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Harry moved across the lawns quickly, the dew from the lawn sticking to his pants. The halfmoon's moonlight shone across the water of the Black Lake, ominous and cold, and the Forbidden Forest rang with the cries of it's magnificent and mysterious creatures.

Harry approached the gates, fear and anger in his heart. Harry wished the fear would disappear, hoping to be replaced with bravery.

The cold air brushed the skin on his hands and neck, causing him to shiver. He needed to be strong, for his friends, he needed to push himself forward.

The air bit into him, causing goosebumps to appear in his skin. He closed his eyes slowly, pulled his wand from his robes, cast the reversal charm for Dumbledore's glamour charms, and his appearance as Mr. Alexander Moon melting away to reveal Harry Potter.

Harry felt releaved to be back in his old skin, the awkward feeling of being Mr. Moon was gone and he felt at ease. He reached up and flatened his black hair, slightly running his fingers through it.

His vision was hazy for a few moments but it returned as quickly as it left. He pulled his round glasses from his pocket, placing them on his nose, pushing them up with his index finger.

He began to walk again when he adjusted the size of his clothes with a quick shrinking charm. He stopped once more to take one more look at the castle that had been his home for several years, had gotten him his first friend, his first feeling of being loved, his first for everything started at this castle.

Hogwarts was beautiful at night, it's many windows lit from the bright glow of torch light. Harry felt tears brush his eyes as he glanced around, beauty of Hogwarts was a true sight to behold. So much pain, love, and happiness had been touched by these halls.

Harry could almost hear the sounds of laughter coming from across the grounds as he let himself close his eyes. Flashes of memories built in himself.

Hermione reading her book with her wand tucked behind her ear, sitting in one of the squishy cushions of the Gryffindor Common Room, Ron stuffing his face at the Gryffindor table, Cho kissing him under the mistletoe in the Room of Requirement, kissing Ginny after they had won the match, Harry killing the Diadem in the Room of Requirement, saving Hermione from the troll, seeing his parents in the Mirror of Erised, catching his first snitch, sitting under the sorting hat as it decided if he should go in Gryffindor or Slytherin, each memory building his strength as he remembered his friends..

Harry opened his eyes, feeling, for the the first time, strength and the need to keep going.

"I am going to save you Ron, Hermione, even if it kills me," Harry said, " You are my best friends, have almost always stuck with me through the end, and I promise you, I will get us home."

Harry continued across the lawn, his shoes were caked with mud and grass. He walked up to the gate of Hogwarts and almost groaned in frustration. What was the password?

But then he felt his scar begin to prickle, the prickling began to intensify, began to burn, he fell to his knees, clutching his forehead.

"Lucius?" Voldemort asked, looking at his follower. Voldemort was not pleased at all, Mr. Potter had 1 hour and 40 minutes until he killed the Mudblood or the Blood Traitor out of boredom.

"Yes, milord?" Malfoy asked, startled, for Voldemort had been silent for several moments before. There was something about Voldemort that didn't seem right.

"I know that you are anxious as to how I will dispose of Mr. Potter, and so I shall tell you. I plan on having you all battle him, individually." Voldemort watched Malfoy, seeing the surprise on his face at the news. But Malfoy quickly replaced the surprise with the blank mask that always was on his face.

"Yes milord." He said, bowing low before Voldemort. With that Malfoy left the room, his blond hair swaying with his walk. Voldemort interlaced his fingers, placing them on him lap.

"But who shall face Mr. Potter first?" Voldemort whispered.

Harry opened his eyes, feeling something wet on his fingers. He pulled them from his forehead, blood on his fingers. Harry wiped the blood on his robes, feeling slightly disgusted at the sight of his own blood.

Now he knew that he was going to face all of the Death Eaters, he felt a slight sickness in his stomach. And the cause of the sickness wasn't Lucius Malfoy, nor Crabbe or Goyle. It was Bellatrix and Voldemort.

The woman who killed his Godfather, and the beast that had killed many, including his parents. But Harry steeled himself, telling himself that he could end it here since He, Ron, and Hermione had destroyed his all his Horcruxs except the snake and ring.

Then a realization hit him, Voldemort was in the Shrieking Shack. Harry remembered the furniture, for he had been there several times since Sirius died.

He turned from his current position to the direction of the Whomping Willow. It's limbs currently being deceptively still. Harry stood, brushing the grass from his pants.

He steadily walked towards the Whomping Willow, pulling the invisibility cloak from his cloak pocket. He wrapped the cloak around his person, and walked towards the willow.

The thick branches were beginning to show signs of life so Harry quickly strode across towards the knot of the tree.

He placed his hand on it and the tree stiffened, a few leaves falling. Harry found the hole that led to the Shrieking Shack and climbed down.

The tunnel was colder than normal, dark, and it smelled funny. The roots that were sticking out scratched his cheek and his arms. Harry made it all the way to the enterance to the shack.

Harry leaned one hand on the dirt wall to hold himself and grabbed the small hatch handle. He closed his fingers around the rusty little handle and pulled.

A loud creaking sound echoed, as the hatch flew open with a surprising swiftness. Harry placed one hand on the hole, and placed a foot into the floor. He hoisted himself up, grabbing the other side of the hole to make sure he didn't fall.

When he had fully pulled himself through the hatch, he pulled out his wand. He quietly made his way through the shack, opening doors to see if anyone was in there.

The old wood was cracked in places, and had several burns in it. The rickety furnirture was broken in some rooms and there were claw marks on some of the doors.

This must be where Moony was held during the full moon Harry thought, noticing there was a lot more damage to one of the rooms than there were to the others.

Harry closed the door softly, praying that it wouldn't make a sound. The door at the end of the hall had a light, a small sliver of light that appeared from underneath the door.

Harry glanced at the door, remembering that this was where he had first met Sirius and the rat Pettigrew. It felt like he was thirteen again, walking towards the door for the first time. His stomach fluttering.

He felt the handle of another door, noticing that it was locked and had a silencing spell placed on it.

Harry felt his blood run cold when he saw a bit of dried blood on the outer edge of the door. He closed his eyes, dread and hope in his heart.

Maybe it wasn't Ron or Hermione's blood, maybe it was Lucius's when Hermione had scratched him.

A low creak sounded from under his feet as he stepped on a loose floor board. He almost cursed, so much for making his presence unannounced.

Harry turned away from the door and quickly strode towards the last door, stopping as his feet suddenly felt like they were full of lead.

He then heard a small squeak behind him and he quickly turned, his eyes glancing around. There was no one behind him, but he had a feeling of being watched.

He pulled out his wand

"Finite Incantatum." He said, waiting for the appearance of any hidden figures.

"HAR-!" A voice cried, quickly muffled by something. Harry ran to the door, that had been locked.

"Alohomora." He growled, hearing the click of the lock.

"Stupefy!" Then the world around Harry went dark, feeling his body collied with the ground. Then nothing.

When Harry awoke, his arms and legs were bound with ropes. He twisted around, trying to see where he was.

His body stiffened, his heart seized, his eyes widened, and fear flooded through him.

There sitting in a chair, with Ron and Hermione next to him, was Voldemort. Nagini sat on his lap, her diamond shaped head faced in his direction, eyes on him. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, tasting him.

"I see you are afraid Mr. Potter, as you should be." Voldemort said from the seat he was currently occupying. Harry struggled against the binds holding him, his eyes not on Voldemort but on Hermione and Ron.

Harry felt shame fill him as he looked at them, their faces cut, bruised, bloody, and tired. They must have endured a lot, while he was safe and sound in Hogwarts.

Hermione looked at him, happiness appearing on her face. She elbowed Ron who glanced up and saw Harry as well.

A big grin spread across his face.

"Alright Mate?" He mouthed to Harry, who just shrugged in return. Harry turned his attention back to Voldemort, noting with a pang of anger the cut on Ron's cheek.

"So Mr. Potter I assume you know what you will have to do to gain your friends freedom." Voldemort said, twining his bone white fingers together on top of Nagini, the beautiful but hideous snake gazing at him.

"Yes." Harry answered, his green eyes clashing with red. Harry saw Voldemort motion towards a figure off to his left, the dark robed man stepped forward, pointing his wand at Harry.

"Diffindo." The man replied, the voice unfamiliar. The ropes binding him fell at his feet, he flexed his arms and legs, feeling began to creep steadily back to those limbs.

The man also pulled a piece of wood out of his robes, tossing it carelessly towards Harry. Harry caught it with an ease, closing his hand around the familiar wood.

"You shall face Mr. Crabbe first, Mr. Goyle next, Lucius, Bellatrix... and then a surprise, but it is not me Mr. Potter. If you lose, you will have to re duel your opponent, but Mr. Weasley's and the Mudblood's chains will get tighter." Voldemort said.

"Okay Potter, prepare yourself." Voldemort said, sitting back. Crabbe stepped forward, his face concealed by the Death Eater's mask.

Crabbe pulled out his wand, pointing it at Harry.

"Deprimo!" He cried, a great burst of wind launched towards Harry. The sheer force of the wind knocked Harry back, into the rough wood of the wall.

Harry rolled away as Crabbe sent a Confringo his way, the wall bursting into flames.

"Aguamenti." He said, quickly putting out the flames. Harry was forced to doge a Crucio sent his way by Crabbe before casting one of his one.




"Densaugeo!" Harry said quickly, and the spell hit Crabbe. Crabbe's front teeth grew, forcing him onto his knees as the weight became too much. But Crabbe waved his wand, muttering something.

His teeth shrunk and he sent a Incendio at Harry.

The fire brushed his arm, leaving his skin red and the start of blisters. Harry hissed in pain, holding his arm to his body.

"Episkey." Harry whimpered, feeling his arm grow hot then ice cold. The redness and blisters went away and the blisters faded from his arm.

Harry felt his anger boil at that point, and he let it consume him.

"Crucio." Harry hissed, and Crabbe collapsed on the ground, his body twitching and jerking, his screams filling the room. Harry held the curse for a few minutes before he realised what he was doing. Harry lifted the curse immediately, the anger ebbing away.

"Stupefy." Harry said softly, watching the man's writhing body stop and go slack.

"Bravo Harry, very nice show indeed." Voldemort said, the smile on his face growing bigger.

"Mr. Goyle." Voldemort said lazily excitement in his red eyes.

Harry stood firmly in place, waiting for Goyle to make the first move.

"Expulsio." Goyle said, and Harry again rolled out of the way. But then there was a loud yelp.

"It seems we have some guests." Voldemort said, smiling, looking behind Harry. Harry heard the swish of a cloak.

Harry turned his head to see Lily standing there with James, Sirius, and Remus.

"Lily, Sirius, James, Remus get out of here." Harry said, afraid that they would get hurt.

"No, Harry." James said firmly, stepping forward.

"Who's Harry?" Sirius asked, looking at Harry.

"Mr. Moon." Lily said, helping Harry to his feet. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him close.

"How... touching." Malfoy said, rolling his eyes.

"Shut up Malfoy." Harry snapped, looking at the arrogant face of the father of the boy he hated.

"It seems there will be new rules, and since there was an interferance." Voldemort said, looking at Ron and Hermione.

Hermione gasped as the chain around her neck tightened, her fingers reached up, clawing at the chain. Ron grabbed the chain around his ankle, Harry winced as he heard the snap of bone.

"It will be a free for all, any shall duel any. But Mr. Potter and Myself shall battle." Voldemort said, standing. Nagini slithered from his lap, rising up, her scales glistening in the candle light.

"Now, begin."

Immediately James started a duel with Goyle, fighting hard. Curses flew as each person got preoccupied.

Harry dived as Nagini lunged at him, his surprise escalating. But he quickly got out of his surprise as soon as it ended.

"Serpensortia." Harry cried out, watching the cobra burst from his wand. Harry watched with a morbid fascination as the snakes attacked eachother.

It was like a dance, one snake striking but missing at the same time. Moving with eachother.

"Mr. Potter." Voldemort said, pointing his wand at Harry.



They shouted at the same time, watching as the two spells collided.

Green versus red, they met at the middle, waiting for the end.

Lily Evans was battling Bellatrix, but it was starting to get tougher. Lily stiffened when Bellatrix asked her how Tuney was doing.

"How do you know about Petunia." Lily asked, her fiery temper erupting. Bellatrix laughed, it was so easy to get the Mudblood fired up.

"Expulso!" Bellatrix howled, pointing her wand slightly downward, hitting the floor infront of Lily instead of hitting her. Lily flew back, her red hair flying with her.

Lily collided with the wall, sliding down it.

"NOOO!" Two voices shouted, one belonging to James and one belonging to... Severus Snape.

Severus had watched the whole conversation with between Voldemort and Mr. Moon, or should he say Harry Potter.

He felt a smugness rise in him, he had been right, there had been something off about Moon. He had watched, impressed by Potter Junior's swiftness and his ease.

But when he saw Lily appear from beneath that cloak, his blood ran cold. She had run up to Potter Junior and hugged him. He felt jealousy spike in him, but he tried to ignore it.

When Voldemort had said it was a free for all, Snape began to worry. He worried even more when he saw Lily begin a battle with Bellatrix Black.

He saw her blown back by the curse, pain in his heart as he watched her hit the wall and slide down it, not moving.

"NOOO!" He and Potter Senior shouted.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" He growled, pointing his wand at Bellatrix Black. Several large cuts decorated her body, blood blossoming from beneath her robes.

"Sevy, protecting the mudblood again?" Bellatrix giggled, not caring that she was bleeding to death. She picked herself, blood gripping around her.

Severus pointed his wand at her, preparing for a duel.

"Levicorpus." He growled, and Bellatrix flew upward, dangling there by her ankle like a discarded pupppet. Blood soon began to puddle beneath her.

He ran up next to her placing his wand at her stomach.

"Expulsio." He growled, her blood on his hands, face, and body. Bellatrix Black lay dead, her body mangled and slashed.

Both he and Potter ran to Lily's side, they glared at each other, James with disgust at what he had just seen Severus do, and Severus because he hated James.

"What are you doing here Snape."

"I could ask you the same thing Potter."

"Shut up you gits and help us over here." A voice called from over by Voldemort's chair. The red haired boy and a bushy brown haired girl looked at them, waiting.

He and Potter went over to them

when they heard the hiss.

Nagini had defeated the cobra, unsurprisingly, but it tired her. She slithered towards them, her mouth open.

She reared back, her eyes on them hungrily. Her fangs dripping with venom.

She lunged.

"NOOO!" Voldemort screamed, watching his beloved Nagini be split in half by Severus Snape. Voldemort weakened, his soul put back together now that his final Horcrux was destroyed.

He turned back to Harry, pressing hard on his magic to beat the boy. But the red was growing stronger and the green fading.

Everyone had stopped, gazing at the spectacle before them with awe. Harry and Voldemort seemed to be glowing, Harry growing brighter as Voldemort's dimmed.

Then with a burst of blinding white light it was over, both laying on their backs. Every person in the room held their breath, waiting to see who lived.

Then the Death Eaters screamed, clutching their arms and pulling up their sleeves. The Dark Mark was fading, but it left a small mark in return. LV was carved into their arms.

James, Sirius, and Remus ran towards Harry, kneeling next to him.

"Come on mate, wake up." A new voice said, and they turned to see the red head and the girl coming their way. The girl was crying, her eyes puffy and red.

"Harry." She smiled, her eyes soft. Harry blinked, letting out a groan.

"Merlin, is it over?" Causing most of the people in the room to laugh.

"Well, Harry, Ron, Hermione, its been nice knowing you." Sirius said, throwing a playful wink at Hermione. They had stayed in the past for a few weeks, preparing to leave.

The Dementor was staring at them, well they guessed it was because its hood was pointed in their direction.

"Harry, take care of yourself." Lily said, hugging him and kissing his forehead. Sirius retched in the background, earning a smack from Remus.

"Owwww! Moony, how could you!" Sirius whined, his face downcast.

"Your being a git, you deserve it." Remus said simply, shaking his blond head, a smile on his lips.

"I guess this means goodbye." James said awkwardly, giving Harry a one armed hug.

"Can we get this over with?" asked a very annoyed, and bound, Lucius Malfoy. He, along with the rest of the Death Eaters, had been tied up and were waiting for departure.

"Shut up Lucy." The Marauders said in sync with eachother. Lucius huffed, angry at being called 'Lucy'.

"Mr. Potter, it has been... pleasant, being an aquaintance of yours." Severus said, his hands folded behind him. Harry stepped towards him, holding out his hand.

Severus eyed it, then held his hand out. They clasped hands, and shook.

Harry nodded to him, and then looked at Ron and Hermione.



"Lets go." Harry then pulled out the Invisibility cloak, holding Hermione's hand. Hermione grabbed Ron's and Ron grimaced at having to grab Lucius's shoulder.

They walked towards the Dementor, but Harry stopped.

"Thanks Albus, for everything." Harry said, looking at the man who had caused him grief, happiness, pain, and love.

"Your welcome Harry." He said, placing his wrinkled hand on Harry's shoulder.

Harry nodded, and turned back to the Dementor. Walking towards it. He took a glance back, seeing all the people he had grown close to wave. Smiles on their faces, everyone except Severus.

Harry grinned. And felt himself be taken away, back to the future.

"Well, that's something to tell the grand kids." Sirius said, grinning.

"Yeah." Lily said, eyes staring at the spot where her son had just disappeared.

"Severus, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus." Dumbledore said, calling their attention.

"Yes Professor?"


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