Title: They do it silently (Previously known as "Silent Love Making")

Summary: The heat consumes him ever so slowly that he forgets everything, even tennis.

Paring: Tezuka/Echizen

Rating: R

Warnings: Mature content ahead, and adult situations described but not to explicit.

A/N: The imagery could not leave my head; I hope I was able to put into words. Enjoy the small lime/drabble

A/N2: I wrote this fic some time ago (years?) and posted it on Live Journal, but it went unnoticed. And after rekindling with the PoT fandom I decided to edit it a bit and re-post it again, this time on . Also, a few things were changed. Sorry for any mistakes or extremely bad spelling. OTL

Ryoma firmly grasped the silky blue bed sheets as Kunimitsu thrusts deep within him. The heat consumes him ever so slowly that he forgets everything, even tennis. Kunimitsu grunts near his ears and raises his hips high, gaining a better angle, thrusting against that sweet spot that makes Ryoma gasp in pleasure, the fingers of his feet curling up.

Somehow with all the movement they both manage to kick of the bed sheets and Kunimitsu's rear end is visible. Ryoma doesn't miss the chance to pinch it hard, gaining a moan from his partner.

They roll in bed and kiss passionately in between each deep thrust. They are in heaven, their bodies meshing and mingling together in an erotic dance. Not caring what the outside world has to say, this is their world; in each other's arms.

Ryoma pants, grips and scratches Kunimitsu's back leaving a trail or red marks as he bites into his shoulder blade, his gut coiling in heat. Kunimitsu grunts and grips Ryoma tighter, thrusts even deeper than before and holds onto him, not moving. Shuddering, both climax, wrapped in each other.

After a minute, Kunimitsu pulls away and Ryoma nestles against his side, his left hand entwined with Kunimitsu's in a tangle of lower limbs. The bed sheets are messed up and tossed aside, barely covering their naked feet. Content, both fall asleep silently together around the same time.

This is how they are. Whenever they have the chance for a private intimate moment like this, they do it quietly. Kisses here and there, bold touches, touching the nearest places accessible. There is no need for words. With them it's almost never needed. They understand and know each other so well that it feels they have been like this forever. It's quiet, simple and happy. They both like it that way.

Next morning, Ryoma wakes up feeling warm and happy. A pair of hazel eyes watching over him, a gentle smile on Kunimitsu's lips. Ryoma couldn't feel any happier than he was.

Yes, this is good.

He leans close and kisses Kunimitsu with fervor.