hey so dont worry all too fast too quick is still in the process, im just trying to find away to right the next chapter so it will be up. Although i love Quinn and Puck i also love Santana and Puck so this story is set in 7th grade they are both aged 13.

Santana Lopez was a usual Bitchy 13 year old...she was a popular cheerleader in middle school and her best friend was called Brittany Peirce. Brittany wasnt very bright so she was put in different classes to help her. Santana was sat in Math...she hated it...she always used to sit at the back and twiddle with her pen and let everything pass her by, apart from one thing...his name was Noah Puckerman, she would always find herself staring at him and for some reason she couldnt stop. They had been in the same schools their whole life. There mothers where best friends so they had somethings in common. Santana had had a crush on Noah since the first time they met. Although Santana was a popular girl, she was Quiet. She would stick up for herself and others but most of the time she would just isolate herself from everybody else and the only time she felt free was when she was at Cheerleading practice.

Noah Puckerman was a regular 13 year old jock. He was popular and had lots of friends. His bestfriend was Matt Rufford. Noah always sat two seats from the back in Math class. Noah was a nice football player...he wasnt mean or a bully infact he was kind of quiet. Noah had gone through a ruff life. He watched his Father beat his mother and was actually hit himself. That still made him insecure.

Both Noah and Santana were at the end of there 7th grade, they had one more year at there middle school before they would become freshmans at some stupid highschool. Santana had vowed to always be a cheerleader through her school life...reputation was important to her. Noah had also vowed to stay a football player throughtout his school years as Reputation was also important to him.

one day in Math class Noah and another group of footballers including Matt were talking about sex. Noah didnt know much about it as he had never done it before...and to be honest he was suprised that some of his friends where talking about it at an age like his.

"So how far have you got with a chick Zack?" A jock asked.

"Last month i got Emily to go all the way with me...pretty hot." Zach boasted. Noah just sat back listening hoping no one would ask him.

"What about you Matt?" Zach asked.

"Me i havnt done anything other than kiss...but Melissa is ready so hey it could happen."

"Rufford is gunna get laied." another jock said smiling.

"Noah what about you? How far have you got?"

Noah sighed. "Kiss." he said quietly and ashamed.

"What? dude you Noah Puckerman." Zach said.

"I know who i am...sorry i just havnt done it." He said shrugging.

"Well you need to get it done fast...what about that Santana chick she's hot and she has so done it."

"How do you know?" Noah said, he flinched at the mention of her name.

"DUde i dont have to know its written all over her." Azimio said.

"Hey lay off...she's pretty cool." Noah said defending her. The conversation was left then as the teacher had each given them a pop Quizz. Noah didnt know what to do, so he turned his head and looked at Santana.

The bell went and it was lunch, Noah walked through the hallway and saw Santana at her locker. He sighed and walked up to her.

"Hey Santana." He said whilst she was getting her books out.

"Hey Noah." She replied not looking at him. Noah stood there for a minute, and Santana couldnt take it anymore. "Is there a reason to why your here?" She said looking at him at leaning on the locker next to hers as her door was still open.

"Oh yeah...i was just wondering, if you wanted to come round tonight." Santana felt like smiling but she didnt, her whole body tingled.

"Why so you can have sex with me." She said a bit angry but calmly at the same time.

"What? No...I...I" Noah was cut off.

"Oh please i heard you and your football boyfriends talking about it in Math...sorry but i'm not a toy you cant just play me whenever you like!" She said slamming her locker door and walking off, leaving Puck feeling a bit guilty.

Santana walked down the hallway angry at Noah...she didnt want to be becasue she really loved him, at one point she thought she made a mistake...if this was the only chance she could get with Noah, it was better than nothing. She carried on walking and met Brittany at the end of the hallway.

"Hey Britt." She said skipping up to her.

"Hey Santana how was class?"

"Oh we had a stupid pop quizz so nothing different...you?" She said walking off and taking one last look at Puck before walking round the corner.

"Mr Brown taught us how to count up to 30...but i can only go up to 25 becasue i forget the rest." Brittany said as she put her head down.

"Dont worry Britt you will get it...i know you will." Santana said rubbing her friend's shoulder.

It was an hour before the end of the day...Santana had cheerleading practice outside becasue it was hot and Noah had football practice outside.

"And 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Good and again, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Good guys... your getting better Santana getting better on your scoripion." Santana smiled the better she got meant the more chance she had at becoming cheer caption. "OKay everybody take 5" the couch shouted again. Santana sat down on the grass and was joined by Brittany.

"You did good Santana...i'm proud of you." Brittany said sitting down and drinking out of her water bottle. Santana sat back with her arms out behing her and her legs bent a little.

"Thanks Britt you too." Brittany smiled whilst getting her phone out and texting. Santana turned her head and saw Noah out on the feild, his team were having a practice game...he was always the catcher. Santana watched him and only him carefully. She watched how he would wait until the ball was thrown at him and how he would avoid the other players running towards him...he was a really fast runner.

i wonder if her has a six pack? Santana thought to herslef. She heard a whislte go which broke her out of her trance, at first she thought it was her coach but it wasnt it was Noah's...She saw him take his helmet of and go and lay down on the grass becasue he was out of Breath. She saw him get out his phone and about 2 minutes later her phone buzzed. She looked at it and saw it was from him.

Hey i want to apologise for before...at first it was just for the sex... but i was thinking and i actually like you, sorry again- noah.

Santana smiled...she was about to text him back when...

"Santana Brittany get your butts over here."

She sighed and Quickly put her phone in her bag and ran over to her coach. She was happy and she was ready.

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