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"Excadrill, dodge the attack!" instructed its trainer.

The Excadrill tried to dodge but miserably failed. It was hit powerfully by the stream of intense flames, taking in massive damage and being blasted backwards through the air.

"Excadrill!" the trainer cried worriedly.

The Excadrill crashed onto the ground, lying down weakly with swirls as eyes. The pokemon has fainted.

"Excadrill is unable to battle! Ponyta wins!" announced the referee. The crowd began cheering deafeningly.

"Come on Ferron, have you already given up?" asked Anna in a mocking sort of manner. She was growing impatient. Anna wanted her opponent to send in another pokemon quickly so they could continue the battle, not stall time.

"Sorry Anna," apologized Ferron. He returned the fainted pokemon back into its pokeball, and then placed it back onto his pokemon belt. Ferron then grabbed out another pokeball from the belt. The pokeball enlarged in his hands as he smirked.

"Come on and battle Magnezone!" Ferron threw his pokeball into the battlefield, and the item split. White light was released and materialized into a machine-like pokemon with a yellow antenna, two bolts and three magnets attached.

Metagross looks really determined; it seems ready to fight to the end. I'm afraid I might lose...but then once again, all I need to do is give it my all right?

The flame attack hit Metagross directly onto its face. The steel and psychic type with all its might, began to endure the powerful fire. It wasn't one bit, seeming like it was struggling.

Give it my all. That's all I need to do. As long as I do that, I'll achieve. A smile crept onto Anna's face. We're going to rise to the top!

And now let the tenth chapter begin!

A group of men wearing orange coloured armour were chasing after brown haired teenage boy wearing a cap resembling a pokeball. The chase has been on for quite some time now; the poor boy was running out of energy quick. If this were to continue, the boy would be captured...again.

"Come on boy, you can't run away from us forever!" shouted a voice from behind. The boy ignored the voice and just kept on running with all he had. That's all he had his focus on. After all, he wasn't prepared to go back to that situation. Not now, not ever.

Start of Flashback

The boy regained his consciousness and found himself in an eerily dark place. It was so black he couldn't see one thing. Not even himself. Wait...the boy felt his hands...they were chained together. And his feet...they weren't touching the ground. The boy started swinging wildly all over the place, in an attempt to break free from the chain constricting his hands.

"Where am I?! Let me out of here!" he demanded to no one in particular. The only thing around him was empty air, the boy assumed. Some thugs probably chained him up here while he was still unconscious and ditched him. Wait a minute. Thugs...

Memories of events for earlier on began popping up in the boys mind. The events that occurred before he went unconscious.

"I remember..." he mumbled to himself. "Those orange armoured guys...they captured me...they jumped out of nowhere...and got me...then...then they brought me to some abandoned warehouse...and that's where everything went black."

Wait...the warehouse. That was probably where he was. In that warehouse being kept prisoner.

"Come on! Just let me out of here!" yelled the boy as loudly as he could. He started swinging wildly some more in frustration. The boy secretly hoped that someone, at least someone that heard him.

What the boy hoped for came true, as someone replied, "No. We will not let you out of here Hilbert!" A voice the boy knew really well. The light then flashed open, brightly illuminating the previously dark place.

Now that the boy could see, he took glances around himself. Yep, he was correct. He was still in that warehouse. The boy then decided to look for the speaker from just a few seconds ago. He undertook another round of glancing around, and standing quite some distance away on top of a pile of boxes, was a black haired man dressed in business attire.

"Sol..." the boy muttered.

"So Hilbert, you said that you wanted to be let go right?" asked the man almost mockingly. He jumped down from the pile of boxes and began approaching the boy.

"Yeah! So why can't you let me go?!" boomed Hilbert.

The man stopped and placed a hand onto Hilbert's shoulders. "It's because...we won't let you go until you join us," said the man.

It was then that Hilbert remembered. He was offered the same thing before and got knocked out for declining. "No! I will not join you and your team Sol! You must be dreaming if you ever thought I'd say yes!" Hilbert spat into the man's face. The teenager was willing to be knocked unconscious again, because no matter what, he didn't want to join the villainous team. Even if saying no would bring him death, he would still happily decline.

"Fine then." Sol closed his eyes, wiped his face, and began walking away. "But I'll just be telling you now. You will not be let go until you join us!"

"Yeah! Keep dreaming! I rather die!" screamed Hilbert. What he was saying was the absolute truth. Like mentioned before, he would happily decline, even if it would mean death.

The chained boy just watched as Sol left the warehouse, and the lights turned off again.

Suddenly, sounds of alarms began blaring noisily all over the place, flashing bright red lights as well. It seems as though the security of this abandoned warehouse still worked.

As the alarms continued to sound, thoughts raced through Hilbert's mind. What in the world could've triggered the alarms...wait...what if...I hope not...

The chains that were tying up his hands suddenly broke, and Hilbert fell onto the hard concrete ground, landing bottom first.

"Oww!" Hilbert got up and rubbed his pained bottom.

"Now...I don't know who broke those chains but I'm thankful for the one responsible. I can finally escape from this dumb place!" He pumped his fist into the air. 'What a kid!' would've been the statement someone in particular would've used. If she was there of course.

Hilbert only ran a few steps when he abruptly collided onto something and fell backwards, bottom first. A consequence the boy was bound to receive, since he was not watching where he was going.

"Oww!" Hilbert got up and rubbed his sore bottom once again.

End of Flashback

Up ahead, Hilbert spotted a bunch of pokemon. They were all gathered around, as if they had something surrounded. Maybe they were performing some sort of tribal ritual, dancing around a fire? It didn't really seem like that.. it seemed more Now wasn't the time to be pessimistic...was it? No. Never be pessimistic the teenager reminded himself. But still, he couldn't help but think it was...

"Somebody, help!" cried a needy female voice from behind the crowd of pokemon. The voice sounded very familiar to Hilbert. He mentally racked his brain and found the person whose voice matched. It was the voice he feared would be the one yelping for help. Out of all people, why her?

"Hilda!" he shouted back as he kept on running. "Is that you? Please don't tell me it's you!" The boy was deeply wishing that it wasn't his good friend Hilda that was in the center of trouble, despite having the exact same voice. Unfortunately, his wishing didn't come true...

"Hilbert! Help me!" Just as Hilbert feared. One hundred and one percent Hilda.

"D-don't worry, I'm coming to rescue you!" he shouted hesitantly. There was a slight problem. Actually, it was a big problem. How was he going to save Hilda? Well...there was only one thing he could try.

"Such a peaceful night isn't it?" asked a certain blue haired co-ordinator. She was just leaning against the railings of a balcony, taking her time to admire the beautiful night scenery below and to ponder about certain things.

In reply, her most trusted partner cried, "Piplup!" Agreeing with Dawn's statement.

Piplup was taking a glance around the vast view below them, and during this, noticed its trainer's blue eyes, which were staring out into the open air like a stone statue. Immediately, the blue penguin knew that she was deep in thought. Thinking about a certain thing for sure...but Piplup wanted to confirm.

"Piplup?" questioned the penguin pokemon.

Dawn snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her pokemon. To her, it seemed as if it wanted to know what she was thinking about. The blue haired girl didn't want to disappoint, so she said, "You want to know what I'm thinking about, right Piplup?"

"Piplup!" the blue penguin nodded its head to confirm.

Dawn giggled lightly before staring back into the view below. "Well..." she began. "I've just been thinking about a few things..."

"Pip," said Piplup. It already knew that. It wanted to know what the thoughts were about.

"Well...I've actually been thinking about this ever since we got back here at Unova..." continued Dawn. "I've been thinking...about..." She placed both her hands onto her heart.

Just seeing this put a smile onto Piplup's face. Just as it thought...or so it seemed like it so far.

"Hey there Dawn," said a voice from behind.

This startled Dawn a great deal. Almost as if a ghost randomly scared her out of nowhere. Dawn quickly removed her hands from her chest and turned to face the newcomer. "Hey May."

May almost began laughing, but she held it in. What exact did she just witness for a split second there? She thought she was hallucinating...but it looked like Dawn was just feeling her own...chest... May decided that this was pretty unlikely. She had never known her blue haired friend to be homosexual, but who knows? For all May knew, Dawn might have be trying to keep away anyone from the truth.

Pushing away her thoughts May asked, "Mind if I stare at the view with you?" she asked.

"Sure. Why not?" Dawn replied, moving over to make space for her friend. May took a polite bow before stepping up and joining Dawn on the edge of the balcony.

She leaned onto the railing, letting her hair blow gracefully in the light breeze whilst happily taking a deep breath of fresh air. "Beautiful view huh?" spoke May as she released her breath.

Dawn nodded her head in strong agreement. "Sure is!"

The two girls just continued to stare wordlessly at the amazing view that was sprawled out below them.

During the silence, Dawn was hoping that May wasn't going to ask about what she was doing just before. She didn't want to say anything about it, but she didn't want to lie to her friend either.

Meanwhile, May was thinking about what she should say to Dawn, something good to start off a conversation. Maybe a question would start off were you thinking about? May smiled at herself for thinking up of the question. The perfect conversation that time at least.

"So, um...what were you doing before I came?" inquired May. "More specifically, what were you thinking about before I came?" She was secretly about to suggest her own answer with 'Thinking about feeling yourself?', but of course the reply would've been no, even if it was true. Who would actually admit to someone that they've been clandestinely feeling themselves? Well, not that self-pleasure was May's opinion at least.

As soon as the question was asked, Dawn began panicking in the insides. What do I tell May? I can't tell her what I've actually been thinking about, but I can't lie to her as well... After moments of pondering, she finally settled with the former. Yeah, she was actually going to admit what she was thinking about.

"Well..." began Dawn slowly. She didn't know how else to go on without letting her cheeks go red. She didn't want May to see her blushing after all. Although once she thought about it, no matter how she was going to put it, she was still going to end up blushing. So Dawn, with a little bit more confidence, attempted to continue. "I was actually thinking about..."

"Eelektross, let's go!" Hilbert threw his pokeball up into the air and it split. Out came white light, which materialized into a blue and cream coloured eel-like pokemon.

"Now Eelektross, use Thunder at the men behind us!"

The electric type leapt into the air, spun around, and unleashed an enormous line of electricity, shooting it straight at its master's pursuers.

By the time they realized, it was already too late to react. The large amounts of electricity zapped every one of the pursuers, the shocking volts travelling throughout their entire bodies. The bunch of men fell to the ground as the attack ended, all fried up and as black as charcoal. That ought to have traumatized them for the many approaching years.

"Now come on Eelektross, time to help Hilda!" gestured Hilbert. His electric type followed him as they ran towards the crowd of pokemon. Speaking about the crowd of pokemon, they were more closely huddled then before now. That wasn't good. It means the pokemon would probably have a hold of the prey pretty soon.

Hilbert was determined to not let that happen though. He was going to get Hilda out of there. After all, the boy figured that it was thanks to her that he was not still tied up.

The brown haired boy continued running, as fast as his legs could go. Despite this though, he still feared that he wouldn't reach Hilda in time. This was because the pokemon were so closely packed together; it resembled particles in a solid.

"Come on...I'm not far now," spoke Hilbert to himself. He was not far now, close enough that all he needed were several more seconds.

Very suddenly, some men jumped out from the nearby bushes and ambushed Hilbert and his Eelektross, having them surrounded in a circle. That utterly crushed the last chances of saving Hilda. Also something Hilbert noted, these men were wearing the same orange armour as the people who were chasing him before. They obviously worked under the same organization.

"Ha! We've got you surrounded kid! Just give up your futile resistance already!" said one of the surrounding men. A pokeball enlarged in each of the surrounding men's hands, and as if they rehearsed, every one of them threw in their pokeballs at the same time. Also at the same time, all the pokeballs split, all releasing light that materialized into the same purplish monster like pokemon. Nidoking.

Hilbert silently cursed this. Out of all pokemon, why Nidoking? He knew the fact that his Eelektross couldn't affect them with any electric attacks, which peeved him to the core. And out of all types Nidoking could've possessed, why does one of them have to be Ground? Dumb life.

It all seemed hopeless. He couldn't save Hilda from her imminent capture now. All he could was just watch, and even that, he could see properly as the men surrounding him were fencing off part of the view. The next was simply a miracle.

"Lucario, Bone Rush!" The voice seemingly came out of nowhere, and so did the aura pokemon that popped out from the bushes to comply. It already had a bone staff made of energy, gripped with its two paws, so it went around swiftly to each Nidoking, sweeping them off their feet with a quick yet powerful swing to the legs.

Hilbert was left awestruck; he couldn't register what just happened. All he saw was a pokemon jump out from behind the bushes and within seconds, all the pokemon surrounding him were knocked out. Yes, the strikes knocked every single one of them out as well. One hit KOs; it showed that the Lucario was well trained.

Who was that...? was all Hilbert thought.

From the cover of the bushes, a boy with ebony hair walked out to reveal himself. "Great job Lucario!" he praised to his pokemon. All it did was grin in return.

"Hey, thanks for helping me," said Hilbert kindly.

"Don't mention it!" laughed the ebony haired boy. "You seemed to be in trouble there, so I helped you out."

"AAAHHHH!" came a scream. Hilbert knew the voice all too well.

"Come on! My friend still needs help!" he spoke to the other boy.

So the two boys ran off to help the person in need of it.

Once the bunched up pokemon were within an attack's range, the ebony haired boy commanded, "Lucario, Stone Edge!"

This struck worry into Hilbert. What if the stones hit Hilda? "Don't do it, you might hurt my friend!" he tried to convince.

"Don't sweat it, it won't hit your friend! Trust me!"

How could Hilbert trust a guy that he didn't even know? He was thinking not to trust the boy, but then thought otherwise. The boy did help give him assistance before, so he thought the boy deserved some trust from him.

Two encircling belts of white energy formed around Lucario. The encircling belts of energy soon transformed, turning into belts of grey stones instead. The encircling stones were then fired off to the direction of the target pokemon.

The rock type attack made its mark on numerous amounts of pokemon, even causing enough damage to make them faint. This Lucario was powerful, as if it consumed large boxes of stat raising drinks before.

The unable pokemon feel onto the ground, revealing an opening in the surrounding circle that brought the surrounded person into view.

"Hilbert!" Hilda cried. "I'm so glad you've come to help!" She had her body all curled up; it showed that she was scared to death.

"Stay there Hilda! We'll defeat these pokemon first!" Hilda nodded her head to say ok.

"Ok Eelektross, Brick Break!" The elefish pokemon leapt up into the air and raised an arm above its head, the end of it glowing white.

Eelektross descended back down and once close enough brought its glowing arm down to powerfully strike an Absol. The Absol fainted immediately after that. Well it was a super effective move, and Absol were known to have not-so-good defense, so of course it would have fainted.

"Lucario, let's get the job done! Bone Rush!" ordered the ebony haired boy.

His pokemon put its two paws together and a bone of energy formed in them. It used the energy formed weapon to swing at the remaining pokemon, knocking them out also. And that was when the result for the mission to save Hilda was decided: accomplished.

Hilda ran up to Hilbert and gave him a big hug. Hilbert returned the embrace, while blushing at the same time. "I'm thankful for you rescuing me Hilbert! If it weren't for you, those bad guys would've captured me! Who knows what could've happened to me? I could've been tortured. I could've been raped." Hilda started shedding small amounts of tears after the last words.

Hilbert began stroking her hair gently. "It's nothing like that," he spoke softly. "But what they do is almost as worse..." Awful memories clicked on in his brain. The memories of what they did to him after they captured him. They whipped him, they punched him, they did as many thing as they could to inflict as much damage as possible; it was done without any intention on killing, because all they wanted him to do was join their organization.

"Oh Hilbert, I'm so glad your safe," spoke Hilda tearfully. She tightened her embrace.

Just being on the sidelines watching the glorious reunion scene unfold in front of him, the ebony haired boy felt as if he was in the happy ending of one of those movies. Well...almost, because this was real life. Just watching this also made him think. Man...them two have such a tight bond with one another... He sighed. I wish I had someone that I could share a bond with like that...

Slowly, Hilbert and Hilda released their embraces on each other, letting the other free. Hilda wiped the remaining tears from her face, before the pair approached the ebony haired boy who was still standing around.

"I thank you for rescuing me," expressed Hilda. "I'll be forever in your gratitude."

"Yeah, I express my eternal gratitude as well." Hilbert placed his palm and his fist together, and did a bow.

"Like before, don't mention it!" said the ebony haired boy. "I was only helping those in need."

"Hey, you also haven't told us your name. Mind telling us what it is? After all, we would like to know our savior's name."

"My apologies for not telling my name before. I am Jay, nice to meet you. And my partner pokemon over here is Lucario." The boy used his thumb to point at his aura pokemon. It just casted them all a smile.

"Nice to meet you too Jay. I'm Hilbert and this is my Eelektross," he pointed to his elefish pokemon, who weirdly waved back. Pokemon could greet in the form of waving now? That is interesting.

"Nice to meet you Jay. I'm Hilda," she introduced.

"Well it's nice to know your names!" smiled Jay.

Just then, a voice was heard. It appeared as if it was coming from around a few trees away. "Jay!" called out the voice. "Where are you?"

Jay knew that voice anywhere. It was Rose. Probably out to find him and get him back to hospital; it wasn't Jay's time to get out of hospital yet, he still had till tomorrow before he could go. To put it simply, Rose was out to find Jay because he was not where he was supposed to be.

"Oh, look at the time. I gotta fly! I hope I see you guys again," Jay quickly waved in valediction.

"But what for? Why are you leaving in such a hurry?" The question was ignored completely as Jay sped off into the concealing night shadows of the surrounding trees.

Just as Jay left, the person who was calling out for him appeared, which was Rose.

"You two," said Rose as she approached Hilbert and Hilda. "Have you seen a boy pass by? He has ebony hair and is a little taller than I am."

Hilbert and Hilda took a quick glance at each other before turning back to the newcomer and answering, "Nope. We haven't seen anyone like that."

"Ok, well thanks anyways." And with that, Rose walked off, continuing her search for Jay.

"Well..." repeated Dawn for what seemed like the one-billionth time already. May knew that it was something she didn't really want to say, hence why there was such difficulty in answering such a simple question. Maybe she was thinking about feeling herself before? thought May. And not only think, but she also did feel herself.

"You know what Dawn? You don't need to answer that question. I understand that what you might've been doing might've been a bit...private..." said May.

Dawn felt relieved. She didn't have to tell May about it anymore...not for now at least. Although, Dawn knew that May would find out eventually, and boy was she not looking forward to that time.

"Well...I think I'll be going back to sleep now." May stole a glance at the digital clock inside the bedroom on the bedside desk. In digital numbers, it read 1:30. Dawn did the same thing.

"Yeah, I think we should go to bed now,' agreed Dawn. "Piplup, let's go back to bed."

"Piplup." So Piplup hopped of the railing and followed Dawn and May back into the bedroom, to return to their slumbers.

The morning sunlight was shining through the gaps in the curtains, blades of light flooding the bedroom, giving colour to everything it touched. One blade of light was also shining directly onto Dawn's eye, waking her up abruptly. The first thing Dawn did was open her eyes, only to have piercing bright light bounce off from her eyes; her reaction to this was to close the affected eye.

The blue haired girl sat up from the bed, and glanced towards the bed beside the one she was on. Sleeping undisturbed on that bed was her friend May. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, as if she had the sweetest dream ever.

Dawn though, all her dreams were quite the opposite of sweet. They were depressing and saddening, to Dawn at least. Also, it was always a similar dream every night. Basically, Dawn would be sitting in on top of a hill, watching the beautiful sunset with a certain someone. She would then admit her feelings to the boy, but it always ends up in rejection.

Just the thought of the recurring dream, it always brought Dawn to tears. This was because that she knew, the boy she was in love with, would almost certainly never return those feelings. The dreams, or nightmares to be more precise, no doubt spoke reality.

"Hey Dawn," a voice spoke from the doorway of the bedroom. The blue haired girl snapped out of her thinking and faced the voice.

It was Anna. Oh right...Dawn remembered now. She and May were sleeping over at Anna's, not at some pokemon center, which honestly, Dawn was more used to.

Dawn quickly wiped away the tears that were on her face before greeting back. "Hey Anna."

Anna had her eyes focused on Dawn. She knew she had been crying about something, but unlike others, decided to not ask her about it. After all, she didn't like it when others did the same to her.

Anna looked out towards the window. "It's sure a wonderful morning," she commented.

"A great morning is right," agreed Dawn.

Anna stared down and spotted May resting soundlessly on the bed. "Is she still asleep?" questioned Anna.


Anna smiled wickedly. "Well then...we'll just have to wake her up, won't we..."

Dawn knew something like that was going to happen. It was all to obvious by her face. "Wake her up? Can't we just let her sleep in peace?" asked Dawn.

Anna paused for a bit before speaking again. "Well, we could..." She ran her hands down her long brown hair. "That is if you want her to miss out on breakfast, the most important meal of the day."

"What, it's breakfast time?!" said Dawn with much surprise. She glanced at the digital clock on the bedside desk. In digital numbers, it read 7:30. Dawn's eyelids shot up, growing instantly wider. "It's only seven-thirty! You guys actually wake up and eat breakfast this early?"

"Yeah, is there a problem with that?" questioned Anna.

"I guess not..." mumbled Dawn.

"Then come on. Do all your typical morning stuff and go downstairs to eat already!" Anna spoke with a half-commanding tone.

"Ok, but what about May?"

"Oh, right...I almost forgot about her..." Anna reached for her pokemon belt and grabbed out one of the pokeballs, enlarging it in her hands.

"What are you doing?" asked Dawn as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"You'll see," giggled Anna. "Espeon, come out and assist me." She threw her pokeball. It split upon hitting the ground, releasing bright light that materialized into a pink coloured cat-like psychic type pokemon.

"Espeon?" said the psychic type in a questioning tone.

Anna bent down to the pokemon's level and brushed its fur softly. "Espeon, I need a little help with something. Is it ok?"

Espeon just nodded its head.

"Sweet! Now what I need you to do is to wake up Mrs. Sleepy Head over there." Anna pointed to the sleeping person on the bed. "Hm...with something like...Shadow Ball."

"Anna, don't you think it's a bit rude to wake her up with a pokemon move?" questioned Dawn.

"No. Not really." Anna smiled. "And besides, you're saying it's rude, yet you've done it before yourself. Ash told me about it. You did it to him."

"H-he did?" Dawn's cheeks went a deep shade of red. Damn...why do my cheeks have to do this...we're only talking about him and I'm already blushing. Everyone's going to find out about this pretty quickly.

Espeon twisted its head and fired the ball of shadow at the sleeping May. The attack hit her directly on the face. Score!

May jolted up immediately. "What was that? What hit me?" She began to look around the room from side-to-side. The smile on Anna's face was all she needed to know the answer. "It was you, wasn't it Anna? I was sleeping really well. Why'd you have to wake me up like that?"

"May, it's breakfast time already. That's why," replied Anna.

"What, seriously? Breakfast this early?"


May then leapt out of bed. "Then what are we waiting for? Come on!"

"So what are we doing today?" asked May as she stuffed a spoonful of cereal and milk into her mouth.

"Huh? What are we doing today? We're going to meet up with the others and well...we'll just hang out. Our semi-finals matches are occurring tomorrow so there's nothing else to do," replied Anna.

"That sounds cool." Dawn was just playing around with the cereal in her bowl.

May swallowed the cereal and milk in her mouth. "What's wrong Dawn? Not hungry?" she asked.



"Well...I think I'll just watch some television..." Dawn stood up from her seat and pushed it back in.

As soon as she left the kitchen, May half-whispered a question to Anna. "Anna, do you know what's wrong with her? She's certainly not her cheerful self this morning."

"No, I don't," replied Anna.

Start of Flashback

"Hey Dawn," a voice spoke from the doorway of the bedroom. The blue haired girl snapped out of her thinking and faced the voice.

Dawn quickly wiped away the tears that were on her face before greeting back. "Hey Anna."

Anna had her eyes focused on Dawn. She knew she had been crying about something, but unlike others, decided to not ask her about it. After all, she didn't like it when others did the same to her.

End of Flashback

"Well at least I think I don't..."

The piercing sunlight was entering the hospital room, lightening everything up in the room. Rose, who was sleeping with her head rested on the bedside desk, woke up. She stretched her body before she looked at Jay's hospital bed, only to find it empty. Something she wasn't expecting.

Seriously? Did that boy escape in the middle of the night again? Rose thought. Or did he leave the hospital early in the morning? Rose looked down on the ground and spotted Jay's backpack leaning against the bed legs. He didn't leave yet I'm guessing...

It was then that Rose saw Jay enter the room through the doorway.

"Well, I see that you came back. Or escaped at night and just returned."

"That's not the case Rose," said Jay. "I just went downstairs to eat breakfast. Oh yeah, and I also saw the nurse this morning. She said that I was good now and that I could leave the hospital. Finally!"

Rose giggled. "Nice to know."

Jay walked up to his backpack on the ground and picked it up. "Come on now Rose." The ebony haired boy wore on his backpack onto his back. "We're going to meet with the others and hang out soon. Get ready."

Rose stood up and saluted Jay like some sort of soldier under his command. "Yes sir!"

Jay couldn't help but laugh at this.

"So we're at the Striaton Gym again? Hanging out by eating again?" asked Jay as he looked at the menu in front of him.

You see, Jay didn't really feel like hanging out in a restaurant, just eating and chatting. To him, it was boring, with all the letters being capital. Yes, that's how boring it was to him. Hell he even preferred shopping!

"Yes Jay, again," said Misty, saying 'again' with pretty much the same tone as he used.

Rose began laughing. "And Jay, just make sure what happened last time doesn't happen again!"

"Don't worry, nothing like that is going to happen!" said Jay, sounding very sure.


Suddenly, a voice rung out to them. "Cilan, Ash, Iris and friends. You're lunches are ready."

They all turned to the voice. It was Cress, Cilan's blue haired brother, who called out to them. He was making his way past the tables, driving the food trolley safely to where his destination was.

The blue haired cook/waiter stopped the trolley once he reached the table. "Your lunches are here." Cress bowed formally. He then opened the pot lid and immediately, the scent-sational (get it :D) aroma began travelling across the air and into all their noses.

"I can already tell by the smell that this is going to be good!" said May excitedly.

"Come on Cress. Don't keep us waiting! Hurry up and serve up our food already!" said Ash impatiently.

Everyone laughed. "Typical Ash," remarked Misty. "You're still the same as you were five years ago."

Ash ignored everyone and grabbed an already filled bowl of soup. He then began to chug the bowl of soup hungrily. Boy, it must've been hard for Iris and Cilan to conserve any food during their travels thought Jay with a smile. I'm glad that wasn't me, but I guess I'll have to put up with it to from now on.

Rose placed a bowl of soup in front of Jay. "That's yours Jay. Now enjoy!"


Jay grabbed the bowl and began to drink the liquid in it as well. Slower than Ash though. After all, no one can compete against him in eating and drinking speed; he was as fast as a Snorlax at that.

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