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Rikichi, one of the many unseated members in the Sixth division, was walking down one of hallways in the First division grounds when he nearly ran into his own captain as he rounded a corner.

"My apologies, Kuchiki-taicho!" Rikichi cried, his face reddening in embarrassment and horror.

Kuchiki Byakuya waved a hand dismissively, then his eyebrows lifted slightly when he recognized his own subordinate. Perfect; he was just on his way to send a Jigokucho to his lieutenant to inform him that he had another meeting to attend and would be late, and that Renji was free to leave after he completed the forms. Since Rikichi was here, he might as well ask the boy to pass his message in person.

Rikichi bowed and nodded profusely when he was given the task, secretly rejoicing at the chance to see his beloved Abarai-fukutaicho, the one reason for which he had joined the Sixth division right out of the academy. He was glad that he had volunteered to run the errand on behalf of the Third seat, otherwise he wouldn't have even known that his hero was back.

With a soft "hmmph", Byakuya nodded and continued on his way, leaving the young shinigami standing in a deep bow.

"There..." Renji groaned, his knuckles turning white from his tightening grip on the sides of his desk, which was swaying with a light creaking sound in time with the movement of Ichigo's hips.

"Here? Like this?" Ichigo said between pants, shifting his body to get the right angle. The skin on Renji's hips were flushed from friction underneath Ichigo's hands, but they were oblivious to the fact, both completely lost in their little bubble of pleasure.

Renji arched his back suddenly. "Yes, yes, there, again...yes," he mumbled breathlessly, the words spilling from his lips in a nearly-incoherent stream. Another volley of well-placed thrusts tore a loud mixture of curses and moans from his throat, and Ichigo grunted in response. At this pace, they were not going to last much longer.

"S-shut up..." Ichigo grumbled, annoyed that Renji was being as vocal as he was even though the redhead always admonished him for doing it.

Renji laughed, then the laughs dissolved into a series of groans when Ichigo abruptly increased the depth of his thrusts. The desk skidded a few inches across the floor, and they both burst into chuckles as they repositioned themselves in frantic, uncoordinated movements.

They peaked at almost the same time—the spasms of Renji's muscles pushed Ichigo over the edge easily, and their cries of pleasure echoed off the walls. If they had been a little more conscious of their surroundings, they would have been slightly more concerned about being overheard, but, as it was, it never crossed their minds.

Still, as they lay sprawled over the desk to recover their breaths, fingers tightly laced together, their ears were able to pick up the pattering of footsteps coming from the hallway. It was soft, but it was definitely coming their way.

"Shit!" Ichigo swore under his breath and immediately jumped off Renji's body. Renji also pushed his body away of the desk and ran for the crumpled lumps of clothes on the floor.

"Here!" Ichigo threw Renji's robes to him, and they both threw their clothes on in a panic.

If they had taken the time to sense the approaching reiatsu, they would've known that it was not Kuchiki-taicho who was returning from his meeting. But of course they didn't stop to think. Just as they finished tying up their obi, the visitor knocked on the office door.

"Enter," Renji said stiffly, sitting behind his desk while keeping his shoulders as straight as possible.

The door swung open slowly, and a short young man walked in.

"Rikichi!" The wave of relief that washed over Renji made him want to sag in his chair, but he managed to keep his composure to give his subordinate a proper greeting.

Rikichi's eyes darted from his lieutenant to the orange-haired man standing next to him. Was he seeing things, or were their faces unnaturally red? Kurosaki Ichigo—he remembered the ryoka's name now—had an odd expression on his face, and his shihakusho was surprisingly rumpled and ill-fitting. The knot of his obi was not in the center, and one side of the knot was longer than the other. Rikichi couldn't help but feel a hint of disdain for the man.

But, then again, his precious lieutenant did not look much better. His ponytail—if you could even call it that—was a sorry sight; it was off-center and the red locks stuck out in different angles, and there were loose strands hanging off Renji's forehead and neck. The trademark white bandana was nowhere to be seen.

"Do you need something?" Renji asked.

"Ah, yes," Rikichi tore his eyes away from his lieutenant's odd appearance and related his captain's message.

Renji's face brightened. "Thanks, Rikichi," he said with a smile, then he patted the desk, seemingly searching for something.

Rikichi guessed he must be looking for the forms that Kuchiki-taicho had mentioned. His eyes fell on several pieces of paper strewn on the floor near the cabinet.

"Here." Rikichi gathered the forms and handed them to Renji, who blushed—blushed?—slightly and accepted them with a mumbled thanks. He stood in front of Renji's desk for a few more seconds, then, when Renji gave him an inquiring look, the boy finally excused himself and left the room.

The second the office door clicked closed, Renji slumped in his chair and breathed a loud sigh of relief. "My god," he said in a shaky voice. "That was too close, too close."

Ichigo scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed. "Yeah." Then, his eyes widened as he stared at the side of Renji's desk. "Uhh, I guess it's a good thing that he didn't walk over here..."

"So we're just going to randomly ask them 'so how'd you sleep last night?'" Shuuhei said, his eyebrow twitching, clearly showing his discomfort with the notion.

Yumichika nodded with a serious face.

"This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard," Ikkaku muttered, rolling his eyes.

Shuuhei grunted in agreement while Rangiku burst out in a bout of giggles. Kira chuckled and spread his hands, "Well? Do you have a better idea?"

Nobody did, so they continued walking in silence towards the restaurant where they had planned to meet Renji and Ichigo for lunch.

It was going to be one very interesting lunch conversation.

"Hey, sorry guys, I got held back by, uhh, some paperwork," Renji said, sounding out of breath, when he finally arrived at their table with Ichigo. They were about ten minutes late, and he was greeted with long faces.

It couldn't be helped; they had to spend some time making themselves—and Renji's desk—more presentable before leaving the Sixth division office. And Renji had to fill up those forms.

The minute Renji and Ichigo settled into their seats, Yumichika looked at them with a big smile and asked, " did you sleep last night?"

Shuuhei and Kira nearly dropped their tea cups, and Ikkaku slapped his palm on his face. As if asking the question was not embarrassing enough by itself, Yumichika just had to ask it at the worst possible moment—the question was so out of place now that he might as well just ask "So...did you guys have sex last night?"

Renji gave Yumichika a puzzled look. "Uhh, it was okay," he said. "Right, Ichigo?"

He blushed, he blushed! Yumichika sang inwardly, catching the very subtle flash of red that appeared on his friend's cheeks.

Ichigo looked at Renji and echoed, "Yeah, it was okay." Naturally, they weren't going to mention that they had barely had any sleep, and that they had spent the night on more interesting activities.

Silence reigned after that.

Yumichika threw a sidelong glance at Kira, who shrugged. Apparently, nobody had thought of what to do next.

"What's wrong?" Ichigo asked finally, feeling a little creeped out by the silence, not to mention the exaggerated smile that Yumichika was giving him.

"Nothing," Shuuhei said hastily, and shot a glare at Yumichika. They'd arrived at a dead end—he couldn't think of anything else to ask without making the situation even more awkward than it already was.

Another long stretch of silence followed, then Rangiku suddenly asked, "Did you gain weight, Renji?"

Renji looked at her with a start and immediately found himself the center of attention as all his friends stared at him.

"Yeah, now that you mention it..." Yumichika said with a thoughtful frown, his eyes roaming up and down his friend's frame.

Shuuhei narrowed his eyes and leaned back to get a better look at his friend. "You know..." Then he glanced at Ichigo. "And you seemed to have...lost weight?"

Ichigo and Renji stared at each other, stunned. Then, Renji's eyes widened, and he burst out laughing.

"Shit, we mixed up our clothes!" Ichigo blurted as he came to the same conclusion.

"What the hell? I thought the one farther away from the desk was yours!"

"No! The table moved, remember?"

"Told you that we should've taken a quick look in the mirror before we left!"

"Well it's not my fault that there are no mirrors in your office!"

It took the two of them a few exchanges to finally notice the relative silence at their table. They turned around awkwardly, and found themselves staring into five very shocked faces—Yumichika and Rangiku looked downright ecstatic on top of that, while Shuuhei and Kira looked slightly amused. The oddest one was Ikkaku—his face was so flushed that he looked like he had had a few bottles of sake.

"So..." Renji glanced at Ichigo, then turned to grin sheepishly at his friends.

"Yeah, we kinda get it," Ikkaku said gruffly, averting his eyes. Their bickering just now, though brief, brought back stark images of what he witnessed the night before, and he really could not bring himself to look at his friends at the moment.

"This is so exciting!" Yumichika sang, and Rangiku nodded happily. "When? When did it start?"

Not surprisingly, the rest of the lunch conversation consisted of Yumichika and Rangiku attempting to wrangle as much information as they could from the two men, while Renji and Ichigo did their best to dodge the stickier questions. Shuuhei and Kira, while happy for their friends, were more subtle, but Ichigo did notice how they would lean in closer whenever Rangiku asked one of her...naughtier...questions.

When Renji and Ichigo were finally allowed to leave, the five friends smiled as they watched the new couple disappear onto the street.

Yumichika let out a satisfied, triumphant sigh. He was just about to open his mouth to say something when Shuuhei suddenly said, "Is it just me...or did they imply that they made out in the office right before coming here?"

"Imply? 'The table moved, remember?'" Rangiku quoted with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Shuuhei groaned. "Remind me never to touch Abarai-kun's desk again, please."


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