I don't own the Sandlot as much as I would love to. Fore warning this is a sad chapter.

We were all at Alexa's house, making plans on how to annoy our brothers in the future. The door bell suddenly rang with sharp intent. Mrs. McClennan wiped her hands on her raven and ivory colored apron that covered her orange calico dress. She waltzed over to the door. She unlatched the lock and swung open the old oak door. Just the sight of that Marine in his parade uniform made our hearts shatter. We all knew far too well the message he carried.

"I regret to inform you Mrs. McClennan that your husband has gone missing in action. He crossed a street to help a fallen comrade," The Marine stated in an almost emotionless trance. "He was a good man," The Marine finished. He handed over a hideous, mustard, yellow, envelope.

"Thank you," Mrs. McClennan stated receiving the envelope hesitantly as if refusing it would change her sickening reality. When she turned around her face was tear stained already. Streams of tears flooded my best friend's face. We were all somewhat frozen trying to accept our new reality.

"Mom do you want me to go find Alan?" Alexa asked he voice trembling.

"Yes honey, I think he better know as soon as possible," Her mother replied sinking into the faded patterned loveseat.

"Come on, we'll get him," Rosie said to a shell-shocked Alexa. We all went to the sandlot but as soon as we escaped the door, Rosie burst into a run. Now anyone of the rest of us run like normal people, but not Rosie, she's a Rodriguez. Therefore she runs like one. We all ran not knowing what else to do. We hurdled the fence; landing respectfully in the outfield.

"What are you guys doing here?" Scotty asked, bluntly. We had landed closest to him.

"What happened?" Benny asked noticing Alexa's sharp sobs. "If the Tigers hurt you guys again, I swear I'll kill them," He added. This only caused Alexa to cry more.

"Benny what did you do to my sister?" Alan cried out.

"Bad vocabulary," I said to explain Alexa's waterworks. Benny's face softened as he got the idea. Most of the guys were now encircling us.

"Alan, Mom wants you home," Alexa stated in between sobs. You could tell he knew exactly what had happened. The other guys were a little slower on the uptake. We all walked towards their house solemnly, nobody spoke, then again nobody needed to.

A week passed before Alexa even walked out of her room, and it was another before she talked to any of us. Alan wasn't as chatty ether. Out of the pair he was the first to talk to me.

"Hey Nance?" Alan asked a little hesitantly.

"Hey," I said putting down a magazine Lanie had let me barrow.

"Look I have to tell you something," Alan said sitting next to me.

"Yeah, what is it?" I asked sitting bolt upright.

"Uh, my Mom's sending me to military school," Alan said wringing his wrists. I could feel my eyes widen. "Look it's nothin' to worry about but I just thought you should know," Alan added wrapping an arm around me.

"Alan," I sighed before he pulled me closer. I kissed him not wanting him to go anywhere. "When?" I asked.

"At the end of the summer," He sighed. "But don't worry okay? I'll visit every Christmas, and we can see each other then." Alan offered.

"Yeah we will," I sighed. We had never gone on a date or proclaimed each other as ours. Yet somehow I still wanted to spend forever with him.