[Disclaimer:] I wish that I owned this, but I don't. However the plot is mine! Each paragraph is a different person. If you can guess who is speaking in each one, I'll give cookies out!

The ladder of life, you're far above, how am I supposed to catch up with you? You keep climbing higher, I can't seem to catch up. In fact I seem to be falling, the last rung below me. This evil place, labeled "E" seems to be mocking me, I don't want to fall, because I know that I'll never make it back up. Your Pureblood body, moving up higher, now somewhere within the clouds, how do you do it? Stay so sane? Not once do you glance down at me, always looking at her, what do you see? I used to believe that I hated you, but now I'm not so sure, I want to be yours. Will it ever happen? I doubt it, you love her more. You'd die before looking at me the way that you look at her.

The sky is falling again. Falling on me, I've lost my heart to that boy. You stares at me, eyes filled with hate, but why am I drawn to you? I don't understand you, no emotions come from you. But when I'm with you, I feel happy, sane and I can let down my icy walls that surround my heart. It's a different feeling that no women can give me. I can't tell you though, as much as I want to. You'd laugh and I'd never live it down. I cannot understand you, it seems as if she is the only one who could get a reaction from you, but are they even real? Every time you look at me, my heart stops and I wonder if you will ever look at me the way you look at her.

Those boys, so stubborn in their feelings, I figured out long ago that they loved each other. I'm happy that they like each other, but they'll never admit it at this rate. He looks at him, and looks away, blushing slightly. He never notices that he was looking, it's a shame really. I'm planning things now, working on melting the walls around their hearts, so that they'll let each other in. I cannot wait though. If it works, it will give me my pictures. Good pictures, if it is lucky, intimate pictures of them. I'll have to be careful not to let them see them, but the way that they look at me, I wonder if things will ever work out. . .

I am it. She has called me with a job. I am to hook up my brother with hers. Alright, it's okay, I've seen the looks that they give each other, but they're too stubborn, they'll never admit to their love for each other. So lost within their own worlds of pain and misery. Ni-sama has a spell placed on him, when removed, it will twist the whole situation completely. He won't ever touch that evil place, for the seal will lift before he does. But maybe not, he might not want that. I do whatever it is to make sure Ni-sama is happy with his life.