A/N:Hello everybody. This is a fanfiction inspired by American Mcgees Alice. It shows Alice Liddell's first experiences with the elements she uses on her and the abilities she develops. These are the forms she will go through: Rage Alice, Grasshopper Alice, Invisible Alice, Small Alice, and Underwater. She will also be going through some forms from Alice: Madness Returns such as: Shrinking Alice, Gigantic Alice, Hysteria Alice, Butterfly Dodge, and Floating. Each chapter will show how she reacts to each form and ability. It will also show how she feels about them. I hope you guys enjoy it. Here is the story.

Alice sat at a table, thinking of something to do. She was bored. She couldn't think of anything. She decided to go out and get some fresh air. She stood up from the chair and started to walk out of the White Castle. Alice stopped walking when she spotted a mysterious object, ten feet away from her. It was the Rage Box. Alice did not know that. She became curious and walked towards it. After getting close to it, the box sprayed a mysterious red vapor at her. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" Alice screamed in pain. She dropped to her knees. She suddenly started to feel strange. Alice saw something wrong with her arms. She looked at them. They were turning red. She looked in a mirror and her entire body was turning red. Alice noticed some horns growing out of her head. She had a concerned look on her face. Her back felt weird. She touched it, and she felt some strange appendages growing from it. She didn't know what they were. She looked at her hands. They were becoming claws. Alice gasped in shock. After the transformation finished, she had officially become Rage Alice. Alice suddenly felt the need to roar, and that's what she did. She heard a roar from within herself. She looked at herself in the mirror with extreme shock and fright. "What has happened? Why have I become this creature." she said. She sat down on her bed, and started trying to think things through. She started to think that the Rage Box did this to her. She was a little concerned because she feared the white chess pieces might think she was a creature sent in from the red queen to destroy the white queen. She didn't want to let the white chess pieces see her like that, so she had to get out of the white castle fast. She had to think of something. Alice stared down at her claws and felt nervous. She wondered if she would be feared by others, which she does not want. Suddenly, the white king appeared and saw Alice. His eyes widened with fright. He started shaking. "Who...who…who are you?" he stuttered. "It's me, Alice!" she exclaimed. The white king suddenly became angry. "You're not Alice. You look like a dangerous creature who was sent from the red queen." he said. Alice stared down at the floor, ashamed. "I don't want to look like a dangerous creature. You should recognize me as Alice." she said sadly. The white king stared at her. "You do look like Alice and sound like Alice. I guess you are Alice." the white king said. Alice suddenly felt better. "What happened to you?" the white king asked. "I don't know. I was sprayed by this mysterious object, and I got turned into this." Alice said, pointing at the Rage Box with one claw. The white king recognized the Rage Box. "This is the Rage Box. It will turn you into a terrifying creature if it sprays you." the white king explained. Alice felt ashamed again. She tried to hide her shame by covering her face with her hair. The white king chuckled. "There's nothing to be ashamed of. You will be turned back to normal in no time." the white king said. Alice still felt ashamed of the way she looked. Suddenly, a group of card guards, rushed into the castle. They started charging towards the white king. He immediately got knocked over by them. Alice stopped covering her face, and watched in horror. They were abusing him and electrocuting him. "STOP!" Alice yelled. They didn't listen. Alice suddenly felt angry and roared. The roar scared the card guards very much. They stopped abusing the white king. Alice started charging towards the card guards. She immediately tackled them. She started destroying them and fighting with them violently. The fight started to get very violent. Alice started to cause so much damage. Many stuff was being destroyed. She almost hurt the white king. He immediately got out of the castle. The white king stood by the castle and heard the fight getting worse and worse. When it ended, he came back in the castle to find everything destroyed. Alice was sitting on the floor with a worried look on her face. The white king ran over to her and said, "What's wrong?" "I destroyed everything!" she exclaimed. Her expression turned to sadness. "I feel horrible." she said, covering her face with her claws in shame. The white king hugged Alice, hoping it would make her feel better. He ended up getting his cheek poked by one of her horns. The white king backed way. "Sorry." Alice said. Suddenly, her arms started to lose their redness. Her claws were turning to regular hands. Alice felt her head. The horns were gone. She felt her back. The mysterious appendages were gone. Alice ran over to a mirror. She was back to normal. "HOOOOORRRAAYY!" Alice screamed. It felt good to be back to normal.