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Jess and Becker walked side by side, occasionally sharing worried glances. They felt like two naughty school children on their way to the headmasters.

" What do you think he wants?" Jess asked, biting on her lower lip as the tense atmosphere heightened.

" Who knows." Becker shrugged casually, " This is Lester that we're talking about. He probably just wants us to shovel around some papers or something." He threw her a generous smile, " I doubt we're in trouble." He reassured her.

" I never said that we were." She retorted defensively. Becker was right. This was only James Lester. What could possibly happen?

" You look terrified." He stated with a huge cheesy grin.

Jess giggled slightly, " Do I now?"

" Whatever happens, I'll be there. " His voice, and the meaning of his words soothed the nerves that were bubbling in the pit of her stomach.

He pecked her cheek slightly. That could have been the root cause of her now vibrant blush, but it was far more likely that the cause of it lay with her boss, who was currently within his office, hunched behind a desk, staring at them. His eyes were eyeing the two of them predatorily. He looked rather like a puma about to pounce on it's prey.

She, and Becker parted and stood a little further away from each other as not to attract the unnerving attention of their boss any further.

Raising his hand to the grand glass door, Becker knocked four times.

They watched as Lester waved a hand in the air in one sweeping movement. Becker gave her one last smile, and as Jess looked into the his dark chocolate pools, she could see that he was wishing her luck. With that Becker pushed the door open, and Jess followed close behind.

The change in Becker was instantaneous. His facial expression hardened, and his posture straightened. This was the soldier that she first met. This was the man that ran into danger without a second thought. Jess had quickly come to the conclusion that this side of him both exhilarated and terrified her. He looked so perfectly composed here, and something about that clenched jaw made Jess's head spin with an emotion that she could neither describe or understand. The fear derived from the fact that the man she was in love with was indeed a soldier, a man of warfare, and guns, and danger. It made her realize just how fragile their relationship was. They were both completely fine now, but in the near future, that could change. There were so many things that could have him ripped from her life, but there was nothing in this world that could do the same to her heart. He would always remain there, and her love for him would never cease. She just supposed that they were taking a stab in the dark to be with each other. Though the fear constantly ate away at her, she knew that it was better to have loved him, than not at all.

She blinked, shook her head, and tried to tune into her surroundings. Her boss was speaking now, and Becker's mask had slipped into one of pure surprise. His lips were puckered slightly, and his eyes were dancing with undeniable joy. What on Earth was going on? She tilted her head, and strained her ears as to try and catch on to what had made Becker so happy.

" I've already booked the flights so don't even bother opening up your mouths to argue. It's just a silly conference thing that the Minister wanted me to go to, and to be quite frank it will be quite dull, and pointless. Two things I personally hate. So I'm sending you two as representatives of the ARC. After all you are the best we've got." Lester's voice was waving with uncertainty, but the words themselves were firm and commanding, " I think that's it. You may be dismissed. Remember the flight for Spain is tomorrow at noon. " Another wave of Lester's hand clearly ushered them away.

Once the two of them were back in the safety of the ADD area Jess let out the squeal that she had been suppressing, " Spain!" She yelped.

Becker clamped his hands over his ears and pulled a face. For that he gained a playful slap. Jess's face suddenly dropped, " Oh, what am I going to wear? " She pondered. It was going to be a truly difficult task to decide.

Becker smirked and shook his head in disbelief.

" What?" Jess stopped mid excitement.

" Nothing _ it's just," He sighed, " This is one of the reasons I love you." He leant down and pulled her into a kiss.

" Becker! " She cried as he pulled away, " Not here." She hissed.

He pouted, " It's not my fault. You should stop being so irresistible. " He grinned at her.

Jess breathed out happily, " Aren't you a charmer."

" I try my best." He retorted.

Jess exhaled, " On a serious note. What am I going to wear?" She frowned in puzzlement, and deep thought.

" It's only for a week. Surely it can't be that hard?" Becker quickly found that had been the wrong thing to say.

Jess's eyes widened, " One whole week! Becker, how am I going to pack for a week in only a few hours?"

Becker laughed.

Jess was completely barking mad. That was yet another reason why his hearts now belonged to her.

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