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They created the Dragon Age series and Elder Scrolls series respectively


Grey Wardens

(A man wearing plate armor with a griffon on the front swings a broadsword at the camera)

A force of the strongest fighters from all over Thedas, sworn to defeat the menace of the darkspawn.

(A Grey Warden Bashes a Hurlock with his shield before running it through on his sword)

The Imperial Legion

(A man wearing Roman-esque armor raises a large shield before stabbing at the camera with a shortsword)

The top fighting force of Cyrodiil, who led their country to create the largest empire in Tamriel's history.

(A Legionnaire blocks a Stormcloak's sword strike on his shield, then knocks him over and stabs him with his sword)




To find out, our world class fighters are testing fiction's greatest weapons.

Using twenty first century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy.

It's a duel to the death to decide who is…



Welcome to the fight club. Here a team of doctors, scientists, and weapon's experts will decide who is the deadlier fighting force of these two elite groups.

The Grey Wardens: Warriors of every race and class, whose sole mission is the defense of mankind.

Series: Dragon Age

Height: 6'

Weight: 180lbs

Armor: Silverite plate/Drakeskin leather


The Imperial Legion: The powerful warriors of Cyrodiil, who led the empire to become the largest of their world.

Series: Elder Scrolls

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 178lbs

Armor: Imperial steel plate/leather and chainmail

A young man with tan skin, brown hair and brown eyes inspected a small sensor device to make sure it will work.

Biomedical engineer Zivon96 will supervise the weapons testing.

"Both of these warriors are heavily armored and armed to the teeth with weapons." Zivon stated. "It will be interesting to see who will win."

A short, white, freckled, young man with brown hair, glasses and blue eyes looked over a damaged gel torso that looked like it had been almost cut in half. It wasn't making it to the hospital.

ER doctor and historian DeadAliveManiac will weigh in on the gruesome injuries inflicted by these warriors.

"I'll be telling you who's dead, who's seriously wounded and who's still okay." D.A.M. explained.

A tall brown haired blue eyed young man typed some information into a computer.

"Computer whiz Scarecrow'sMainFan will take the data from the weapons testing and input it into the digital combat engine that will determine the Deadliest Warrior.

"What's interesting about this matchup is that we will have different classes of warriors on both sides. This means that they will have different armor and weapons for each class."


A tall blond man with short hair and a short beard took up a broadsword and a large round wooden shield, taking a few experimental swings with the sword.

Taking up the sword for the Grey Wardens, is former Warden and King of Ferelden, Alistair Theirin.

"One does not simply join the Grey Wardens by choice. There are two ways in. A person can either be recognized by the Wardens and then invited to join, or they have to be conscripted. Either way, we only recruit from the best of the best fighters." Alistair explained

Another man, this one looking darker than Alistair with long dark hair and piercing eyes picked up a bow and tested the string to make sure it was taught.

Also fighting for the Wardens is current Warden, Nathaniel Howe.

"When I am sent on missions they are not missions of conquest like the Legion. I go on missions to stop the darkspawn from rising again and to fight them when they appear. And from experience I can tell you that darkspawn are much stronger than your average soldier." Nathaniel recanted.

The Grey Wardens were founded during the First Blight, when humans, elves, dwarves and all other species of Thedas were on the brink of annihilation by the darkspawn. The first Wardens were veteran soldiers of the land of Anderfells, who at Weisshaupt fortress, mastered the taint of the darkspawn and used it to fight against them.

"After almost one hundred years of losing battles against the 'spawn, this small band of soldiers were now managing to push them back." Said Alistair. "There are stories from these battles and of those from later blights that tell of Grey Wardens taking on groups of ten to twenty darkspawn, single handedly, and winning."

Even after knowing a warrior is a great fighter, they still have to go through one final test: The Joining. This secretive ritual is performed on all Grey Warden recruits to weed out the week and leave only the strongest.

Nathaniel gave a hard look to the camera. "When I became a Grey Warden I swore never to discuss the joining among any who are not a part of the order. I take that commitment very seriously."

Our Warden experts are confident. But so are their latest opponents.

A stern looking man with grey hair and lightly tanned skin knocked on a shield to check its strength.

Fighting for the Legion is Legionnaire General Tullius.

"While I'm sure these Wardens are great warriors against bestial darkspawn, we in the legion are disciplined, intelligent fighters instead of savage beasts." Tullius stated. "We have stood just as long as they have, and have expanded much further than they ever will."

Another man, this one younger and with long brown hair took a practice swing with a large war hammer.

Also waging war for the Legion is Legionnaire soldier Hadvar.

"The Legion is the strongest military force in all of Tamriel, and we have proven this time and again with our conquests." Said Hadvar. "The Wardens focus too much on finding the best soldiers as they are. In the Legion there is no time for that. You don't have to be good to join the Legion, you join the Legion we'll make you good."

The Imperial Legion was born from the great army of Tiber Septum, which he used to conquer Tamriel. After then the Legion was mainly used as a deterrent force to put down rebellions and keep the peace across the land.

"Even during supposed 'peacetime' the legion was kept busy, beating rebels and criminals across Tamriel." Said Hadvar. "Our idea of a break is taking down a gang."

The battles that made he Legion it's most famous however were Red Ring and the Skyrim Civil war.

"The legion gathered all of its followers and marched against Lord Naarfin's forces in the imperial city itself." Tullius explained. "And in the Skyrim civil war, not only did we have to fight the powerful Stormcloaks, but also the dragons were returning."

But what would happen if Tamriel's ultimate conquering force fought Thedas's defeaters of darknes?

"It's no contest." Said Tullius. "We have more discipline, training and experience. They will fall jst like any other enemy of ours."

"Am I worried about the Legion?" Alistair asked "Yes. But I still think we can beat them."

The Legion will strike first using their standard issue killer.

The Imperial Short Sword

Length: 2.6'

Weight: 3lbs

Material: Imperial Steel

Two and a half feet of blade, made for stabbing and slashing.

And the Imperial Shield

Size: 3.5'

Weight: 9lbs

Material: Wood, Imperial Steel

Large enough to cover the body, it was like having a second set of armor.

General Tullius stepped up to the hosts with the Imperial sword and shield. "Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the right and left hands of the Legion."

Scarecrow looked at the weapons he was packing. "Why would a Legionnaire carry this weapon?" he asked.

"Simply put, I can wait behind the shield until the enemy bounces off, and then run him through on the sword and wait for the next one."

D.A.M. pointed out an aspect of the weapon. "From the look of it, this is primarily a thrusting weapon, which means you are more likely to cause a lethal puncture wound than anything else with regard to length."

"This sword has been known to amputate limbs, and even decapitate at times." Hadvar interjected. "But yes, its original design was to be a thrusting weapon."

Zivon smiled. "Well we have a test for you. Over here we have our ballistics gel torso, and I want you to do as much damage to it as you can with the sword and shield."

"So you want me to kill a Warden then?" Tullius smiled "That can be arranged." Tullius walked up to the torso and took a fighting stance with his shield in front of him and his sword held behind the shield.

Zivon looked at Tullius. "Tullius, you ready?"


"Three, two, one, GO!"

Tullius shoved the torso with the shield before stabbing it in the chest. He then aimed a bit lower and stabbed it in the belly. He brought the sword up higher again and brought it down on one of the arms, amputating it. Finally he brought the sword down on the neck. "Done!" he called.

D.A.M. came over to inspect the damage. "Well the first strike you did was with the shield and that really didn't do much at all, it might knock him over but that's about it."

Tullius raised the shield. "This was designed completely and totally for defense. It was not designed to bludgeon."

"Well whatever it was designed for, the sword proved much deadlier." Said D.A.M. pointing to the wounds on the torso. "On your first strike you hit the heart, and that is an instant kill, but apparently that isn't enough for you because on your next strike you went straight for the belly and hit the small intestine. This is not an instant kill but it is a mortal wound. Unless you get this guy straight to a hospital like NOW he will die. Your next strike severed his sword arm and now he can't fight back. And your final strike almost decapitated him; he is literally hanging on by a few bits of skin here."

Alistair and Nathaniel walked over. "Alright Wardens, what do you think?" asked Hadvar.

Alistair looked over the damage. "Well it looks like he's dead but I don't think you'll be able to do that in real life because you will have to get past either this," he said placing a silverite chest plate on a nearby table. "Or this." He said as Nathaniel placed studded drakeskin armor next to the silverite plate.

Zivon looked at the experts. "I think I hear a challenge." He turned back to the other hosts. "What do you guys think?" D.A.M. and Scarecrow nodded.

Tullius looked at his next challenge. This would be a bit difficult.

"Alright Tullius," Said Zivon "We have here two pigs dressed in traditional Grey Warden plate and leather. I want to see two strikes on each one."

"We're using pig flesh because that's as close to human as we can get without it being illegal." Explained D.A.M.

Tullius looked at the pigs. He walked up to the first one, the one in the leathers.

"On three, two, one, ATTACK!"

Tullius plunged the sword into the pig's gut. It breached the armor. He then attacked the chest and managed to breach the armor as well. He then moved on to the plate armored pig, and tried a stab at the armored chest. The sword was deflected by the armor. Tullius struck higher this time, slashing the throat. "Done!"

D.A.M. walked over to inspect the carnage. "Well on the first pig, you went through the intestines on your first strike and he'll die from that, and on your second strike you dropped a lung, not a kill but it is now harder for him to breathe. That's another kill." He walked over to the second pig "It seems you bent the rules a little on this one and instead off attacking the armor on your second strike you went for the neck. This is an instant kill, but the armor did its job in protecting the warden. This strike didn't even slow him down."

"I had a feeling that would stop you." Alistair said, smirking. "Now let me show you our sword."

The wardens strike back with their own mighty blade and shield.

The Warden's Companion broadsword

Length: 4'

Weight: 3.7lbs

Material: Dragonbone

And the Warden's Shield

Length: 3'

Weight: 8lbs

Material: Dragonthorn wood, steel

A deadly combo for both attack and defense.

Alistair showed the hosts his favorite weapons. "These are standard issue for our warriors." He said showing off the blade and shield. "The sword is made of dragonbone, which is much stronger than steel, and the shield can be used for both defending and attacking."

"Well we have a test for both the sword and the shield." Said Zivon "Over here we have our ballistics gel torso, and we want you to give us a strike with both the shield and the sword."

"Let's go then." Said Alistair. He stood in front of the torso with his sword and shield in a fighting stance.

"Alistair you ready?"

"Ready and waiting!"

"On three, two, one, GO!"

With a war cry, Alistair brought back the shield and smashed it, rim first, into the dummy's neck. He then brought the sword down on the dummy's shoulder, cutting it in almost in half. "Done!"

D.A.M. had one look at the dummy's neck and laughed. "You broke his neck on that first strike!" he exclaimed. "And as if he wasn't dead enough, you almost cut him in half!"

"So what you're saying is that we have a twice dead Imperial here?" Alistair asked.

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

But our Legion experts are not impressed.

"You have armor? So do we. And ours is just as good." Said Tullius. "I want to see the same test but with armor on."

Alistair grinned. "Challenge accepted."

Scarecrow stood between the two warriors. "Clam down guys. Save it for the testing."

The crew had set up two more pigs. One dressed in imperial steel plate and one in imperial leather and chainmail. "Alright Alistair," said Zivon "We have our two pigs here in Imperial armor. It's the same challenge we gave Tullius: two sword strikes on each one. You think you can do this?" Alistair nodded. "Alright then. Three, two, one, GO!"

Alistair stabbed the first pig with the leather and chainmail in the gut. The dragonbone sword went right through the leather and chain in one strike. He then slashed at the shoulder like he had done with the un-armored dummy and the pig bent with the sword and went back into shape when Alistair removed the sword. The armor did not break. He then moved on to the plate armored target. He stabbed at the chest but the armor held fast. Instead of slashing at the neck however, he slashed at the chestplate, leaving a large dent. "Done!"

Scarecrow looked at D.A.M. "So are any of these guys making it home?"

D.A.M. looked at the first pig in the chainmail and leather. "This guy is dead because of the stab to the gut and if you look at the slash attack here you broke his collarbone and incapacitated his arm. So in other words, he can't fight back now because his other arm is full holding up his shield to try to stop you from killing him. Moving on to the second pig, you didn't breach the armor at all and removing it… you have broken a rib. You would probably knock him over, but this guy is still alive."

"In that case I pull a page from his book," Alistair said, pointing at Tullius. "And go for the neck, or hit him with my shield."

So which weapon gets the edge?

The three hosts were conversing. "Between the broadsword and shield and the shortsword and shield, I like the broadsword, and the fact that the warden's shield can be used as an attack." Said Zivon.

"It's a longer blade, and to get anywhere close enough to the Warden to attack, the Legionnaires will have to get into range of that sword." Added Scarecrow.

"The broadsword was able to do more damage even without piercing the armor." Finalized D.A.M.

Zivon nodded. "Since we're all in agreement, edge Warden's Companion."

For close range weapons, the Grey Wardens take the EDGE with the Warden's Companion and Shield.

But the battle isn't over yet. Each side still thinks they will be the ones to win.

Our Imperials believe the Legion's single minded discipline and training will be enough to win them the day.

"Any man who has the will and ability to fight can join the legion." Said Hadvar. "We instruct them on fighting maneuvers, strategy and tactics, and arm them well."

Our Grey Wardens on the other hand, believe that their warrior's diversity and strength will be enough.

"A common misconception about an army like ours is that we don't train our troops." Said Nathaniel. "We do train them, and not just in one way like the Legion. We have people from all walks of life, from Dalish elves to Chantry Templars, to Dwarven Berserkers. Each one comes with their own experience and then shares that with the rest of the men."

The Grey Wardens come to battle with:

The Warden's Companion sword and shield

The Twinblade knives

The Commission longbow

And Circle magic and Dragon's Call staff

The Imperial Legion counters with:

The Imperial shortsword and shield

War hammer

Imperial bow

And Destruction Magic

The Wardens strike next with:

The Twinblade knives

Length: 30"

Weight: 3lbs

Material: Dragonbone

Simple, effective, and in the hands of a Warden assassin, deadly.

Nathaniel strode up to the hosts, Twinblade in each hand. "These are the Twinblades. One thing I like about these knives is that what we call 'dagger,' they call 'sword.' Another good point is that each one is lightweight and easy to carry. I can carry one or two of these, my bow, and my pack all at once."

"Well we're going to test how effective these are at killing." Said Sacrecrow. "Over here we have our target."

The target is a ballistics gel torso dressed in Imperial plate armor and a closed helmet.

"Nice armor, Imperials." Said Nathaniel. "Not only can I pierce your eyes through these holes, but I can hack off your arm because it's un-armored."

"Calm down Nate." Said Zivon. "We aren't testing to see if you can kill him with these. We just want to know if you can breach the armor."

Nathaniel prepared to attack the target.

"Nathaniel, you ready?" asked Zivon.


"Three, two, one, GO!"

Nathaniel stabbed at the armor. It didn't budge. He tried three more strikes. Nothing breached it. Finally he stabbed one of the daggers through the eye hole of the helmet.

D.A.M. came over to inspect. "I was going to put my gloves on but it seems I don't need to. You didn't even get through the armor until you stabbed the eye, but if it's deep enough…" he pulled out the dagger. "That's in almost halfway. He's dead."

Hadvar walked over during this exchange. "Not bad Warden. Not bad at all. But I have something that can do much more damage."

"And what weapon would that be?" asked Nathaniel, Gglaring at Hadvar.

"Follow me and I'll show you."

The Imperial Legion smashes back with

The War hammer

Length: 5'

Weight: 12lbs

Material: Wood shaft, Steel head

Blunt on one end, with a deadly spike on the other. Used for breaking rocks, armor, and skulls.

"Now THIS is impressive." Said Scarecrow.

"This is the war hammer." Said Hadvar. "This is a less common weapon to be used by the Legion, but we use it to take down heavily armored or very large targets. The blunt end is used for knocking down armor or breaking rocks and obstacles, while the sharp end was used for breaking through armor."

"Well we're going to see if you can breach the Warden's armor with it because after that happened with your sword; you need something to go through it." Said D.A.M.

The Target is set up: a gel torso, dressed in silverite Warden Plate armor. "Hadvar, you ready?"

"I want to see a hit to the chest and to the head." Explained Zivon. "Ready?"

"Three, two, one, smash it!"

Hadvar brought the blunt end down on the chestplate of the armor, creating a huge dent. He then brought the spiked end down on the helm. The helmet and head inside it were both crushed y the force behind the blow.

"Wow. Now THAT caused some damage!" said Zivon.

"I think that might be a game changer, there." Added Scarecrow.

Removing the armor, D.A.M. looked at the wound beneath it. "Wow, this would hurt. The first hit broke all the ribs and created what's called a flail chest. This could very well kill you unless you get proper medical attention very soon. The other hit was to the head." D.A.M. removed what was left of the helmet to get a better look at the damage. What he saw was that the skull had been crushed like an egg. "Well since we can see the hole in the top of the head…" he poked his finger in. "I can feel brain matter, this guy's dead."

"I'll tell you one thing I didn't like though." Said Zivon. "You look like you're pretty tired after that, Hadvar how do you feel?"

"I'll be honest with you, I'm a bit tired. But he's dead." Said Hadvar.

So which weapon gets the edge?

"I have to say I like the Twinblades." Said Zivon. "With the hammer, how many swings can you take before you're too tired to swing anymore? I'm going to grow a pair of balls and give my edge to the knives."

"The hammer has more reach and power than the knives did, and we saw the knives glance off the imperial armor, and the hammer destroy the Warden's." Said D.A.M.

"I agree. Edge hammer." Said Scarecrow.

Zivon began to open his mouth. "Don't say anything. Edge hammer." Said D.A.M.

Grey Wardens or Imperial Legion? Who would win in a battle to the death?

With close range and mid range complete, our experts now turn to long range weapons.

The Imperial Legion shoots first with

The Imperial bow

Length: 3'

Weight: 2.5lbs

Material: Wood

Tullius held the Imperial bow. "This is our primary long ranged killer. It's accurate, maneuverable, and fast firing. This will hit a Warden before he knows we're there."

"Well now we can test that." Zivon said. "We have our two targets here, two full body dummies for each of you. Ones with the Emperor profile are Imperial Legionnaires and ones with griffons on the front are Grey Wardens. You will have four arrows and I will start you back at twenty yards. Start on your go."

Tullius stood twenty yards from the two griffon targets. He strung an arrow, fired it at the right dummy and hit it in the ribcage. His next arrow was strung and shot into the left dummy's eye in only a few seconds. He strung a third one and fired it into the right dummy's shoulder. His final arrow hit the left dummy in the chest.

"Time!" called Zivon.

D.A.M. pulled the arrow out of the right dummy's ribs. "Where to begin? Let's start with your first shot, it hit the dummy in the ribcage, dropped a lung, and hit the heart. That is a kill. Going to the second dummy you hit him in the eye, and it went straight into the brain. Another kill. This third shot hit the dummy in the shoulder, and while it's not necessarily lethal, it is crippling. Your final shot, you hit the aorta, the biggest blood vessel in the body, and that is going to bleed out and kill him."

Tullius turned to Alistair and Nathaniel. "So Wardens, you have three dead and one crippled. What do you think?"

"I'll bet I could do the same but from further with our weapon." Nathaniel boasted.

"And what weapon would that be?" Asked Tullius.

The wardens return fire with

The Commission

Length: 5'

Weight: 5.5lbs

Material: Dragonthorn wood

"That bow is a lot bigger than the legion's bow" Stated scarecrow.

"Well Nathaniel, we have the same test for you to show us how well you can shoot with that bow. Again we have two targets, yours with the Emperor's profile on them, and we want you to shoot them with four arrows from twenty yards back." Said Zivon.

"I'll kill them both. But let's make this a bit more interesting and start thirty yards back."

"Your choice man. On your go."

Nathaniel stood thirty yards back from the targets. He strung one arrow and loosed it. The arrow hit the left dummy in the throat. Nathaniel took another arrow and knocked it, although he was noticeably slower than Tullius. He fired the arrow and it hit the right dummy in the chest. He strung another arrow and shot the left dummy in the eye. Nathaniel grinned as he strung his last arrow and fired it. It hit the right dummy in the middle of his leg.

"Time!" Zivon cried. "Let's go check out his kills."

D.A.M. looked at the arrows in the two dummies. "Well your first shot was an instant kill; you hit him right in the windpipe. The second shot hit the heart, which caused another kill. The third hit was right in the eye, and it reached the brain. Another kill. But I have to ask, why did you shoot him in the leg.?"

Nathaniel grinned again. "Well it's like this. He used to be an Imperial Legionaire,"

"Don't say it." Tullius growled.

"But then he took an arrow in the knee." Nathaniel finished, enjoying the look of rage on Tullius' face.

"He said it…" the general muttered angrily.

So which long range weapon gets the edge?

"Both weapons are strong in different areas." Said Scarecrow. "The Commission had a greater range, but the Imperial bow was more maneuverable. For this test, the edge is even."

For long range weapons, neither side gets the edge.

The Imperial legion vs the Grey Wardens.

Each side has tested weapons for long range, mid range and close range, but now the gloves come off, as both sides prepare to test one of their most powerful weapons.

"In the Wardens, one thing we are very proud of is that we are one of two fighting forces in all of Thedas that allows mages into their army." Said Alistair. "And like our other forces we have many different schools of magic in the Wardens, from the magic of the Dalish Elves to that of the Circle of Magi."

The Wardens will attack with

Circle Magic

Size: Varriable

Weight: None

Substance: Magic/mana

The magic will be accompanied by

The Dragon's Call staff

Length: 5' 6"

Weight: 3lbs

Material: Dragonbone, Lyrium

To test their magic, The Warden team has brought in former Grey Warden and Circle mage Anders.

Anders took the staff and, along with Alistair, approached the hosts. "This is the standard issue staff given to the Wardens. They are forged in Orlais out of Lyrium infused Dragonbone so that they can channel the magic of a mage Warden." Anders explained.

"Well Anders we have a few dummies for you to test your magic out on." Said Zivon.

The targets are five mannequins. Anders will be started fifteen yards back and will be given one spell for each dummy. Each dummy is also equipped with a thermal sensor, impact sensor, and electrical sensor to guage the power level of the spells.

"Anders, you ready?" Zivon called.

"Yes sir." Anders replied.

"Three, two, one, GO!"

Anders shot a small fireball at the first dummy. Upon contact however, the fireball exploded into a much larger ball of flame that knocked the dummy over. The second dummy was hit in the head with a large stone fired from Anders' staff. Anders then moved closer to the last dummies and hit the third one with a stream of fire from his staff. He then turned to the fourth dummy and hit it with a blast of cold that froze it solid. Anders returned to the original distance and shot a bolt of lightning at the final dummy. "Done!"

Anders showed an impressive display of magic in this test. But how much damage did he really do?

D.A.M. took a look at the first dummy. "Well first thing's first, this blast did a lot more damage with the explosion than with the fire. This guy is not that badly burned, but according to the impact sensor, you night as well have hit him with a grenade, he's dead. Moving on to the second target, you launched a rock at his head, and I don't think I really need to say anything about this one."

Scarecrow grinned, "You got that right doc. He doesn't even have a head anymore!"

"As I was saying, this is another instant kill." D.A.M. said. "The third and fourth ones you had to move a bit closer for but you managed to kill this guy with that stream of fire. Even if he was wearing armor you would have roasted him in it. This next guy however, this is an interesting one. You froze him, and that's not an instant kill but he will slowly die from this."

Anders grinned. "That's not all I can do to him. Stand back and watch this."

The group stood back and Anders fired another stone from his staff. The frozen target shattered into a million pieces.

"Well if he wasn't dead before he is now." Said a stunned D.A.M. "As for this last guy, the amount of electricity he took is a lethal amount, he's dead."

"So that's four instant kills and one kill with a second spell." Said Zivon. "Imperial Legion, what do you think?"

Tullius looked at Anders with obvious disapproval. "I think it's a disadvantage to have to use that staff to fire your magic from."

Alistair grinned. "Ah but we don't have to use the staff. It just channels the attack and allows the mage to make small magic attacks without using his mana."

"We have our own school of magic, and it's made only for battle." Said Tullius.

The Legion's magic of choice for war is

Destruction Magic

Size: Variable

Weight: None

Substance: Magika

Testing the Destruction Magic for the Legion is former Archmage of the College of Winterhold, Savos Aren.

"Destruction Magic is magic designed for the sole purpose of battle and, as the name implies, destruction." Said Savos. "It harnesses the powers of frost, fire and shock."

"Well we have the same test for you as we had for Anders." Said Zivon. "Again, five targets, each equipped with sensors, and you twenty feet back. You can move closer if needed." You start on your go."

Savos took his position twenty feet back. He then moved closer to the targets and engulfed the first one in a stream of fire. The second target he shot frost out of his left hand and lightning from his right. The target was frozen and shocked at the same time. The third target was simply hit with shocks, and the fourth was hit in the face with a fireball. He hit the final dummy in the head with a bolt of lightning and then signaled that he was finished.

D.A.M. went over to inspect the carnage. "First thing I really noticed was that you had to move closer to hit these targets then the wardens had to for their first spells, but from the readings we got, yours were more powerful. This first guy was cooked to death, the second guy was frozen and shocked at the same time, and since water conducts electricity, this guy might as well have been swimming when this happened. Moving to the third target, it's simple you electrocuted him to death. The fourth guy, you burned his face off, he's going to bleed out and then die quickly. The last guy was again, killed by lightning."

Zivon turned to look at both Anders and Savos. "You both managed to take out five targets with six spell only because you each used two spells in combination once. However I must ask now, how do you both feel after this?"

Savos spoke up first. "I feel drained and it would take me a little while to replenish my Magika."

Anders shrugged. "I also feel drained but I have my staff here and I can use it to fire stunning blasts at him while my mana replenishes itself."

So which magical arts will get the edge?

"The Destruction Magic was more powerful. However that being said, the Circle Magic has greater range options and even if the user runs out of power for their more powerful spells they still have the staff to use to stun the enemy while the lethal spells recharge." Zivon said. "All of these factors put against the sheer power of destruction magic is why this again in dead even."

For special weapons, it's a draw.

With the testing complete, Scarecrow will now load the results into the deadliest warrior computer program, which will simulate 1000 battles between the Wardens and the Legion.

Our team of experts tested four Grey Warden weapons: the Warden's Companion and shield combo, the Twinblade knives, the Commission bow, and the Circle Magic and Dragon's Call staff.

They also tested four Imperial Legion weapons: the Imperial sword and shield combo, the war hammer, the Imperial bow, and the Destruction Magic.

At long range, the Imperial bow's ease to fire and maneuverability were pitted against the Commission's range.

"The Imperial bow was fast and easy to fire," Said Scarecrow, "But the Commission had fifty percent more range. In this case the edge is even."

Edge: even

At mid range, the Warden's versatile Twinblade knives were pitted against the Legion's mighty war hammer.

"The knives were nice and they looked like they would be the weapon you want to use to get around opponent's armor." Said Scarecrow. "The hammer however, would be able to break through the Warden's armor and do serious damage, or at the bear minimum, knock the Warden on his ass. In the race between the knives finding chinks in the imperial's armor and the hammer finding… well anything, the hammer wins."

Edge: Imperial Legion

In close range weapons, we pitted the Warden's Companion broadsword and shield, against the Imperial shortsword and shield.

"This was almost no contest." Said D.A.M. "Both swords were able to get through their opponent's light armor, but were stopped by the heavier armor. The broadsword however did more damage even to the armored targets. And even if he didn't his shield can be used to attack and defend."

Edge: Grey Wardens

Finally, in special weapons, the Warden's Circle Magic and staff was put up against the Legion's Destruction Magic.

"The Circle Magic had greater options in terms of range, and has the staff in case the user runs out of mana." Said Zivon. "However, the Destruction Magic is a lot more focused on killing the enemy, and has a lot more power behind every attack. Therefor this is too close to call."

Edge: even

Scarecrow'sMainFan will now load the data from the weapon's test into the computer to decide who is the deadliest warrior.

Scarecrow looked up from his completed work. "When I press this button, the computer will simulate 1000 battles between four Legionnaires and four Wardens to decide who the deadliest warrior is."

Scarecrow hit the button.

The fight takes place in an abandoned, rural town in the countryside. Four Imperial Legionnaires enter one end of the town. One had leather armor and carried an Imperial bow in his hand, and a shortsword at his belt; another wore plate armor and had a war hammer; the third had robes on as he was an Imperial mage; and their leader wore plate armor and carried an Imperial sword and shield. The head Legionnaire ordered his men to spread out and search the town.

At the other end of the town, four Grey Wardens entered. One was a dwarf wearing drakeskin leather with a Twinblade in each hand; the next was an elf, also in leathers, with a Commission bow in hand and Twinblades at her hip; another was human and wore circle robes and carried a staff. He was a mage of the Wardens. Their Leader wore silverite plate and carried a Warden's Companion in his right hand and a shield in his left. He also gave his followers the order to spread out.

Legion IIII

Wardens IIII

The dwarven Warden walked through an alleyway, blades at the ready. When he emerged from the alley, an arrow hit him in the chest and he went down with a shout, still alive but badly wounded. The Imperial archer that shot him corrected his mistake, and put an arrow in the dwarf's eye.

Legion IIII

Wardens III

The Legionnaire didn't have time to celebrate before he felt a great heat burning behind him. He jumped quickly to the side to avoid being burned to death and turned to see the mage Warden shooting a stream of fire at him out of his staff. The archer however was out of the warden's range so he wasn't hit.

The Warden realized he was going to have to use a different spell before the archer had time to shoot him. He fired a ball of fire at the Legionnaire but he jumped to the side and wasn't hit. His victory was short lived however, for the fireball hit the ground where he was a second before and exploded. The explosion hit him and he died with a shout.

Legion III

Wardens III

The Warden mage turned around to leave and report to his leader when the Imperial mage turned a corner and saw him and the bodies of both the dwarf and his comrade. Deducing that this man must have killed him, he was quick to shoot a blast of flame at him.

The Warden was just able to dodge and return fire with a lightning bolt from his staff. The bolt hit a building next to the Imperial, and broke a brick in the wall.

The two mages glared at each other and each fired a stream of flames at their opponent. At first it seemed like the two would be evenly matched, until the amount of power behind the Imperial's magic, plus the amount of mana it had taken the Warden to kill the other Legionnaire took effect. The Imperial's fire overtook the warden's and engulfed him. The Warden screamed as he was burned to death by the imperial mage's flames.

Legion III

Wardens II

The Imperial was about to leave when he dropped to the ground, an arrow in the back of his skull. The elven Warden on a nearby rooftop smirked as the arrow hit its target. She then looked grim when she remembered the nearby bodies of her two comrades and left to go find her leader.

Legion II

Wardens II

The elf Warden had rounded a corner in the town when she heard armored footsteps behind her and turned around to see the Legionnaire with the war hammer charging at her, hammer raised. She had just enough time to drop her bow and get out of the way before the hammer came down.

The Imperial with the hammer tried to strike again, but the elf drew her daggers, dodged, and tried an attack. She stabbed at the imperial's chest, but she couldn't get through the armor.

The Imperial stepped back and made a horizontal attack with the hammer. The attack caught the Warden in the chest. The warden went down, ribs broken.

The Imperial raised his hammer and brought it down on the Warden's head.

Legion II

Wardens I

The Warden's leader rounded a corner just in time to see his lieutenant get her head crushed by the hammer wielding Legionnaire. Angered, he charged the Imperial, sword raised, and shield forward.

His armored footsteps caught the attention of the Imperial, who jumped out of the way and tried to attack the Warden with his hammer. Tried is the key word because after using it for so long he had tired himself out. He dug into his reserves of energy and attacked. The Warden however, managed to block the attack with his shield, and stab him in the throat with his sword.

Legion I

Wardens I

The Imperial leader arrived just as his last man was being stabbed. He and the Warden leader glared at each other in hatred, before raising their shield and circling each other.

The Imperial made the first move, charging and trying to stab at the Warden's gut. The Warden raised his shield and blocked the attack before slashing high at the imperial's throat. The Imperial also blocked and resumed his attack.

Each warrior struck at his foe, only to be either blocked by their shield, or countered by their sword.

The Warden then had an idea. If this worked, it would mean victory for him. If it didn't, he would leave himself wide open and would likely be attacked and killed.

The Warden brought his sword out to his right and struck with it. The Imperial blocked it with his shield. This however was what the Warden wanted. He struck the Imperial in the face with his shield, and the Imperial fell to the ground.

The Warden walked toward the fallen Legionnaire and raised his sword. The Imperial let out one final shout. "For the Empire!" Before the Warden plunged his sword into his neck.

Legion 0

Wardens I

The Warden leader raised his sword and shouted to the heavens.

"In war, Victory!"

Winner: Grey Wardens

"We ran the battle 1000 times, and the wardens won 511 times in comparison to the legion's 489." Said Scarecrow. "It was a close battle, but in the end the Wardens emerged victorious."

Grey Warden kills

Warden's Companion and shield: 194

Twinblades: 56

Commission: 110

Circle Magic and Dragon's Call: 151

Total: 511

The Warden's most effective weapon was the Warden's Companion and shield combo, and their magic.

Imperial Legion kills

Imperial sword and shield: 99

War hammer: 189

Imperial bow: 101

Destruction Magic: 100

The Legion's war hammer was their most effective weapon, but it was just not enough.

"The Wardens were able to win, and the factors that led to this were that their bow, magic, and even sword at close range could strike the imperial before he got close enough to attack him." Zivon explained.

Tullius scowled. "Perhaps we should have a rematch. This time maybe army on army?"

Alistair grinned. "I respect the Imperial Legion. But when we're talking about the deadliest warrior, the Grey Wardens define that term."

(The Warden leader buries his fallen comrades and salutes them. "In death, sacrifice.")