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(An armored human aims an assault rifle at the camera)

Humanity's supersoldiers who inherited the legacy of the legendary SPARTAN II, and who were known to the Covenant as demons.

(A team of SPARTAN IIIs open fire on a group of brutes.)


(A helmeted alien with dreadlock-esque tentacles on its head swings its wrist blades at the camera.)

The most feared hunters in the galaxy who have killed creatures across the stars, and would stop at nothing to kill their targets.

(A Predator fires its plasma caster into the chest of a human.)




To find out, our world class fighters are testing fiction's greatest weapons.

Using twenty first century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy.

It's a duel to the death to decide who is…


In our high tech fight club, our experts will test the arsenals and tactics of two of the most deadly fighters of science fiction.

SPARTAN IIIs: Humanity's high tech super soldiers, known as demons to their enemies.

Series: Halo

Height: 6' 10"

Weight: 220lbs

Armor: Shielded SPI armor


Predators Stealthy and deadly alien hunters, killers across the galaxy

Series: Aliens/Predator

Height: 7'

Weight: 240lbs

Armor: Biomask helmet

A young man with tanned skin, brown hair and brown eyes inspected a chestplate with a hole in it.

Biomedical scientist, Zivon96 will use advanced technology to analyze the warriors and their weapons.

"Predators are some of the most badass aliens to ever live in this galaxy." Zivon said, excited "SPARTAN IIIs on the other hand were created to defend humanity from aliens. I'm really excited to see how this matchup plays out."

Another young man, this one shorter and with brown hair, freckles and glasses looked over what was left of a gel torso.

ER doctor and historian DeadAliveManiac will get down and dirty with the blood and guts of this match.

"Both of these warriors are superhuman," said DAM "If there is one area where this match will be interesting in it's that only one of these warriors has true armor."

A third young man, tall with brown hair and blue eyes typed a command into a computer.

Computer expert Scarecrow'sMainFan will input all the data into an advanced computer program that will simulate a battle to the death between these two warriors.

"With this matchup we have firearms being used, so I'm going to be bumping the simulation up to handle a five on five squad battle." said Scarecrow.


A man in blue Spartan armor with no helmet picked up an assault rifle and looked down its sights.

Handling the weapons for the SPARTANs is SPARTAN III, and head of Noble team Carter A259.

"SPARTANs have been training and learning war since childhood." said Carter "Not only that, but in our teen years we are given extensive genetic augmentations to make us stronger faster and tougher."

Another SPARTAN, this one in grey and red armor with a full helmet with a skull on it picked up a shotgun and pumped it.

Also fighting for the SPARTANs, is Emile A239, a specialist in combat.

"The SPARTANs will beat the Predators any day." said Emile. "We've fought and killed tons of alien bastards and these ones will be no different."

SPARTAN IIIs were formed by the Office of Naval Intelligence to create cheap supersoldiers for humanity's war against the Covenant. Originally made to be expendable, SPARTAN IIIs soon became a mighty fighting force.

"ONI saw the success of the SPARTAN IIs," said Emile "And decided to make some more supersoldiers. Only difference was that to make up for our lack in raw power we would be allowed to keep our memories for motivation of vengeance."

SPARTAN IIIs were designed to be team oriented, and thus fought in small five to six man fireteams. Their enemies in the Covenant called the SPARTANs "Demons."

"The Covenant was a powerful and highly advanced alien alliance." Said Carter. "But with SPARTANs and their augmentations and training, humanity was able to survive the war. I would be hard pressed to find a warrior culture in history that would stack up against the SPARTANs."

Our SPARTANs are confident, but they're facing equally certain opponents. Experts on the Predators.

A tall human with military cut hair strapped a bracer to his wrist.

Major Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer was the first human to encounter a Predator and live.

"The SPARTANs are powerful, but they are still only human." said Dutch "As a group they might be able to take down one Predator, but with this being a five on five battle, they will have no chance."

An actual Predator in full helmet took up a spear and twirled it.

Predator hunter Scar is a Predator himself, and will test the weapons of his people.

Scar grunted hissed and growled. The deadliest warrior translator gave a translation of his alien speech. "My people train their entire lives to become the deadliest of warriors. We hunt not for territory or out of anger. We kill because our way of life demands it."

Native to the planet Yautja Prime, The spacefaring Predators or Yautja have been hunting and killing the most dangerous species in the galaxy for centuries, some say even millennia.

"My people kill dangerous creatures across the stars." Said Scar "This is something the SPARTANs cannot say."

The Predators' lust for killing led them to Earth and to the massacre of numerous Special Forces soldiers.

"One Predator was all it took to kill my entire squad, and so many more of the best US soldiers. One." Said Dutch. "The SPARTANs may be strong, but against a squad of Predators? They have slim to no chance."

So how will this battle between two of the galaxy's strongest warriors go?

"This battle will be difficult to determine." Said Zivon "Both sides are strong, trained since youth and come with a great payload of weapons. If there's one area where this will come down to it is that the SPARTAN is so heavily armored and the Predator is lacking in that. That being said however, the Predator is a hell of a lot stronger than the Covenant, so the SPARTAN has his work cut out for him."

This battle to the death starts at long range. The SPARTAN team will fire first with


Length: 2' 7"

Weight: 11lbs

Magazine: 15 rounds

"This is the DMR, or designated marksman rifle." Said Carter "This gun the size of an assault rifle, with the accuracy of a sniper if slightly less range and power."

"Well Carter we have a test set up to prove that." Said Zivon "We have targets set up here, 10 bottles of blood on this shelf. I want to see them all gone."

"I'll do that. Smaller targets too."

"Your choice man."

After Zivon set up the new targets, Carter put on his helmet, aimed his rifle and put his finger on the trigger. The first shot flew, nailing the first bottle. Each of the nine shots fired after that was another hit.

Scarecrow looked at the targets… or what was left of them. "The larger bottles, whatever, but these smaller ones."

DAM looked at the shattered bottles. "You put something this size into someone's face, that's the no reflex kill zone. He's not even going to get off a shot as he dies."

Scar looked at what was once ten bottles. "You have skill SPARTAN, but my people do not simply stand there with our heads together." He said "We also have an accurate weapon that will destroy you."

Emile scoffed. "I'd like to see you try."

The Predators will counter the DMR with their own signature weapon; one they say can blow away even an armored SPARTAN.

The Plasma Caster

Size: 8"

Weight: 3lbs

Ammunition: limitless

A shoulder mounted cannon that fires bolts of explosive plasma at enemies.

Dutch gestured to the Plasma Caster now mounted on Scar's shoulder. "This is the weapon that killed some of my best men." He said "It's not just accurate, it's laser guided, and highly powerful."

"Well we have the perfect scenario for you to test that. Over here we have a ballistics gel SPARTAN encased in full shielded chestplate and helmet so we can see just what kind of damage this can do against an armored opponent."

Scar will fire the Plasma Caster using the controls inside his mask. A twitch of his mandible will send an explosive plasma round at the SPARTAN victim.

"Scar, you ready?" said Zivon.

The Predator nodded.

"Alright man, on your go, kill this guy."

Scar aimed the Plasma Caster. Three small red lights appeared on the target's head. An instant later the cannon fired, and the head literally exploded.

"HOLY CRAP!" cried the hosts.

But Scar didn't stop there; he aimed and fired another shot, this one into the chest area, blowing it apart.

DAM went over to inspect what little there was to see. "Your first shot hit the head, completely destroying it. No more head means no more brain which means no more."

"I gotta say Scar," said Zivon "We've tested a lot of weapons but this is the first time other than a rocket launcher that we've seen this king of devastation."

"You know you're absolutely right Zivon and that brings me to the second shot where you do even more damage." Said DAM "You blew this guy's entire body apart. If the headshot hadn't already killed him, this would. He'd be dead in an instant."

So which primary long range weapon gets the edge?

"I give this one all to the Plasma Caster." Said DAM "That thing can tear bodies apart in a single shot."

"I have to agree with you doc," said Scarecrow "Not only does it tear through both armor and SPARTAN like paper, it also doesn't run out of ammo or have to be reloaded."

"So in the end, Edge Predator for the Plasma Caster." Zivon concluded.

For primary long range weapons, the Predators take an explosive edge with the plasma caster.

But both fighters are just getting warmed up. Each side still has one more long range weapon to reveal. The Predators will fire first this time with

The Speargun

Length: 2'4"

Weight: 8lbs

Magazine: 9 Spears

Hurtles deadly darts with deadlier accuracy

Scar showed the experts the speargun. "This weapon is less explosive than the Plasma Caster, but it can kill just as effectively. It fires these four inch, double pronged spears."

DAM looked at the spears. "With this kind of thing fired at high velocity it will enter your body and be very hard to remove. Add to that the two prongs and it will be more likely to hit vital structures."

"This is all true doc." Said Zivon "But I'd still like to test this weapon and see if it can kill and armored SPARTAN."

To test the accuracy and lethality of the speargun, our team sets up a ballistic gel SPARTAN and armored it to gauge the armor piercing abilities of the speargun

Scar aimed the speargun at the target.

"Scar, you ready?" called Zivon.


"On three, two, one, fire!"

Scar aimed and fired at the chest. The shields flickered but stayed strong, deflecting the spear. The second and third shots were all that was needed to take down the shields, the fourth sticking into the chestplate.

Scar's sixth and seventh shots hit right into the neck and his seventh was fired right at the head, smashing through the visor and into the skull. "Done!"

The experts approached the torso. "The damage these spears cause behind the armor is a lot on these higher shots." Said DAM "The headshot went right into the brain, destroying anything there, SPARTAN augmented or not. The neckshots, the first hit the carotid artery, and the second actually hit both the jugular vein and the trachea. Instant kills." The experts took off the armored chestplate. "Peeling back the armor, we see that your chest shot actually didn't hit anything it just lodged itself in the armor."

"So what you're saying is you have a few killshots," said Emile "But couldn't get through the strongest parts of our armor."

"If this weapon didn't kill you we could easily correct that mistake with the plasma caster." Scar replied.

Carter rolled his eyes. "We have something on our arsenal that can destroy this… thing."

The SPARTANs response to the speargun is the most widely used weapon in the UNSC.

The MA5C Assault rifle

Length: 2'6"

Weight: 12lbs

Magazine: 32 rounds

Just holding it makes a soldier feel like "God's own anti son of a bitch machine."

"Reliable, powerful, deadly." Carter said. "Those words describe this piece of equipment. This is the workhorse of the UNSC army."

"And how will this compete with the speargun?" asked Scarecrow.

"These bullets hit harder than their spears, we have a bigger magazine, and this can fire rapidly. It's no real contest."

To test the lethality of this weapon, our team has set up a new scenario: a Covenant outpost manned by two five brutes, two in the open, and the other three behind cover.

Zivon gave the countdown and Carter began firing. He fired a burst of shots into the first open brute's chest and another into the second one's face.

Carter then broke into a run, firing at the first brute in cover. The rounds tore through his face and into the space where a brain should be. The second brute he fired another burst into and then moved closer and emptied the rest of his magazine into the creature's face. "Done!"

DAM looked at the first target. "Five rounds in the chest, this guy's done. The other guy, three in the head, he is dead. As for the two in cover, this first one has four in the head, his mind is mush. And the last guy… he's not in a happy place."

"This test is ridiculous." Said Dutch "Predators are a moving, invisible target, these are large, visible and static."

"I don't know," said Emile "I think an invisible, moving, shielded elite would be more of a challenge."

So which secondary long range weapon gets the edge?

"I have to give this one to the SPARTANs." Said Scarecrow "The MA5C has more rounds and the speargun can only get through certain parts of the SPARTAN's armor. Edge MA5C."

The SPARTANs take the edge for their assault rifle.


SPARTAN III supersoldier, or Predator hunter? Our team of experts is within range of discovering which of these warriors is deadliest.

The SPARTAN experts think their training and ability to work as a team will ultimately win them this match.

"The SPARTAN IIIs were designed to work as a team." Said Carter "We know all of each other's strengths and weaknesses and how to compensate if one member dies."

The Predator experts on the other hand think they have the greater motivation to win.

"The Predators live their entire lives hunting and killing." Said Dutch "If a Predator fails in its hunt, they will destroy themselves. That is how serious they are."

The Predator goes into battle with

The Plasma Caster


Smart Disc


And the Wrist Blades

The SPARTANs fire back with their own equally damning weapons


MA5C Assault Rifle

M9 Fragmentation Grenade

M45 Shotgun

And the Combat Knife

When a gun was too much, the Predators used a silent killer

The Smart Disc

Size: 8"

Weight: 2lbs

Material: alien metal

A flying disc of death, made to go through anything.

"This is the Smart Disc." Said Scar "Made to be silent and cut through anything that it hits."

"How would a Predator use this weapon?" asked Scarecrow.

"We throw this weapon at the target, usually when they don't see us, and when it hits, it goes completely through them."

To test the lethality and accuracy of the Smart Disc, our team has set up a new test. Scar will throw the Smart Disc at the closest thing to human flesh: a pig carcass.

"Scar, you ready?" called Scarecrow.


"Throw it on three, two, one!"

Scar threw the disc. When it hit the pig, the experts were shocked to find that it cut the pig COMPLETELY in half!

"Holy crap!" called Zivon.

DAM held up the upper half of the pig. "Is there really a need for a doctor here? You severed the spine and cut him open. He's a dead goner."

Emile shook his head. "SPARTANs don't just stand around like that, and we tend to wear armor."

To test how much damage the Smart Disc can do against an armored SPARTAN III, our team sets up a new pig, wearing SPI armor like a SPARTAN would.

Scar threw the disc again. The bladed death flew through the air until it hit the armor…

And went right in. The disc embedded itself halfway into the armor. Removing the armor, DAM announced "This would be a kill, it goes through the armor and hit the heart."

But the SPARTAN team is unimpressed. They believe that their weapon delivers more death than the Smart Disc.

M9 Fragmentation Grenade

Size: 3.7"

Filler: 0.19kg ComL

Mass: 0.4kg

"SPARTANs love things that go 'boom' and this is one of our favorites." Said Emile.

"What kind of explosive is this?" asked Scarecrow.

Emile pointed at the grenade. "This grenade has about half a pound of ComL high explosive in it, and we carry between two and four of them. It has a three to five second fuse, some people like to say that, but I don't like to play around with a three to five second fuse."

To test the destructive power of the grenade, our team has set up a new test.

Zivon gestured to what stood next to him. "The grenade goes inside the washing machine."

The washing machine will simulate the effect a grenade would have on a vehicle surrounded by enemies.

"This will help us to measure the explosion and the shrapnel dispersion pattern." Said Zivon.

"We're going to need the Maytag repair man on this one." Said Scarecrow.

"Finaly…" muttered DAM.

"So which way are you guys running?" asked carter as Emile opened the machine.

"I'm running that way!" said Scarecrow.

The hosts ran towards the shelter and carter simply put his helmet on and walked away as Emile dropped the grenade into the machine and then ran. Only seconds later, the machine exploded, throwing shrapnel in all directions.

"Holy crap, guys!" Scarecrow exclaimed. "The whole thing is destroyed!"

After reviewing the footage from both the M9 grenade and the Smart Disc, our experts debate which one gets the edge.

"It seems to me," said DAM "That both of these weapons can do terrific damage and kill at their ranges. In the end it'll all depend on who fires first. So this one is a draw."

For special weapons, neither side gets the edge.


SPARTAN III or Predator? Only one will walk away from this battle to the death.

When fights moved closer, the Predators would rely on a weapon made for execution.

The Combispear

Length: 6'

Weight: 4lbs

Material: Alien steel


Scar performed combat moves with the Cobispear as Dutch explained it. "This is the Predator Combispear. It's a telescopic spear used primarily in close combat, but can also be thrown."

"It's an interesting weapon," said Scarecrow "It's a big weapon, but that being said, I'd like to test this thing out and see if it can do what you claim or if this is just overcompensation, outer space style."

"I agree completely Scarecrow," said DAM "And over here we have our ballistics gel torso, outfitted with SPARTAN armor, shields and all, and you're going to use that spear to cause some havoc."

Scar stood ready with the spear. "Scar, you ready?" called Zivon.


"On three, two, one, GO!"

Scar jammed the spear through the dummy's middle, armor and all, the end of it coming out the back. He then pulled it out and advanced on the hosts, turning back around about five feet away. "Like the human said about this weapon," Scar said hurtling the spear through the dummy's armored chest. "You can throw it."

"This is a lot of damage." DAM said, inspecting the wounds. "This spear went through everything! Shields, armor, flesh, bone, all of it, like nothing. And since it went right through the chest, this is hitting the significant structures like the aorta and the heart. This SPARTAN is dead."

Carter looked at the Combispear and shook his head. "You've gotta be kidding me, is this like waging war with the Flintstones?"

"Medieval, but then it works, and there's your proof." Said Dutch.

Carter looked at the spear and then back to Dutch. "If a UNSC soldier were to use this weapon, he would court marshaled for cowardice in face of the enemy."

Despite the damage caused by the Combispear, team SPARTAN is unimpressed.

Carter looked at the camera. "That is not a weapon. That is a toy."

And the SPARTANs have a mid range weapon of their own, one they think is deadlier.

The M45 Tactical Shotgun

Length: 3'

Weight: 11lbs

Rounds: 6

Pump action

To test the damage potential and accuracy of the shotgun, our team readies the test.

"Okay Emile," said Zivon "we have a ballistics gel Predator mounted on an attack bot. he's going to come charging at you-"

"Probably thinks he can get me with that spear of his…" Emile muttered, looking at the Predator experts. Scar made a rude gesture. Emile made a worse one.

"As I was saying, I want you to put two rounds in his chest, one in the head."

Emile pumped his shotgun as Scarecrow started the attack bot. The robot charged and Emile raised the gun and fired a round into the target's chest. He pumped the gun, took aim again, and shot it into the creature's head. Pump, re-aim, one more headshot. "Done!"

"Emile man, nice work on killing him and being accurate," said Scarecrow "But you didn't follow our directions. We said two in the chest, one in the head, and you did the opposite."

"He's still dead isn't he?" said Emile. "I don't think even a Predator can survive with his head blown off or a hole in his chest."

"You're absolutely right." Said DAM "This guy has a massive hole where his heart should be and a crater where his head should be. Dead on all accounts."

"Whatever you say about that gun," said Scar "I think our spear is superior. When that thing goes off, it makes a loud noise that gives away your position. The spear, the only noise is when it hits you."

"But if you miss, I'll shoot you." Emile countered "If I miss, I pump and fire again."

After seeing the Combispear and M45 Shotgun, our experts cannot deny which weapon gets the edge.

"Shotgun vs spear are you joking?" said Zivon "Shotgun all the way. More power, more rounds, more range."

At mid range, The SPARTANs take the edge for the M45 Shotgun.


SPARTAN or Predator? Our team of experts is within striking distance of determining which warrior is the deadliest.

"SPARTANs are trained in all forms of weaponry and tactics since childhood." Said Emile.

"Predators love nothing more than taking your head off." Said Dutch.

When the fighting got too close for comfort, each side could rely on their bladed weapon of choice. For the SPARTANS it was

The Combat knife

Length: 12'

Weight: 1.2lbs

Material: Steel

"Every SPARTAN carries one of these in some form." Said Emlie "For example, my personal knife is a kukri, but many prefer this design, the KA-BAR."

"Why would a SPARTAN carry a weapon like this?" asked Scarecrow.

"We use this for when the enemy gets a little too close, or for assassinations."

"Well we have a way to test that right now," said Zivon "We have our ballistics gel torso set up for you to inflict some pain on."

"I think you'd better stand back." Said Emile.

"Alright Emile, on three, two, one, slash it!"

Emile stabbed the blade straight into the right side of the neck, pulling out and stabbing right into the left side. He then slashed lower into the guts of the dummy before stabbing one last time into the chest.

DAM looked at the carnage. "You stabbed him in the neck twice, cut his guts to pieces, and then stabbed him in the heart. Each one of these strikes would have been a fatal blow or a mortal wound."

"He was dead when I first stabbed him because I was aiming for the veins in the neck. Everything after that was just more violence." Emile stated.

Despite the damage, team predator is unimpressed.

"As soon as you get this close to an armed predator, you would have been cut to pieces." Said Dutch.

"My people have our own bladed weapon for killing up close."

In close, predators wield a legendary weapon

The Wrist Blades

Length: 6"

Weight: 0.8lbs

Material: Alien steel


Claws of death that cut through enemies like butter.

Scar showed the hosts the Wrist Blades. "These are our close range weapons. They can cut, thrust, tear and then disappear." Scar did just that, retracting the blades into his bracer.

Scar is given the same test as Emile, a ballistics gel torso to brutalize with the Wrist Blades.

"Alright Scar," said Zivon "On three, two, one, KILL HIM!"

Scar first stabbed the wrist blades into the guts, cutting through them even more with the serrated edges. He then went for the chest, stabbing right into the heart and lungs. Finally, he stabbed both blades into the neck, pulling off the head and pulling out the spine as he took them out.

Zivon was in awe of the carnage. "You've decapitated him, you've disemboweled him, and you pulled out his spine."

DAM shook his head. "I don't need to be a doctor to tell you that he's dead. The gut shot, he'll bleed out and die in a few minutes, the chest shot went right through the heart and lungs and the neck shot not only cut through the carotid arteries and the internal and external jugular in one blow, but it also took the head off and took the spine with it, and that's just messed up."

After seeing the demonstration of the Wrist Blades and combat knife, our experts debate which weapon gets the edge.

Scarecrow spoke up. "I think that while the Wrist Blades are strapped to the Predator's wrist and can't be dropped, the longer blade of the combat knife will do more damage. Plus, the SPARTAN is armored, so the Wrist Blades have that extra job of getting through the armor. I give my edge to the combat knife."

"I have to disagree, I think you'll get a lot more trauma from the two wrist blades than you will from the single bladed combat knife." Said Zivon.

"I get the tie breaker again huh?" said DAM. "Well I like the Wrist Blades. Two blades versus one, and I don't think the SPARTANs armor is completely impenetrable."

At close range, the Predators take the edge with the Wrist Blades.

With the weapons testing complete, our team must assess one more key item: an X-factor. And for the Predators, their X-factor is a life and religion of killing and war.

"Predators kill to live and live to kill. It's that simple." Said Dutch "A Predator will stop at nothing to kill you. If that means stalking, they'll stalk. If it means traps they'll trap. If they're mortally wounded, they'll activate a bomb to take you down with them."

For the SPARTANs, their X-factor is a lifetime of training and war.

"SPARTAN IIIs were trained from childhood to be the deadliest warriors." Said Carter "We're trained in weapons, tactics, hand to hand combat and more."

"Between these two warriors," said Scarecrow "Both of these warriors have great training, and, while I respect the training of the SPARTANs, crazy matters a lot too. The Predators will do anything for that kill, even if it means blowing themselves up for it. Both of them have great experience in killing and combat."

With the testing complete, each side is more confident than ever that their warrior will win. Scarecrow'sMainFan will now load the data into the state of the art computer program that will decide the deadliest warrior. Five SPARTAN III supersoldiers, will fight five Predator hunters in one thousand battles to the death.

"I've got all the data, so let's see who the deadliest warrior is, shall we?" said Scarecrow.

"Let's do it." Said Zivon.

Scarecrow hit the button and the battle began.


Warning: this battle contains mild language.


Five Predators approach a large facility in the middle of a forest. The lead Predator has a Plasma Caster on his shoulder and a Combispear at his belt, Two have spearguns, the fourth also has a Plasma Caster and Combispear, and the fifth has a speargun and Combispear. All of them have Wristblades and Smartdiscs on them.

Predators: IIIII

Patrolling the heights of the facility are five SPARTAN IIIs, two have assault rifles, two have DMRs and the fifth has a shotgun. Each one also has a combat knife and some have grenades.

Predators: IIIII


Approaching the facility, the Predators activate their stealth systems and move in. One of them notices a SPARTAN on one the ledge of the higher levels armed with a DMR and takes aim at him. The SPARTAN only has time to notice the three red dots on his visor before the Predator fires the Plasma Caster and blows his head off.

Predators: IIIII


Another SPARTAN sees his comrade fall without his head and rushes over to him, calling out to the other SPARTANs as he does. Getting to the ledge, the SPARTANs, having fought invisible elites before, see the outlines of the Predators and open fire on them, the remaining SPARTAN with the DMR hitting one Predator right between the eyes.

Predators: IIII


The Predators enter the facility and split up into two groups. The two speargun Predators enter into the lower levels while the other two enter the main floor.

The SPARTANs also split up, the one with the shotgun and one with an assault rifle head to the lower levels, while the remaining supersoldier with the DMR and the other assault rifle carrier (the leader) head inside to the main floor.

In the bowels of the facility, two Predators, each armed with spearguns, stalk the halls. They come across a door, not knowing the SPARTANS who came down there after them are behind it, dug in behind overturned tables. As the first alien hunter opens the door, a SPARTAN lobs a grenade over the table he's behind and it explodes, killing one of the Predators. But the second Predator, still very much alive, throws a Smart Disc through the table and into the SPARTAN with the assault rifle killing him instantly as the disc buries itself in his back.

Predators: III


The Predator didn't have much time to enjoy his victory as the SPARTAN he didn't kill shoots him with the shotgun. The hunter falls and the commando makes for the top floor.

Predators: II


The other SPARTANs emerge from the outside into the main floor of the facility and begin searching for the Predators. The room is full of crates and the Predators could be anywhere. Little do they know, as they search, they're being stalked by the two aliens.

The Predator leader aims and fires his Plasma Caster into the chest of the SPARTAN carrying the DMR, blowing him to pieces.

Predators: II


The SPARTAN leader turns and fires his assault rifle in a spray at his unseen enemies. One lucky shot hits the Predator leader in his shoulder and another catches the other hunter in the left arm.

The Predator that was hit in the arm raises his speargun and fires four shots at the commando, three of which bounce off his shield, and the fourth lodges itself in his chest armor.

The SPARTAN rolls into cover behind two steel crates and reloads his rifle. He removes the spear from his armor and was about to exit cover, when a plasma bolt and two speargun shots tear through where he was about to emerge. Taking a breath, the supersoldier emerges and fires a burst of fire into the chest of one of the aliens before the other forces him back to cover with another bolt from his Plasma Caster.

Predators: I


The Predator leader with the Plasma Caster notices that all the shots he has fired, plus the shot the SPARTAN gave him in the shoulder have broken the Plasma Caster. He picks up his comrade's speargun and fires at the SPARTAN still in cover, while activating his stealth suit for an escape through a nearby door.

Once the firing stops, the SPARTAN leader looks out from his cover to find the alien he was fighting is gone, and his fellow SPARTAN has emerged from the basement.

The two of them enter the door they think the Predator entered, walking slowly through the halls, weapons raised. All is quiet.

Suddenly, the SPARTAN with the shotgun is impaled through the back by a Combispear thrown by the Predator leader.

Predators: I


The SPARTAN leader, seeing his last man fall, turns and fires his assault rifle at his unseen enemy. One round hits the alien in the shoulder, the beast bleeding green and flickering into existence. The creature flees down another hallway, the SPARTAN firing at it until his rifle clicks empty. The SPARTAN follows, not reloading as he is out of ammo. His opponent however, does not need to know that.

The two meet at an empty room in the facility, not crates, no cover, no nothing. It is here that the Predator leader reaches up and takes off his mask, the high tech covering falling to the ground revealing the hideous and furious alien face. The SPARTAN does the same with his helmet, showing his brown eyes and military cut brown hair. The supersoldier looked the alien in the eye and had one thing to say. "You're one ugly motherfucker…"

The alien hunter didn't like this and roared loudly, revealing Wrist Blades on his right arm. The SPARTAN responded by drawing his combat knife and entering a fighting stance.

The Predator struck first, charging at the SPARTAN and slashing at hit face. The supersoldier parried it with his knife and stabbed at the alien's guts. The hunter jumped back to dodge this, letting the SPARTAN go on the offensive, making multiple stabs and slashes, all of them either being dodged or blocked.

The alien hunter managed to get back on the offensive, slashing and stabbing at the commando with such precision, that he had to keep moving to avoid being skewered.

The turning point came when the SPARTAN ducked under a particularly nasty slash from the Predator. Once below that attack, he punched the alien in the gut, the enhanced muscles in his arm making the creature double over in pain. While doubled over, the commando drove his blade into the creature's chest. The Predator fell and the SPARTAN cleaned off his knife and sheathed it, replacing his helmet on his head and standing tall.


"After 1000 battles, the SPARTAN IIIs were the winners." Said Scarecrow "This was due in large part to the SPARTAN weapons being made for war and the Predator's for hunting. The Predators were able to almost always catch the SPARTANs off guard with their long range Plasma Caster, but in the end they were no match for the more lethal weapons and training of the SPARTAN in all ranges."

The SPARTANs achieved 524 victories, their best weapons being the MA5C assault rifle, and the DMR with their accuracy, range and lethality.


DMR: 160

MA5C: 288

M45: 40

M9: 28

Combat knife: 8

Total: 524

The Predators weren't far behind, with 476 kills, most of them due to the accuracy and destructive power of the Plasma Caster.

Predator kills

Plasma Caster: 322

Speargun: 20

Combispear: 56

Smart Disc: 68

Wrist Blades: 10

Total: 476

"In the end, the SPARTANs won because their weapons were made for war." said Zivon "The Predators, while physically stronger, had weapons made for hunting. I don't care how big you are or how zealous you are, you're not getting up after you've been shot."

"This is just a computer." Said Scar "In real life, one Predator could take down an army of SPARTANs."

"We respect everybody." Said Carter "We can kill them with respect as well."

The SPARTAN stands over the corpse or the Predator.

Sorry to Predator fans…

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