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"And victory goes to Ash!" said a green haired man as he pointed to the victor's side.

"Alright! Nice work Pikachu!" celebrated Ash as his yellow companion jumped into his arms. "Pika!" it cried happily.

The loser of the battle was disappointed in this loss. "Ok Zebstrika return!" said his defeated opponent as he returned his fainted Pokemon back into its pokeball. The guy placed the pokeball back onto his pokemon belt before walking up to Ash.

"That was a nice battle Ash! I hope we can battle again someday!" The trainer held out his hand.

"I hope we battle again someday too Steven!" said Ash happily as he shook his opponent's hand firmly.

Stephan sweatdropped and let his body droop. "My name's Stephan. Why does everyone always get my name wrong..." The boy wiped his forehead and straightened himself up again. "Anyways, I have to get going now. There's some stuff I gotta do! See you again sometime!" The boy began walking off into the horizon.

"Alright then, see you Stephen!" yelled out Ash.

Stephan cringed a little when he heard the wrong name, but quickly shook it off. "Trust me Ash, the next time we battle you're going down!" yelled back Stephan without looking back.

Before disappearing from view though, Stephan tripped over a boulder on the ground and fell down onto the hard earth facedown. He simply picked himself back up and continued to walk off.

Iris chuckled. To her, it was really funny. "Hey, that's pretty mean of you to laugh at something like that," said Ash. "But then again, you're always calling me a kid."

"That's because you are one!" said Iris mockingly.

"For the one billionth time I'm not a kid!" roared Ash. "I'm already fifteen!"

The tone Ash used scared Iris a little. You see, Ash rarely ever got angry over things but when he did, it was a bit frightening.

Iris recovered before saying, "Calm down a little Ash would ya?" in a teasing way. "You take everything so seriously. I was only joking!"

"Well the joke isn't funny Iris!" said Ash sternly. He crossed his arms and looked away angrily.

Iris decided that this was the time to stop. "Alright, I'll stop with the kid thing..." she sighed.

"You better..." mumbled Ash, still turned away with his arms crossed.

"You seem a bit miserable today Ash," spoke Cilan as he approached the two. "Why don't we have lunch now? I know that'll bring you back to your normal self!"

Those words caught Ash's attention. He turned around and looked at Cilan with a smile plastered on his face. "Yes please!" replied Ash letting the gluttonous side of him take control.

Cilan gave a hearty laugh. "I knew that would do the trick."

"We're finally here!" cried an overjoyed boy standing on top of a grassy hill. He was looking down from a high spot, at the vast and beautiful city below. "We're finally back at Striaton City!" He began jumping up and down excitedly like a small child.

"Don't you think you should calm down a bit?" called out one of the boy's travelling companions wearily. The speaker was halfway up the steep hill, walking exhaustedly to try and reach her friend on top.

"Don't worry Rose. He's just happy we finally made it back home after all that travelling," said the other travelling companion. "I'm happy we're back at home as well!"

"Well I suppose so..." mumbled Rose.

"Come on you two! Hurry up!" shouted the boy from the top of the hill. The two looked up and saw the boy bouncing around impatiently. They knew what was going to come next, and just the thought of it made them sigh heavily. "You guys take so long!" whined the boy. "I want to race you two to the pokemon center! Maybe I should just get a headstart!" So the boy sprinted off down the other side of the hill towards the city.

"He has too much energy...he's so hyperactive..." Sometimes, Rose would wonder how her friend could have so much energy. He was always in the mood for running, it was as if he was powered by unlimited amounts of energy.

Her other friend laughed. "That's him! Now let's go and run after him shall we?"

Rose wasn't very keen on the idea. She was tired after walking for about six hours straight, and she also hated running. Both of those reasons seemed good enough to say no. "Um...I'd actually like it if we could just walk Anna. I'm really tired."

Anna sighed. Rose always wanted to walk. She had the faintest idea why. Maybe it was because she was always tired when asked, or maybe it was just because she hated running? Anna sometimes found herself wondering why. "Very well then, we'll walk..."

"I've finished my lunch!" Ash spoke with his mouth full, some tiny pieces of food flying out from his mouth and onto the table. Those words surprised both his travelling companions. They turned and looked at Ash.

Ash flipped his plate forwards so that the inside was facing his two friends. Nothing was left on the plate, it was totally free of food. The thing looked like it was just washed thoroughly for about half an hour, the only thing missing was the shininess.

Both Iris' and Cilan's eyes grew wide in surprise as they stared the empty plate, totally dumbfounded. They only began eating two minutes ago. How Ash already finished a whole plate of food was just frightening. Maybe he was some sort of food eating robot? That would explain how the whole plate of food was downed so quickly.

"A-ash! H-how do you eat so fast?" stuttered Iris with a surprised voice.

"I've seen you speed through your food before but this just too quick!" uttered Cilan.

Ash swallowed the food in his mouth before speaking again. "I just ate quicker today so I would have some time to train my pokemon before we pack up and get moving again." He gave a goofy smile.

Both his friends sweatdropped. They should've known...

"Come on Pikachu! Let's go and train for a little bit while Iris and Cilan finish their lunch," spoke the boy as he stood up from his seat.

"Pikachu!" cried his mouse pokemon as it leapt onto his head.

Ash grabbed his things and then left the eating table.

"So that's why he was so quick today," mused Iris as she slowly looked up to the skies.

"I guess so," added Cilan. "You know Ash..."

Iris stared down back at the green haired man. She sighed. "Yep, I certainly do..."

"Haha! Got here first!" shouted a boy as he entered the pokemon center. He ran in and took a seat on one of the lounges. Everyone was silently staring awkwardly at him. The boy didn't realise the attention he attracted until he looked around. Every single pair of piercing eyes in the room were on him.

The boy blushed from the embarrassment. Who wouldn't after finding out people were looking at them after doing something unnecessary? It might even lead to them thinking that they were crazy. Not that personal opinions mattered...maybe...

After a few more moments of the awkward staring from everyone, they soon went back to their own businesses.

The boy let out a relieved sigh, finally free from the uneasy stares. "That was really embarrassing," he mumbled to himself. "I forgot yelling in a pokemon center can grab attention." The boy removed the bag from his back and placed into onto the ground. He then looked around the place some more, looking for his friends. He couldn't find them anywhere. "My friends aren't here yet. Might as well relax until they get here," the boy said to himself.

He thought the lounge had a back so he fell back to get comfortable. He was forgetting the fact that it didn't have a back at all.

The boy fell down backwards onto the ground with a loud boom. The ground felt as though it slightly shook, although it actually didn't. The boy wasn't an elephant after all...or weighed like one for that matter.

Everyone in the pokemon center looked up from what they were doing and stared at him again. By this point, some people were wondering if the boy just wanted to grab attention from others. To them, it definitely seemed like the case.

"Oww..." groaned the boy as he placed his hand on the lounge. He used it as support for slowly getting back up on his two feet. The boy dusted himself a little before looking back up and seeing stares from everyone in the pokemon center. They all had their eyes at him. He immediately blushed from the humiliation. Like before, everyone soon went back to his or her own affairs.

"Two embarrassing moments in a row...that's just great," murmured the boy to himself. "What's going to happen next...me slipping over a banana peel that someone just randomly dumped?" The boy sighed, and then glanced at the pokemon center entrance.

"When are those two going to get here...I wonder if something bad has happened to them..."

His thoughts were disrupted as the doors of the pokemon center entrance opened. He spotted his two friends strolling into the pokemon center, happily chatting with each other.

"We're here Jay," said Rose as the two came over to him.

"What took you two so long?" questioned Jay. "I was not having fun waiting."

"We were just taking our time walking here, right Anna?" She glanced at her friend beside her.

"Um yeah, we were."

"Oh, makes sense..." mused Jay. "I thought something bad might've happened to you two. Like someone might've abducted you guys. Or-or you two might've been run over by a car. Or-or-"

Jay's exaggerations were quietened by Rose. "Don't worry nothing happened," she said. "Like I said before we just took our time walking here. Nothing wrong with that right?"

Jay stared at them blankly, blinking thrice before saying, "Yes there is, I thought we were racing here."

Rose didn't have her attention on Jay. Instead, her attention was turned to the wall clock above the entrance. Jay also turned his attention to the clock. He saw the short hand of the clock pointed halfway between the four and five, while the long hand was pointed directly at the six. The time was four-thirty, it was getting kinda late.

"I have to leave now guys. It's getting a bit late, and I want to see my mum again after not seeing her for a long time now."

"Well in that case, we'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" said Jay as he waved his hands in valediction.

"See ya!" Rose waved to both her friends before taking her leave.

At that time, Anna took notice of the clock too. She was surprised at what the time was already, and it showed on her face.

"I better get going to!" exclaimed Anna. "Its nearing sunset already and I want to go and see my parents again too! See you tomorrow Jay!"

Anna waved bye as well before dashing madly out of the pokemon center. Jay was now standing alone. "I guess I'll go and get Nurse Joy to heal my pokemon now."

Jay walked over to the main counter of the pokemon center, where a Nurse Joy was standing behind.

"Hello Nurse Joy!" he greeted as he approached the counter. "Oh, hello there Jay!" chirped Nurse Joy. "I haven't seen you in a while. How'd your travels go?"

"It went pretty well," answered Jay. Some memories of his journey began flashing in his mind. "I gathered all eight badges in less than a month and then entered the league straight away afterwards. I only got up to being in the top sixteen though. I'm really disappointed with my performance. The rest of the time we just spent travelling around bits of Unova we've never been to before."

"Wait, we?" asked Nurse Joy, confused.

"Yeah, I travelled with my friends."

"Oh right, you travelled with Rose and Anna right? Also, I'm sad to hear that you lost in the league," Nurse Joy said with empathy. "I do hope you do better in the next league."

"Thanks Nurse Joy. I surely will do better in the next league."

Nurse Joy flashed a smile at him. "Glad to hear you're determined!"

"Yep, I most certainly am!" Jay gave the nurse his own smile. It looked a bit silly. Nurse Joy couldn't help but laugh.

After she stopped laughing, she proceeded to asking Jay, "So what brings you here today? Do you need your pokemon healed?"

"Actually, yes. I had an extremely rough battle with someone earlier and my pokemon are in need of some healing."

"I see. Now if you will, hand me your pokeballs so I can start fixing them back up to full health!"

"Sweet! Now to look for those pokeballs..." Jay fumbled his bag for his six pokeballs. After a while of gathering his pokeballs, Jay finally found all six of them and handed them all to Nurse Joy. "Here you are Nurse Joy. My pokeballs."

"Thanks! Now just wait patiently until I fully heal all your pokemon."

So then Nurse Joy walked through the automatic doorway and disappeared behind it as the doors shut on its own.

Jay waited patiently in the reception for his pokemon to recover. To keep himself occupied, Jay wandered around and took his time to examine the place.

After a while of gazing around, Nurse Joy stepped out from the doorway she disappeared through earlier. Now Nurse Joy had some sort of trolley she was pushing along, with six pokeballs neatly placed on top.

"Here are your pokemon! They are all healthy and fully recovered now!" chirped Nurse Joy happily.

"Thanks Nurse Joy!" Jay claimed his pokeballs from Nurse Joy's possession and then shoved them into his unzipped bag. He looked up again and saw Nurse Joy staring outside through the windows.

"You know Jay, it's getting pretty late now. I can see the sun setting! It would be best if you went back home, after all, your mum probably misses seeing you after that long while of being gone."

"She probably does," chuckled Jay nervously. Hearing the mention of his mum made him shiver a bit. Anyways, Jay bent down to zip up his bag, and then picked it up and wore it onto his back.

"I'll get going now. It's getting quite late and I need to get home now. Bye Nurse Joy!" He waved bye to her. "Bye Jay!" Nurse Joy waved. And with that Jay left the pokemon center.

"Pikachu, Iron Tail once again!" commanded Ash.

His pokemon partner transformed its tail into steel, leapt up high into the air, done a bunch of front flips and then finally slammed down its tail onto the trunk of a giant tree. The oversized plant shook fiercely from the impact of the attack for a few moments before becoming motionless again.

"Nice power Pikachu!" praised Ash.

"Pika pika!" cried his Pikachu.

"Alright Pikachu, now use Electro Ball!"

His yellow companion charged up a ball of electricity on it's tail. It then did a front flip and released the ball of electric at the tree. The tree shook fiercely once again.

"Great work Pikachu! I see your attacks are getting stronger!"

"Pika pika! Pikachu!" it proudly said.

Ash and his pokemon buddy suddenly heard someone calling out to them.

"Ash! Pikachu! It's almost time for us to leave! Pack your belongings before we leave!" called out a male's voice. Ash knew whose voice it was.

"Aww man!" said Ash disappointedly. "We didn't even get much done!"

"Pi pikachu!" said his yellow friend. "Pika pika pi!"

"I guess you're right Pikachu, we can continue our trainin' tomorrow. Well, if you want to."

"Pikachu!" his yellow rodent said in blissfulness.

"I take that as a yes!" said Ash with a laugh.

"Ash! Pikachu! Come on, hurry up and get here! We don't have all day you know!" came a female's voice.

"Alright! Comin'!" replied Ash. "Come on Pikachu, let's go!"

His yellow companion hopped onto his left shoulder. "Pi pika chu!"

Ash then grabbed his bag off from the grassy ground and then went off to where he last heard the voices of his two friends.

Jay was standing still right in the front of the door that would lead him inside his own home. He was paralysed, due to the fact that he knew something he feared would be waiting for him inside. No, it wasn't a scary pokemon. No, it wasn't a cute pokemon. He wasn't scared of any pokemon...well other than one of those humongous legendaries, but he knew that wasn't what was waiting behind that door. What he actually had a phobia for was the hugs his mother would give him if he went inside. Yes, the hugs. His mother was one of those people who gave you a really tight hug that would make you suffocate if you didn't say so. A very sad way to die indeed.

"I'm finally home..." said Jay. "I just fear what's going to happen to me if I step inside the house..."

Start of Flashback

"Bye Anna!" waved Jay as he stepped out of the bus.

"Bye Jay!" waved Anna as Jay left the bus. As soon as both of Jay's feet were on solid earth, the bus shut its doors and left Jay on the sidewalk as it drove off.

"Home sweet home!" cried Jay happily. "It feels good to be back!"

With his hands gripping tightly onto the straps of his backpack, Jay advanced forwards, towards the maroon coloured front door of his house.

The ebony haired boy stopped when he reached the entrance of the structure he called home. He randomly looked down at the welcome mat he was standing on and saw that it had become tremendously dirtier than the last time he saw it.

"I wonder if my mum's been keeping the house clean since I've left..." pondered Jay.

Jay then looked around the rest of the front yard. "The rest of the place does seem well kept though..." It was totally clean and pretty, as if a perfectionist has cleaned the house. Well, Jay's mother was quite a perfectionist at times, and even that was an understatement some times, if that was possible.

He turned around and nervously faced the front door again. As much as he didn't want to enter, he knew that he had to eventually. Its time I went inside now thought Jay. Better to get it over with...or die earlier... The ebony haired boy knocked on the door firmly a couple of times. He hesitated a bit but proceeded to call out. "Mum! Open up! It's me, Jay! I'm home!"

Almost as if the door was voice activated, it opened slowly, and revealed a female figure on the doorway. It was Jay's mother.

"Hi mum!" greeted the ebony haired kid to his mother. He had the most awkward smile on his face.

"Jay! It's so good to see you again!" squealed his mother as she pulled him into a tight embrace. Very tight in fact. "I missed you so much sweetie! I was getting very lonely everyday without you around!" She then planted a bunch of kisses everywhere on his face. She was like a kissing machine.

"Umm...mum...it's feels so good to see you again but is this hug really necessary? I'm going to die from the lack of air getting to my lungs," said Jay as his face began turning deep blue. It almost resembled blueberries.

"Oh, sorry sweetie..." apologized his mother as she released him from her murderous hug. "It's just that I'm so happy to see you again!"

End of Flashback

Jay gulped with anxiety. "I hope I don't actually die this time..."

Jay knocked firmly on the door a few times. He was silently praying. Please Arceus...he thought. If your listening to me now, don't let my mum give me a hug this time around...

It was then that the door swung open and it revealed a lady figure standing on the doorway.

"I'm back mum!" smiled Jay. Please let my praying work...

"Sweetheart! It's so good to see you again!" squealed his mother as she grabbed him and forced him into a powerful hug. Jay was taken by surprise. He thought this would never happen again, but he should've known it would. After all, he was expecting it beforehand.

"I'm so happy to see you again!" said Jay's mother in felicity. "More than I can put in words!" After she spoke those words, she tightened her hug, making Jay gasp for air more than he already was.

"Need...air..." said Jay, his voice growing fainter each second. He sounded as if he was about to die. "Oh, sorry dear," said his mother as she finally released her grip on him.

Jay was relieved to finally have some air again. He was inhaling and exhaling as much air as he could. Breathing never became that urgent to him before, that was until a few seconds ago.

"Now sweetie, why don't you go to the living room and watch some television while I prepare you something to eat?" suggested Jay's mother.

"Ok mum," replied Jay as he was still gasping heavily for large amounts of air.

"Are we all good to go?" asked Cilan before they started walking. "Yep! We're ready and we're good to go!" answered Ash enthusiastically.

"Ok then, let's start walking!"

Before anyone took a step, Iris yelled. "Wait!"

"What is it Iris?" asked Cilan.

"Why are we moving away from this campsite if it's almost sundown? Shouldn't we just stay and camp here for the rest of the night? There's no point in gaining a little extra distance at this time."

"Well Iris if we start walking now, we should be able to get to Striaton City by nightfall. We can then rest there."

"Wait, we were close by to a city all this time?" asked Ash.

"Well yes Ash, that's correct," replied Cilan.

"Then why didn't we just have lunch there?"

"There are numerous reasons for that..."

"What numerous reasons?"

Cilan really didn't want to share the reasons. "Don't worry about it, let's just start walking to Striaton City before it gets to late for that."

So then the trio consisting of Ash, Iris and Cilan began making their way back to Striaton City.

"Anything else you want sweetie?" questioned Jay's mother. Her voice sounded really soothing and caring.

"No, that's all," replied Jay sleepily.

"Alright then, I'll go get you that glass of water you wanted now." His mum then walked back to the kitchen, disappearing from Jay's doorway view.

I'm so tired. I should go to sleep now thought Jay as he yawned loudly. He then closed his eyes and began to doze off. He slept in peace for the first minute before being awoken from his slumber by a tickle on the nose. Jay opened his eyelids and saw that it was his mother.

"Just letting you know that your glass of water will be on your bedside desk."

"Oh ok."

"Good night and sweet dreams sweetie."

"Good night mum."

After those words, Jay's mum left him alone in his bedroom so he could go to sleep peacefully.

"Lucario use Aura Sphere!" ordered Jay.

The Aura pokemon then formed a blue sphere of aura using it's paws and then fired it at the opponent's pokemon.

"Gallade dodge the attack now!" yelled Jay's opponent furiously.

But the call was too late. The Aura Sphere attack made contact with Gallade's body, inflicting some damage to it while also filling the stadium with thick, black smoke as if twenty smoke bombs have been thrown into the place.

The smoke eventually settled and revealed that Lucario has defeated it's opponent. The opponent's pokemon was flat on the ground with swirls as eyes.

"Gallade is unable to battle, so the winner of this battle is Jay!" announced the referee with the yellow shirt on.

The whole crowd was cheering, whistling, screaming and waving flags for Jay, who was the victor of the match.

"Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!" chanted the crowd repeatedly.

Jay was waving to the crowd. "I thank you guys for your support! I would be here without it!" he yelled to the crowd.

"Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!" continued the crowd.

It was then that he heard a faint sound in the background. It sounded like...an alarm clock...

Something hit Jay on the head, which abruptly brought him back to reality. Jay woke up and immediately sat up straight on his bed.

"So that was all a dream?" wondered Jay as he looked around at his surroundings. No stadium, no crowd cheering. He was back in his own bedroom. "Darn! I was hoping it was not a dream but it appears as though it is..."

Jay then wondered some more. "And what hit me on the head...?" He then looked around his bedroom for a few moments and found the answer. It was the alarm clock for sure. Jay knew no other explanation for it. He was always getting hit on the head by his bedside alarm clock. It also appeared that the alarm clock has broken again. It was on the floor, many pointy pieces of it lying everywhere. Jay decided that it was too dangerous to walk on the floor so he formed an idea and decided to put it into action. He knew it was a bit stupid but there was no other way he could think of.

Jay stood up on his bed, being cautious so he would not lose balance and fall. This next move might be a bit crazy but I need to attempt it thought Jay. He ran across his bed as fast as he could and jumped from the edge of it just after he lost some of his footing. Because of that, Jay fell facedown onto the ground with an extremely loud thud. The thud was so loud his neighbours probably heard it.

"Jay!" yelled his mum with heavy worryingly as she ran up the staircase. Jay's mother stopped when she reached his doorway. She looked down and saw Jay facedown and flat on the ground, groaning in pain.

"Sweetie! Are you alright?"

"I'm fine..." moaned Jay, still facedown.

"So you won't be travelling with us anymore?" asked Ash surprised from the news.

"Not anymore Ash," replied Cilan whilst shaking his head sadly. "I need to return to my duty as one of the gym leaders here. I would've liked to continue writing down the recipe of travelling with the two of you but I need to continue my duties and responsibilities as a gym leader here."

Iris stepped forward. "How long have you been keeping this from us for?" she questioned sternly.

"A while now actually," answered Cilan. "I didn't want you two to be as miserable as an awful dish during our last moments together, so I never said anything."

"But you could've told us!" yelled Iris. "We could've spend our last travelling moments together in a better way!"

"Calm down Iris," said Ash. He sighed deeply. "What's done is done. We can't do anything about it now."

Iris calmed down.

"Anyways Cilan, I guess its farewell huh? I mean farewell until we come back and visit," said Ash with tinge of disappointment. Wait, a lot of disappointment. That Cilan couldn't carry on travelling anymore.

"Like Ash said," said Iris droopily. It was as if she had no more bones in her body.

"Pika pi..." added Ash's yellow rodent. The pokemon was also not its typical self anymore.

"Yeah, it's good bye for now you two," said Cilan feeling a bit down. No, 'a bit down' was the biggest understatement of the century. As big as the planets of the solar system combined.

After Cilan's words, a few moments of silence followed. No one spoke, they all just silently felt each others presences, knowing that it was because these were supposedly their last seconds together. For a while at least.

What seemed like an eternity later, Ash decided it was time to leave. He didn't want to go, but was there really any other choice?

"I guess I'll leave first then..." sighed Ash. "Bye Cilan..." He then turned around and began to walk out of the gym, with a thought on his mind. Who's going to cook for us now?

"...I'll leave too..." muttered Iris. She began walking out of the building as well, also with a thought in mind. Great. Now I'm the only one that has to put up with Ash's kiddy behaviour...why Cilan why?

Cilan just stood silently and watched as his two good friends exited the building. Cilan felt so sad, as if something important in his life then and there was gone forever.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulders. "Are you sure this is what you want?" asked a voice from behind. Cilan didn't even need to look back and see who it was because he already knew who. He could tell by the voice.

The green haired man pivoted around and came face-to-face with his blue haired brother.

"You know, you don't need to stay here if you don't want to," continued the man. "You can continue on with your travels with your friends, if that's what you want. If so, me and Chili can continue to look after the gym alone."

"No, I've made my final decision to stay here with you two and to continue fulfilling my duties as a gym leader here," replied Cilan uneasily.

"Are you sure? You don't seem as calm as water with this decision." Cress wasn't sure Cilan made this decision with his heart, instead deciding using what he thought they would like.

Cilan twisted his head away. "Don't worry Cress, I'm sure about this decision I've made..." he mumbled audibly enough for his brother.

A couple of knocks were heard from the front door.

"Coming!" shouted a woman's voice. A few moments later the sound of an opening door was heard, followed by the sound of faint chatter. After the chatter was over, the woman's voice called out, "Rose! It's your friends! They've come to see you!"

"Alright, coming mum!" Rose called back.

She arrived at the front doorway and saw her two friends there chatting to her mother.

"There you are Rose!" said her mother. "Now go on. Your friends want you to hang out with them."

Rose's mother was forcing her to go out with her friends by pushing her outside.

Once Rose was outside with her friends her mother said, "Now you have a good time with your friends!" The door was then shut. Rose was stunned by what just happened. Why does mum eagerly want me to go hang out with my friends for? she thought.

"Now where should we go?" asked Jay. "I'm not good at choosing a place to hang out...you two know why." To this day, the boy was still disappointed about what place he chose for hanging out with his friends at. It was absolute disaster that day. Jay didn't even want to think about it, so he was wondering why he was thinking about it then.

"I know!" said Anna. It seemed as though she came up with a good answer. "Let's head to the center of town and hang out there!" she suggested.

Just hearing that made Jay happy. You see, Jay liked the place for a reason he didn't know himself, and was more than happy to go. "It's decided then! We'll go to the center of town! I'll race you guys there!" So Jay ran off first, as fast an Olympic 100 metre sprinter.

"Geez...he can sure be impatient if he wants to be..." mumbled Anna to herself. She then turned to Rose. "Now come on Rose, let's go," said Anna.

She started walking off, expecting Rose to follow but realised she wasn't following. Anna looked back and noticed Rose was looking spaced out.

"Come on Rose don't just stand there!" Anna grabbed Rose's arm tightly and then dragged her along.

"Wait up Jay, wait for us!" yelled out Anna as she tried her best to catch up to the ebony haired boy ahead.

She then looked back and saw Rose lagging behind. How slow is she? I thought she was faster than this! thought Anna.

She stopped running for a moment to let Rose catch up.

"Come on Rose! Be a little quicker!" snapped Anna.

She roughly grabbed Rose by the arm and pulled her along as she continued to run after Jay.

Jay was running speedily down the street, weaving his way through the crowd of people.

"I'm going to beat you guys there!" shouted Jay without looking back.

He thought his friends were right behind him.

"Come on! You guys are making this too easy!"

Jay then looked back and saw that his friends weren't behind him. He couldn't even see where they were.

"Look out!" yelled out a voice.

Jay turned his head forwards again and saw a boy a few yards in front of him. He was running straight at him.


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