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She was smiling in that truly beautiful way of hers, and he was the happiest he has ever felt in his entire lifetime. Becker and Jess were currently walking through the hotel doors. Though it wasn't a grand hotel, it was a awe bounding, and a marvellous sight to drink in.

However when they arrived in the reception they both couldn't help but feel a little saddened. They would be spending there night apart for the first time in what felt like years.

" Good evening sir, madam. How may I help you?" They were greeted by a young boy dressed in a neat three piece suit.

" Erm _ reservations for Becker and Parker?" Becker queried.

The boy flipped open a large leather book and nodded, " Of course. I'll show you to your room right away." He made his way around the reception desk and picked up all their belongings before gesturing for them to follow him.

" Room? Don't you mean rooms?" Becker swallowed a little awkwardly, blushing at the look the young boy gave him.

" Only one room has been booked _ by a Mr James Lester I believe. Is there a problem?" The boy asked, glancing from Jess to Becker cautiously.

Becker shook his head, " Erm no." He replied, feeling completely embarrassed. He felt like he should be saying that they would prefer two separate rooms as previously planned. Though they had been sharing a house for a couple of weeks they were still taking things fairly slow and hadn't shared a bed, which made his decision of giving it the nod without asking Jess permission make him feel a stab of guilt. He turned to her and looked straight at her, heart pounding nervously as he awaited her answer.

Jess laughed, " No complaints from me."

He felt the breath he had been holding whoosh from his lungs as relief filled him. She wasn't angry with him for making the rash decision.

The boy nodded and showed them the way to their room. The room itself was spacious, had a king sized bed placed neatly in the middle, and a beautiful view of the outside pool and the beyond that buildings that reached up into the sky. It was perfect, which was good because this would be their home for two whole weeks.

" If you need anything you can call reception." The youthful hotel employee informed them before leaving them to their own devices.

Jess grinned at him, flopped down on the king sized bed, and let out a soft sigh. Becker felt a yawn tunnelling up his throat and escaping his lips.

" Tired?" Jess asked him.

He nodded, " A little. Don't worry you can have the bed all to yourself though. "

" And where exactly were you planning to sleep. " Jess asked him. She looked a little hurt if he wasn't very much mistaken.

He shrugged, " the floor."

" Don't be so ridiculous!" She exclaimed, " You're sleeping with me and that's that." She huffed before a radiant blush flashed across her cheeks, " I mean _ not like that_ you know. Not that I don't want to but _ erhhh I give up." She hid her face in a pillow in shame.

He chuckled deeply and walked over to the bed, before sitting beside the currently mortified Jess.

He swept back some of her hair, " It's OK Jess. I know what you mean. We won't do the other thing until we're both ready. " He looped an arm around her and briefly placed a kiss upon her head.

She shuffled round so her face was buried in his chest, " What if I am ready?" She looked on at him with her huge ,round, light green orbs.

His jaw dropped in shock. Did she really mean that? " And are you? Ready that is." He questioned her.

His question was answered with a kiss. He moaned softly against her lips as they began to press more pressure on his own. She grabbed his shirt and began pulling at his buttons impatiently , until his shirt pulled apart, revealing his bare skin. She eyed him appreciatively and began trailing her fingers down his finely pronounced abs.

" Jess," He whispered breathily, pulling back slightly.

" Hmm." she hummed, still writing patterns on his chest with her long, slender fingers.

" I love you so much." He lifted a finger underneath her chin and beamed at her, before once again finding himself with his lips locked against Jess's.

It seemed to the couple that hours had passed by the time they collapsed in a tired heap, side by side. Becker couldn't help the smirk that was plastered upon his face. Jess had her eyes closed in a peaceful contemplation, and despite the fact she was bright red in the face from their recent experience, she looked more gorgeous than he has ever seen her.

" Don't you think it's a little weird." Jess murmured under her breath.

" What?" He replied sleepily.

"That only one bedroom was booked." She opened her eyes, those entrancing eyes that he had fallen in love with from the moment he had seen her, how he could stare at them all day.

" Not really. Lester must have made a mistake. Not that I'm complaining." He winked, and she giggled.

" Lester never makes mistakes." She told him, shaking her head.

" What are you saying? That Lester purposely booked just one room " He raised his eyebrows in amusement.

" No _ just that it's really weird." Jess bit her lip in thought.

He shrugged, " That man isn't normal though." He stated.

Jess burst out into hysteria, " Yeh he really is, isn't he?"

Becker quietened to her with a kiss.

He didn't care about anything but Jess at the moment, and the two whole weeks he had her all to himself.

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