1. Beginning

Kairi held her new daughter in her arms, rocking the young girl back and forth gently. She'd finally been released from the hospital, to her happiness, and was able to take her daughter home. Sora had opened the door for her when she had walked in with the bundle of joy, all wrapped up in her little blanket.

"She's beautiful," Sora commented, smiling at his wife.

Kairi only nodded, brushing a lock of hair off the newborn's face. "Yes, she is. Welcome home, Xion."

I know what you're thinking. "She's making ANOTHER 100 Theme Challenge?" Yes, children, I am. Again, it is 100 words, but this time I have to write it in ten minutes. Well, let's hope that my inspiration is high enough for it. :3

Xion will most likely be the main character in this story.