Madness tower: my first fear

Chris: Great, all three of us are stuck at a mad woman's house with an ugly psycho weilding a giant scissors, how fun. ( ._.)

Jen: Atleast i get to read my sammy keyes before I kill that guy, maybe i can write another story on her! : D

Julie: Meh... I never liked this place, or this guy... wonder if people will put me in... -_-

Chapter 2: Terror strikes at girls!

Chris' p.o.v- Well, i got my breather. Seems that freak didn't see me. I only wonder why he is even chasing me... What on earth did i do to him? Oh well, the more dangers the better I geuss. I hope Jenny-fer and Julie are okay...wherever they are... I got up from the floor and jumped from the bookshelf. There was two red cans on the floor, Ferbreeze? No, raid... I picked it up. " Maybe this will come in handy... Hey! My satchel!" I said, findiing my bag on the floor. Jen's books were there too... I picked up our old things put them into my satchel for safe-keeping. I got out the door. Nobody there, which was good for me, even though it would be nice to have some company... "Relax bro, think of Benny hill, just some chases that's all. Okay, let's try to rescue our friends." I said to myself. If you're trying to escape a madman, the most important thing is to NOT lose sanity. Because if you do, you're easy prey. I started walking slowly and quietly downstairs to the bathroom area, chances are it's safer to be downstairs if he were up. I succesfully got into the bathroom, nobody following me, that's good. Ten points for Gryffyndor! I said to myself. It's sometimes best to humor yourself to not lose any of your sanity. DRIP! DRIP! DRIP! What is that? It s...sounds like water? There's something like water all over the floor... I went closer to the shower curtains. Someone's in there...I can feel it... "Hello...?" IDIOT! Never show any speech when in any horror! That's rule number uno you imbecile! I yelled at myself. I slowly opened the curtains... Oh my god! It... It... It was a woman... She was hung by rope with blood all over her. I didn't see her face, thank god, because her hair was matted down. I nearly threw up right there... Her body was cut and bruised to the point where it didn't look like a human body anymore... I began hyperventalating...This was just...too much...but, w-what's that!
SHING!SHING!SHING! Silver shears appeared from below the corpse. " AAAAAIEEEEEE!" I just screamed. And there he was... that freak. He was about to get me. He tryed to slam those shears at me, but ironically, i grabbed them. "NO!" I shouted. " It's not gonna end like this for me! For us!" I said, pushing his shears back at him. He fell to the floor, probably knocked out, for some time. I quickly made an escape...locking the door behind me, though i knew it was not a very good plan at all. I kept running... all the way... I knew I couldn't stop, or he'd find me. And i had to keep running. I wouldn't let Jennifer, or Julie end up like that poor woman...I just couldn't! I finally stopped at what looked like a girl's room. It would've probably been given to Jennifer, because of the books and green-like color. I hid under the bed, maybe nobody would catch me here. There was also a window infront of me, and peered at the moon. But, there was also a another window on the side, and out pushed a body. It was another girl... With a purple dress and blonde hair. Silver shears had pushed that poor girl, bloodstained with her own liquids... The window curtains became very red, probably from the blood. I curled myself up into fetal position, scared as heck. When will he leave me alone! Where are my friends? Why am I even trying to get out without some help! I need someone, anyone, to just talk to me... I couldn't take much more of this... Julie, Jenny-fer... I love you guys so much... if...I don't make it out with you guys, i just want to let you two know i miss you...

Julie's P.O.V- So, here we are. I'm in the rooms upstairs. Ever since that freak came up i just ran there. He hadn't followed me here, so i'm safe. I never trusted this place... And this just proves it. I mean, seriously, no fourty five year old adopts three kids about to become adults into a mansion without wanting to murder, or rape them... I'm not particularly worried about Jennifer, she can handle herself. It's Chris I'm worried about, that boy would die easy peasy. He's like a delicate flower, compared to us. Right now I'm in what looks like Miss Vanity's room. There's a bottle of perfume i took and put into my bag just incase. I heard dogs outside, likely Vanity's dogs... SQUACK! Squack! Oh great... A parrot... Well, it wouldn't be much harm to let this guy out would it? " come on... Get out." I said, letting him out. Worst mistake ever. He just started flying trying to peck my face screaming " I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" That bastard! I took the sheets off one of the bed and suffocated that demonic thing. SHING! SHING! SHING! Oh freaking great! Not only do i get to kill a bird but I gotta run from this jack- SLAM! The door was almost opened. I decided to hide under the bed, hopefully that freak won't see me. SLAM! Oh come in! It's not like the door was locked or anything. "WHEEE HEE HEE! READY TO PLA-Eh?" I heard his footsteps getting closer, but it went to the parrot cage. " ! AW! MOMMY! MR. PARROT WENT BYE-BYE!" He said, running out the door to his supposed momma. I got out and opened the window. Hmm... There's a rose garden there... I suppose it may be better to stay out than in... I Climbed down the window, which not only had a rose fence , but was also only a few feet down. It was like an alley-way, with a pool on the other side of the house. I could tell, because something was splashing water there. I ignored it and continued through the roses and plants, till i reached an exit. However, there was a peculiar flower that seemed odd. Inspecting it further, i saw it was a lever, marked in marker that had said " Pull for electricity". I tried pulling it but something fell instead. KLANG! CHINK! I was trapped... that idiot trapped me... "WHEE HEE HEE! TWO DOWN! ONE LEFT! OH THIS IS MORE FUN THEN KILLING THE FAMILY! HEE HEE HEE!" He had jumped from the bushes. My cage was raised above... i was captive, but i knew someone would help...