Rocket, Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Espio, Blaze, Shadow, Silver, Frost, Scorch, Leaf, Sally, Julie, Josh, Manik, Lara, and Sonia were gathered outside Eggman's newest base of operations. Eggman wasn't there for the moment, which gave them the opporuntity to trash it before he got back.

"Everyone have their assignment," Rocket asked.

"We do, dad. We just go in, plant the bombs, get out, and watch as the place is blown sky-high. Simple as that," Josh said.

"It's not that simple, Josh. This mission has to go off without a hitch."

"Come on, Rocket. It's your plan. I'm sure it'll go just like you planned. I believe in you," Sally said placing her hand on Rocket's shoulder.

"You're right, Sal. It is my plan. It'll go perfect. Thanks for the vote of confidence," Rocket said.

"You're welcome. Now, who's leading who into there?"

"Obviously, Josh will lead Sonia and Manik. Julie will lead Knux and Lara. You'll lead Blaze and Leaf. I'll lead Sonic and Frost. Scorch can lead Silver and Amy. Shadow can lead Rouge and Espio. Six teams of three all planting the charges over the base."

"Sounds fair. Come on," Sally said before everyone broke apart into their separate teams. Josh led Manik and Sonia to where they needed to go and started planting the bombs.

"There. I'm set up."

"So am I, Jo," Manik said as he set his final bomb.

"Done. Let's go," Sonia said as she connected and set her final bomb. Meanwhile, Leaf, Blaze, and Sally were just about done with their bombs.

"There. Done."

"Almost," Leaf said as she was connecting her final bomb. "Done."

"Done here, too. Let's go," Blaze said before she, Leaf, and Sally ran off. Everyone was wrapping with what they had to do.

"There. I'm finished," Frost said.

"So am I," Sonic said as he finished with his final bomb.

"All set up. Let's move," Rocket said before he, Frost, and Sonic walked out. Before they could get outside and meet up with the others, twenty SWAT Bots blocked their way.

"Out of the way, tin cans!"

"Never," one of the SWAT Bots said.

"Rocket, not a lot of time left."

"Go! I'll hold them back," Rocket said.

"All right."

"Good luck, man."

"I don't need luck, Frost. You know that." Rocket ran ahead to turn the 'bots into scrap metal while Sonic and Frost escaped with their lives. Rocket didn't know he wouldn't. Outside, everyone was waiting for Rocket, Sonic, and Frost to show up.

"Where is he?"

"Calm down, mom. He'll show up," Josh said, trying to calm down Blaze.

"You're right, Josh. I'm getting worked up for nothing," Blaze said. Inside, Rocket only had five SWAT Bots to deal with and only a minute to destroy them all.

"Not a lot of time left," Rocket muttered as he saw the countdown clock on one of the bombs. Rocket brought down the final SWAT Bot and saw he only had ten seconds to get out before he and the base was blown sky-high. He used the speed he could muster up to get a headstart, but it was too late. The bombs detonated all over the base, creating a blast of fire to spread out through the entire building. Rocket looked behind him to see the fire and tried to run ahead, but he wasn't fast enough. Everyone watched as the base was turned into a explosion of fire and metal that shot up into the night sky. They then waited for Rocket to come out of the debris without a scratch, but he didn't show up.

"Where's Rocket," Sally asked.

"I'm not sure. He should be in there, though," Sonic said.

"Something happened to him."

"That's impossible, Manik. Nothing could hurt my dad."

"I'm just saying, Jo. What if something happened to him," Manik asked.

"Screw that. My dad was untouchable," Josh said.


"What, Manik?" Josh then saw that he was disappearing into thin air.


"Sonia," Josh said as he faded away from history itself.

"I'll never forget you," Sonia said as a single tear rolled down her face and hit the ground.

"Josh disappeared which means something did happen to Rocket. We have to take a look after the smoke clears," Lara said.

"Good idea. We need to find Rocket so we could remember him for the hero he was."