Anna woke the next morning to the sun shining through the wet window. Seiji's hand rested on the small bump of her stomach, his warm body pressed against her back. She smiled, everything finally felt right. It had to have worked. An image of Seiji's death crossed her mind and she snuggled deeper into him. She heard him chuckle as he held her tighter.

"Thank you, Anna," Seiji whispered and kissed her neck. The alarm rang and he groaned. Anna frowned as her source of warmth pulled away from her to turn the alarm off.

"Sorry, I still have classes to teach," Seiji said. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, and then her lips.

"You're staying, right? You'll still be here when I get back?" Seiji asked, looking slightly nervous.

Her eyes softened as she smiled and gently touched his cheek. She nodded and kissed him again before he grabbed his teaching clothes and ran into the bathroom. She couldn't help but admire his backside as he left. With a sigh she rolled over and went back to sleep.

When she woke again she groggily took a shower and made her way down the stairs for something to eat. A smile came to her face when she saw a pastry on the counter with a note promising to go shopping soon. She went to the fridge and saw a few bottles of beer and some leftover take-out boxes. There was a half carton of milk that had gone bad a week ago, and she could smell it. She cringed as she threw it out. Yet she couldn't keep the smile from her face. Even when she saw that there was no coffee.

"Tea it is," She sighed. She ought to be used to it by now, but she was so looking forward to sneaking a cup of coffee. She ate the pastry and drank the tea in silence, enjoying the moment. Not getting up to get something for Amaya, not worrying about getting to work on time, and not listening to Shin dote on Amaya. The phone pierced her silence and she stared at it a moment. Should I answer it? It's not really my phone to answer. It stopped ringing and she shrugged, knowing the answering machine would get it and Seiji might actually get the message. She was a bit forgetful when it came to messages. Her messages were more like, "Hey, someone called… from some place… I don't remember."

She heard the answering machine but the person hung up. The phone rang again. Anna sighed; maybe it was Shin checking up on her. She grabbed it from its place on the wall next to her, mostly so she didn't have to hear it ring again.

"Yello," She said happily.

"Did I call the wrong number?" a voice asked. Anna knew it was someone she knew, not Shin but one of those guys. There was a slight pause and it clicked.

"Touma!" She shouted.

"Yeah, who is this?" Touma asked, "Did I call Seiji or Shin?"

"It's Anna, and you called Seiji. I came by to take the job he had offered. Shin's place is a little crowded," Anna replied. She heard him laugh.

"Mia knew you wouldn't last there too long," Touma said and Anna giggled.

"How is Mia?" She asked.

"She's good. She works too hard though sometimes," Touma replied, "Hey! How is Seiji? He hasn't answered any of my calls in a while."

"He's fine… now. Why didn't you tell me about his Grandfather before?" Anna asked, her voice getting somber.

"What? What happened?" Touma asked.

"Well I got in last night, but the house was dark. I thought Seiji was out. Anyway, he was actually here. His Grandfather started yelling for him and I heard him go outside. Touma, Seiji's grandfather hit him! I mean not a light slap on the hand but a full blown backhand across the face! Why didn't you tell me he was like that?" Anna asked.

"I wasn't sure," Touma sighed, "I knew something went on at his home, but it never happened when we came to visit. I should have known. I was going to go out there if no one picked up."

"Well, Seiji was a little upset when I stopped his grandfather from hitting him. He looked so dead inside, it hurt me to see him like that," Anna admitted, "But he's better now. He was smiling this morning before he went to teach a class."

"You always could make him smile. You should stay there. Please stay with him. Don't leave him, okay?" Touma asked somberly.

"Oh…" Anna was about to say she wouldn't leave him again but then the gears in her mind started turning.

"What will you do for me?" Anna asked, "I mean if I stay here for you, what will you do for me?"

Touma sighed, "Whatever it takes. Seiji needs you, Anna. I'll do anything to keep him happy. I hate seeing that dead look in his eyes, that look he gets when he's home."

"I want you to marry Mia," Anna stated smiling at herself, "She's been with you long enough. Everyone knows you two are together and I want to see my best friend happy! Ask her to marry you, and I'll stay."

She heard him take in a deep breath, "Are you kidding me? You can't just force that on someone!"

"There's a bus that leaves here in an hour," Anna threatened.

"Fine! I'll do it!" Touma shouted. Anna had a hard time hiding her laughter.

"Here's how you do it. You take her out with you one night. I think there's some comet's coming soon?" Anna suggested.

"Yeah, next week," Touma replied.

"So go to her place, you can see the stars better there. A good excuse, use it! Then you set up a nice picnic. Candlelight, strawberries, champagne, roses, the whole nine yards, you know? You have her come out and you romance her! None of your nerd talk. I mean really say sweet things to her. Complement her hair, whatever. That's when you pop the question. It will be sooo romantic! A proposal under the stars! I can't wait to hear it from her," Anna replied clapping, "Did you write all that down?"

"I got it," Touma replied grumpily.

"You know you love me, Touma," Anna said sweetly.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Touma replied, "You better help me with this. I'll need to find out her ring size. That's your job."

"Oh, I can handle that," Anna replied smiling to herself. She was so happy the idea popped into her head when it did. She knew she shouldn't force it on him, but payback is a bitch! He deserves it for the last time… which he doesn't know about, but oh well! He would do it to her in a heartbeat, and she knew it.

"Alright, well. Wish me luck," Touma said.

"Good luck," she replied genuinely, but knowing full well Mia wanted it. Mia had mentioned it to her before when they were taking care of Amaya.

"Thanks, but you better do your damn best to keep Seiji happy! Call me if something like that happens again. I know you can't keep fighting his grandfather off in your condition. You probably shouldn't have done that in the first place," Touma said.

"I trust Seiji. He'll protect me. He stopped his grandfather from hitting me last night," Anna replied.

"In that case, you should try not to be alone with the old man and Keep Seiji close," Touma replied, "I want him happy, but at the same time I don't want you to get hurt."

"Aww, see you do love me," Anna said with a smile.

"Alright! I'll talk to you later," Touma said.

"Bye," Anna replied before he hung up on her. She heard the door open just as she was putting the phone back.

"Hey, everything okay?" Seiji asked wrapping his arms around her and planting a kiss on her lips.

"Everything is great," Anna replied brushing his hair from his face so she could see both of his eyes. She brushed her nose against his before softly kissing his lips.

"If you keep that up we'll never get to the store," Seiji said and kissed her back.

Anna laughed pulling away, "Sorry, but as tempting as that is. I can't drink beer, so to the store we go!"

Seiji snapped his fingers and kissed her cheek before running up the stairs to change. Anna made a quick call to Shin to let him know everything was okay, and then they headed off to the store holding hands. Seiji refused to let go of her hand for a second while they walked through the store. Anna smiled. She kind of liked his doting, because it came with kisses and caresses.

The next day Anna convinced Mia to go to the mall with her. She pulled her into a jewelry store and they both were fitted for rings.

"What's the point, Anna? He's never going to ask," Mia said frowning, "You'll probably get asked by Seiji years before I get asked."

"Well, It's still fun to look, besides we could always get jewelry for ourselves," Anna replied with a shrug. They looked at the jewelry. Anna pointed out a few that she liked and Mia pointed her favorites out. Anna tried to make it fun and Mia was smiling and laughing by the time they went to the next store.

Later that day she snuck away from Seiji by faking a nap, to call Touma. She wasn't sure if she should say anything in front of Seiji or not. She left a message on Touma's cell phone about the type of ring Mia liked and Mia's ring size.

The day of the comets came quickly and Anna was so excited the whole day. Seiji had taken on teaching some extra classes because his grandfather was under the weather, so Anna was by herself most of the day. She couldn't help smiling and humming. Seiji returned to have dinner with her and Anna couldn't stop herself from wrapping her arms around him. She was so happy to see him, but she couldn't tell him what was going on that night. They ate in silence as Anna had to keep her mouth full so she wouldn't spill the beans. She thought about going out to see the comets after they ate.

"Do you want to go out to the garden after dinner?" Anna asked breaking the silence.

"No, I'm kind of tired tonight," Seiji replied staring at his plate.

"Oh, okay. I understand. I think I'll go by myself then, if you don't mind," she replied with a shrug, "I heard there are some comets going by tonight and I think we might be able to see them out here."

"Okay," Seiji replied. Anna frowned. This wasn't like how Seiji had been the past week. He never left her side. She was worried something happened with his grandfather and debated asking. She stared at his face, looking for any marks but didn't see anything.

"What is it?" Seiji asked, and she realized he had been watching her.

"Nothing," Anna replied looking down. She picked up her half eaten plate and cleared it off before putting it in the dishwasher.

"You need to eat more," Seiji stated, "The baby needs food to grow, you know."

Anna laughed and kissed his cheek before leaving. She wandered around the large garden area of the dojo. They kept a garden area for meditating and to practice at when the weather was nice. She found a nice soft grassy spot and sat down, watching the pink sky turn dark with a splattering of stars. She smiled as a comet flew past looking like a shooting star. Her neck started to hurt so she lay back in the grass watching the twinkling stars and wishing on the comets that everything was going well for Mia.

A noise startled her. She turned to see a dark figure walking on the path. Anna felt her heart race and dropped her feet so she blended in with the grass better. Who was she kidding? If it was someone coming to kidnap her or beat her she was an easy target. She looked around for somewhere to run and decided that running screaming toward the house was her best bet. She glanced at the figure again and saw the moonlight play across the figures blonde hair. Closing her eyes, she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She heard footsteps on the grass as he approached.

"Anna, did you fall asleep?" Seiji asked. She opened her eyes and laughed.

"No, I was just playing possum in case you were a murderer. I figure if I'm dead already you'll leave me alone," she replied. Seiji laughed.

"You do know we close the gates at night, right?" Seiji asked. Anna looked at him and smiled.

"Get up a sec," Seiji said. Anna looked at him questioningly, but got up anyway. Seiji laid out a blanket and motioned for her to sit. She smiled and sat down, waiting for him to sit. He fumbled around and pulled out two wine glasses, handing her one. He poured some bubbly stuff from a bottle and pulled out some chocolate covered strawberries.

"Aw, but honey, I can't drink. You can have it," she suggested.

"Don't worry. It's just apple juice," he said with a laugh, "You didn't eat your dinner so I figured I would bring dessert."

He sat behind her so she could lean against him. Anna smiled taking a sip of the sweet juice. She fed him a strawberry, and then savored one herself.

"Wait, I thought you were too tired," Anna said.

"I changed my mind. I'm never too tired for you," he whispered in her ear. His arms wrapped around her and rested on her small belly. Every now and then he hit a button on his watch to make it light up. Anna was starting to get frustrated with him watching his watch.

"Do you have to be somewhere?" she asked.

"No," he replied. A few minutes later he hit it again and pulled his arms back. Anna frowned sitting up, but he pulled her back against him and wrapped his arms around her. She relaxed into him and looked down when his hands moved. He was holding a small box. He opened it to a beautiful heart shaped ring that sparkled in the moon light. Anna gasped.

"You mean the world to me, Anna. Will you marry me?" Seiji whispered. Anna smiled and turned to him.

"Yes," She replied kissing his lips as happy tears made their way down her cheeks. She hadn't expected this. The reality was that she knew they were going to get married because of the baby, but she never thought that he would ask. She just assumed he would whisk her off like he did before. His cell phone went off a few minutes later. Seiji answered it and put it on speaker.

"Did you do it?" Touma asked.

Seiji laughed, "Yep, looks like I'm engaged."

He squeezed Anna while he said it.

"Me, too!" Touma said with a laugh, "Mia said yes. I think it caught her by surprise, too. So you asked at ten fifteen, right?"

Anna looked at Seiji and laughed.

"Yep, we got engaged at the exact same time! I'm glad Mia said yes. It would have been weird if she didn't," Seiji replied.

"I'm amazed Anna said yes. You surprised the heck out of me when you told me you were going to ask her," Touma said.

"She didn't really have a choice," Seiji replied with a shrug, "I did tell you the baby is actually mine, right?"

"WHAT? No you didn't. That explains a lot," Touma said with a laugh, "Congratulations, man! Anna I'm going to get you back for that!"

"Congratulations," Mia called out in the background. Touma whispered something we couldn't hear.

"What?!" Mia yelled, "Anna you didn't tell me! Well, it turned out for the best. Congratulations guys!"

"Congratulations to you, too!" Anna said.

"Yes, you two deserve every happiness life gives you," Seiji said, "Congratulations."

He hung up the phone and pulled Anna tightly against him. His lips pressed against the top of her head.

"Thank you, Anna. I love you," he said. She felt something wet on her head and looked up to see him with watery eyes. She smiled and kissed him, knowing they were happy tears. He didn't cry often, the only other time she saw him cry was when she died and he didn't know she was there. It was awe-inspiring to know that saying yes to such a simple question could bring him such joy.