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A quick flash of a red light hit Cilan directly on the left eye, making him place his hand in front of his eye as shield. What was that?! He put down his arms and stared closely at the center of the battlefield.

There, Cilan spotted an item he didn't realize earlier. It was a black circular digital device, with a green screen on the center. Some sort of long antenna was also attached to the top of the device, the small bulb on the tip flashing red every few seconds. Cilan immediately became aware that it was the thing that flashed red onto his eye. The green haired man had never been more sure in his life.

"That's it!" cried Cilan excitedly. His loud voice snapped everyone else out of thinking and made them all look at him.

"So why have you called us out here dear brother?" asked Cress as they all joined Cilan on the center of the battlefield. The green haired man had his front faced towards them and his arms behind his back. He hiding something from their sights no doubt, waiting for them all to gather before revealing it.

"Hey Cilan, are you hiding something behind your back?" asked Ash. A pretty stupid question he asked too, wasn't it that obvious? Everyone else found it so, other than Ash that is.

"Well no duh!" said Iris as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well it wasn't for Ash.

"Wait a minute..." spoke up Ash.

Everyone turned their attentions to him.

"What is it Ash?" asked Cilan.

"It's about that red dot on the radar. I'm actually thinking that it could be pointing out their position on the map. I know it's only a thought but..."

Burgh placed a finger onto his chin thoughtfully. "I'll tell you guys what? I think Ash might actually be correct."

"You know what? I think so as well..." Cress nodded softly.

"Yeah. I'm actually sure Ash is correct," said Lenora with a smile. "The radar shows that the red dot is south from here right?" She pointed directly at the dot on the map. "Well if my memory is correct, the trio flew south as well."

And now let the thirteenth chapter begin!

"You guys just make sure they are captured. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir, that is clear!"

"I'm glad to hear that, because I will not allow failure." And with that, the face on the communication device disappeared, returning the screen to its blank light-blue colour.

The grunt pocketed the device before walking up to his chatting comrades. "Hey men, I'm back." They all turned their attentions to the speaker.

"So, what did the boss say to you?" asked one of the grunts.

"He just told me not to fail in this, and to make sure that we capture those kids, as well as anyone else who are with them."

One grunt smirked. "Seriously? The boss really didn't need to call you up for just that. We will undoubtedly have the targets all tied up and delivered to him by midnight." The grunt's smirk grew into a wicked one. "That is if they even come at all. I bet those meatheads are too scared."

"Don't worry...they'll come. I know they will!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea Meowth? To me, it sounds a little too...simple."

"Don't sweat it James! It may sound simple but when da time comes, you'll see. It'll work like a charm!"

The lavender haired man, despite Meowth's words, still felt a little uncertain about the plan. About whether or not it would work, let alone like a charm.

A sigh was let loose.

"Don't worry about it James." The said man brought his face up and looked at Jessie. "Meowth's idea is going to succeed," she continued. "Because...if it doesn't, he's going to have to face the consequence, and you and I both know that he is well aware of it."

All James did was silently nod before returning his gaze back to the ground. I just hope Meowth's plan will work...for his own sake.

"Cilan, Iris. Are you guys there?" Anna whispered into the walkie-talkie.

There was silence, nothing at all coming in from the other side. That meant there no answer.

"Cilan, Iris. Are you guys there?" Anna repeated, slightly louder this time.

There was still no answer coming in.

Anna's patience was wearing really thin. She never had much though, so it wasn't a rare occurrence. "Cilan! Iris! Are you guys there?!" She repeated once more, with an irritated and harsh tone of voice. It was a wonder how no grunts out on guard heard.

Despite that though, she still didn't receive an answer. It was as if Cilan and Iris had died or something. Although, Anna knew that her friends weren't dead. Or were they?

The possibility of death was soon erased from her mind as she heard a familiar voice coming through the walkie-talkie.

"Mmm! This bread is awesome Cilan! Where'd you get it? I really want to know!" Upon hearing those words, relief washed over Anna like a tidal wave. However, she was also tossed into a state of utter confusion. Since when did Iris like bread so much? She was even asking Cilan where he got it from. More importantly though, why were the two just chilling and eating? They were on a mission here. A potentially dangerous one too. There was no time to be relaxing.

"Well Iris-" Cilan was in the middle of speaking when Anna abruptly cut him off.

"What in the world are you two doing?! You guys are meant to be informing me of activity around the building's entrance!" yelled Anna angrily.

Unfortunately this time, Anna's loud and furious voice didn't go unnoticed by the grunts.

"I heard something from the bushes!" said a grunt. "It sounded like a voice! Somebody must be there!"

"I'll go check!" said another grunt. "The rest of you guys stay here!"

Anna felt a nudge on her arm. "What have you done?! We're going to be found out now!" whispered Rose, who had been silent beside Anna the whole time.

The brunette (Anna) rubbed her arm. "I know that!" she spoke roughly.

Rose recoiled back a bit. "Geez...are you always like this Anna?" she asked with a frown.

Anna looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Seriously?" The two girls were the best of friends. How on Earth could Rose ever forget Anna's attitude?

Rose stared at Anna for a bit before coming into realization. She slapped herself on the forehead. "Why did I even ask...I've known you for what seems like my whole life. Of course you're always like this!"

"Girls, watch out, I see someone headed over to your bushes!" Came Cilan's sudden voice through the walkie-talkie.

Anna glared down at the communication device lying on the grass below. I know what's coming next... thought Rose.

The brunette snatched the walkie-talkie off the ground and placed it near her lips. "Don't you think I know that?!" she hissed, annoyed.

Rose could imagine Cilan jumping up in surprise on the other side. She felt a bit sorry for him, having to receive Anna's angry words when he was only warning them.

"Hello there girls!" came a wicked voice. Both of them, surprised, snapped their heads up to the newcomer.

"Welcome!" He formed a smile that matched his voice. "I'm glad that the two of you came here tonight!" The man took a step out from behind the bushes he was in, revealing to the pair his tall stature.

"Why? Because it's all part of our plan!" The grunt's lips grew wider, changing into the most evil grin ever that not even a baby would be fooled.

"Well I'll tell you what? You guys are going to have to think up of a new plan!" Anna smirked. "Why? Because whatever it is you guys are planning, it's not going to work!" said Anna. She formed two fists with her hands beside her.

Rose stared down at them. Upon seeing them, she noticed they were all white and tightly clenched. Uh oh. I know what's in store for this man...and it isn't good.

"Now you two. Do you have any idea where the power generator for this building might be?" asked Misty.

May shook her head, and so did Max.

"COME ON GUYS?! YOU SERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW?!" yelled Misty, with as much ferociousness as a wild tornado.

May raised an eyebrow at the red head. "You don't actually expect us to know right? I mean, it's meant to be some sort of secret headquarters anyways. Hence the word 'secret'."

"Misty, quite down a little. Before someone finds us," spoke Max.

"Whatever!" Misty crossed her arms and faced away.

The glasses boy gave a small, amused chuckle before holding up a pair of binoculars to his eyes and staring through them.

What he spotted was just a lively guard having a happy chat with another guard. Max couldn't really tell what they were talking about, since he was too far, but it seemed like it was about an interesting topic. To the lively one at least. The other guard looked very miserable, having his hand on head like he had had enough.

Max, who failed to think up of any benefits from watching two guards talk, averted his binoculars away from them.

Max then found himself staring at the area around the back entrance of the headquarters, noticing a sea of unconscious bodies scattered on the ground. There must've been some sort of rampage or something...and I bet I know who was responsible for it.

The long and cold corridors inside the building were filled with darkness. It only welcomed the tiniest amounts of light, allowing for the slightest view on everything. That was enough though. That was all the three infiltrators needed to keep on moving.

They were running as quickly as they could, as fast as their legs would allow them, being sure to also look out for and avoid any surveillance cameras along the way. In the corridors, it was dead silent as well. The only things that were making noise were the light footsteps of the three people.

"We finally got in guys, but since we don't know our way around this place, we're going to get lost pretty easily."

"Don't worry Lenora, I'm sure we'll come up with something to help us navigate our way around..."

The three were just running through an intersection when one of them spotted an enemy. It was pretty faint but they also saw the item that he had in possession. A map of the place. How convenient.

One of the three pounced at the lone enemy, pinning him onto the ground. The guy was trying to release himself from the pin down with all his strength, but to no avail.

"You're so lucky I'm not going to hurt you. You lowlife." The map was roughly snatched off of the original possessor's hands. The new possessor smiled to himself as he briefly studied the paper. "Heh. You're little map is mine now."

"Come on Burgh. Get out of that awkward position and let's go already!"

He looked back down at the pinned down man, and noticed the scared expression that he wore. Burgh smirked. "I'll be off now, lowlife. Take care."

And with that, he got up and ran off with the other two.

"Max! May! Misty! Are any of you there? We had some luck on our side. There is a map that we are in possession of. The map of the enemy headquarters. It's all thanks to this that we know where everything is now."

May smiled at the good news. "Great!"

She was just about to grab the walkie-talkie, but was beaten by Misty, who quickly snatched it up from the ground before her.

"Awesome! So do you know where their electricity generator is now?" Misty replied in an overly excited tone.

May sweatdropped. "Since when did Misty ever get this excited?"

The brown haired girl suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Max. "May. I'm sorry, but I couldn't locate where the electric generator is," the glasses boy spoke with a frown.

"That's fine Max. The gym leaders have found a map that could tell us where it is."

Max wiped his forehead and sighed in relief. "I'm glad." He then looked down at the binoculars he had in his hand. "And since we don't need this anymore...I guess I can just throw it away."

"Yeah...I guess..." smiled May. But as soon as she realized what her brother said, her eyes widened. "Wait Max! Don't throw it away!" But it was too late. Max already tossed it away. Actually, it was more of a hurl, seeing how far it was going. Seriously? Was it really necessary for Max to throw it that far? Like what is he trying to do? Get us all caught? May's eyes widened even more; it seemed like her eyes were going to pop out of their eye sockets.

She took a hurried glanced at the flying binoculars, and then looked down at where the piece of equipment was headed for. The enemy building. To be more precise though, the thing was headed straight for one of the windows.

"Oh my Arceus Max! What have you done?!" Immediately after that, the sound of breaking glass was heard from the distance, followed by the blaring of alarms.

"Max, you-"

"What?! What did you say? The alarms went off?" Misty said into the walkie-talkie. "Ok. Ok. I got it. Alright then, good luck." Misty put down the communication item and looked at her two friends.

"So what did they say? Do you know where the electricity generator is now?" asked May.

"Yeah, they told me where it is." Misty then frowned.

May raised an eyebrow. "Why are you frowning?"

"That sound I'm hearing. It's so annoying. What is it?"

May casted a sideward glance at her younger brother. "It's the alarms."

Max caught his sister's glance and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh...so that's what it is..." Misty mused.

"Now come on. We need to get going and shut off the electricity generator. It'll cut off this horrible racket too."

"Huh? What could've possibly triggered the alarms to go off?" wondered Rose.

"Mmm!" came a muffled voice from behind. "Mmm! Mmm!"

Anna turned around. "Shut it you!" she barked.

Poor grunt. The girls have tied him up to a tree using a really thick rope they had with them. Also, they ripped out some duct-tape and stuck it over his mouth, which was why he couldn't speak at all, but only make muffled sounds.

"Mmm!" the man muffled again, showing that he was really defiant. Or maybe he just wasn't scared of Anna.

"Quiet! Or else I have my Espeon hurt you!"

The psychic type pokemon growled, showing its hostility towards the tied-up man. That threat seemed to work, as the man shut up.

Anna smirked and arrogantly dusted her hands together. "Now that's better," she contently commented.

Then her face transformed back into a dead serious one. "Now Rose..." She peeked at the front entrance through the bushes. What she saw was a soulless area. Not a single person in sight. "The coast is clear. I think we should be going now."

Rose nodded her head and followed Anna out from behind the bushes, leaving the man tied up against the tree all alone.

"Now Iris," said Cilan. "I guess since the alarms are on, now would be the time to send out jamming signals." The green haired man grabbed out the radar that was in his pocket. "It's a good this they made this a 2-in-1 radar and jamming device!" He flipped the device around and began searching for a switch.

Iris watched Cilan with confusion. "Hey Cilan, why was it that we needed to activate the jamming device again?" She furrowed her eyebrows.

Cilan stopped and looked up at Iris. "Well Iris, don't you remember when we all came up with the plan?"

Start of Flashback

"So what part do we get to play in this rescue operation?" asked Iris all too enthusiastically.

"Cilan. Iris," said Cress as he put an arm onto each of their shoulders. "In this operation, you two will be keeping watch outside. The job is to report any activity that occurs outside of the building."

"Yeah, but that sounds boring!" whined Iris, like a little kid. "I don't want to keep watch outside!"

The blue haired man smiled at Iris' childish act. "Other than that though, you two will also be doing something else..."

The words skyrocketed the level of Iris' interest. "What?"

Cress laughed an amused laugh. "Well Iris, you and Cilan will also be the ones to activate the jamming device when the time is right."

"The jamming device?" asked Iris, confused.

Cress nodded. "Yeah. Cilan somehow found a function that allows the radar to also become a jamming device. Neat huh?"

Iris' already confused face became even more confused, if that was even possible. "And why would we need to activate the jamming device? It sounds kinda useless."

Iris' words took aback the water type gym leader. "No, it isn't useless." He smiled once again. "In fact, it is one of the most vital things we must do in order to ensure the success of this mission. You see, by activating the jamming device, it'll send out jamming signals, blocking any communications the enemy will try to use."

"And this is important because...?" Iris spoke, urging him to continue.

"Because, it'll prevent them from calling any reinforcements. They already outnumber us, we don't need to be outnumbered even more than necessary."

Iris' face lit up into a bright smile, one that was even brighter than the sun. "I guess that is an important part of the plan then! Maybe I will do it!"

Cress raised an eyebrow. "You do mean that you will do it, right?"

"Um...yeah. Like you said."

End of Flashback

"Now do you remember?" asked Cilan.

Iris thought for a moment before answering. "Oh yeah! I remember now! Sending out jamming signals would prevent enemy reinforcements from being called."

The green haired man smiled and nodded. "That's correct!"

He stared back down at the device in his hands and continued to search for the switch.

A few seconds later, he found the switch and decided to hit it.

Waves of energy began emitting from the device, travelling outwards from the long antenna and into the air around them.

"And that's it!" Cilan placed the device gently onto the grass beneath and smiled. "Now all we need to do is wait!"

Iris felt a little unhappy that that was basically all she got to do in the rescue operation. Being the energetic person she is, she would've liked more to do. Oh well... She fell back onto the soft grass and stared up at the stars above.

"That was easy! We got here with no trouble at all!" remarked Misty, happy that they had finally reached their target spot.

May smiled as she stared at the huge machine a few paces in from of her. "Now all we need to do is destroy the electric generator!" She began fumbling around for a certain pokeball on her belt until her brother raised his hand up as a gesture to stop.

The brown haired girl gazed confusedly at the glasses boy. "Why?"

He turned around and faced his sister with a huge smile. "Let me handle this!" A pokeball in his hands enlarged. "You're forgetting that I'm a trainer too! On my own journey in fact!"

May continued to gaze at her proud brother for a bit before finally saying, "Alright. Very well then."

Max punched the air with his fist. "Alright! Time to show off what my pokemon can do!"

His sister snickered and shook her head. "No wonder he wants to do this..."

The glasses boy grinned as he spoke. "Sceptile, I need your help!" The pokeball soon hit the ground, and with a flash of bright white light, the called lizard-like pokemon appeared.

"Sceptile, if you don't mind, could you destroy the electric generator in front of us with your Leaf Blade?"

The grass type confidently smirked and with an affirmative nod, dashed forward and cut the machine with its glowing arm.

"Um...that attack did absolutely nothing..." spoke Misty after a few seconds of staring at the still-functioning electric generator.

Max beamed. "Are you sure? Because I'm certain the machine will break down right about now." And as if he was psychic, the electric creating equipment broke down with a series of 'Clings' and 'Clangs', ending off with 'Boom!' and the shutdown of every single electricity-reliant object in the entire building.

The two girls exchanged shocked looks, as if the impossible just occurred right before their very eyes, while Max smirked at their expressions and dusted his hands smugly.

"Now that we've destroyed the electric generator, all we need to do is stay here on guard just in case some fool tries to get it running again."

Misty and May merely nodded, due to the temporary inability to speak. Max felt a little offended at their reactions to his display of skill, because he felt that they didn't think he couldn't pull it off. Two years of training would certainly make someone stronger, so it made Max a little mad that they still didn't think he was able.

Suddenly, the sound of yells and orders being issued amongst the enemy was heard. One order that got them preparing for something was 'Go and get the generator up and running again!'.

"Watch out you two. Some of them are coming," notified Max.

Rose and Anna arrived at the front entrance of the enemy base, only to find a sturdy steel door blocking the path inside. Rose immediately tried thinking up of another way in, but then remembered that they had to stick to the plan.

"Damn!" growled Anna as she hammered her fist onto the hard steel before her. It seemed that taking out her anger on the door was not a smart thing to do, as Anna only brought pain to herself doing so. It was times like these when she wished she was a fighting or fire type pokemon. By now, they would be inside.

"Ouch!" she yelped. Anna shook her pained hands like a madman, as it was her natural reaction to. "Why did I have to hit the steel door for?!"

Rose knew Anna was deeply regretting her actions, but what can she do? She just shrugged and stared back at the towering steel door. Many thoughts ran through Rose's mind as she gazed blankly ahead.

Meanwhile, Anna was searching around nearby for an alternative way to get in from the front, only to find a digital number pad positioned conveniently right beside her on the building wall. She decided that it must be the security system of the front entrance, and like in many movies she's watched in the past, putting in the right numerical code will allow access. The problem for them was that they didn't know the code.

Anna smirked and walked up to the number pad. She thought that if they did not know what the number code was, then it was probably the best idea to guess. Although like in other movies Anna has watched, guessing the code too many times may lead to something bad. This being an evil base they're trying to get into, she didn't want to think of what it could be.

Despite the fact that Rose was deep in thought, she spotted Anna walking up close to the building with the corner of her eye. Rose quickly pivoted around and found her friend pressing mindlessly at a digital screen attached to the wall.

"What are you doing?" whispered Rose, as if she was afraid someone was going to hear. And to prove that was true, she glanced nervously around the area.

"I'm trying to guess the number code for this dumb door," answered Anna, not bothering looking at her friend. Rose knew what this meant because she only ever did something like that when she was really busy and didn't want to be annoyed.

Rose sighed. I guess I'll just be standing around for a while...

"And what do you girls think you're doing here?" questioned a stern, yet vaguely familiar female voice.

The two girls slowly turned around to face the speaker.

Once Rose looked at the woman directly, she noticed the piercing hazel eyes staring fiercely back at her. The girl couldn't help but feel that she had seen those eyes somewhere before. She just couldn't remember where though.

"W-who are y-you?" demanded Anna in the most threatening voice she could muster up at the time, which in fact wasn't really that threatening at all.

The woman smirked. "Trying to sound intimidating are we?"

Rose was really deep in thought. Even the smirk she saw looked oddly familiar. Rose decided that it must've been someone she knew. She was absolutely firm with the belief. She briefly scanned through her mental list of people she knew. None of them fit into the criteria she was looking for.

The woman grabbed out a pokeball and it enlarged in her hands. She smiled vilely.

"Jolteon, come out and use Thunder Wave on these two girls!" And the pokeball was thrown.

"So Ash, where did the gym leaders say the chambers were located again?" asked Jay as he and the cap-wearing boy swiftly ran down the halls of the building.

"They said the chambers were at the underground floor," replied Ash.

Jay thought. "Are you sure Ash? They might not be keeping Dawn in a prison you know. Maybe she's in a test tube or something. She might get experimented on." The ebony haired boy shuddered. "I wouldn't like to think about what types of experiments they would perform."

"Well I'm pretty confident that they would be keeping her in a prison cell," spoke Ash.

Jay recognized the lack of confidence that was blended into his voice. He could tell that deep inside, Ash thought he himself wasn't right. Jay knew that Ash was only trying to convince himself.

The boy shrugged his shoulders. At least we're aiming for somewhere.

Ash and Jay soon arrived at the underground floor, where all the chambers were. The two gasped at the sight ahead of them. A seemingly never-ending hallway consisting of lined-up prison cells on both sides.

Jay blinked, and then groaned. "Do we seriously need to look into all these chambers?"

Ash could see that Jay didn't really want to look through every single cell one by one, as he had an irritated expression on. The cap-wearing boy tried to think up of another less time-consuming method of looking through every prison cell in the floor, but came up with no ideas.

With a sigh, Ash answered. "Yeah. It seems that we'll have to do that..."

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