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Chapter 5

Jenny woke up, she could feel a weight on her chest, she didn't remember going to sleep reading a book or case files so she had no idea what is was, there was also a funny smell in the air, the smell of disinfectant, Jenny could also feel a dull ache in her neck.

She slowly opened her eyes, she looked around, there were chairs everywhere and people sitting, some looking nervous, some looking upset others sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

The movement on her chest caused her to look down, Jenny had a little boy's head in her lap as he laid across her and seat next to her and also on her lap was a redhead baby girl.

They were the children from her dream, the children Gibbs had told her about, they were their children.

The boy began to stir "Mum" he mumbled moving his head off of her lap.

"I'm here Josh" Jenny said with a smile as she ran a hand through the ten year olds messy hair.

"Is dad going to be ok" the boy asked with the same worried expression she'd seen in Gibbs many times in the past.

"Your dad's strong, he'll be fine" Jenny said pressing a kiss to her son's forehead as the boy sat up more.

Lanie then began to wriggle in her mother's arms "Dada" she said looking around with tears in her eyes.

"No baby, mama" Jenny said combing her fingers through the girls hair trying to sooth her, Jenny wasn't sure where the motherly instincts were coming from.

She could believe she was a mother, when she'd gone to bed she'd been the director or NCIS, a lonely woman, whose only thing to come home to was a cold house and a bottle of bourbon.

Jenny couldn't think how this had happened, she must be dreaming. Josh watched as his mother pinched herself and flinched.

"Why'd you pinch yourself?" he asked looking at her like she was crazy.

"Just seeing if this was a dream" she said giving him a smile.

"Is it?" Josh asked.

"No sweetie it's not" Jenny said rubbing circles on Lanie's back making the little girls eyes droop and snuggle more into her mothers chest.

The sound of the door opening had everyone's attention, everyone waiting for news on themselves of their loved ones, Jenny was surprised to see Ducky walking towards her. "Jennifer, any news?" he asked.

"I'm not really sure" Jenny said, she didn't even know how Gibbs was hurt or if the doctors had told her anything.

"Ah I see it has happened" Ducky nodded with a knowing smile.

"Josh, buddy, can you look after your little sister for me I need to talk to grandpa Ducky for a moment" Jenny asked lifting the sleeping baby off of her lap.

"Sure" Josh nodded with a smile, one which reminded her of Jethro.

Jenny then walked with Ducky to a small area of the waiting room where they could talk in private. "What's happened?" she asked hands on her hips.

"You've come to this universe" Ducky said with a smile.

"What?" she asked confused.

"Jethro was in a car accident and as a result of it he went to your universe, now both of you wished at the same time that you could be in this one and here we are" Duck quickly explained.

"So I'm stuck here?" Jenny asked "Where everything Jethro told me is true?" she continued.

"If you want to be my dear" the ME said letting his glance travel to the two children. Josh was pretending to grab Lanie's nose and she kept trying to get it out of his hand.

Jenny couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face, she hadn't felt so not empty, felt so loved, felt so ready to give love in her entire life. "Family of Mr Gibbs" A doctor asked walking into the waiting room.

The redhead looked at Ducky who nodded "I'm his wife" Jenny said getting the doctors attention. And in that instance she'd made her choice, she could have run, could have tried to get away, go back to her old life. But this is what she wanted, this is what she wanted, where she wanted to be, who she wanted to be, had the life she wanted. "How is he?" she asked concerned as Ducky went to sit with the children.

"Mr Gibbs was very lucky, he only has a broken arm, fractured wrist and a few minor cuts and bruises, and other than that he was a very lucky man" the doctor assured her.

Jenny felt a million weights lift from her chest "Can I see him?" she asked eager to see for herself that the man she loved was ok.

"He is asleep now but should wake up at any moment, he is in room 154 just down the hall" the doctor said "I have other patients to see" he said before walking away.

"Thank you doctor" Jenny called after him before going over to Ducky and her two children. "Jethro had a broken leg and fractured wrist, but apparently he was lucky, were allowed to see him, he should wake up soon" Jenny explained to the ME who had Lanie on his lap who was looking at her feet.

"You should see him Jennifer, I'll look after Joshua and Lanie for you and take all the time you need" Ducky said with a smile.

"Be good for grandpa Ducky" Jenny said placing a kiss on Josh's forehead and then a kiss to Lanie's cheek.

"Dada?" Lanie asked crooking her head to the side.

"Yeah baby, I'm going to see daddy" Jenny smiled at the baby before looking back at the doctor.

"Thank you Ducky" she said giving him a smile, he knew she didn't mean just for looking after the children but for always being a friend to Jethro and herself when they needed help and someone to talk to, for being someone that had believe in the love Jethro and Jenny had shared and routed for the couple from the very beginning.

"Anytime my dear" he said taking Jenny's hand and giving it a squeeze before letting her go. Jenny walked out of the waiting room and raced around the corner in search of the room.

When Jenny set her eyes on the room, her heart began to beat a mile a minute, slowly she reached for the door handle and pulled it down and swung to door open.

Her eyes were met by a pale looking Gibbs, his leg was in a cast and his wrist wrapped in a white bandage. Jenny's hand went straight to her mouth covering a sob. "Oh Jethro" she breathed as she walked over to the bed.

"I'm so sorry" she whispered leaning over and touching his cheek lightly with her hand, her thumb caressing his face "I love you" she mumbled letting a very stray tears escape.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, Jenny needed to pull herself together for Christ sake. Then the sound of a light groan floated into the room "Jethro" Jenny said in almost disbelief as she watched him move his fingers then slowly raise his hand to cover hers.

"Jenny" her groaned out her name.

"Jethro" Jenny said louder moving closer to his head and looking down at him as his eyes fluttered open to reveal oceans.

"Jenny" he said her name again as his thumb rubbed over her knuckles.

"I'm here" Jenny assured him.

After a couple of moments under Jenny's intense gaze Gibbs shifted trying to sit up, Jenny got up and helped him but pulling up his pillows "Be careful you've got a broken leg and fractured wrist" she explained.

With his good hand Gibbs patted the small place near him, Jenny smiled at him before coming to sit in the space, once she was close enough she lent down and kissed him, when Gibbs tried to deepen the kiss Jenny pulled away.

"How are you feeling?" Jenny asked resting her hand on his face again and cupping his cheek. Gibbs noticed the wedding rings on her finger and knew he was back home where he belonged. He couldn't help the overwhelming feeling of love and safeness that surrounded him.

"You'd never believe the dream I had" Gibbs said shaking his head.

"Try me" Jenny replied with a knowing smile.

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