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Soft crying sounds could be heard from the room that Brooke was staying in. When Marshall arrived at the door and gave it a soft knock the crying was quickly silenced and the girls head flew up from under the covers. "Brooke?" Marshall asked. "Are you crying?" His voice held a clear tone of disbelief. Brooke quickly wiped her eyes. "No!" She almost yelled in a childlike manor. The vampire sat on the bed next to the ice nymph. "Hey..." He said softly as he lifted her chin up slightly to look at him. "What's wrong?" His voice was unnaturally kind and free of any joking tone. Brooke looked at him with tear-brimmed eyes. "My mom's dead..." It was a statement, not a question. Marshall suddenly realized that he hadn't told her this bit of news. "I didn't say that..." Marshall said.

"You didn't have to, I figured it out myself." Brooke countered. The vampire scratched the back of his head nervously. "How?" He asked. "Well, she didn't show up to unfreeze me when the war was over, that was the first clue. And you haven't said a word about her thus whole time." The two kind of just sat there quietly after that, neither knowing how to break the unsettling silence. "How did she die?" The ice nymph asked quietly, so quietly that Marshall had to strain himself to hear her. "Brooke, that was a long time ago, I don't know if I re-" His rambling excuses were cut short by the blue girl. "How did she die?" The question was more demanding this time. It was almost as if she knew the answer, but wanted to hear him say it out loud. The vampire have a long sigh. "She was crushed by a boulder, thrown at her by one of the monsters. Her body was then thrown into the ocean to be eaten by the sharks."

Marshall didn't look at her when he said this, he couldn't look at her. But he heard the heart broken sob that broke the deafening silence, and he felt the sudden weight on his body as Brooke collapsed on him. Marshall wrapped his arms around the crying girl and hugged her close. "I don't even have a picture of her..." She said, trying not to choke on tears. "I have a picture of her." Marshall said, suddenly remembering the photo. "I had meant to give it to you earlier, but I forgot." The pale blue girl looked up at him. "Why do you have a picture of my mom?" She asked with a somewhat disguised tone. Marshall's eyes opened wide. "No it's nothing like that!" He said quickly. "I took a page from one of my mother's history books. I thought, maybe, you'd want something to remember her by." This made Brooke smile. "Marshall, that's sweet. Thank you." The vampire grinned. "I'll go get it." And with that he left Brooke's room to go get the picture.

In his rush to get down the hallway, Marshall ran into Fionna and they both tumbled down the stairs. "Sorry Fi!" The vampire said when they had stopped rolling. "It's ok Marshall. But um..." The blond girl's cheeks lit up as she finished her sentence. "Could you get off me?" Marshall looked down, and sure enough he had the human girl pinned to the wood floor. "Sure thing, babe." He said, temporarily getting distracted from retrieving the photo. After making the comment Fionna seemed to grow a bit angry and forcefully pushed the vampire away. "Hey, hey!" He cried when he hit the ground. "What's wrong with you?" He asked her. "Nothing is wrong..." She said through gritted teeth. The vampire frowned at her response. "Hey I have to go, but when I get done we are going to talk." Marsha went quiet after he said this. "Huh..." He thought aloud. "Never thought I'd be the one saying that." He said with a slight grin. Fionna just mumbled something and walked off, leaving the vampire alone in the hall. Marshall gave a long sigh before continuing on with his task.

Brooke laid still on the bed, clutching a pillow as she waited for Marshall to return.

"Mom, I'll be fine! I can take care of myself!"

Brooke tightly shut her eyes as the words echoed in mind.

"Snowflake I'm only doing this to protect you."

Her mother's words came next, making it harder for the girl to hold back tears.

"My name's not snowflake, it's Brooke! And I don't need you to protect me!" Siku looked at her daughter, tears on the brims of her eyes.

"Snowfl- Brooke..." The girl looked up at her mother, defiance and anger in her eyes. "I'll come get you as soon as the war is over."

Brooke slowly walked towards her mother, a growl playing on her lips. "I'm not going to spend a year of my life trapped in a block of ice." She said threateningly.

Siku looked at her with heartbroken eyes. "Brooke, my little snowflake, I love you..." Before she even had time to react, Siku shot a large ice beam at Brooke. All the girl saw was an ice blue light as he was lifted up into the air and incased in ice. She only had a second to see her mother, a last final glance. "I hate you."

Brooke hugged the pillow tightly as her mother's words repeated themselves in her mind. -"I love you. Snowflake, Brooke..." The soft kind memory of Siku's voice was interrupted by Brooke's own harsh one. "I hate you." The words haunted her mind. "I hate you..." They seemed to scream inside her head, mocking her as she struggled to keep tears from falling. "I hate you." Those were the last words that her mother would hear from her, and she had no way of taking them back. Finally, Brooke let the tears go. They flowed down her cheeks like a stream flowed down a hill. The ice nymph felt a mass amount of regret. She should had never said those three words, those three stupid words that echo through her head for the rest of her life. "I hate you."

When Marshall finally opened the door to the girl's room he found her huddled under the bed sheets asleep. Her eyes had bags under them and her cheeks were wet like she had been crying. He gave a long sigh before putting a piece of paper on the nightstand. On it was a picture of Siku with Brooke, only a toddler at the time, in her arms. The vampire gave one final look at the ice nymph before quietly exiting the room and shutting the door.

When Marshall went downstairs he found a not-so-angry Fionna playing video games. "Hey Fi." He said with a hint of worry. The blond girl paused her game before looking at him. "How's Brooke?" She asked, not bothering to greet him. The vampire scratched the back of his neck nervously. "I told her about her mom, she took it pretty hard." Fionna gained a sorrowful look in her eyes and sat back. "I can't imagine being in her situation; having someone so close taken away from me, except for Toby..." She looked over at the abandoned baby play toys in the living room. "Glob, I hope he's alright." The girl said worriedly. Marshall say down next to Fionna and put his arm around her. "Don't worry Fi, we'll find him." He said as reassuringly as possible. Fionna didn't respond and instead just stared at the floor.

At that moment Cake chose to enter the room. Marshall quickly removed his arm from around Fionna. "That poor girl," She stated to them. "I went up there to give her some tea and she was fast asleep, looks like she'd been crying her eyes out." Fionna frowned at this. From what she had learned about this girl she was supposed to be as tough as Marshall. "I'm sure she will be fine by tomorrow." The vampire said. "Brooke never stays sad for long. I never really understood it. One time, when her uncle died, she cried for an hour and stayed in her room for four hours, after that she was perfectly fine." He looked up in the direction of where Brooke was staying. "But with her mom... I'm not so sure." Fionna felt sorry for Brooke, she really did. But secretly she hoped that the ice nymph would get over it so they could find Toby. She sighed, realizing that this thought was rather selfish.

Cake handed Fionna a cup of tea. "Come on baby, time for bed." Fionna puffed up her cheeks. "But I wanna play BMO!" Even though she was older there were still moments when he acted like a child. Cake scooped up BMO. "It's time for BMO to go to bed too. Marshall you sleep on the couch." Marshall grinned. "But I wanna sleep in Fionna's bed." He whined like a little boy. Fionna looked away and Cake gave him a harsh glare. "Couch." She said sternly. As Cake and Fionna walked up the stairs Cake called out to them both; "We have a big day tomorrow." When they were gone Marshall floated over the couch and tried to fall asleep. After a while he finally drifted off to a not-so-peaceful sleep.

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