He's obnoxious, short, perverted, pathetic, moral enemies with my boyfriend. Michael Palledorous was my brother. He even has a huge crush on my best friend Wendy Peffercon. See why I have an issue being related to him? My name is Nancy Agrippina Palledorous for those who don't know Agrippina was the mother of Nero and sister of another corrupt roman emperor.

All he does every day is play baseball at the sandlot with his friends. Benny, Alan, Kenny, Bertram, Ham, Timmy, his brother Tommy, and some new kid Benny dragged there, named Scotty. Then when he comes home he just talks, talks, talks! Usually about his day sometimes it's one of his many myths, but it's always obnoxious. That's when I decided to form the sisterhood, the sisterhood of the sandlot. Wendy was one of the girls our ninth we called her because she didn't have a brother that played at the sandlot. There was Penny ham's sister, Alexa was Alan's sister, Rosie was Benny's sister, Prim was Kenny's sister. Lanie was Bertram's sister. Timmy and Tommy had 2 sisters named Felicia and Felicity.

The phone rang and before it could ring again I had run like a ninja down the stairs and across the living room. Yet somehow my mom reached it first and called out to me from the kitchen "Nancy! Your Boyfriend is on the phone".

"Since when does Nancy have a boyfriend?"Michael retorted.

I got to the phone and answered. "Hi," It was slightly sheepish.

"Hey babe, can you meet me at the soda fountain in like 15 minutes," Phillips my boyfriend asked coolly.

"Yeah that would be nice see you there, "I replied smiling. I hung up and turned to see my brother with his hands on his hips.

"Who was that?" He asked so seriously it made me laugh. He was never that serious.

"Oh only the dreamiest guy alive," I sighed like a fan girl.

"What have I told you about dating Benny?" Michael shirked.

"Ew, like I'd ever date one of your friends!"I said leaving Michael confused.

I made it to the fountain it was about 7:45. There he was he had gorgeous brown eyes and short light brown hair. He didn't like my brother, my brother didn't like him but I loved him. He was nicer away from his team. I had to keep the two apart.

"Hey," I sighed into his shoulder. We were hugging hardly a sight to most of the town. We sat at a booth. We ordered 2 cokes and were just causally talking. When paradise happened, we kissed.

For a good ten seconds until I heard "What's your problem man? We need to get to the sandlot!" It was Benny. Michael just stood there like a stone statue. Eventually Alan dragged him.

"What's his problem?" Phillips scoffed.