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"And what the hell is this?" questioned the blonde when Izaya had waltzed into his classroom one day and slid a small plate in front of him, looking at him eagerly. To which, Izaya only snorted in response.

"My, Shizu-chan~ If you are seriously asking, then I should think that it's best for you to enrol back into kindergarten for not recognizing what 2 slices of a cake are!" said Izaya as he dramatically posed with a hand on his chest and the other hand lay palms-up in the air in front of him. "In fact, I know a particularly good one in town. Would you like me to hand in the enrolment papers personally for you?"

A vein popped in Shizuo's temple. Shizuo banged his table hard in annoyance, startling the people around him. "I fucking well know what a cake is, you damned flea! I meant, 'Why the hell are you giving me cakes all of the sudden', you moron!"

"Eh~ But don't you think its romantic for a girl to want to give her beloved some of her home-made cooking?~" Izaya clasped his hands to the side of his head and stared off dreamily into La-La Land before continuing. "At least I think so. Shizu-chan in too much of an ogre to truly understand the concept of home-made cooking~"

Another loud pound on a table resounded in the classroom. "Stop ending your sentences in a drawl! While technically I agree that you're a pansy, but last I checked, you're definitely a boy, I'm not your beloved and I do too know what home-made cooking is! Kasuka makes my bento everyday!"

A gasp from Izaya. "Shizu-chan! Don't tell everybody that we've slept together already!"

"Huh? What?!" sputtered Shizuo, blushing. Shinra, who was sitting in front of him, turned around excitedly in his seat to hear more. "WHAT THE HELL, FLEA?! Don't say things that'll cause misunderstandings!"

"Hmm~ And you were so rough the other day too. Pounding away so hard in the middle of the night…I can't sleep because you kept me up all night! And you even ended up staying over too…"

Shizuo stood up hastily, horrified at the statement that came out of Izaya's mouth. The chair he was sitting on fell backwards onto the floor with a thud. "I was pounding the door, you stupid flea! And we were just talking all night that time! Since it was so late, I didn't get to catch the last train to go home, so I ended up staying! And that time that we've slept together! Wasn't it that time when you broke into my room when both of us had a cold?! Stop creating misunderstandiiiings!"

"Ah! You just drawled out your sentence! And after telling me off for the same thing…Shizu-chan you hypocrite!"

"I DID NOT DRAWL!" yelled Shizuo. His red face while he denied everything caused Izaya to laugh more than he already has.

"But, but, but, Shizu-chan!" Izaya bounced. "Won't people start to be suspicious of us if you denied and explained everything so loudly? Ehehe…but personally, I don't mind if everyone knows about us. I mean, after all, the KISSES that we SHARED were sooo hot~"

By this time, Shizuo stopped thinking and answered whatever first came to mind. "You're the one that's suspicious, you jerk! And stop going round and round about our supposed 'sex'. It never happened and it never will!"

Izaya sniffed. A lone tear flowed out from an eye and Izaya wiped it away with a finger. "Now that's no way to break a poor, innocent girl's heart, Shizu-chan! You should learn some manners!"

"Manners! That's something you should learn, not me! Stop your stupid-ass crying! And stop avoiding the question! Why in the world would you give me cake?"

"Changing the subject, are we?" The raven sniggered again, his hand nearing the plate to Shizuo. "Because it's poisoned, so I want to give it to you. Duh! Drop dead Shizu-chan~"

"Okay, that's it!" Shizuo yelled as he swiped the cake off his table and onto the floor. Gripping the sides of the table, the blonde lifted it high above his head. The splinters cracked beneath the force of his fingers. "Get out right now before I smash your stupid head against the wall!"

Shizuo had expected Izaya to retaliate like always. However, Izaya didn't move to run away like he usually would nor did he reply with another sarcastic remark, so Shizuo took a second look. Izaya was looking at the cake on the floor silently, not moving an inch. That got Shizuo to do a double-take and wondered if he had done something wrong again.

"Uh…Izaya…are, are you okay?"


Shizuo was stunned when Izaya launched a hard punch to his stomach. Not that it was painful or anything. Shizuo was more surprised due to the fact that Izaya never, ever tried to land a hit with his own fist during their fights. Said it was no use since the blonde was a brick wall and he'd break his hand trying. It was a punch to the guts, literally.

"You idiot! My sisters baked that cake for their recovery party yesterday and wanted to give you some! Now it's ruined! I was just giving it to you because they forced me to, stupid Shizu-chan!"

Shizuo blanked. "What? Why didn't you say so earlier? What the heck was all that crap about home cooking by you?!"

"Are you an idiot? You said so yourself that everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie. And in the first place, why the heck would I even bake a cake? Let alone give it to you? I'd rather give it to this crackpot Shinra than wasting it on you," said Izaya, pointing straight to Shinra who was still watching the fight between the two interestedly.

"Aww, but you didn't though, Izaya!" chirped in Shinra without missing a beat.

"Shut up Shinra. No one wants to talk to you," chorused Shizuo and Izaya simultaneously.

"Ouch, that hurts you two!"

"Alright, alright. Sheesh, I was right about you being a pansy. Quit getting your panties in a bunch, for goodness sakes!" Shizuo put down his table back to its original position and bended down to upright his chair. Scraping only the top part of the slices of cake that didn't touch the floor with his hand, Shizuo proceeded to sit back in his chair and ate them right there, munching slowly before swallowing.

"There, I ate them. I'll apologize to your sisters personally later."

"So?" asked Izaya brightly.

"'So'… what?"

"Did it taste good?"

Shizuo backed up a bit. A starry-eyed Izaya is weird, especially if he leans down and clasping Shizuo's hands in his.

"Man, I wouldn't have pegged you for someone who has a sister complex! Uh…Sure, it's delicious, I guess. Make sure to tell them that…and that I said thanks."

"Good! Cause I lied!"

"Wait. What?"

"I was the one who baked that cake. It's good that you find them delicious! I didn't think you would really eat it though! Drop dead, Shizu-chan!"

At that, Shizuo stood straight up for the second time. "What the fuck?! So there was something in that cake after all! You damn creep!"

The blonde pushed aside his abused chair roughly and made a swift move to grab Izaya's hair. Izaya evaded that easily enough and ducked under Shizuo's arms. Taking advantage of Shizuo's inertia that caused the blonde to trip forward, Izaya stood back up and banged his head under Shizuo's chin. Shizuo fell backwards and onto the floor.

Without a second thought, Izaya grabbed Shizuo's blue blazer and tugged them forward, locking them both in a kiss right in the middle of class. Shizuo froze out of sheer embarrassment.

"Well, good luck Shizu-chan!" exclaimed the raven as he stood up and gave a small salute. He then bolted out of the classroom when Shizuo finally got his gears working again and started chasing him like always.


A lone hand waved them goodbye as the two high schoolboys zoomed off, possibly to do some carnage. Shinra sighed, "Haa, those two will never change, right Teach?"

The mathematics teacher merely shook his head. "If you would, please, Kishitani-kun. Tell Heiwajima-kun that he is to see me after class later."

"Eh~ I don't want to get beaten up by Shizuo. Why don't you do it?"

"You'd better do it, or I'll have you in detention for not paying attention to class," muttered the teacher as he turned around and walked to the front of the class. "Now, Kishitani-kun, do question 7 on the board."

"Well, I can't have my precious Celty time taken away from me like this. Fine, you got yourself a deal."

"Just do the question…"

Omake – He Lied

By the time that Shizuo got back home, he was all wobbly and haggard. Kasuka, who was sitting by the dining table for tea, watched in silence as his older brother dragged himself in the dining room and sat on the chair opposite him.

"Good evening, aniki."

Shizuo ignored the greeting and groaned. "That damn flea…"

Kasuka put aside the cake that he was eating. "Did Izaya-san do something again?"

"Isn't that sis-con always?"

"What did he do this time?" asked Kasuka, entertaining Shizuo's predicament.

"Would you believe it Kasuka? That idiotic excuse of a flea—Wait a minute," paused Shizuo as he stared hard at the cake Kasuka was eating. He grabbed the plate from Kasuka. Kasuka, however, managed to hold on to it and pulled it back, starting a small tug-of-war with the cake. "I know that cake! Kasuka, don't eat it!"

It was Kasuka's turn to ignore Shizuo's words. "No. Mairu and Kururi made it and gave it to me. I will eat it, even if you say otherwise aniki."

"No way! The next thing you'll know, you'd be having dozens of trips to the toilet because that flea poisoned it with laxatives!" cried Shizuo as he tugged harder. Kasuka still would not yield. "Trust meeee! I know so!"

"There are no laxatives, aniki. Relax." Kasuka tugged the plate again, trying hard to keep up to his older brother's strength. As the tug-of-war continued, it was obvious that Kasuka was no match for Shizuo. The cake splattered to the floor.

"Hah! There! Now you won't be eating that stupid laxative!" cheered Shizuo in triumph. The blonde turned around and opened the fridge, trying to search for something. "Sorry about that Kasuka. I'll give you a share of my pudding to make up for the cake. My bad."

"I was there when Mairu and Kururi made it," said Kasuka.

"Huh? What are you talking about? That flea was the one that made it," replied Shizuo as he took his head from out of the fridge and turned around. Seeing the rare glowering look Kasuka gave him, the pudding cup in his hand dropped.

"You should know by now that all Izaya-san says are lies."

"Uhh..eh? K-Kasuka?"

"There. Are. No. Laxatives. Aniki."

"Umm…But the flea…and the laxatives…Hold on! Kasuka! Your face looks kinda scary right now!"

"You should apologize to Mairu and Kururi, aniki."

"Wait, wait, wait, Kasuka! What are you going to do with that fork? Hey?"

"You should apologise."

"Oh my god! Waaaaaiiiit!"

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