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The Problem with Pictures

Mildred Hubble, Head Girl of Cackle's Academy dashed quickly down the corridor, schoolbag flying wildly as she was very close to being late for her Spells lesson with Miss Cackle. She had been attempting to study for her upcoming History of Magic mock test and had failed to keep her eye on the time.

"Mildred Hubble!" A voice startled her, making her grind to a swift halt coursing her school bag to fly off her shoulder, chucking books everywhere as it fell to the floor.

Constance Hardbroom, the academy's deputy head and potion's teacher and until recently Mildred's most hated person was standing behind her, raising her eyebrows in an exasperated fashion.

"Detention Mildred! As Head Girl you should be well aware of the fact that there is no running in corridors!" Miss Hardbroom said sternly.

"But miss! I'mm really la-" Mildred gasped between breaths of air.

"Your duty as Head Girl Mildred is to uphold the rules of this school not to flout them! I will see you at 6pm sharp." Miss Hardbroom disappeared.

"Oh for goodness sake!" Mildred muttered under her breath. Miss Hardbroom could be ridiculous at times. Detention for running down a corridor?

"I heard that Miss Hubble" Came a voice from nowhere, Mildred gulped and went to pick up her school bag.

It had been precisely three months since Mildred had been chosen as Head Girl. The clumsy bumbling pupil that had disgraced the academy many years previously had been replaced by a more graceful careful girl, not that Miss Hardbroom seemed to notice.

She was making a vast improvement in all of her lessons, especially potions, of which she was still receiving private weekly lessons in her bid to be accepted into Weirdsister College, which were always torturous despite her relationship being improved quite dramatically with HB. Overall life at Cackles had become a lot easier for the Worst Witch, but with Mildred being Mildred, bad luck still had a tendency to follow her everywhere.

Mildred stepped through the door into the classroom and apologised to Miss Cackle before taking her usual seat next to Maud.


Six o'clock arrived far too quickly for Mildred's liking. She headed down to the potion's lab, thinking about all the different detentions she had served in that dreaded room. Each time she had been given some mundane job to do under the teacher's ever watchful eye. Each time, the hour had felt like an eternity. Nothing interesting ever happened (except that time when she had accidentally spilt truth potion on HB). Tonight would be no different, or so she thought.

The creak of the door alerted the teacher to the girl's arrival; however she ceased to move from her paperwork and only raised her eyes very slightly. She said sarcastically, "ahh Mildred, I'm glad you managed to make it to detention without being late.." at this point her noise twitched very slightly, most probably at the concept of lateness generally. "Unfortunately, I am at a loss as to what to do with you this evening. Sybil Hallow has already arranged the supply cupboard, due to her unfortunate lack of memory when it comes to handing in her homework assignments."

"I could come back another time Miss?" Mildred asked daringly and hopefully.

The potion's mistress's eyes clouded over.

"I don't think so Mildred. I think 300 lines of 'In future I will set a good example.' Is appropriate? Don't you? You know where the paper is kept and I want your best handwriting." The teacher carried on her marking at this point.

Mildred settled down to her lines with a small sigh. Time ticked very slowly as she got to work quickly and carefully. During her time at Cackles she had become an expert at writing lines. It was HB's usual punishment and Mildred was always caught out in the wrong.

She finished the lines quickly and glanced down at her delicate silver watch, a sixteenth birthday present from her family. She still had twenty minutes spare! How could she have possibly written 300 lines in 40 minutes flat? She snuck a glance at Miss Hardbroom. The teacher was merrily marking away, red pen working furiously. She paused for a moment, razor sharp senses sensing the girl's eyes upon her.

"Is there a problem Mildred?" Her voice was low and sarcastic, giving the question the pragmatic force of "There better not be a problem…"

"No Miss.." Mildred decided that she better not tell her teacher that she had finished as the chances were she might get more lines. Checking that her teacher had returned to her marking, she helped herself to the spare paper on her desk and began to draw.

When Mildred drew it was like entering another world; a place that was filled with her own imagination, a world that was hers and hers alone, and a place that she controlled rather than her teachers and parents. She was blissfully happy when she was drawing.

She glanced around the room looking for inspiration. Two eyes glared at her from the front desk. She began work, she had an idea! She would draw HB!

She quickly sketched an outline, checking regularly that her teacher was still engrossed in paperwork. When it came to her hair she drew her with the long flowing locks she had glimpsed only at Halloween. When it came to her dress she drew a mid-length floaty white number (artistic license and much more interesting than her tight black dresses!). She drew her teachers face last. She struggled to draw the dark sarcastic eyes that her teacher possessed; instead they ended up looking rather twinkly. Her mouth automatically ended up in a smile. Mildred couldn't stand to draw people looking miserable; instead they always ended up looking as happy as if they'd posed for a snapshot.

Mildred stared at the picture she had drawn, comparing it to its real-life counterpart. Her drawing was good, you could easily tell who it was a drawing of. However they were exact opposites, like twin sisters who had completely different personalities. One was harsh and sharp the other soft and kind-looking.

"Well I will name you Miss Softbroom" Mildred thought to herself, writing the name on the top of the paper.

The real Miss Hardbroom looked up at this point. "Have you finished Mildred?"

"Yes Miss.." Mildred quickly turned the paper over so her doodles were not visible. HB stood up to her impressive height, strode over the Mildred and checked her handiwork. "Your handwriting is becoming more considered Mildred." She praised mildly. She went to flick the doodle paper over and Mildred panicked- "she must have seen me drawing!" But to Mildred's surprise the piece of paper was as white as snow. Miss Softbroom had disappeared!

"Mildred is there any particular reason as to why you are gawking like a demented goldfish?" Miss Hardbroom's eyebrows had nearly reached her hairline.

"umm no Miss… I guess I'm just a little tired." Mildred rubbed her eyes but the paper was still blank.

"Then I suggest you have supper and have an early night, in preparation for potions tomorrow morning and your extra lesson tomorrow evening."
Mildred let out an audible groan.

"Careful Miss Hubble, or my offer of private tuition will be withdrawn. You are dismissed."

The pupil left the room in a hurry and walked in a trance to the Great Hall. She was mystified. Had she imagined creating the drawing? She was prone to daydreaming but it seemed so real!

"Hey Millie, your alive! Enid greeted her dramatically with a smile.

"Only just.." Mildred replied, trying to push it out of her mind. "What's for supper?"

"Usual." Maud answered.
"liver and onions?"
"yep, and cold lumpy mash."
"ughhh" Mildred shuddered.