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Chapter 1

Mai, Kagome and math



Mai Asakura was staring at the clock. Only twenty minutes more and the math class will be over. And after that school will be over for a day and she will free to do everything she wanted.

"Let me think… maybe I'll do my history homework first, and then I'll read a book. Yes, I've been waiting all week to read it," she thought, "Oh, crap. My life is just so dull…"

Mai was an ordinary schoolgirl of the age of seventeen. She had both looks and pretty much everything else maybe, except a social life, since there was none. Unfortunately she inherited her looks from her father. She had shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes with a little green in them and a perfectly plain looking face – with such a face she always went unnoticed. Mai was rather short, which contrasted with her overly curvaceous body – she wasn't fat, but, well… she could kill for a slender body. She was sick of both girl's snappy teasing and boy's perverted comments. Really, fate was cruel for her.

And then there was her lack of a social life. She hasn't had friends since middle school. Mai was always slow when it came to befriending people, and every time when she was finally ready to talk to "the target," it turned out that there were already groups formed. It didn't help that she was a bookworm, and since she had nothing better to do, Mai was good at studying. She had therefore an opinion of a nerd.

"God, it sucks." thought Mai as the teacher was scribbling something with chalk on the board. Mai lowered her head and closed her eyes. She felt more and more relaxed… and then she neatly fell off the chair as someone slammed the classroom door open. The whole class looked in the direction of the newcomer and in the doorway stood Kagome Higurashi. Her hair was terribly ruffled, her face red and she was obviously out of breath, as though she ran the whole distance between the Higurashi shrine and the school with the speed of an Olympic sprinter.

"I'm… sorry… I'm… late…" Higurashi managed to say. The teacher frowned and ordered her to sit.

"What an idiot." thought Mai, "She was sick for almost two weeks, and she shows up at the school for the last half of the period. Why bother to come?" Mai frowned, as she noticed the bright looks on the faces of Kagome's friends. "Eri, Yuka and Ayumi – that were their names, right? Oh and the dreamy look on Hojo's face. Damn, she's a lucky one. The prettiest girl in the class has friends, and the most popular guy in the class is chasing her like mad. Not that she would want Hojo-kun anyway. She would want rather someone with more spine, maybe a little dangerous, but kind. Oh, and strong. So that she wouldn't have to beat up those perverted boys on her own anymore. Maybe he should look like that actor; what was his name…?"

"ASAKURA!" The yelling of the teacher woke her from her little dream. She didn't even notice that class was over and students were packing and leaving.

"Umm, what?" she asked mechanically. After she realized what she had done, she glanced up at the teachers face. Kamei-sensei looked like her grandmother when Mai told her she sold her engagement ring to buy books. Teachers face was turning red, his eyes glared daggers.

"Sorry?" tried Mai with an innocent look on her face.

"You should respect your teacher," stated Kamei-sensei. "Stay after class."

Mai opened her mouth. She didn't believe it! That ass just made her abandon her hopes for a relaxing Monday.

"What?!" she nearly exclaimed. The teacher gave her THE look. Mai, feeling defeated, sighed and dragged herself after teacher.

Everyone left the school, everyone except Mai, the teacher and Higurashi. Kamei-sensei ignored Mai, who was sitting on the desk, listening about how Higurashi's notes (as in grades?) dropped and how she needed to improve…

"Asakura!" the teacher addressed her.

"Umm, yes, sensei?" she used her most polite tone.

"As you heard, your classmate, Higurashi, has some difficulties with math. I thought you could help her, considering, that you are at the top of the class…" Mai knew what he was trying to do. He wanted to rob her of her freedom. No way would she spend her free time teaching Higurashi math.

"I am not sure if I have free time…" Mai started.

"I am convinced that it will be beneficial for you. You could get a higher grade." Kamei-sensei tried to bribe her. But Mai wasn't one of those who gave up easily.

"Really, I don't have time." she stated firmly. Teacher glared at her. He didn't expect such defiance. Higurashi was only staring at the both with wide eyes. Kamei-sensei smirked.

"Or your grades could drop," he said smugly. Mai couldn't believe it! How dare he!

"You won't do that." she said not sure if she was right.

"Oh, you want to try me?" asked the teacher. Mai clenched her teeth. Shit, she was about to lose. She glanced at Higurashi. God, why must she look at me with that hopeful face? Mai sighed.

"I'll do it." she said finally. An hour a week wouldn't hurt, right?

"It's settled then!" exclaimed teacher and slapped Mai's back happily. "You two start today."

With those words he walked out of the classroom leaving a depressed Mai and Higurashi.

"So…" Kagome started, "I suppose we could go to my house. Mama will cook nabe for dinner today."

"Nabe?" asked Mai slowly. That was tempting. Mai couldn't not notice that Kagome was doing her best putting on a happy face and obviously trying to cheer Mai up.

"Oh, yes. And you must know that her cooking is the best. You know what?" Higurashi asked suddenly. "When I think about that, we never introduced ourselves to each other properly. I'm Ka-go-me! I can call you Mai, can't I?" Kagome said cheerfully. Mai stared at her with disbelief. Well, such situation was a first. Apparently Higurashi… emm Kagome was a straightforward person.

"I suppose you can." Mai answered hesitantly. She thought nothing would stop Kagome from calling her by the name anyway.

On the way to the Higurashi Shrine, Kagome was blabbering about her family, fat cat and nightmares about math. Mai was mostly listening but slowly grew accustomed to Kagome. The conversation went much better after some time.

Luckily, Higurashi wasn't lying about the nabe. Mai was enjoying the meal with Kagome, her grandfather, mother and little brother Sota. The Higurashi family was joking and laughing. It was actually quite nice for Mai.

"Mai?" asked Kagome's mom. The woman seemed to be impersonating kindness.

"Yes, Mrs. Higurashi?"

"Shouldn't you call home? Does your family know that you are staying for a while? Your parents must be worried." said Kagome's mother with a genuine look of worry on her face.

"No need." said Mai shortly. "I live alone. Mom died when I was little and dad about two years ago."

Whole Higurashi family held their breaths and stared at Mai with pity. God, she hated that.

"You are always welcome in our house." stated Kagome's mother, nearly in tears. She reached out and hugged Mai.

"Come anytime!" added Kagome. Her little brother nodded vigorously. Mai could feel tears welling in her eyes. It felt like family…

"You can be my apprentice." said grandpa. Mai stared at the old man. If this was a shrine, he should be a priest. Then an idea came to her mind.

"Oh, so Kagome must be a miko!" said Mai laughing at the idea of Higurashi dressed in traditional white and red miko attire chanting some prayers. It would be just hilarious.

"Don't be silly!" answered Kagome laughing nervously. "Actually I AM miko," thought Kagome to herself.

For the next two hours Mai was trying to explain geometry to Higurashi. At first it was tough. Didn't she at least read notes once? But later on it went much better. Kagome wasn't as dumb as Mai expected; she only needed someone to explain what is what. She would probably have good grades if only she wasn't absent nearly all the time. While Kagome was scribbling on her own, Mai took her time to look around the room. It was pink. Seriously, pink was everywhere; it said that its owner is very womanly and cute. Too bad for Mai that she wasn't like that. She was raised by father, who taught her how to fish, shoot from a bow (although Mai always sucked at this), kill chickens and skin a rabbit. Her father's motto was: "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger." Perhaps it wasn't the right way to raise a daughter. Mai noticed a couple of photos lying on a bed.

"Kagome, are those the photos from the culture festival?" she asked her new friend.

"Ah, yeah," She said after a while, still calculating something in her mind. "Take a look, if you want."

Mai picked up photos. There was one of Kagome and her friends. She noticed that Kagome was cooking, singing in choir and even acting in a play. Mai didn't do anything. With her special talent to be invisible, it wasn't that hard to avoid every one of the stupid festival jobs, but she was a little bit jealous of Kagome. She had those memories; it was some kind of adventure. One of the photos caught Mai's attention. It was one of the boy in the traditional Japanese clothing, vividly red. He had silver hair (probably a wig) and cat or dog ears attached to the top of his head, and a huge sword. Was it made of plastic? Still it should be heavy. Mai remembered that he was helping Kagome and Hojo-kun with the play. The girl squinted her eyes. The guy was strange, but he was handsome. And the way he was acting was totally cool.

"Kagome?" asked Mai. Higurashi said nothing, concentrating so hard, that it was miracle her head didn't blow up yet.

"Kagome!" Kagome turned around on her chair.

"What? I forgot the equation!" Higurashi snapped. Mai chose to ignore her and waved the photo in front of Kagome's eyes.

"Is that your boyfriend?" she asked. Mai didn't have to wait long for the results. Kagome blushed.

"He. Is. Not. My. Boyfriend." Kagome stated firmly. Mai laughed.

"I heard Ayumi, Yuka and Eri say that he is your boyfriend." she didn't add that the friends described him as "two-timing scoundrel".

"Hmpf." said Kagome and she returned to the math.

Unfortunately, two girls heard just then a male voice yelling:

"KAGOME!" Kagome stiffened, a look of horror on her face. She leapt towards the window and slammed it open.

"GO BACK!" she yelled. Amused, Mai observed her friend with growing smile.

"KAGOME! WE'RE GOING!" the male voice yelled. Mai realized that she had heard the voice before. It was Kagome's boyfriend. She looked at Higurashi. Kagome had an expression of pure rage on her face.

"INUYASHA, OSUWARI!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Mai heard a loud thud. "I have a guest! See you tomorrow!"

Kagome slammed the window shut, breathing heavily. She turned to Mai, only to see a wide smile on the other girl's face.

"So, it IS your boyfriend." said Mai happily. Kagome sighed in defeat, but she was also relieved.

"You can say so." she admitted. Unfortunately, Mai wasn't done asking questions.

"What's his name?" Mai asked.

"Oh… Inuyasha." Kagome answered. Mai furrowed her brows. Inu... Yasha? Like in a "dog" or… "dog demon"? His parents must have had a twisted sense of humor. Poor guy. She decided not to comment on that further.

"He's rather good-looking." stated Mai, once again looking at the photo.

"Umm," Kagome agreed. She saw Mai sighing.

"Does he have a brother by chance?" Mai asked abruptly. Kagome coughed in shock, an image of the youkai Sesshomaru in her mind.

"Actually, he has an older brother."

"You must introduce me to him some day!" said Mai happily while Kagome nearly died of a cough attack this time. Mai was so clueless. And Kagome imagined Sesshomaru – full demon, a perfect killing machine and introducing him to Mai. "Oh, Mai, this is Inuyasha's brother. Be careful when you shake his hand, his claws are poisonous." No, she had to change subject.

"Mai, I don't really get that equation. Can you lend me a hand on this one?" said Kagome. Both girls leaned over the notes and Mai started explaining the particular equation once more.

Another hour passed like that and the girls decided to call it a day. Mai packed her bag and said goodbye to Kagome, her newly acquired friend and her family. She left Higurashi Shrine in high spirits, never noticing a certain hanyou, who was lying comfortably on the roof and observing her with his golden eyes.


Kagome sighed loudly as she came back to her room. Mai turned out to be a lot nicer and cheerful person than she expected, and she was a great help with math too. Kagome was lucky that Mai didn't notice Inuyasha… or suspected him of being a hanyou. She will be more careful from now on. Kagome felt the cold breeze on her back. She turned around to see Inuyasha sitting on the window frame pouting.

"Why did you HAVE to do it!" he complained.

"I was with a friend and she COULD have seen you." Annoyed, Kagome poked the hanyou in his chest with her finger. "How many times must I repeat myself, that no one can know that you are not human!"

"Feh!" Inuyasha turned his head. "What's the fuss? I could wear cap your mother gave me."

"Inuyasha…" Kagome sighed, looking at him. The cap could hide his dog ears, but it couldn't hide his abnormal eye and hair color or claws and fangs. She doubted that Mai would be so stupid not to notice such things. And Kagome would be in BIG trouble. "Inuyasha, just before you show up or call me again, check to make sure she's not around."

"Such a bother," mumbled the hanyou. "Pack your things. We leave in the morning."




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