57. Friends


The name was nothing more than a whisper, but the boy that she had asked for turned, only to be basically attacked with a hug. Her arms were wrapped tight around him, eyes shut tight, words muttered under her breath that he couldn't hear at first.

"Thank you, Roxas." she said, louder and clear, "Thank you for being there with me through everything. You're my best friend...thank you so much."

"I…" he started, but stopped himself before he could say anything that might go too far, "No problem. Thank you for staying with me, too."

Alright, I had to do this chapter this way. Betcha can't wait for chapter 63...XD

Psychic Shipping : Well, it's not Master Eraqus, but good guess! Is it someone from beyond the grave. ;)

Omega Star Shooter 14 : It's Xemnas. ;) Lol, I know they are. They make my mind tell my friends them and then they end up getting plot bunnies.

Andreas455 : It's Xemnas, I thought I made it too obvious. XD Maybe I was wrong. Oh teachers...