"Welcome home, Sir."

Pepper looked up from the couch when she heard JARVIS' voice.

"Hello, buddy." Tony smiled, dropping his suitcase by the door and pulling off his tie, "Hey, Pep. Where's Bruce?"

"You know, I really hope you don't have anything you didn't want him to see in your room, because he's been cleaning your room for hours every day." She smirked, "That's where he is now."

"Nothing I can think of." Tony paused, "Oh, well. Nothing I can't shimmy my way out of. I'll go say hi."

"You do that."

Tony made his way to the elevator, heading up to his room with a smile. The door open and he paused.


Bruce looked up from where he was sitting on the floor, "Oh, you're home."

"Hello." Tony looked around, "Damn. You really did a number on this. I've never seen my room look this way."

Bruce stood up and smiled, "Any time, Tony." And he left.

Tony pouted, "Not exactly the welcome home I expected." He went to the closet and put his jacket on one of the empty hangers. He looked through it for a moment, seeing just how organized it was. At the bottom of the closet were two boxes labeled, in purple Sharpie, STARK INDUSTRIES NOTES and IRON MAN DESIGNS.

The room smelt nice and seemed brighter than Tony remembered. He walked over to the bed, chuckling at a brand new bright pink pillow that occupied the space. He sat down, pulling his shoes off, and noticed something. Bruce had framed one of his photos. How sweet.

"Oh, God…"

"Good morning, Tony." Bruce smiled, "We missed you at dinner last night."

The billionaire hesitated, "I… I was tired…"

"Understandable." Bruce nodded, "Would you like some waffles?"

Pepper smiled, "Yes, he would. Eat, Tony. You're going to starve yourself otherwise."

Tony glanced at Bruce, "A-actually, I just remembered I have to call Rhodey about something super important!" He jumped up and made his way out of the room.

"Tony!" Bruce called.

He froze, "Y-yeah?"

Bruce smirked, "Nice photo."

Tony turned bright red, "Th… thanks?"

Silence hung heavily in the air. Bruce hummed as he whipped up a pair of waffles, pouring syrup and grabbed the whipped cream, dousing a small amount on the top and smiled.

"Come eat, Tony. Rhodey can wait."


Tony turned back and sat down in front of the plate of waffles.

"Bon appetit, mon cheri." Bruce smiled before fixing up two more plates similarly, "Want some fruit?"


Bruce placed a few blueberries into Tony's whipped cream before adding them to his and Pepper's as well. He handed Pepper hers before sitting next to Tony.

"So…" Bruce smiled, "Mister Stark-Banner?"

"I was drunk."

"No you weren't. You forget, I've seen all your papers. I know what your handwriting looks like sober, rushed, drunk, and everything in between."

"Okay, so I wasn't drunk…"

Bruce bit into his waffles, "So, is that how you feel?"

"No, I placed it there strategically for you to find so I could laugh when you take it seriously."

Bruce Banner was a bully. A huge bully that could turn into an even bigger one if he got mad. And Tony was completely trapped.

"Because, though I'm not willing to jump into marriage, we can work towards it."

He was a big fat, no good, dirty fighti- wait, what?

Tony looked at Bruce, eyes wide, "Really?"

"I admit, I haven't been in a relationship in years" Bruce told him, "But I wouldn't mind trying once more."

Tony could've done a victory dance right there. He almost did, but then Bruce reminded him to eat.

"So… why did you decide to doodle all over our first handshake?"

Tony snickered, "If only it was just the handshake. Bruce, I have had the weirdest crush on you for the longest time, it's gone far past funny and borders and pathetic." He stood up and left, coming back with his suitcase in hand, "Ready to cry? Because that's how hard you're going to be laughing. I am sacrificing my ego here. First off, the lock combination for my case is the day I met you." He twisted the numbers and snapped the case open, "And now…" he pulled out a notebook, "the Tony Stark Book of Tiny Notes and Doodles of Bruce. Go ahead. Look."

Bruce took the notebook, opening it and immediately being graced with the sight of… a really adorable drawing of the Hulk carrying Iron Man. As he continued through, he found small Stark Industries notes drifting amongst the hearts and lovey-dovey scribbles of TS+BB and hearts and Iron Man and Hulk and many other variants.

"Wow… Tony, this is…" Bruce snickered, "This is… really funny."

"Told you." Tony sighed, "Borderline pathetic."

"No, this is actually really cute." Bruce smiled, "I like it." He closed the notebook and showed Tony, "I'm keeping this."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am. And I'm going to put all the pages into a cute little scrapbook to hit you with when you annoy me." Bruce smiled.

"Hey, looks like Banner's finally growing some backbone." Tony smiled and pushed a kiss to his forehead, "Good boy."

Bruce blushed, "T-Tony!"

Tony grinned, "You're so cute, Bruce."

"I'm not cute."

"Yes, you are."


"You're adorable."

"No, I'm not."

"You're just a sweet little bundle of adorable wrapped in a cute pink bow."

"I'm not cute. I'm the Hulk."

"And he's a sweet big bundle of rawr wrapped in purple pants."

Bruce paused. Did Tony really just say that?

"A sweet… big bundle of… rawr…" Bruce snickered, "wrapped in… purple pants."

Tony grinned.

And that's the grin that had Bruce Banner laughing so hard he fell from his chair, curled up on the ground, and began to cry. Tony paused, trying to calm down his brand-new boyfriend (Tony mentally grinned at that thought) before his heart rate decided to jump.

Pepper smiled to herself. She hadn't believed that Bruce could actually clean up Tony's room, but he had. She looked around, getting reacquainted with the room. Now she could finally help Tony with his suits and things for certain occasions instead of sending him upstairs two days prior to any event to search for it himself.

The first thing she did was look through his closet, memorizing where everything was. She then took his shoes from beside his bed and put them where they belonged in said closet. The next part she explored was the bathroom. For when he got drunk.

"He did a good job." She smiled, "A really good job."

She began looking through all the cabinets and drawers. Bruce had taken all of Tony's photos and put them away in a special box that he'd placed on the dresser, and had even sorted them. He had all of his ties folded up neatly in their own drawer and had left a sticky note on his Hulk boxers that read, in bright purple ink, NICE.

She paused when she saw the Stark-graffitied photo framed on the nightstand. She chuckled and set it down.

After all, she'd known about Tony's little school girl crush on Doctor Banner almost as long as Tony had.

She had many papers since the Loki incident that Tony had given her that had little TS+BB and such drawings and scribbles.