Another Chap! enjoy you guys!

Castiel could hear a clear voice ringing out over the quiet of the courtyard. It was a beautiful voice and the song wasn't half-bad either. As he went to sit under his favorite tree a girl dropped out of it, showing him a flash of her black lace panties.

"Hup!" she said as she landed gracefully. She was beautiful, and Castiel couldn't help but marvel her.

The girl wore a black tank top that was tucked into a too short silver skirt. He could see the purple straps of her bra against her sun-kissed skin that matched her purple Beats headphones. On her feet she wore killer electric purple pumps that also matched her bra and headphones.

Her music was so loud that Castiel could tell that the song had changed. He could hear the metallic noise of dub step playing and watched as the girl did a bit of a dance in place with her eyes closed.

The girl turned and opened her eyes, coming face to face with Castiel. She blinked rapidly for a second before shaking her head and stepping back. She slipped her headphones off her head and let them hang around her neck. She stood with her hand on her cocked out hip as she introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm new here. Name's Nina." She said flatly.

"So?" Castiel asked indifferently.

"Are you always this nice?" she challenged with a brow raised.

"Yeah, especially to new kids." He replied with a smirk playing on his lips.

Nina rolled her eyes and turned on those killer pumps to walk back to the school. Castiel watched her with wonder and smiled. This new girl was just his type.

Nina walked into the halls of Sweet Amoris High and came to the student council room. She saw a beautiful blonde standing with his back to her, rummaging through some files.

"I'm looking for the student president, is he here?" she asked with the nicest voice she could muster. Nina cringed at how fake it sounded, but the blonde didn't seem to notice.

"I am he." The blonde said with a pleasant smile. "You must be Nina. You will need a few more things before we can finish your registration. A photo ID and $25 is what you need for now. We can't seem to find you registration papers, but I will look for them for you."

Nina grumbled to herself in distaste. Why did she have to do all this work? Wasn't that the school's job?

When she went out to the hall again, Nina saw Ken and decided to mooch off of him.

"Oi! Kentin! Do you have $25?" Nina called to him. The boy seemed surprised that Nina called to him, yet he had a look of fear.

"I won't eat you! I just need money. Look, if you give me the money I'll forgive you for calling me Eriko earlier." Nina whispered to him.

Ken nodded excitedly and pulled out his wallet. As soon as Nina had the money, she stooped down to give Ken a quick hug and ran off to find a picture ID.

Nina ran to the store near the school and pulled out her own wallet. She felt bad for taking Ken's money since she had her own, but since she was living on her own now she couldn't really afford to pay the school fee. Nina collected the ID and ran back to school in a rush.

As she rounded the corner of the hall, Nina slammed right into the student body president.

"I got everything." She said curtly.

"That's great, I found your papers so you have everything now. If you need anything, my name is Nathaniel." Said the blonde with another of his blinding smiles.

Nina found the fat old principal and gave her the papers after searching for a damn paperclip for hours. When she was done with everything, she let out a deep sigh.

"That's a deep sigh." Stated someone behind her.

Nina turned around to see the red haired teen she had met in the courtyard.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." She said sarcastically.

"Name's Castiel. Lemme show you the best part of school." He replied with a smirk.

Nina followed after him curiously as he snagged a key from the staff room and led her up a few flights of stairs. He inserted the key in a door at the top of the stairs and unlocked it to reveal the roof. Nina felt the cool breeze tussle itself through her long, black hair and smile genuinely for the first time in a while. She looked at Castiel from the corner of her eye and smiled again. Perhaps Sweet Amoris High would be a change for the better.

OBSESSED WITH DUB STEP! not a good idea to write while listening tho... it is quite the headache inducer...