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[set after Ichigo loses his powers]. Rukia has a dark secret. Ichigo is losing the fight against his inner hollow. Karin makes a fatal mistake. Toshiro is willing to destroy his heart in order to protect. All the while, Urahara can only watch as his worst predictions come to fruition. IchigoxRukia Ichiruki & histuhina OR hitsukarin (reviewers choose!)


Ichigo x Rukia (Ichiruki) and either hitsukarin or hitsuhina (reviews will determine which I decide as the final pairing). Slight Ishihime.


M for language. There are NO lemons, though there WILL be romance!


Title: Hear me Sing! Or I'll cry songs of Tragedy


there may be

an US in TRUST


there is also


"Thank you…Rukia"

The war hero's quiet words slowly meander through the air. Despite her absence, Ichigo lets out a small smile. He knows this isn't a farewell; it never is with them. Regardless of everything that has transpired, they will see each other again…

and again and again and again

They're comrades, after all. Whether they like it or not, they are stuck with each other. With this thought, his smile turns into an affectionate smirk; their connection is one curse he will happily carry. She'll be back; she always comes back to him.


1 month later

Urahara waves a fan across his face slowly. The man leans his head forward and his trademark lurid pinstriped-hat falls slightly to cover his eyes.

His solemn voice betrays his relaxed demeanor. "Well, that was rather… cruel… wasn't it Rukia-chan?"

The girl in question turns sharply, seeming annoyed at having her previous actions judged. "Would you rather I lie to him, shopkeeper? I only told the boy the truth." She scoffs crudely, "He was the one who was so utterly blind that he needed everything spelled out for him Now, open the gate. I have wasted enough of my time here as it is."

Urahara barely manages to hide his frown. He knows she is perceptive. He knows that she didn't hear the outer door of the Shoten close….

In other words, they both know Ichigo hadn't really stormed out of the shop. Both shinigami are fully aware that the hurt redhead is listening to their conversation from behind closed doors.

Most likely, the boy is waiting right outside the room, leaning into the wall and optimistically hoping to overhear something to explain the girl's earlier behavior towards him. Urahara pities his former student, who is probably trying to decipher every word that leaves her lips, in a desperate hope to garner an excuse or explanation or justification or something from the girl.

The two soul reapers finally hear the outer Shoten door slam shut, and Urahara gives a pitying sigh.

'Well, he got it.'

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