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"Kiryuu Family Graveyard." Was written in swirled cursive, carved into the stone arch in front of me. I knew that my parents were buried here. I only came here once every month, yet I knew the entire graveyard by heart. After removing the vines that covered the iron lock holding the gates together, I pull out the solid gold key, a gift found in the graveyard when I first came here; of course, back then I had to jump the fence to reach it; and stick it into the lock. Slowly the gate creaks open and I reverse the process, locking the gate and commanding the vines to hide that there ever was a lock like this in the first place. The dirt path weaves its way through many stones, friends, servants, and pets were buried here, but the main family was buried in a huge tomb in the center of the courtyard. Though to anyone else, it would seem gloomy, but I liked it here, it felt safe here; surrounded by the remains of my family.

As soon as I reach the main tomb, I look around. I kept having the feeling that I was being followed, and my vampirac senses were going crazy. Screaming that something or someone was following me, and I didn't like it. I had fought off my inner vampire for four years and I was falling slowly. I hated that damn Kuran, the only reason he gave me blood was so that I didn't attack his sister, Yuuki. Yup, that's right, Yuuki Cross is Kaname's little sister. Hell, I also happen to know that she's madly in love with him. I don't think that she even knows who or what the hell he really is. A leech, a blood sucking monster. Brrrrr. . . I shiver slightly and touch the tomb softly before I begin ripping the vines off of it. They pull away, moving from my touch, sliding off of the tomb so that it's clean again. The full moon is rising higher into the sky and I can't help but look up into it. I note that I feel stronger on the full moon, most likely due to the fact that a vampire's power can fluctuate due to the phase of the moon. I didn't notice any difference on the new moon how ever, so I suspected that the change only happened on the full moon. Briefly I wondered if a Pureblood would notice the difference in their powers, but I doubted it, they were powerful enough to not care.

The vines were gone now, they lay around the tomb in little shards of green among the brown and paler hues of green. Flowers sprang up, giving the area a cheerier look to it. The red of Zinnias, the orange of Marigolds, and the yellow of False Sunflowers. It made it look more calm, clean and cared for. It was nice to take care of someone for once, instead of being taken care of yourself. There was a thin line the told the tale of a door, one that used to be there. One that only opened when a Kiryuu had died, opened to swallow the body. Once a burglar had gone in there, but he never came out, and when the next Kiryuu died, there were brown stains of dried blood on the walls, a skeleton sat in the corner. It was taken out and burned at dawn, but no one knew where it came from. It wasn't really a shame though, for now people knew that something happened if you dared to disturb the peace here.

Zero had once gone down into the shrine, and he never wanted to do it again. It was like a maze down there, but he had also discovered a book. The book that contained the entire history of the Kiryuu family, and after reading it, Zero was sick to his stomach for a week. How he knew things that he should have learned, and he found himself regretting reading the thing in the first place. Flicking his finger softly, the Kiryuu family symbol wove its way across the grave. The hissing of the roses reminded Zero faintly of snakes and he smiled softly. A rare smile, for it was a true one, most of the time he had a mask of ice set upon his face. Never would he let anyone into his heart again.

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