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Summary : For years, since their Raijin days, Izaya has periodically been grabbing Shizuo at random and kissing him. There's no explanation offered, he always acts like nothing ever happened afterwards, and Shizuo has become accustomed to it.

But every time, they get a little bit further.

The first time it happened, Heiwajima Shizuo was pulled unexpectedly into an empty classroom while he on his way to deliver stacks of papers to the Teacher's Lounge after school. Because of the momentum, the papers in his hands flew about in every direction imaginable, scattering like dandelion seeds in the wind.

Absolutely disoriented, he had hardly registered the chaste kiss planted his lips or who instigated it, before he was roughly pushed away and fell to the ground. Once the last piece of paper had fallen on the floor, Shizuo gathered his bearings again and stood up. The sudden ambush left him completely defenceless and was deprived of the chance to retaliate. Before he knew it, the attacker had disappeared without a trace…Leaving behind only an obviously well-cared-for switchblade lying in the mess of homework handouts.

There was no doubt in his mind that the knife belonged to a certain abomination he currently had the misfortune to ever meet. So when Shizuo saw the attacker slacking off on the school's roof during 4th period, he confronted the attacker by throwing a flower pot in Izaya's direction.

When he demanded that Izaya tell him what yesterday was all about, the fucking flea denied every single accusation thrown at him, much to Shizuo's chagrin. Shizuo even resorted to waving the switchblade left behind in his face to no avail. Izaya remained steadfast with his statement of not knowing anything in that annoyingly mischievous way of his, complete with his trademark sly and sarcastic remarks. So much, that Shizuo was having second thoughts; that there was always a possibility of some other person walking around with a knife in their pockets, someone who loved switchblades enough to make them a hobby.

It wasn't really normal, but what does the blonde really know of normal? Izaya commented something somewhere along the lines of Prince Shizu-chan looking for his Cinderella. For the nth time that day, Shizuo lost it and ripped the door to the roof off its hinges, very much with the intent of squashing Izaya's existence. Of course, said door didn't even so much as touch a single dark hair of Izaya, who evaded it with a giggle and ran off.

Somehow or other, the fight turned into a chase around Ikebukuro. Now this was a norm that Shizuo was comfortable with. This was his version of normal. Finally able to corner the flea in a deserted alleyway, Shizuo didn't waste any time gloating. The deformed No Entry sign gripped tightly in his hands, ready to flatten Izaya into a wall.

Just as he was about to swing, Izaya had rushed unexpectedly towards him and clung to his neck, causing him to drop the sign he was holding. Within 2 seconds flat, Izaya had pressed his lips to Shizuo's. Shizuo's one-track mind grinded to a halt.

The kiss was longer than before, deeper than before. Shizuo, in his shock, unconsciously responded back. His lips parted ever so slightly to give way to his sworn enemy's teasing tongue; an inadvertent moan escaped his throat after Izaya nibbled playfully on his lower lips; his hands in a still position, not knowing where to go after dropping the sign.

Just as quickly as the kiss was started, it was finished just as abrupt. Shizuo stood at the mouth of the alleyway, agape. In the confusion, Shizuo noted that Izaya seemed amused as he pushed himself away from the absent-minded man. Izaya reached forward and slipped a hand in the back pocket of Shizuo's uniform trousers.

"Thanks for returning it, Shizu-chan~ I was upset when I lost it. This was my favourite! Well, later! The midnight has come for Izaya-rella~"

And with that, the devious flea slinked away, grinning like always. As he should be, seeing as it was his norm.

That was the second time…And that fucking damn flea didn't even give mercy to the spare change in his pockets!

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