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Chapter 18

3rd Person

The Flock landed near the Navy Yard and then walked in with Abby, who had parked her car across the street at the coffee shop and gotten everyone a coffee. Max, Nudge and Gazzy were holding the cup holders as Abby got them through security. They all got visitors passes again before heading up to the bull pen, where the team was all gathered, working furiously on their computers.

"Dammit!" Gibbs exclaimed as he hit his computer.

"Woah, Gibbs! Calm down and have your coffee," Abby said cheerfully, taking Gibbs' coffee from the tray that Max was holding and passing it to her favorite boss. Gibbs smiled at her thankfully as the flock handed each of the team their own coffee cups and Max set a second one on Gibbs' desk. The flock then took their own coffees, though no one except Max, Fang and Iggy had actual coffee in their mugs, due to the high-strung energy pulsing through their veins.

"So what's the plan Gibbs? We gonna kick some ass today?" Max said as she sat on Gibbs' paperwork littered desk.

"First we need to figure out who's actually behind this. So, no, we don't have a chase lined up as of now," Tony said in response to her question.

"I got something! Abby, the search on your computer finally finished!" McGee said excitedly before blushing. "I hooked it up this morning to get an update."

Abby kissed McGee's cheek.

"It's okay McGee. Thank you; I'll go check on that!" Abby buzzed before running to the elevator and repeatedly smashing the button till the door opened. McGee followed her down with renewed vigor. Max chuckled at their antics with Tony and Ziva. Silence fell upon them as they each sipped their drinks and the click of keyboards rang out. A low thrum of music made Max furrow her eyebrows and look at each of her flock members.

She rolled her eyes as her eyes landed on Iggy and saw him holding an Ipod with the earphones in his and Gazzy's ears. It was a wonder where they hid everything. How did they even get through security? They'd probably never know.

A phone rang out through the room, Gibbs' phone to be exact. Max swiped it up before Gibbs could and earned a soft glare from him, which she smirked at.

"Hey Abbs!" Max said into the phone.

"Hey, Max. How'd you get to Gibbs' phone before him?" Abby's voice crackled through the phone line.

"Superior Avian Biology," Max responded with a wink at Gibbs. Gibbs rolled his eyes exasperatedly as Tony and Ziva chuckled lowly and Abby's light laugh came through the phone line.

"Well, we found a match on the DNA from the keyboard you were hit with," Abby said. "It was a bit scrambled due to the lupine DNA mixed in, but the Human DNA matches the DNA of a kid that went missing like three years ago. His name is Kevin Abrams, the son of Petty Officer Howard Abrams and Michelle Abrams. He is supposed to be only five years old though, so it doesn't make any sense," Abby explained.

"That would be the lupine DNA. It makes them age very quickly, it's one of the reasons they died off, because they would age to adulthood and then die quickly after. We should probably tell the petty officer and his wife that their kid had been kidnapped and experimented on, or we could tell them that we found him dead, because he won't be alive for much longer. Three years is a long time for an Eraser," Max replied.

"Let's cross that bridge when we get to it, right now we finally have something to go by," Gibbs said, grabbing the phone from Max, leaving her looking exasperatedly at him. "Let's find this kid and then kill the sons of bitches that did this and uproot the whole operation."

"You got it Gibbs. One search is going up!" Abby said and the clicking of keys could be heard. A few minutes of silence rang out before Abby got something. " You guys might want to get down here... This is kind of important. It can't be relayed over the phone."

"Got it Abbs; good job. We will all be down there in a couple minutes," Gibbs said quickly, but in the soft voice he reserves for only Abby, before hanging up.

"Well you heard him, flock, let's go head down the stairs," Max said and the whole flock dashed towards the stairs.

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