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Harry was running, the dementors were closing in on Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Hermione turned and ran in the other direction, a dementor quickly following her.

Ron seemed to think that Hermione was smart for trying to throw the dementors off, so he quickly turned to the opposite direction that Hermione had taken.

Harry continued forward, jumping over logs and fallen trees.

He quickly changed direction, feeling the dementor's fingers graze his jacket.

But he was too slow. The dementor latched onto his jacket, almost pulling him down.

Then he felt something similar to traveling via portkey. The unpleasant swirling sensation in his stomach.

Then he landed, a stone floor welcomed his fall.

He heard the scream of a little girl and he felt an unusual warmth, smelt food that was only found in the opening feast at Hogwarts.

But the sensation and smells were quickly taken away when he felt a coldness and dread that was only associated with dementors.

He didn't open his eyes, but tightened his hand around his wand. Ready to cast the patronus charm.

He could almost feel the dementor gettting closer, it felt like he was drenched with cold water.

Harry felt the dementor's hands close around, almost cradle, his face. An icy coldness filled him with dread, hearing his mother's cries as she tried to convince Voldemort to take her and not him.

He heard yells, voices that he did not recognize.

He heard the voice of a man that he thought was dead, a man who's voice haunted him, his face scarred into his memory.

The voice of Albus Dumbledore.