Chapter 1- Delivery

(A/N= I want to say, I usually write a lot more than this. But this idea popped into my head so I want to see if this is any good. If I get a few good reviews, I'll continue it. )

Marshall Lee strummed a few chords on his red ax bass. He did this every day, after visiting Fionna of course. Marshall was deep in concentration not playing any specific song, just playing by ear, when there was an urgent knock at his door. The Vampire King really didn't feel like opening the door so he ignored it and continued to play. The knock came again, faster and louder this time. "Ugh." Marshall groaned. He gently put the bass down and floated over to the door and swung it open.

Standing behind the door was a short scrawny looking woman that was gasping for air and wiping sweat from her forehead, she had obviously been running for a long time. She had a dark brown hood over her head that covered her eyes and formed into a cape that fell down her back. The woman was holding something in her shaking hands; it looked like a lump covered in brown smelly rags.

"Please," She said, helplessly her voice was also shaking. "Help me." Marshall looked at her. He hesitated for a second, not really big on the whole 'helping' thing but he decided that if she was desperate enough to knock on the vampire king's door, she must really need help. "What's wrong?" The vampire asked with a calm cool expression. "They're chasing me." She said quickly. Marshall began to hear a loud rumbling sound from the distance. "Who is?" He asked. "Who's chasing you?" The woman looked behind her, she began to act more frantic. "No time!" She yelled in his face. Marshall found it hard to get angry at this hag. "Please take this!" She cried and put the brown smelly lump in his hands.

"Umm." The helpless vampire said. "Here ma'am, you can just come inside, I will protect you." "No no! You must protect the boy!" She yelled. 'The boy?' Marshall thought looking at the lump of blankets in his arms. The rumbling noise began to get closer. The woman grabbed the undead king by his collar and yanked him closer. "Listen closely Marshall." She said. 'H-how does she know my name?' He wondered. "Take the boy and go to the human girl's house. Be careful!" She almost yelled. "Do not come back to this place until tomorrow." Marshall looked at her. "Ok, listen here lady-" The woman cut him off. "GO!" She screamed, pulling Marshall Lee closer. "This baby is special." The woman yelled. "BABY!" Marshall yelled. "This baby," The woman continued, "Is one of the last of his kind." She leaned close and whispered, "He's human."