The rain fell frigidly outside, the only sound that could be heard was the ticking of the clock that sat upon Jimmy Macelroys nightstand.

Jimmy lay awake, many thoughts waying down his mind.

He could still here the soft snores comming from Chazz who was also in bed a few feet away from Jimmy.

'Why must he be such a lady killer?' Jimmy silently asked himself as he peered over at the sleeping form of Chazz.

After a few minutes of silence Jimmy sighed pushed the sheets away from him and clammered out of bed.

He snuck passed Chazz and slowly made his way into the bathroom.

He felt like he could breath again after he closed and locked the bathroom door with a 'click'.

"Stupid Chazz," Jimmy muttered under his breath turning on the cold water in the sink before running his hands under it.

He splashed a bit of water into his face hoping it would help clear his thoughts.

But of course it only helped in making him feel wet and cold.

He snarled to himself turning off the water and heading back to bed.

"What are you doing Jimmy?" Chazz's drowzy voice floated over to him as he closed the bathroom door.

"None of your bissnuise," Jimmy said a bit to harshly as he clambered back into bed.

"Well god, i was just asking," Muttered Chazz throwing the covers off of himself and heading into the bathroom.

'Asshole' Jimmy thought to himself snuggling deep into the blankets before closing his eyes and trying to sleep.

Thats when he felt the bed dip...

"C-Chazz?" Jimmy stuttered turning to stare at his best friend in confusion.

"I know somethings on your mind Jimmy," Chazz stated plainly moving closer to him with each word.

"T-theres n-nothing on my m-mind," Jimmy lied trying to conceal the blush that was heating up his pale cheeks, as he sat up and leaned away from Chazz.

"Stop lying to me Jimmy," Chazz snarled his lips inches from Jimmy's.

It took all the courage Jimmy had to close the gap between them.

Chazz stiffened startled, before he relaxed and deepend the kiss.

Chazz slid his hand to the small of Jimmy's back and put the other hand on the back of Jimmy's neck, before he slowly laid Jimmy down without breaking the kiss.

"Wow tiger," Chazz teased with a breathless smirk as he pulled away slightly from the kiss.

Jimmy just chuckled and pulled Chazz into another kiss.

'I guess Chazz isnt such an ass after all," Thought Jimmy before he lost himself in Chazz's lips.

Hope you guys like my short story! Tell me if I should write more like these :).