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Raising the Saviors

Chapter 1

Remus Lupin sat staring blankly at the partially charred house that was Potter Cottage, his eyes filling with tears. Stumbling into the door way he spied the body of one of his closest and dearest friends. James oh God, James, he mentally wailed. His senses seemed to have left him as a deep soul entrenching cold seeped into his body. His sight was all he had left and there was no sign of his friend's wife, there was no sign of Lily... There was no sign of her or James' son, Harry. A darling little boy who had bright green eyes and black hair. Who loved to fly and giggled and was considered his cub. Leaning against the wall for support he felt his tongue form words and closed his eyes unable to bear the sight of that stiffening corpse. The pool of excrement seeping out in a growing pool nauseated him.

"I have to find Lily... and Harry, oh God, I have to find them," he mumbles edging around the body of his friend ignoring the painful interest his wolf side took in the body. Food, it said, uncaring that it was one of his pack, someone who made those full moon nights a bit more bearable, and less torment ridden. Shut up!, he despaired at it. Reaching the stairs he clumsily climbed up to the top and felt his hearing kick back in. Hearing the choked sobs of a man and the soft wails of a baby he ran towards the nursery. Feeling the last of his blood leave his face he stared at the picture of the room. Lily laid collapsed in an almost unnatural, almost sleeping position in front of the crib. Severus Snape sat by her cradling her son, Harry, in his arms and was rocking back and forth sobbing uncontrollably, tremors overtaking his body. Harry was open mouthed and weeping in distress, whether it was from a normal affliction or because of the horrible thing that happened in the room Remus didn't know but he felt calm rush forward in response to the utter need for relief the two represented.

"Snape," he croaked, but the man didn't hear him. Staggering forward Remus collapsed next to the despondent man. "Snape," he tried again. The man didn't respond. Reaching out he tried to take the baby so he could comfort it but a wand jerked out of nowhere and was pointed between his eyes.

"No no no no!" The man whispered sliding back away from him eyes shut tightly, the baby clasped against him as he scrunched over it protectively.

"Snape, it's me, it's Lupin, Snape," he tried desperately. "Severus, please." He finally broke saying the man's first name. Finally a little recognition flitted across his features and his eyes opened to a sliver. Black obsidian eyes met almost luminescent amber and the joint despair felt between them seemed to strengthen.

"Wolf," the man finally croaked, "Lupin you're here... God... God help us they sent the wolf. They sent the wolf but it is too late she's dead! She's dead! Dumbledore said she would be safe but she's DEAD!" He broke sobbing once more, wand hand going back around the small toddler, rocking uncontrollably back and forth. "I never got to apologize, and it is all my fault, if I hadn't told the Dark Lord about the prophecy he never would have went after her, it is all my fault, I want to die. God I just want to die."

"Severus," Remus said softly, crawling forward carefully, slowly, trying to keep the man from getting any closer to the burnt edge of the building opening into the evening air. "Severus let me help you."

"I do not want your help!" The black haired man cried clutching the baby as it's wails became louder. "I do not need it!"

"Then let me have Harry, let me help Harry Severus." The werewolf tried. "He's upset, he might need to eat or a diaper change. Will you let me help you with that? Will you let me help your friend's son?"

"Lily... Lily's son... Harry, oh God, I killed his father and mother," Severus whispered despairingly. "What will his life be like now Lupin? What will it be like now?"

"I do not know, but I can guarantee you that we will do everything and anything to make it right for him. He will be loved and cared for and protected." Remus tells him finally able to reach the man. Severus let the shorter man gather him close, protectively, wrapping around both him and the babe in his arms.

"I... I will protect him always. I will protect Lily's son. I'll protect as if he was my own. I loved her Lupin, I still love her. I will protect him just as she did. I'll make it right, I will. I will. God help him because I have no idea what we're going to do." Severus said brokenly. The other man's arms tightened and he rubbed his head against the slickly locks of the man.

"We'll figure it out. We have to go now though. I don't think it's healthy or safe for us to stay here. If Harry actually vanquished He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named then this house is no longer safe or hidden. We have to go." Remus said his brain detached from the grief and working purely on logic.

"Of course, you are correct in that Lupin, we have to take him somewhere they will not find him immediately. Who else should we contact? Should we contact anyone?" Severus said, finally gathering himself. He glanced at the baby and started to sooth it. "Hush, Harry," he murmured patting the baby's back and rocking him slightly. "Hush." Remus' hand appeared and stroked the child's hair and Severus was surprised he didn't flinch away when the man moved in closer.

"I know we need to tell Sirius," he felt the other man stiffen, "I know you do not like him but he is a strong fighter and we need all the help we can get."

"Wasn't he the Secret Keeper?" Severus whispered and Remus frowned.

"I don't know, but... Yes it is likely. James and Sirius were like brothers and he's Harry's godfather. But we can't be sure. Maybe we should hold back on telling anyone in the Order. Especially since there muse be a traitor of some sort. Should we tell Dumbledore?" He asks the other man who glances down at the baby who is asleep, finally calmed down it's mouth in a grumpy moue.

"No. Dumbledore failed Harry. He failed to protect Lily I do not trust him with her son," was the vicious answer. "It stands to reason he did the Fidelus charm, he could have made himself the Secret Keeper but instead he let someone else, someone less loyal, be it. I bet it was just so the prophecy would come true. God I wonder what happened to the Longbottoms..." Remus when white again.

"Can you Apparate? Will it be safe for the baby? I... I can't remember if it's safe to side-along them at this age..." Remus said shakily. "We have to go and check on them... Please Severus."

"Yes, yes of course. I would not leave them or a child to the hands of the Dark Lord's beloved and faithful. I think Harry will be fine. He's past the year mark, yes? So he should be okay. We just need to make sure to land carefully. Maybe send a Patronus to the other order members after we check on the Longbottoms?" Severus said as they stumbled to stand. "To let them know Harry is alive but no longer in their care, maybe better an owl. But after the Longbottoms,after checking on the Longbottoms." Severus glanced at Lily and Remus thought of James. Neither wanted to leave their friends bodies, they wanted sit by them and cry and shake them til they awoke and grinned at them. Til they forgave them for not being there. Shaking his head Severus glanced at the werewolf standing so pale, but strongly next to him.

"Cast a charm over the house locking it in stasis and let us leave. I sent a patronus not that long after I found them. I immediately left for the house after the Dark Lord notified us of his plans. I fear for the Longbottoms, when I left a few of his more ardent members were plotting something with his express permission." Understanding past through the grief stricken eyes, life was for the living as such was grief, but there was no more they could do at this time.

"Let's hurry..." Remus said casting the spell quickly glancing once more at Lily. "I am sorry Lily, James..." he says softly. The words were echoed just as quietly by Severus. Finally, after nodding to each other, they disapparated from the room and onto the front lawn of Longbottom Manor. Hearing screams just split the night air, Severus made towards the door but Remus caught his arm quickly. "No you hide Harry first. I'll go in ahead of you, the attacks will harm me less. Follow me in after you take care of Harry." Running towards the blasted open door Remus ran up the stairs as Severus carefully hid Harry in his cloak with protective, sleeping, and binding charms, as well as a ward to keep anything venomous away.

Remus burst onto the upper floor landing spotting someone sending a ray of light towards him which he immediately ducked. "Stupefy!" He snarled shooting the other wizard in the head causing him to fall heavily onto the landing. Running into the master's room, Severus finally coming up the stairs moments after followed him, and they sent a flurry of disarming and cutting hexes. One of the Deatheaters standing next to the window was blasted out, plummeting down onto a tree planted next to the manor before crashing to the ground. Frank Longbottom, covering his wife Alice glanced up weakly as the Cruiciatus Curse was cut off. He'd been struck by it for a third time, covering his wife in hopes that someone would come. Below him, she cradled her broken wand and watched as her husband's shot out of the hand of the witch detaining it. Immediately after, the woman's mask came off. As it clattered to the floor Frank summoned it wandlessly, an ability that all aurors learned in basic training. Rising to his feet unsteadily he confronted one of Voldemort's favorite torturers. The insane witch Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Bellatrix!" He snarled, weakly pointing at her, "Go to hell!" Shooting a powerful curse at her neck he watched in a detached manner as her jugular was severed. The remaining wizard was put down by Severus who used a powerful multiple cutting charm. Worried about the final two, Remus went to the window to see what happened to the wizard who was shot out of the window. The Deatheater was at the bottom of the tree, his neck at an unnatural angle. His werewolf could smell the death from there and he gave the body a grim smile. There was no charm to trick them into thinking they had a dead man at the bottom allowing their quarry to escape. That was purely visual not in any shape or form scent. He turned from the window a glint of satisfaction in his eyes, he had not failed his friends again this night. Seeing Alice he bent and assisted her into a sitting position. Frank was already leaning weakly against the wall.

"Why... How did you know to come Remus?" Alice said shakily.

"James and Lily were attacked earlier," he said grief leaking into his voice. Alice's eyes shot up to meet his and saw what knowledge contained and began to weep.

"No, no, not Lily, oh God." She said between sobs and Remus glanced at Severus who looked equally, if not more, grief stricken.

"Harry?" Remus asked, standing once more and moving his wand to the passed out wizard in the hallway. He sent out a quick binding charm and considered killing him but put it off. They had time for that later, or maybe a dementor would enjoy having a nice snack? Always the one with the most sense and kindness in his friends group Remus felt surprisingly little towards the little bastards they'd caught and killed this night.

"Safe, I'll go get him." Severus said striding out the door in smooth, almost elegant, steps.

"I need to check on my son," Frank said abruptly and he stumbled towards the door but collapsed, Remus catching him and lowering his twitching body to the floor.

"Frank!" Alice cried crawling towards him. She had suffered from one brief burst of Cruciatus but it was nowhere as bad as Frank's torment. "Frank, oh God, honey, don't leave me! God we need to get you to St. Mungos! Dammit! Where are the aurors?" She limply checked her husband. She couldn't cast any spells, her wand was broken, snapped by the now dead Rodolphous Lestrange, the body at the bottom of her window. He had laughed as he took it from it's place on the nightstand, before smothering her unsuspecting face with a pillow from the couch downstairs. Remus shook his head angrily.

"What do you expect from the ministry Alice? They're a right bunch of bastards!" Remus snarled as Severus came in.

"Calm yourself wolf, woman," Severus snapped rocking the sleeping Harry bundled in his cloak and pressed close to his body. "Alice can you hold Harry while I fetch Neville for you?" He says shortly and Alice gives a short jerky nod reaching out while adjusting her sitting position so it's better to cradle the babe just entering toddlerhood.

"Hello there Harry," she murmurs, stroking the plush, cool cheek of the baby, tears dripping down her face and onto the woolen, black material swaddled around him. "I'll be your auntie, and take care of all your motherly needs, just as Lily would have done for my son. You see, we're best friends and made promises even before we had fallen in love."

"Here madam," Severus said carrying an owl eyed blond toddler carefully in his arms. She smiled, overjoyed and relieved that they had done nothing to her baby. That they had attacked them first. "Your child safe and unharmed. It looks like they wanted to play before getting to the main course." She wept unashamedly into his robes when he knelt by her about to swap children.

"Tha-thank God," Frank said brokenly from the floor. Frowning, Severus gave her Neville after she passed Harry to Remus. Severus had shaken his head when she offered him Harry and instead moved to crouch by her husband.

"How long were you under Cruciatus Longbottom?" Severus quizzed the man.

"Three different bursts at least, about ten to thirty minutes in all more or less." He answered between moans and pants of pain. Severus nodded sharply while going through a series of small pockets sewn into the inner lining of his robes. Finally finding what he wanted the adults watched him pull out a few small bottles of potions.

"Help me get him sitting upright for this Lupin," Severus ordered Remus who complied after carefully laying Harry between him and Alice. Glancing at the sickly looking man, Severus' expression gentled just a smidgen in understanding and nurture, "These will block the pain coming from your nerves, negate any lingering affects, and hopefully heal any damages to them because of the curse." Frank nodded unsteadily, and let the Potion Master pour the potions down his throat.

"Amazing Severus," Remus murmured, "I hadn't heard of such potions... You made it yourself I assume?" Severus glanced up from his patient and nodded.

"It was what completed my mastery two months ago," Severus answered and Remus blinked at him in surprise while soothing Harry with gentle pats, who grew a little fussy, shifting in his wrap next to him.

"Amazing, it generally takes at least ten years to complete all the necessary work and you completed it in approximately three?" Remus surmised.

"Not exactly. I worked during the school years as well. I was able to convince Slughorn to test me on the lesser potions and trials along with my school work. I was able to get the first several years collapsed into the three most seniors years at Hogwarts, I started after Lily... After Lily and I parted company." He glanced at the tawny haired man before refocusing on the man who had stopped shivering. "I am going to cast some minor healing spells to assist in your healing, I am not as adept as say Madam Pomprey, but it is required of all Potion Masters to complete a basic generic nursing course." He tells Frank and the man nods in understanding. Muttering a few spells Frank's face visibly relaxes and after a few moments is able to sit up.

"Thank you Snape," Frank tells the man kindly earning a curt, but polite, nod. "Will you look after Alice next? She was also hit by the curse. Severus gave another nod and the next few minutes the group descends into silence except for a few fussy noises made by the babies. Finally leaving the blood splattered room, they drag the knocked out and bound Deatheater unceremoniously down the stairs into the parlor with them. Standing in a loose semi circle around the man bleeding out on their floor, unmasked to show his face to be the one of Rabastian Lestrange. They left the cooling bodies of Bellatrix Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr. upstairs after kicking them a few times. Not a desecration per say, but a reflection of how they lived their lives, kicking others while they were down.

"What should we do with him," Alice said rocking Neville calmly, her robes throw casually over her silk nightgown. Her husband stood behind her similarly dressed, a plain robe bearing his crest and auror badge over his naked chest and a pair of plain gray and red plaid, flannel pajama bottoms. Remus, in his regular, and rather tatty, robes didn't even deign to look at the man, he was more focused on his cub nestled protectively in the taller, black haired Severus' arms, whose cloak now reposed and slightly billowing around his somber figure.

Curling his lip in disdain at the unseemly heap of human filth, Severus offered in a chilling voice, "Leave him here to deal with the aurors or the Deatheaters, whatever comes first. Write a note and pin it to his chest and another to the front door that cannot be removed saying you, the Longbottoms, have left behind the sorry carcasses of the weak and lowly who dared to affront you in your own home. Leave no forwarding address but a middle finger raised up at them in more plebian terms. Two if you'd like."

"You should have been a poet, Snape," Alice says in an almost fond tone.

"Thank you madam," he said with a polite nod. "Now may we finish up here? We have to figure out where to stash the children. Both the light side and the dark side want them for that stupidity of a prophecy. God I wish I never brought it to them."

"We know and understand why you did it," Frank says calmly. "I am just glad that your error in judgment allowed us the opportunity to protect these boys with the foreknowledge that was withheld from us. You'd think people would understand that we'd want to be properly notified when their endangered by such... Idiocy."

"Common sense is a dying talent," Severus said back with a frown. "Lady Longbottom do you have anything to take with us for the children? I don't think wherever we'll go will have a stocked kitchen."

"I do, come and help me pack while Remus and Frank handle the," she glares at the man, "filth who dared to desecrate my home. Also I wouldn't be against you calling me Alice if you let me call you Severus, we always got on in school when we were with Lily." Severus inclined his head in silent agreement, and the pair sweep out of the room. With feral grins the pair of men left awoke the man staining the rug and wooden floor. And not gently. Not bothering to cast a waking charm they mutually summoned buckets of ice water and ice to dump on him.

"Wha-what happened?" The Deatheater lisps eyes widening at the site of the two towering over his bound form.

"Not much," Remus said in a mild tone, "just going to leave a little note with you before we leave. Do you have the parchment and quill ready Frank?" Frank cocked his head to the side and shook it sadly before answering.

"Remus I do believe I ran our of parchment today. Thus I can't write a note to pin it to his chest as our dear and beloved friend suggested." Frank said. "However, before we leave I believe we will we get the point across that you do not fucking threaten another wizard's child and wife." The words sunk into the demented Deatheater's mind and Lestrange could feel the ice in that statement coat his insides and slid through his blood in a painful shiver.

"I don't know about you Frank, but I'd take it out of the man's hide." Remus growled, all gentility and mild nature gone. "I would make sure that every injury, every plot they planned, would be inflicted back on them. If I was in my wolf form I'd eviscerate him then have him beg to be bitten, just so he could have his godforsaken life, then deny it."

"That sounds bloody brilliant, however I think he'll just have to do with it being writ onto his chest then him donating a bit of his time to tell his story over and over again. Shame we don't have veritaserum." Frank said tapping his wand, enjoying how the man's frightened gaze followed it up and down motion before darting over to Remus and then back to watching the motion over and over.

"Shame, oh well. I'm sure whoever picks him up will either kill him or sentence him to Azkaban, no brother, no sister-in-law, no He-Who-Must-Not-Be named to save his sorry ass. After all his so called lord attacked my darling Harry and then disappeared, body most likely obliterated. Shame. I wouldn't mind trapping that sorry ass without a wand in the room with me when I go wolfy." Remus said with a feral grin. His status as a werewolf had extended to all those in the Order and while some had been scared, the Longbottoms had been just as accepting and friendly as ever.

"Ah there's the Maurader I know and love." Frank said cheekily.

"Hush, what will your wife say?" Remus teased as they moved closer to the bound form before them which had started to sob and whimper in fear.

"That she'd want to watch." Frank said moving to crouch down before the man who dared to come and assault his family, eyes damning him.

"She was always the fun one." Remus said moving around to the other side and crouching as well.

"Hey get your own." Frank said nudging him and Remus gave a bark of cold laughter.

"I thought I was getting you?" He said giving Frank a snarky grin.

"Nope my werewolf buddy, you just get to have a little fun with this ponce's flesh." Frank said casting a charm silently to bare the man's chest.

"Ooh, that's almost as good." Remus said cheerfully as the screamed promises of retribution and details of what his lord would do one day began.

Standing in the kitchen, Alice paused briefly in front of a cupboard with a series of household and stasis charms. Severus sat at the table cradling Harry while watching Neville slumber on a transfigured cot next to him. "The boys are playing," Alice quipped and Severus chuckled in response.

"As long as they remember to leave a note I do not mind or care." He answered, "Though it pains me that I can not join them in this... Delicate endeavor." He smirked as he brought a cup of coffee to his thin lips.

"Hush you, I'm sure you'll get to play and plot and plan later on. Right now we need to finish preparing. Have you any of Harry's clothes?" Alice said summoning and packing items in an endless expansion bag that would fit neatly in the pocket of her now transfigured nightgown.

"No, we were to shocked and worried, we came immediately to you after Remus found Harry and I with Lily," Severus said growing quiet, "I don't think it would matter anyway, the nursery was partially burned down in whatever happened. I would request that Harry borrow some of your son's items, until we get some of his own."

"Of course, I'm not letting my godson go without. We'll have to go someplace where they won't immediately find us." Alice said, as it grew silent in the other room. "Do you think they're finished?" She asked curiously.

"Oh most probably, they wouldn't do too much I'm certain, they would want him coherent and of sound mind to give his testimony or plead for death at the hands of his so called co-workers. Plus they're just too bloody nice and Gryffindor to do anything too terrible." Severus says with a gentle sneer.

"I guess so, but..." They heard a loud scream, followed by the sound of feet carrying something heavy. Frank stuck his head in.

"Hey, we're going to go dump him out by the gates and then clean up." He said cheerfully the two nodded and listened to the muted groans and pants of pain from the hallway.

"So..." Severus said, "I believe we need to finish packing?"

Arching an eyebrow of her own, Alice borrowed one of Severus' most used words, "Indeed."

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