Authors note! This chapter was reposted because of complaints! I do not own Soul Eater (if I did everybody would ship KidxMaka) The ringtone is the song, I'm Not Alright by Shinedown I don't own the song either… I only own a great obsession…...

Patty, Don't Eat That!

I like to stare at the sun and think about what I've done! I lie awake in my great escape! I like crossing the line and slowly losing my mind. Are you okay? 'Cause I feel fine! "Maka your phone!" Soul yells at you from the living room. You put your book down and run down the hall to retrieve your phone. That's Kids ringtone. I wonder what's up. You think to yourself. Picking up the phone, you ask, "Kid? What's up?" "Hi, Maka. The girls want to know if you want to come 'have some girl time' with them." "Okay that sounds like fun! I will be there in 20 minutes." You hear yelling in the bakground. "Okay, they said to bring a movie for later." You smile. "Okay." "Patty don't eat that!" you hear him yell. "Sorry Maka, I have to go!" he says and hangs up. "You got a date with Kid?" you hear Soul ask from behind you while shutting your phone and putting it in your pocket. You blush "No! Me and the girls are going to have some 'girl time' you're welcome to come if y-" He sighs. "I will pass on that." "Okay." You say and go to your room to pack. You grab a bag and stuff in a huge yellow t-shirt, red shorts that go 3 inches above your knees, jeans and a blue strapless shirt. You also stuff in several movies, your tooth-brush, makeup and some money. "Soul! I'm leaving!" you yell from the living room. "Okay! Remember our agreement! Don't tell! Have fun!" you sigh "Yes sir!" you say and salute although he can't see you. Running down the path to Kids house you can't help but think about it… How you found out about Souls secret and how he found out about yours.

What do you think Patty was eating? 0u0 wait no that looks stupid 0_0 (Gotta love Homestuck! I also do not own Homestuck, it belongs to the amazing Andrew Hussie) Thank you for reading!

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