This is basically going to be my version of what could (or should) have happened in season 6. And it obviously involves Juliet NOT dying. Please review!

How did they get from the established happy couple to this? How was it that something could go so terribly wrong?

The fight happened during their walk to the beach. Juliet had given him the cold shoulder since regaining consciousness. That was two hours ago. Two hours to build up frustrations. Two hours of helping her, trying to talk to her, but getting nothing in return. He raised his voice, not knowing what else to do. She increased her pace in return.

"Don't you dare make this 'bout me when you are the one who wants out" Sawyer fumed, while trying to keep up with her. "Well. Newsflash for you. The bomb didn't work. It didn't fucking work."

He was screaming by now. Her silence drove him mad. Even a nasty comment would be welcome. She was walking in front of him and he continued throwing angry comments at her back. "You're the one ruinin' things here all by yourself. Don't need me to stare at anyone for that. Maybe I should just say I want her back, huh? Or sleep with her. I remember some fun times in a cage. Hell! Is that what ya wanna hear? Would give you the perfect excuse to leave, right Blondie? You can go tell everyone how right you were about me."

There was old Sawyer again. He knew this about himself but he couldn't help it. He was furious as hell.

Juliet froze at his words. She turned around and her right hand landed hard on his jaw. He reached for his cheek, looking at her with disbelief.

My God she hits hard!

She looked back at him, her eyes ice cold. "You do whatever you want James", her voice calm and low. "Go ahead and put the blame on me. Like you could ever do anything wrong." She turned back and continued walking towards the beach, away from him.

What had happened?

No feelings, just darkness. Am I dead? was Sawyer's first thought. Then … terrible headache. Terrible 'someone's trying to dig a hole into your brain' type of headache. His left shoulder was hurting like hell. His left hand felt like it had been squashed under a rock. He tried to move and opened his eyes. So bright! No sound, silence.

Where am I?

He touched the earth around him: dust, leaves, and some rocks. Close to him there was a body, face down. Miles! He tried to get up but his head was spinning. He crawled over to Miles best he could and tried to turn him over. He was breathing. Unconscious, but definitely breathing.

He looked around, there was no one else. What had happened? Where was he? He managed to stand and supported himself with one hand against a tree.

Then it hit him. Juliet! Flashes of her hanging down the hatch-to-be filled his mind and he felt his stomach turning.

Where is she? Where the hell is she?

His brain couldn't even comprehend the possibility that she was dead. Did she fall? Did she let go?

Then there was a voice, screaming, calling his name. The Doc.

Why is that son of a bitch still alive?

Sawyer didn't give himself time to think why he'd gone back to hating Jack so quickly. Instead he tried to move towards the sound of Jack's voice, his legs protesting.

Before he saw Jack, his eyes found her. There was a pink shirt, blonde hair, and the color of blood. His heart started racing and he gasped for air. He attempted to run but instead stumbled through the grass only to fall down hard on his knees next to her.

"Juliet!" He framed her face with his hands, repeating her name. She was lying on her back, motionless. Metallic chains seemed glued to her waist, creating a bloody mess. The loose end of the metal cords seemed to have been torn of (of what?) with brute force.

He heard Jack's voice in his right ear, but couldn't make out the words.

"Is she?" He feared the answer.

Jack replied, in his steady and firm doctor's voice. She was breathing but they had to remove the chains fast so he could stop the bleeding. Jack turned to him and grabbed both his shoulders, forcing Sawyer to look at him, repeating what he had just said.

Looking back, the chain of events that followed after the explosion felt like a big blurry roller coaster ride.

The first hour after the blast had been one of chaos. Everyone was thrown into different directions. Slowly their little group came together. Everyone from the 70s was gone. For some reason one of the hippy vans had remained. Jin searched the toolbox in the back of the van and found something to cut the chains with, as well as a first aid kit. Sawyer paced the scene frantically, completely unable to focus on anything. He was panicking. They moved Juliet into the van, and Jack ordered everyone out except Jin, who seemed calm and clear headed.

There was no room for Sayid, even though he probably was in far worse shape. Jack wasn't thinking logically either, despite his calm exterior. They worked on her for a good twenty minutes. Kate tried to calm James down gently, but only got "this is his fault!" snapped back at her (wasn't everything Jack's fault anyway?).

Miles was feeling nauseous and irritated and yelled "LaFleur, just sit your ass down!" That did the trick.

When Juliet woke, James was there. When she tried to sit, he supported her. A cutting pain below her ribs took her breath away, but she managed to keep a straight face. When she was able to get out of the van and walk a few steps, James was holding her arm to keep her stable and steady. He seemed all loving and caring. She looked up and stared into Kate's eyes. Kate flashed a weak smile at her.

She felt confused. What happened? Why were they still on the island? The big plan seemed to have gone terribly wrong somewhere. Her initial relief to be alive and her happiness to see James faded.

We're not supposed to be here.

She felt uncomfortable around him. The contrast between his behavior now and before the blast was just too big. Something was off. She felt tears coming.

Hurley had been the first to put two and two together. And Miles had been the one suggesting they'd all go back to the beach to check on their camp. Jin and Jack had volunteered to carry Sayid. Under different circumstances James would have made fun of his friend for copying his old plan, the one Miles had so clearly disagreed with three years ago. But not today. Juliet was looking pale and cold as ice. His worry had been replaced by frustration. She didn't seem to want his help, or his company. And as she walked away from him without a word, following the rest of the group, anger took over his actions.

Back to now…

Her head was spinning. That was that then: the end of the fairy tale. Never had they fought in public before. Not that they never fought. They had, many times. Some had been bad. But never like this. And never with other people there to see (and hear!). Yes they had quarreled sometimes in front of Miles or Jin. Once at Amy and Horace's too. But fighting? That was only done in the privacy of their own home. Outside, they always had each other's back. Always.

She started walking faster, ignoring the cuts and bruises around her waist and ankles. She needed space, away from him. Tears were welling up again and she did not want anyone to see her cry.

James just stood there, watching her leave. He didn't know what to do. He immediately regretted his harsh words, but CHRIST he was so pissed. He was a man, he noticed other women. God, even during their Dharma times (was it only this morning that they were still in the 70s?) he sometimes glanced elsewhere. Why ignoring female beauty when it was right there in his face? But never EVER had he considered moving beyond looking. He never wanted to. What he wanted was sleeping next to him every night. And yeah, seeing Kate was a shock. She looked as good as he remembered, smelled as good as he remembered. But how the hell was her being here his fault? Did he ask for it? No. Was he comfortable with it? Hell no. It had felt like moving back in time, to the days when he was the conman, the smooth talker, the asshole basically. He didn't want to go to that place; he had worked so hard to get away from it. He wanted to move forward. And there was no Kate in his future.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Jin. "Come on Jim, let's just get to the beach." He sighed; then shook his head in agreement.

Fine, let's just get to the beach. See if our freakin' fantastic beach camp has magically re-appeared.

There was no telling what year they had landed in this time. The hatch looked like it had in 2004: blown to pieces. But he didn't dare think about the possibility that they might actually be back in their own time zone: 2007.

To be continued!