. I instantly missed them, feeling like I was being abandoned and unfulfilled. I shouldn't have worried, though because seconds later, I heard the familiar tearing of the condom wrapper, combined with the sound of the lube top flipping open. I waited anxiously, not daring to turn around just in case this turned out to be a dream. Then I felt the lube being drizzled around my opening once again. I felt Carlisle rubbing his cock up and down my ass, teasing me. I pushed back against him, showing him how much I wanted him. He could see my need and I sure as hell, could feel his. He muttered in my ear, "You ready for me baby? I can feel how much you want me."

Nodding frantically, I turned and growled out, "I just need you to fuck me...Now!"

He chuckled in response, saying, "I can't wait to be so deep inside you."

I groaned once again, reaching around between us and taking him in my hand. His earlier laughter, soon died on his lips as I ran my hand up and down his throbbing erection. My hand and his cock was completely coated with lube.

He removed my hand, placing it back on the table, growling at me, "You better hold on tight spider monkey."

I gripped the sides of the table for support, knowing full well that this wasn't going to be gentle. I felt the head of him press against me and slowly penetrate me. He pushed backwards and forwards, slowly allowing himself to enter me. I pushed back against him, desperate for more of him. I needed him to be inside me.

We both paused as I adjusted to this new intrusion. When I felt myself start to relax, he thrust the rest of the way in, causing me to shout out in pleasure, "Shit! Oh, my God! That feels so good!"

He pulled back out of me, slowly before he pushed back, just as slowly. I needed more... more friction... more of him and once again, I pushed back against him. This time, he cried out in pleasure. I turned to grin at him. This was all the encouragement that he needed. He grabbed my hips and picked up speed as he pounded into me. I almost lost my shit then and there... it felt so good.

He was filling me and I had never felt so good. No one had made me feel so complete.

I lifted my chest away from the table, wanting to be flush with his chest. The sight that greeted me, took my breath away. I nearly came, again; the windows opposite us, were darkened, lit only by the subdued lighting in the apartment. It was like I was looking in a mirror. The sun had set and night had fallen. I could see Carlisle behind me, his face contorted in lust as he pounded into me. I stopped breathing for a moment, letting out a deep groan. Carlisle paused for a moment, looking up, catching me staring at him through the window.

He smiled, "Fuck, we look so hot together, Emmett. I knew we would." With that, he continued his actions with renewed vigor.

I was now so immensely turned on. I could see him biting his lip, scrunching his eyes closed and open, concentrating on his movements. I felt my heart race and I reached for my own weeping cock. I gasped as I took it in my hand and began to stroke myself. Up, down, Up, down.

I bit my own lip as the sensations were now coursing through my body at an alarming rate. Before I knew what was happening, Carlisle was panting behind me, "God, Emmett, you're killing me here.. not gonna be able to hold on much longer. You're so good!"

I yanked frantically at my own erection, the combination felt so incredible. I turned my head to him, looking in his lust filled eyes, knowing full well, that what I saw there, would be mirrored in mine. Somehow, I managed to turn away from him and look at us in the window. I dropped down onto my free elbow and muttered, "Look at us together, Carlisle... look."

I watched him as his eyes met mine. I listened as his breathing grew shorter and shorter. I knew he was close and I could feel my own orgasm begin to build within me as my balls tightened. Carlisle's hands gripped my hips even tighter as his orgasm hit. He thrust into me as he came, my name falling from his lips. He stopped moving briefly before he began to thrust spasmodically as his orgasm overtook him. Whatever he tried to say, was lost to him, tipping me over the edge. My orgasm ripped through me in response to him. I could hardly breathe with the intensity of it. I certainly hadn't felt anything like that for a very long time.

My cum spurted across the table, but at that moment in time, I didn't care. I had just been fucked by someone that I had fantasized about.

I fell forward onto the table, exhausted. Carlisle, fell on top of me, both of us breathing deeply and satisfied.

He ran his hands down my bare arms leaving sparks in his trail. He kissed me on the shoulders before he pulled out and away from me. I watched as he walked naked with unashamed confidence, through his apartment, disappearing into a room for a couple of minutes before he came out. He was dressed in a pair of jogging shorts with a robe over his arm.

He walked behind me, running his hand up my back. Goosebumps graced my whole body, from his touch.

He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek as he placed the robe and a towel on the table, for me. I managed to pull myself upright and looked at my cum that was splayed across the table. I looked at him with embarrassment.

He simply smiled at me, walking towards the kitchen and coming back with a damp cloth. He cleaned up the mess without any fuss. I managed to speak, "Sorry, I..."

He turned to me, pulling me close to him, placing a kiss on my lips before he said, "No worries...just seems a shame to waste it like that. Next time, there will be no waste."

He walked back to the kitchen, throwing the cloth into the bin. I pulled the robe on, tying it loosely at the waist and leaning back against the table. He stood with his back against the counter, staring at me, "So, you wanna use the shower?"

I smiled at him, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively, "Only if you join me."

He took a deep breath, "Are you trying to kill me?" I smiled in response, "Okay, just let me finish clearing up in here and I'll join you. There's an en-suite bathroom off my bedroom."

I nodded, "Don't be too long."

Heading through and stepping into the shower, I noticed the bedroom and bathroom were like the rest of the apartment, minimal and not overly decorated.

Once I was under the hot water, I rested both hands against the tiles, allowing the hot water to pound against my skin. It wasn't the water that I wanted to be pounding me. It was Carlisle and I was ready for him, again.

As I stood there, I wondered where he was. I wanted him here with me so that we could explore each others bodies even further and take our time.

I turned off the water and grabbed a white towel, wrapping it around my waist, chuckling at myself because it barely covered my groin.

I walk out of the bedroom calling out, "Hey, stud, now you've had me, are you planning on leaving me wanti..." The words died in my throat as Carlisle stood from the couch. The blond that I had seen him with outside the office, also stood up. Both were staring at me.

Her eyes dropped to my groin and I instantly regretted thinking that teasing Carlisle would have been a good idea. I blushed furiously, turning to run back to the bathroom to cover myself. I heard her teasing tones shout after me, "Nice ass!" Followed by a giggle.

Carlisle scolded her, "Rose! For fuck's sake, behave yourself."

Making it back into the bathroom, I slammed the door closed behind me, leaning against it. I was shocked when someone knocked on it. I heard his voice on the other side, "Emmett, please let me in."

I unlocked the door and his face appeared in the doorway, "Ignore Rosalie. C'mon out and I'll introduce you to her properly."

I nodded slowly as he handed me my clothes, which he must have retrieved from the lounge where they had been abandoned in our lustful exuberance.

I smiled at him, "Okay, let me get dressed."

My nerves were on edge as I got dressed. I had seen this blond so many times before and Carlisle mentioned her earlier, but who is she to him? Fuck, she almost saw me naked and she would know what we were doing. Could things get any worse?

I decided to suck it up and walk out of the bedroom, plastering a big smile on my face. I made my way toward the couch where they were sitting. Carlisle saw me and stood, holding his hand out to me, indicating that he wanted me next to him.

Once I was there, he made the formal introductions, "Emmett, this is Rosalie, my annoying little sister. Rosalie, this is Emmett, my..."

He didn't get to finish because she was on her feet, pulling me into a hug before she stepped back saying, "You know what Carlisle, you were right. He is fucking hot! Shame that he's on your team and not mine, 'cause, phew..."

I felt myself blush. Carlisle spoke next, "Rose! I've already told you to play nicely." He turned to me, "My dear, darling sister here, is the reason that I got you alone tonight. She's been telling me to 'go for it' with you, for ages now."

I smiled at her, "I'm so glad you did. I can't thank you enough, Rose."

She grinned at me, "Oh, honey, had I known how hot you were, I might've made a play for you myself. Brother or not." Quickly, she looked between the pair of us, "So, you two finally fucked, then? I can smell it in the air, plus, it's written all over both your faces. Am I safe to sit down on couch? I mean, you didn't…"

Carlisle laughed at her, "Rose! Please, what do you take me for?" I smiled and glanced toward the table where, not half an hour ago, Carlisle had me bent over it.

Her eyes followed mine then snapped back to me, "You didn't! On the table? Fucking hell!"

I stood wide-eyed, mouth gaping open like a fish, at how quickly she figured out what went on.

"Way to go, Carlisle!" She playfully punched him on the arm. He simply shook his head at her. She went to say something else, but was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. She answered it, "Hey, baby… yeah, I know, I'm here with Carlisle. Oh, you'll never guess what I almost interrupted…Oh, okay… I'll be right down."

She quickly kissed Carlisle on the cheek, saying, "I gotta go... Jasper's waiting for me downstairs. Look after this hunk now that you have him and call me tomorrow."

Turning her attention to me, she looked serious as she spoke, "You, well I wouldn't let you outta the bedroom for a few days if you were mine. Now, just so you know, break by brothers heart and I'll be having words." She kissed me on the cheek before she flounced out of the apartment, leaving me staring open mouthed after her.

Carlisle turned to me, "That's my sister for you. Good news is, she likes you." I turned to him, still slightly shocked, but when I met his gaze, I saw that his eyes had grown darker, once again. They were hooded with lust; his erection was straining in his shorts.

He pulled me to his bare chest and whispered in my ear, "Now, I do believe that you wanted me in the shower, did you not?" I could only manage to nod at him as our lips crashed together. I let out a small whimper in response.

Pulling back from me, in a low seductive voice he growled, "We have all night, baby and I intend to fuck and be fucked, senseless, by you. Now, let's get naked and get in that shower."

I certainly didn't need to be told twice. We hurriedly, made our way to the bathroom. I peeled my shirt off, then my pants quickly followed. He was what I wanted... what I had dreamed about for so long. Finally, now, he was mine and I was his. We had all night together and that was just for starters.

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