Sometimes, I wonder if my life meant anything. I wondered if there really was such thing as Karma or Heaven or Hell. I wondered when I die- if I die, if I will end up in hell. I'm not sure. I was born into a family of bloodthirsty vampires, but that wasn't exactly my doing.

But there was one thing I was certain of.

There were many vampires that would go to Hell when they died. I wouldn't even say if instead of when because I was certain they would die.

Especially because my goal was to be their killers.

Those vampires were power hungry, and used fear to ease their hunger.

As those vampires stood in front of me, armed with guards and witnesses, I yearned for their deaths as revenge for their past deeds. I imagined them with blood on their hands like I had seen so many times before. I thought of their wrongdoings and of the many reasons why they were so cruel.

These thoughts were the things that made me positive I was doing the right thing as I lead my family, my friends, and my allies to battle. Before the war began, I screeched out.

"Go to hell."