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"I'm not forcing you to stay." Tony smiled, "Just… use Stark Towers until you find where you want to go. Hell, you can even use one of my planes to get you there. And I'll make some super stretchy pants for you. Okay?"

Bruce stared at him for a while, "Tony, I… I don't want to cause any trouble."

"No trouble at all!" Tony laughed at the mere notion that Bruce would pose a problem, "The worst that could happen is you Hulk out, destroy my Tower and part of the city, SHEILD comes and captures you and I disregard any and all personal safety and get you back and bring you to my penthouse!"

"You are a piece of work, Tony Stark." Bruce groaned.

Tony grinned, "You love me. Come on, at least let me show you to Candy Land."

After seeing Stark Industries R&D department, Bruce decided a couple months there wouldn't hurt.

After all, the worst that could happen is he Hulks out, destroys Stark Tower and part of the city, SHEILD comes and captures him and Tony disregards any and all personal safety and gets him back and brings him to his penthouse.

Lights filled the room. Bruce groaned and pulled the blankets over his head, hiding away.

"Rise and shine, Doctor Banner."


"I never believed Tony when he said you were evil, Miss Potts… but I'm starting to."

"Tony's away for a week on official business and I have just that long to clean everything. Wake up, get dressed, and hide whatever you don't want me to see. I'll be back in fifteen minutes."

And she left. Bruce sighed and sat up, letting the blankets fall of their own accord before dragging himself out of bed.

Tony just had to leave open the files to his arc reactor's inner workings, didn't he? Bruce looked at the clock on the bedside table. He'd gone to sleep about… forty-five minutes ago.

He pulled himself out of bed and stumbled over to the closet, grabbing a random shirt and pair of pants. He mulled over his brain of what all possessions he had and if Tony had said to keep anything away from pepper.

Nope. Nothing to hide.

He yawned and got dressed, shaking away his drowsiness and grabbing his glasses.

"Miss Potts?" He called.

A minute later she appeared, "Yes, Doctor Banner?"

"Would you like any help?" He smiled, "I mean, I'm taking up space here and using your resources, I feel as though I should do something to earn your hospitality."

"You want to earn all the stuff Tony's given you? Try cleaning his room. You can earn it when you violently murder him." She chuckled, "Try to find all of the booze, if you please."

He smiled at her, "And please, just call me Bruce."

"Then just call me Pepper." She chuckled, "I hope you like Pop Tarts, because that's about all the breakfast food we keep here."

She wasn't kidding.

After toasting a pair of S'mores and devouring them with a glass of water, he made his way up to Tony's room.

"I must warn you, Master Bruce, it is a disaster in there." JARVIS told him, "I do believe one of his older Iron man designs is still lost in the shambles."

Okay, if the robot is complaining, this must be horrific.

"Wonderful." Bruce smiled. What better way to thank everyone?

Besides, Tony was always groaning that he couldn't find notes he'd written or schematics he'd drawn.

Good God…

Had something died in here?

"JARVIS, open all the windows!" Bruce coughed, "I'm going to Hulk Out because I can't breathe!"

The windows flew open and Bruce ran over to the nearest, gasping for air. He closed his eyes, taking deep breaths and calming himself.

"It's okay, Big Guy…" He told himself- or, rather, the monster inside himself, "It's just Tony's disgusting room. No danger… I think…"

He turned back to face the mess again and groaned.

Immediately, the decided to find out where the hell Tony's bed was. Based on his own room, it should be in the middle of the room… He began sorting out everything he found.

"JARVIS, can I get some baskets up here or something?"

"Of course, Master Bruce."

For the moment, Bruce piled things separately. At the moment, he had three piles.

Clothes. Paper. Alcohol.

The disheartening part was that the clothes and booze piles were about equal in size. Bruce sighed and walked back over to the windows, taking in a gulp of fresh air. He sighed for a minute, putting his hand to his chest. He always felt as if this was the closest way to comforting the Hulk… after all, they were only separated by a few heartbeats.

He turned when he heard the door open. Pepper walked in a couple of steps, dropped some baskets, and smiled, "Having fun?"

"Oh, barrels full. You'll have to sedate me to calm me down." He replied sarcastically.

She laughed, "I'd pat you on the back, but on my way over to you I'd get lost and die. Just call if you need anything else."

"Oxygen, maybe?" He smiled and waved as she left. He made his way over to the piles he'd created and filled a few of the baskets. He filled about three baskets with clothes, two with bottles and cups, and two with papers. Well… at least he was beginning to see the floor.

"Hey, Pepper, how're we doing?" Tony smiled.

"We're doing perfectly fine. I have someone to help me clean for once." Pepper's smile was audible over the phone, "He even offered."

Tony chuckled, "Aw, Bruce, the ever-loving housewife. Put him on the phone, will you?"

"Yeah, right. I'm not risking my life by going into your bedroom."

Tony paused, "Bruce is… cleaning my room?"

"I was joking when I told him to do it, but I don't think he caught that. And he's determined. He thinks it'll help pay you back for all that we've done for him."

"He caught me from a death fall from the other side of the universe and he thinks he has to pay me back? Patch me through to him with JARVIS."

"Fine, fine. Give me a minute." She went silent for a while, sending his call through to Bruce.


"You don't have to do this, Bruce."

"Jesus Christ, Tony, do you have a liquor bottle for every article of clothing you own? Hey, I found your bed… and some of the carpet."

"I have carpet? I thought I'd gotten that taken out…"

A pause, "No… you wrote a note about it but never got to it, I guess… yeah, here it is. Even has what kind of wood you wanted laid down and the price."

Tony smirked, "You enjoying being in my room? We could make that a permanent thing."

Instead of a reply, he was gifted with the sound of Bruce's coughs. He hesitated.


"What did you kill? Seriously, Tony, I'm having to run to the windows ever few minutes just to get fresh air and calm my heart rate down!"

"Hey, at last you're going green with Stark Industries." Tony laughed at his own joke.

"That was so bad I'm embarrassed for you."

"Well I thought it was punny."

"Tony. Stop. Just stop." Bruce groaned, "When are you coming home?"

"Aww, you miss me that much?"

"Um… sure, let's go with that. I'm not planning to paint your room pink with flowers and rainbows. Not at all."

Tony chuckled, "I'll be back by Saturday."

"Wonderful. JARVIS, where can we get neon pink paint? And flower stencils, too, if you don't mind."

"You're so mean. And to think I was gonna buy you a funny hat while I was here." Tony scoffed, "How silly of me to think you actually loved me!"

"Nobody loves you, Tony. No one at all."

"The big guy loves me."


"He caught me, though."

"He wanted to eat you. Yep. He told me that. He sure did."

"And now you talk to the Hulk?"

"When I sleep, yes, actually. Sometimes. It's really weird. Is this was insane people feel like? The voices in my head think you have problems."

Tony laughed, "Good God, Banner! Calm your madness! You're scaring the flight attendants!"

"I'm a mad scientist with the not-so-jolly green giant waiting to burst out of my head. Be afraid. Be very afraid." Bruce chuckled, "Well, I'm gonna turn you back over to Pepper. I'm going to go through all of these papers and things..."

Bruce let JARVIS disconnect him from Tony and grabbed the first basket of paper. He quickly began to sort. Drawings, notes, and photos… drawings, notes, and photos…

"Let's see… Stark Industries… doodles of… is that Thor and Cap? Whatever. Let's see… I'm going to ignore the fact that this is called a Hulkbuster and keep going… doo doo doo… Aw, a photo of Pepper and Rhodey. Hm… S.I., S.I., and… more S.I. notes… doo doo dee da doo…" He paused, "What the hell? This is our… handshake…"

Indeed it was their handshake. Probably stolen from SHIELD security tapes from the angle… but that wasn't weird. After all, he'd found a picture of a squirrel sitting on an old lady earlier. No, the weird part was the bright metallic red ink covering the photo. It was the little hearts drawn around Bruce's face and the very distinct handwriting of 'so cute!' across the top. The weirdest part of all of it, though, was the 'MR. STARK-BANNER!' scribbled through the bottom.


"Yes, Sir?"

"Do we have any frames that will fit this photo?"

"I will check, Sir."

"Thank you."